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How Does Virtual Reality Work and Some Of Its Applications

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The Virtual reality headset is the new rage in smart phone accessories. Virtual reality is the usage of both software and hardware to create realistic images with electronic devices. They replicate a real time environment and simulate human presence in that environment.

How does virtual reality work and some of its applications

How does it work?

While it is interesting to experience VR it equally raises curiosity in us about how it works. The hardware required for VR that is the glasses is currently being marketed by HTC, Sony, Oculus and Samsung. This hardware requires a console like a PC or mobile to run the application. 

The video is sent from the console to the VR hardware through an HDMI cable, which is either fed as one display or two LCD displays ( one for each eye). The hardware consists of special lenses, that is why they are commonly referred to as goggles, they can be adjusts according to the viewer’s requirement.

The lenses are responsible for reshaping the images and giving stereoscopic 3D images by varying the 2D images. When a user closes one eye and views the objects through just one eye there is a variation in the image which will make them understand the technology behind it. 

Another aspect through which the 3D experience can be made more immersive is by increasing the field of view. Wider field of view gives better experience. The widest being 360 degree. However this is too expensive and unnecessary. Also a frame rate of 60 per second would give the best view. This frame rate is necessary to avoid the users from feeling the stuttering. The current headset manufactures like Oculus give a frame rate 90 frames per second and Google provides 120 frames per second.

Head Tracking

Head tracking is the change of Video or image display in accordance with the movement of your head. As you look up or down the video in front of you will move matching it. The system behind head tracking is called six degrees of freedom 6DoF, this tech will plot the movement of your head in terms of X, Y and Z axis to track the movement of head in sideways, up and down ways also from shoulder to shoulder. Also known as pitch, yaw and roll.

Apart from this there are few components that are used in head tracking, gyroscope, magnetometer and accelerometer. Sony uses nine LED (light emitting diode) around the headset to provide 360 degree head tracking; there is an external camera to monitor all the LED signals. Oculus has 20 lights however they are not as effective as that of Sony.

Head tracking needs low latency. That is the system should respond and act fast in accordance with the viewers head movement to avoid any lag in viewing. At present manufactures have an impressive number 50ms (millisecond) lag to give the best view for users. As of now oculus has the best number of 30 milliseconds which is now the minimal lag. It is very essential to avoid lag so as to get the arm and hand movement coordinated precisely. For arm movement tracking move style controllers are used. Finally sound can increase the 3D feel and make the viewers more engaged with the tech. To achieve this application uses binaural or 3D audio.

This gives the users the feeling that the sound is coming from behind or from the sides. 

Eye tracking

This is the technology which has not been developed completely. It is not available in the current headsets such as Vive, oculus or PS. However many of the future sets are said to come with this technology. 

The headsets come with inbuilt infrared sensors that monitor the users eye movement. So when you look at a particular object the headset knows where you are looking and gives a better picture. The biggest application where they can be used is gaming. So the users eye movement can be tracked and the in-game characters can move along with the viewers eyes. This makes the field depth more realistic.

In standard headsets every image has pin sharp focus which is not how we look at real life images. So when the headsets track your eye movement they will blur the background and focus on what you look at. 

For this to come into reality the headsets require high resolution displays which will eliminate the feel of looking through a grid to view the pictures. Only by developing this complete real feel can be obtained. Without eye tracking and just head tracking the users’ brain might sense that something is not adding up and gives simulation sickness. 

Virtual reality shopping

If you are someone who loves shopping but does not want to get crushed in the crowd of shoppers then VR brings you something exciting to shop around. A virtual reality store is the answer to this. This is being created by eBay and Myer with more than 12,500 products for display. How does it work?     

The shoppers get to choose their area of interest and then the items will be displayed in a virtual world as the store gets built around them. The products displayed will be the latest ones and price range according to the user’s requirement.  

As shoppers move through the store the software comes up with more options. This makes the entire experience of shopping faster and easier as you can move through the departments easily. 
How does virtual reality gaming work

In VR games the user feels like as though he is being present in the gaming environment and his actions are taking the game forward.  

Bio Sensing

The complete name for tracking the users’ physical movement is bio sensing. At present developers are exploring various ideas to build the most immersive gaming experience ever. Today in most of the gaming conference across the world feature Virtual gaming, rising expectations and curiosity. 

3D internet

Imagine going to a website is more like going to a place in leisurely time and exploring it rather than just clicking a website and going through its contents. It will be like just going in a street seeing two to three cafes and then walking into the one which appeals to you. This will toatly alter the website development cycle.

This is called second life and it is about creating an environment where users can socialize with others in a 3D environment 

Virtual reality languages    

As we have computer coding languages there are separate language to develop the tech behind virtual reality which are:

VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language): It is the first language written to create virtual reality internet.

X3D:  This language has replaced VRML

3DML: This is the language used to make the viewers visit websites through a plug-in 

COLLADA (Collaborative Design Activity): used to enable file and data exchange through 3D.

However there are many debates surrounding the use of 3D for internet as it does not require much of real life viewing experience of course not everyone agrees with this. Nonetheless VR is opening a floodgate of opportunities for developers to create applications and other interesting data. 

Author Bio 
Anand Rajendran is the Co-Founder and CEO of Zoplay a well known Software products development and Mobile App Development Company based in Chennai, India. He has extensive experience in building and leading innovative and collaborative software development teams to deliver major software applications like Zobay an Ebay clone script developed by Zoplay. He loves exploring new things and sharing his knowledge with others.

How to set up Automatic Direct Message on Twitter

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Twitter is the most famous social networking site after Facebook, where users can send short status updates known as " Tweets " consisting of only or less than 140 characters. Twitter is a great platform for marketers or artists to gain exposure. If you're reading this article, chances are you already familiar with Twitter. You can interact with followers via direct messages, a feature that allows you to communicate with your followers personally. But what if you want to convey a message to your new followers such as sending them a warm greeting message or letting them know about your other social network pages such as Facebook, Google Plus Etc? It'd be hard and very time consuming if you decided to stalk your followers list everyday and send them a message one by one, this is where " Automatic Direct Message " comes in. Although they're very controversial tools and is recommended you stay away from them, as they can end up doing the opposite of what you intended it to do. (i.e: losing clients/customers.) There are a lot of tools available on the Internet which allows you to send Automatic Direct Messages on Twitter. In this article, I will discuss a few trusted tools that you can use to do so. 

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How to set up Automatic Direct Message on Twitter using Crowdfire

Crowdfire is a great tool for setting up Automatic Direct Message on Twitter. Apart from that, Crowdfire has many other features that are very useful, such as seeing who unfollowed you on twitter etc. This site is number 1 on my list as it's completely FREE and very smooth to use. You can create many automatic direct messages and Crowdfire would send one randomly from the list.


How to set up Automatic Direct Message on Twitter using Statusbrew

Previously known as ​An alternative to Crowdfire. Setting up Direct Message is free, where as majority of the other features are for premium users. Although what makes Statusbrew unqiue is the fact that you can set up conditions to send out automatic direct messages/tweet, unfortunately this feature is available for premium users only but it's worth checking out!

Taking pictures through Whatsapp offers additional editing features

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WhatsApp has introduced many additional features in its user interface that allows them to compete with other instant messenger apps in the market. The messenger app was acquired by Facebook in 2014 for twenty two billion dollars. During that period there were my oppositions regarding the acquisition of the messenger company, because the main point in the privacy policy of the company  is to maintain the user information and personal details secured and not to share with a third party organization. So the acquisition on the messenger app created a chaos, but the company promised its users that they will protect the personal data of the user and will never share it with the parent company.

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Taking pictures through whatsapp offers additional editing features

New tool and options like the other app

Apart from many features, the app rolled out new features that are similar to that of the features that appear in the Snapchat instant messenger app. The app enhanced the camera feature that includes more editing features and tools in it. So, if the user takes a photo using the WhatsApp gives additional features like a pencil and a T button on the app allows the user to write, draw and scribble on the pictures using different colors. This scribbling and drawing feature was first introduced by Snapchat which was followed by the Instagram and they named it as the Instagram Stories.
In the Android version v2.16.246, a new feature is introduced and is called the front facing flash that gives a white flash like effect on the screen the user takes selfies. These are the exclusive features introduced in camera when it is used through the messenger app.

New add-on features introduced by the messenger app

Secured message transmission

 Recently the app introduced a new feature that allows the user to send encrypted messages to the intended recipient. The messages that are sent by the user cannot be read by any third party member, so the messages that are sent by the user are secure and private. The messages that are transmitted in this platform can be read by the intended recipient only by the use of a unique key that disappears the moment when the message is read by the recipient.

Thus, this new feature enables the app to remain as a trustworthy platform for the user to send messages to their families and friends. There were even reports that the messenger app is planning to bring in a public group for the iOs users, large emojis, music sharing and others.

FixedSys Font and Text formatting

The messenger app introduced a new font style in the message platform, the FixedSys. This is the first font style introduced in the messaging platform and it is similar to the one that is used in Windows under the same name. This new font style is available for the beta users of iOs and Android v2.16.179.

Use of FixedSys Font
  • The users who wish to use the FixedSys font must type the text in between three back quotes, so the start and end of the text or sentence must have the back quotes.
  • When the user types the text in between the quotes, they can see that the texts are displayed in a different font style.
  • The user cannot use this font style with any of the text formatting options.
The text formatting is the option given to the user to make their messages even more interesting. This can be done by the three formatting option like the bold, italic and strikethrough. The recipients can visualize the formatting feature only if they have the same version of the app.

Use of Text formatting
  • Both the iOs and the Android users have the facility to format their messages by adding the strikethrough, italics and bold style.
  • If the user wishes to strikethrough the text, you must type the text in between 2 tilde symbol.
  • The user must type the text between two asterisks, if they wish to type the text in bold and use underscore if they want the font to be italics.
Quote message

The users using WhatsApp from now on can make use of the quote message either by quoting the message from the group or from a personal chat. When the user sends the quoted message, the quoted message appears on the screen along with the reply. This feature is possible in both the group and private chat and it includes context of the message.

How to quote a message
  • The user can either choose a media message or a text message to quote.
  • Once when the user selects the particular message they have to long press on the message so that they will see a pop up on the screen that appears with three options, either to reply, delete or forward the message.
  • When the user clicks on the reply option, they app will display a preview of the option as a quoted message along with a text box, where the user can type the reply.
  • After entering the reply the user has to send the message.
  • Thus, the quoted message appears on the top along with the reply in the conversation box below it. In the group chat, the users name appears in different color code because each member in the chat gets a different color code to represent their name.

Call back and Voice message

A few days ago, the call back feature and the voice message were rolled out by the company. According to this feature, the user can call back the other person if they fail to pick up the call and if the user was unable to pick up the call they can send a voice message to the other recipient. A cancel option is available in the app that allows the user to close the window if they do not wish to precede the call further. This feature is available for both the iOs and Android users.

Steps to make call back and send a voice message
  • To call back, the user can simply click on the call back option and they can make a call to the person on the other end.
  • If they do not wish to make the call, the user has to click on the Cancel option to close the window.
  • To send a voice message, the user has to press and hold the Voice message option so that they record the message they wish to convey the recipient and they have to release the button so that they can send the message.
  • The receiver who receives the message can see that the message looks similar to that of the voice recording message.

Multi sharing feature

The WhatsApp users can now share the documents, files, videos or images to many users at the same time with the help of the multi sharing option. Earlier if the user wishes to send a video or photo to their friends and family, they have to open each and every chat individually and they have to send the file, but with the new option in the beta version of Android v2.16.230, the users can send data to multiple contacts at the same time.

To share with multiple contacts
  • The users who wish to share a data or file with multiple contacts must first choose the file that has to send. The users can send a document, music, video or a photo.
  • The app differentiates the contact list under three categories, like the frequent chat, recent chat and the other chat.
  • The users can choose either of the option to send the message or they can simply choose the contacts from the list and add it to the list.
  • The selected contacts appear with a green tick mark and the contacts that the user selects from the list appear in the green band. Once when the contacts are selected the user has to press the send button to send the message to all the contacts in the selected list.

Author Bio

Anand Rajendran
Anand Rajendran is the Co-Founder and CEO of Dectar a well known Software products development and Mobile App Development Company based in Chennai, India. He has extensive experience in building and leading innovative and collaborative software development teams to deliver major software applications like Scimbo - Whatsapp Clone Script. He loves exploring new things and sharing his knowledge with others.

How to invite all friends to like Facebook Page

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Facebook is a popular social network which connects everyone around the globe via groups, pages, events etc. Where there are people, there will be marketers. If you're a social marketer, chances are you've already made  a Facebook page and struggling on getting Facebook likes. Don't worry, we've all been there! One of the first few basic steps to boosting your Facebook page likes is by inviting your friends or asking your friends to invite all their friends.

​This is easy when you've only few friends (100-200), but what if you've more than 1000 or 2000 friends? Say you've 5000 friends on Facebook, if you were to invite them all manually it'd take ages and at the same time drive you into frustration, when you could be using that time to expand your business or do something productive (like playing video games or watching an episode). Here in this article you will learn how to invite all friends to like Facebook Page in ONE CLICK.

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Note: This method only works for inviting your Facebook friends to pages or events, not GROUPS.

#1 - Open Google Chrome. (if you don't have it, download it by clicking here.)

#2 - Download this extension.

How to invite all friends to like Facebook page with single click

#3 - After you've installed this extension, navigate to your Facebook Page/Event and press " Invite friends "

How to invite all friends to like Facebook page with single click 2016

#4 - Click the Invite all Facebook friends icon (new icon that has appeared on top of your Chrome browser) to start inviting all friends.

How to invite all friends to like Facebook page

​NOTE: Your chrome browser may crash if you've too many friends. Don't panic, just simply restart the browser and start from step 3.

Congratulations, you invited all your friends to like your Facebook page. If you've any questions or need help, feel free to contact us by sending us an email or by commenting below!

How to Choose an IPTV Set-Top Box

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IPTV set top box

Tired of your traditional television entertainment? In most developed countries television enthusiasts are rushing to the market to acquire IPTV set-top boxes for exclusive entertainment experience. However most first time buyers find themselves clueless when it comes to choosing the best one. What do you need to know about set-top boxes when considering buying one? Here they are:

Quality of set-top box

There are various models of IPTV set-top boxes flooding the market. In such cases buyers find decision making quite stressful. To help you get started, set-top boxes are either hybrid or basic. You should at least consider buying an IPTV set-top box that is reliable, durable and effective. However, you should keep in mind that quality influences affordability.


Consider buying an IPTV set-top box whose connection is not frustrating. It makes no sense investing in devices that will consume large volumes of bundles and offer very little in return. It is therefore important to ensure that whichever set-top box you choose is powered by reliable connectivity. The best IPTV set-top box must have an exclusively fast internet response to allow maximum and convenient entertainment. For that it’s prudent to consider focusing your attention to a set-top box with reliable middleware. Never compromise on broadband infrastructure reliability and efficiency.

Main features

Consider making features comparison before making up your mind on which set-top box to buy. Some IPTV set-top boxes have special features such as HD and Full HD support, better performance or picture in picture function among others. Many modern customers have a preference for high quality products. Manufacturers are aware of that fact and for that they ensure that they produce unique set-top boxes as allurement to remain competent. Your ideal IPTV set-top box should provide you with easy access to your favorite programs and movies smoothly.


IPTV functionality really matters a lot when considering buying a good IPTV set-top box. Manufacturers are focusing more on improving IPTV functionality to conform to the consumers’ needs. For instance, there are set-top boxes that allow live streaming, Video on demand while others offer delayed broadcasting.


Pricing refers to the package price, cost of installation and cost of the IPTV set-top box. This factor is mainly influenced by many other factors such as quality, functionality, model and features among others.