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10 social side effects of technology

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One seems to be taken aback often, by the frequent and ever-changing technological advancements of the world. The mobile phones, machinery and equipment, social media or other shapes of technology, all appears to be amazing and fascinating and was beyond one’s imagination a few years ago. It is rightly said that technology and its far-reaching consequences have greatly revolutionized the world in almost every sphere. People are getting closer, trade becomes easier and flexible, inter-countries relations improves as countries share its technological expertise with others, work has become interesting and motivating as freelancing work has been promoted across the world. However, I don’t want to tell you any other good sides of the technology as there can be millions of fruitful results of technology which witnessed by the world and its people. But this article will focus on 10 social side effects of technology.

So like the nature of coin, everything which exists in this part of the world, has its pros and cons. So is the case with the technology. I believe that it is the responsibility of the investigative journalism and the blogger community to conduct comprehensive research of each and everything before putting thoughts and reflecting it into paper and ink. In this regard, many writers and bloggers have been trying to give weight to pros and cons of technology in order to get to know exactly what overweight what.

But I think otherwise. I don’t think it will be justified to give weight to either one, as one is unlikely to do fair analyses of it. What appears fine to me is to appreciate and promote the quality content about the good side of the technology. As far as negative sides of technology are a concern, one must know and explore possible problems that come attached with the technological power and its dangerous repercussions.

What I have decided to do is to make you aware of the top 10 negative factors and impacts of technology on the people and the society. 

Here is the list of side effects of technology with great explanation, which I hope will help you not only in your academic arena but also in practical and social life.

10 social side effects of technology

1. Social isolation:

Ironically, the power of technology that intended to create closeness among people; make them quite far away with their own little world. You must have seen many people using mobile phones, electronic devices, iPods, and tablets while sitting in the gathering and are socially engaged. This makes people stay focused on devices than communicating and feel the charm of social life. Hence, one becomes socially isolated. The first thing a person asks for when they go to other people's home or go to a restaurant is for the WiFi Password, surely you must also be able to relate. 

Social Isolation side effect of technology

Not a single gathering goes, without atleast ONE single person using the Smartphone. A person may have many friends on social networks and look like he has a great social circle, but in reality - he probably doesn't as there's a big difference between virtual and real life friends. There has been many research done linking heavy social media usage to depression and anxiety. where people who used social networks were depressed more than those who didn't - with the possibility of the depressed, using social networks to fill their void

2. Deteriorating social skills:

Many people, nowadays, spend much less time face to face with the people who, otherwise are close to them such as friends, family, and other surrounded people. This has greatly damaged the social skills of people to express their ideas, understanding confidently and fluently. This is because they have become used to using Instant messaging apps, such as Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger to communicate with each other instead, rather than having to talk. 

Deteriorating Social skills side effect of technology

A research conducted in 2014 revealed at least 561 billion messages were sent all around the world. 1 billion is equal to 1,000,000,000 so imagine 561 billion! 

3. Air pollution:

Due to the intense competition between the corporate and multi-national businesses, there has been a greater change of technologies, machinery which ultimately help companies to reduce costs and thus, increase profits. 

Air pollution social side effect of technology

Businesses often do not opt environmental-friendly up gradation which resulted in the generation of too much of smoke and toxic fumes. Together with that, waste is not disposed of properly and effectively, which further causes deadly chemicals Spoil Rivers and grounds.

4. Cyber-crime mechanism:

The use of the Internet is now, in no way, limited to common individuals and companies. But the access of it has been available to terrorists and Non-State Actors who in turn, uses it to brainwash people, bully citizens, and spread terror across the countries. 

Cyber crime social side effect of technology

This has to be the major drawback of technology in general and social media specifically. It's more easy now than ever to be subject to fraud, thanks to the Internet.

5. No privacy anymore:

Nobody is safe. This is a fact everybody has to admit, no matter where they live. Your personal information including your address, phone number, email and a lot of other information is just a few clicks away from any individual. Which means anybody can have access, and find information to abuse your privacy for the attainment of ‘vested interests’. Check out 4 Creepy things the Internet does when you're online.

Privacy social side effect of technology

Contrary to popular belief, personal information is not illegally obtained, but usually people give them away themselves via sign ups or sharing their information on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc. which allows them to use that information to display relevant advertisements. 

6. Sexual content is widely exposed:

At the very young age, youngsters are more likely to be exposed to the enormous variety of sexual content and material including pornographic photos and videos, which can be accessed easily with just a few clicks. This, in turn, makes them go wrong, and start wanting to get engrossed in physical sexual activities. 

Sexual content social side effect of technology

Technology has made it easier for teenagers to do stuff on the Internet that they would most likely regret in the future. Although most websites have age restriction, it's not too hard to by pass them as majority just go ahead and enter fake age to bypass security restriction. Hence it is best to monitor them on social media, especially if you're an parent. 

7. Distractions:

You know what? One of the signs of the genuine people is that they fully concentrate on the conversation and meeting they are having, without getting disturbed due to the calls, texts or such things that might come across during the meeting. This way, they make other feel respected and honored as they reject all other things as the time of the conversation. So this shows that one must not miss the opportunity of learning new things from others and feel the charm of conversation. I would love to suggest you that try to eliminate distractions in the times of meeting with people. Apart from this, Technology makes a person less more productive. Thanks to the Internet,  people would rather waste their day looking at memes than go out or do something productive. Who knows? Maybe the cure for cancer is in the mind of a person browsing 9gag at this very moment.

Distractions social side effect of technology

However, there are many apps/softwares available that blocks specific websites/apps so that you don't get distracted easily. Using a timer to monitor your usage or setting a schedule would be recommended, so that you don't get sucked in.

8. Great energy usage:

The shortage of energy has been the great cause of concern the world over. If you're living in a first world country, you probably wouldn't know as in most third world countries they barely have electricity or experience many power outages. 

Energy wastage social side effect of technology

Technological items such mobile phone, laptops, and tablets usually consume a lot of energy as they need to be charged frequently. The manufacturing of electronic items, moreover, also causes an increase in greenhouse gas emissions. This is detrimental to the environment. 

9. Damage to hearing and eyesight:

The rising use of ear buds and earphones is likely to damage the hearing ability of the people. Most people believe that earphones are much safer to use for call than using hands, however recent studies say that is not the case as they're just as harmful (even more!), as using hands. The frequent use of earphones to enjoy songs, videos and games are bound to damage listening abilities too. Hence it's recommended to not use them frequently and use loudspeakers. 

Hearing and eyesight problems social side effect of technology

Apart from this, playing games, watching videos and material, according to the research, will weaken your eyesight and make you put on glasses at early age. Apart from eyesight, your eyelids can be weakened too making you look stoned. However, people who do desk jobs that require them to be on computer more than 6 hours, are trained to do eye exercises and look at far distance objects after every 20 minutes, called the 20-20 rule.

10. Addiction:

You may find it very hard to find any individual who is not addicted to some sort of electronic devices or technological item. This addiction and overly usage make people the victim of depression, emotional disturbances and mental disorder such as anxiety. Such as when I run out of Internet package or lose my phone, I start feeling as if I have lost everything which was very close to me. You might be able to relate especially if you're an gamer, who spends most time on the phone playing android games. That’s surprising but it’s true, believe me! 

Addiction social side effect of technology

Now a days, people would rather survive without water than having Internet connection. Addiction is a bad thing, however it can be easily overcomed. 

Fun Android Games to Play Offline

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Entertainment is the quintessential aspect of one’s life. You always need some sort of fun and recreational activity in order to pass your time or relax. Definitely, you will get bored after doing a lot of work at office, school or having been engaged in any other hectic thing. Interestingly, everybody chooses distinct ways to entertain himself. There can be more than dozens of ways people use to get them away from the heavy pressure of worldly things for the short period of time. Some go for games—indoor or outdoor—while many love to read books and engross themselves in productive and fruitful activities. In the case you're not in mood for either, you can always sit back on your couch or bed and just play android games on android smartphone instead. Here in this article, we will be talking about Top 5 Fun android Games to Play Offline.

What seems to be fascinating to many of us that game serves no good to us and it just wastes precious time which could have spent on something meaningful. But one cannot ignore the great benefits of playing indoor games. It certainly improves your creativity and intelligence. That will likely to help you to perform well in your professional life and the life ahead. You must have seen many people especially young people, who spend the major chunk of their time on playing android games on smartphones. These games on Android have, in the real sense, revolutionized the world. Now, you don’t need a computer, laptop or any other device to play or feel the charm of games. What only you need is simply grab your android smartphone, browse google playstore for android games to download, and start playing, all done without you having to move a single step.

Wait a minute! Let’s be specific. What exactly I have been trying to do is to make you read a great content about games which you can on Android. However, the internet is the prerequisite to play games but there are always millions of games which can be accessed for free. HOWEVER, majority of these games require a Internet connection to play and that's a big turn off AND at the same time, very annoying, as most places still don't have Internet or do have Internet, but choose to not share with the public. (Sharing is caring, no?)

Not everyone has the luxury of being connected to the Internet all the time on their smartphone, mainly due to the reason they'd rather wait to get back home than spend extra money on buying Internet data for their phone. This is where offline android games come in handy, as you're not required to be connected to the Internet and can play them anywhere or anytime on your Android Smartphone!

So here I will help you get to know about top 5 fun android games which you can easily play offline. It means that you now, don’t need to worry about the Internet connection and play games, no matter where you are as long as you've your Android Smartphone.

5 Fun android games to play offline


Badland fun Android games to play Offline

Badland is one of the best offline games which you can play. It is a 2D runner in which you need to progress greatly as compared to the speed of screen otherwise you will bound to lose or be consumed. The features of the game have colorful graphics and backdrops which seem to be amazing and attractive to the gamer. Certainly, it is worth playing and if you get bored from playing single player, you can switch to Multiplayer as the game offers Online play as well. However, single player should be enough as the game offers over 100+ levels that are unique and developers update the game from time to time, to add new levels.  Also if you liked this game, you'd also definitely like Badlands 2 as well. Also make sure to try that out!


Crashlands fun Android games to play Offline

A crash land is an adventurous sort of game in which you play as a space trucker that is to get crash fall on an alien planet. You have to roam around to kill bad guys, to build your own foundation and gather other kinds of items. Your stock is never-ending and it enables you to craft over 400 items while using the item you have found. It is also an inexpensive game and as it is RPG, it'll take you long time to get bored as there are countless things to do. Also the best thing about this game is that it also supports mobile compatible controllers/joysticks. Although beware, after you start playing this game - there's no going back!

3.    DUET

Duet fun Android games to play Offline

It is also one of the good games. This is played with the help of two dots which revolve around an axis. In this game, your ultimate aim is to push the dots around hurdles that come your way. This game is very great when it comes to fun even though gets harder at later years. It’s free initially but one can unlock numerous new game modes for the premium version. The game also has a very good rating and reviews from reputable sources. The game is simple to play and doesn't require much brain, however it still is fun and challenging as you progress throughout the levels.


Kingdom rush frontiers fun Android games to play Offline

The title of this game is very popular and the latest one. This game consists of a number of missions which one can get over with by passing through three different game mode (classic, iron and heroic). It is real fun experience and best among offline games. it's RPG, hence you won't get bored quickly or easily as there's much to do. They also release great offers and updates, such as the recent halloween update.

5.    LIMBO

Limbo fun Android games to play Offline

Limbo is a 2D puzzle game in which one has to use aspects of one’s surroundings to solve puzzles and move ahead in order to find the sister in the area of limbo. The graphics are very complicated which makes it dubious. The probability of getting killed by bullets, water, and electricity is greatest.

“Dark, disturbing, yet eerily beautiful, Limbo is a world that deserves to be explored.” 
5/5 – Joystiq 

So now you have a collection of best 5 offline games to choose the greatest one. I hope this article will to help you in the selection and provide you with the much-needed help and valuable content. Also if you liked this article, also make sure to check out our 2nd article: Top 10 Addicting Android Games to Play.

Dedicated Private Proxies

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A dedicated proxy server is a both, computer system or an application which perform its duty as a mediator to meet requests from clients, those seeking resources from other servers. A client connects to the proxy server in order to request some service such as a file, connection, a web page, or any other resource available from a different server. Thus, the proxy server evaluates the request in a way to simplify, clarify and control its complexity.

Dedicated Private Proxies Reviews

The proxy server/Dedicated Private Proxies is something which may be worked on the same machine as a firewall server. It may also be worked on a separate server, which ultimately forwards requests through the firewall. To define differently, A proxy server is a server that operates between a client application, such as a Web browser, and a real server.

Benefits of Dedicated Private Proxies:

•  It allows sharing the connection of internet on a single LAN. This is helpful for businesses which are small and families having numerous computers with only single Internet connection. This way, they will be able to share the Internet's connection for other computers on the LAN with the help of the proxy server.

• It enhances the speed of Internet's surfing. When one uses a proxy server so the requests from client computers will tend to reach to the proxy server first. And then if the proxy server manages to meet the desired resources on its hard disk before with the web cache function, clients will likely to get the response directly from the proxy server. Thus, it will be quicker and efficient than if one access it directly.

In order to make the IP address hidden of the client's computer that will enable the client to surf without letting anybody know, the proxy server is widely used across the world over and becoming massively popular. This mechanism is mostly used for the purpose of security. In an attempt to prevent the device from possible attacks and an unexpected access for someone, a proxy server is used.

• This system is often used to put in effect the Internet access control such as authentication of Internet' connection. Which means that proxy server offers great and diverse opportunities to the people. the examples also include Internet web filter and content filter, bandwidth control, online time control.

• Furthermore, in an effort to get over with security restrictions and filters, the power of proxy server is used. For an instance, some companies have importantly, blocked facebook and myspace, but, you can use the proxy server, in this situation, to overcome such restrictions and can easily accessed blocked websites.

• Moreover, the proxy server is used for the purpose of protecting data leak, and the scanning of outbound content takes place.

• Not only this, it is used to bypass restrictions of regional level. For example, when having restrictions in services based on geolocation and country, the proxy server is used to access the services. By utilizing proxy servers located in various locations around the world, you are now better able to accurately and effectively test and successfully implement your geo-location feature.

There seems to be a lot of open proxies/dedicated private proxies which offer you their free or paid proxy service but one has to be extremely careful in selecting the right one. To make sure you're selecting the right one, check out private proxies reviews which give you a list of reliable and legit private proxies to choose from as important data and content will be flowing through that proxy server and so one has to choose a reliable and honest proxy provider.

It also allows you to post advertisements on Craigslist from any part of the world. So now you can manage your social campaign with any Twitter and Facebook marketing tools with ease. Not only this, you can also do web mailing but not SMTP mailing. The proxies are restrictions to using on Xrumer, Torrents, Fraud, Spam or Porn.
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How AR and VR can help Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are among the most trending technologies that we often hear about. And they are even interesting and exciting as well. On the other hand, brands are constantly trying to discover newer ways to market products and enhance user experience. VR and AR are the supreme technologies that are well helping them achieve these goals.

How AR and VR can help Social Media Marketing campaigns

While brands are busy in leveraging AR and VR for marketing, mobile apps development companies, social media marketers and other digital solution providers are eager to create solutions on these trending technologies that help their clients better build a brand on social media. Let me tell you how these two technologies can impact the current e-commerce trends and social media branding activities.

Being digital is everyone’s focus today

Today users have shifted their interest from traditional newspapers and media to the internet. So it has been requisite for marketers to realize the need of transforming their branding activities according to the changing trends.Being digital and providing users the convenience of being location-independent in accessing the brand is a key focus for marketers in 2017. And this is where AR and VR can be a real solution.

Social Media Turned Mainstream Marketing Channel

A recent research by Pew Research Center says 80% of Americans are now using Facebook. Marketers are constantly striving and trying to discover better ways to improve their advertising, content, and promotional activities to well target their potential customers. On Facebook and other social media.

How AR and VR Can Impact on Social Media Marketing Campaigns?

AR and VR help marketers turn simple content into rich, immersive and engaging experiences for users.People who were once being served by traditional prints and TV ads and even today as well are the same social media users today. So they accept content that doesn’t just entertain them, but also emotionally connect.

Most of the companies are adopting digital marketing to just to create brand awareness and create targeted revenue streams. They are shifting their branding efforts from traditional branding approach to modern marketing techniques like AR and VR to well impress customers.
AR and VR are expected to create completely new more marketing options for marketers.
  • Marketers can use AR and VR to better showcase product images, features, functionalities, and USPs, so users can try the products like how they trial it in physical stores
  • Brands can well communicate their brand message to the customers
  • Product or event promotion can be more attractive and engage customers or fruitful for brands
  • Marketers can create immersive dimension to video story-telling advertisements, so which can create a memorable user experience.


The adoption of AR and VR are still in a budding stage in the business world. While showing off Instagram's Snapchat-style face filters that were powered with AR, Mark Zuckerberg said it is just the beginning of what we started to leverage AR to enhance user experience. So it is an opportunity for businesses to adopt AR and VR to achieve first mover advantage. So today each and every mobile app development company and other tech companies are trying to create services on AR and VR to create more digital opportunities for brands and to have additional revenue streams.

Author Bio:

Sadesh, an experienced content writer working in a mobile app development company inMumbai. I like to write content based on technology, Startups and latest technological innovations that people like to know and share with others.

Social Media sites

How to Engage Social Audience with Smartphone?

Marketing strategies and business processes are changing worldwide. New age businesses have now taken the online route to reach out to their customers as this is faster and cheaper. Online marketing strategies are based on email marketing, online advertising, content marketing, and social media marketing. Engaging the social audience has now become important for the businesses to flourish and that is now possible even with smartphone. Smartphone is handy and the most convenient device to engage the audience every moment in your social media marketing. Even if you are not having online business to market, you can still try the ways to engage social audience as it is the best way to gain popularity amongst your preferred social circle.

How to engage social audience with Smartphone

Here are some easy ways to use the Smartphone to engage social audience effectively.

  1. Know the audience you need to engage

Before engaging the audience, it is important to know the audience you are going to engage. The demographics can be studied and the marketing plan can be drafted according to the interests shown by the audience. Social audience you are targeting can be segregated based on age, gender, geographical location, and interests. Your marketing outline would be based on all these factors. Once you have your target audience in place, you will know what audience to target and when! Knowing the audience and making relevant groups would make the marketing plan more effective.

  1. Post the right thing at the right time

Using smartphone to engage the social audience would allow you to be at the right place at the right time. You would have chance to post contents, pictures, and videos that may be of everybody’s interest. However, it is equally important to post only the right thing at the right time to make it relevant and acceptable. Even when you are tempted to share posts that you find interesting, don’t post it unless you find the right time to do it. Neither be hasty in posting things nor be lethargic in doing the same as this will ruin the impact of your post. If you're unable to post due to a busy schedule, make sure to make use of social media management tools such as Buffer, Hootsuite etc. as they will allow you to schedule posts on your social networks and update them, without you having to be present all the time.

  1. Content that has takers

With “Broadcast” option, it has really been easy for the smartphone users to pick up just any content and forward it to all contacts in the smartphone at just one click. If you love to use this option more often, then it is time to refrain from doing this. Broadcasting just any content to the entire group of recipients at one go would save your time but spoil your reputation. Time will come when any content posted by you would be just ignored. You won’t find takers for your content even when it is interesting. Hence, it is very much important to post only the content that is relevant to the audience. Post the content that has takers. Be selective in posting the content and also in deciding the group of recipients. Even when your smartphone gives you features, use it with caution. Make each of your posts meaningful, this will build your image in long run. Your social audience should wait for your posts and not just hate your posts.

  1. Be there to reply

Being a part of social audience brings along several responsibilities too. If you want to connect to the audience, then it is important to be there to reply to their queries and suggestions. One sided posts never work. Whenever you have posted something, be prepared to take up the suggestion, feedback, and queries positively. Don’t just put up a post and forget about it. You will have to be more alert after putting up a post. Keep checking the reactions, acknowledge the positives and reply to the negatives, welcome the suggestions and share your ideas of improvement, channelize the debate in the right direction, and make your post garner the desired results. If you are posting on behalf of your organization, then use the word “We” instead of “I” to assure your audience that you are a team and not just an individual. Remember, you are not there to debate on any point, just a little empathy and correct information may go a long way.

  1. Be an audience

You don’t need to be conversation starter every time to engage the social audience. Be a part of relevant groups and be an audience yourself. Engage in conversations and share your views. Sometimes, you will get more visibility by talking sense on conversations initiated on other groups than what you will get by starting one yourself. There are many such conversations taking place on different social media sites. Keep a track of such conversations and participate.
Use your smartphone as your marketing tool. Reach out to like-minded people with effective marketing plan and you will get amazing results every time.

Author Bio: Varun Kumar Works for as Content Writer. It is the e-tailer Company known for bringing the Mobile Covers|Wrist Watches|Bluetooth Speakers|Power banks models from all major manufacturers at best discounts. The company has a fully operational office and warehouse maintained to make timely deliveries across the nation