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Catch My Berry - The most visually delicious Physics Puzzle Game [Review]

Are you ready for the most visually delicious physics puzzle? 

" Catch My Berry is the game you'll fall in love with, a physics puzzle game with hundreds of levels and amazing scenery. Embark on a beautiful journey as you help a cute character recover its precious berries. Put your mind and dexterity to the test and solve each puzzle to advance, discovering new physics mechanisms along the way. If you enjoyed Cut The Rope you'll be thrilled by Catch My Berry. "

Catch my berry free android puzzle game gameplay preview

Catch my Berry is an addicting puzzle game available for free on the Google Playstore (click here to download) which tests your skills on solving puzzle, with the help of physics as the game's description state. The game is vast as it contains many levels and is very similar to the popular game " Cut The Rope " which you must have heard about or played at least once. The game's not too frustrating nor too easy but in between, but not to worry if any level does get frustrating/hard, you can use a " Hint " which instructs you how to clear that specific level. Apart from the wonderful gameplay, the game also exhibits amazing graphics and cut scenes featuring the protoganist of the game " Ogi Tak ".

Character Customization

Catch my berry free android puzzle game customization store

As you progress through levels, you earn coins which are the game's currency used to purchase decoration items for your character, from the game's shop or if you're lazy to earn coins, you can just buy coins from the shop with real life currency. The game's shop offers a variety of customization for your character, which can be brought with coins earned ingame such as: hats, necklaces, shirts, hairstyles and moustaches! After you're done dressing up your character and are satisfied, you can brag about your character's handsomeness by sharing it! The game also contains collectibles which can be obtained by playing the game, such as: firework rockets, easter eggs or even customization items for your character!

Leaderboard & Achievements

​The game also has a leaderboard/highscore, where you can check the score of all players throughout the world or just check and compare your score with your friends. Their photo also appears ingame when they reach a certain milestone, similar to Candy Crush. That's not all, the game also features achievements which you can try completing if you get bored.

​Cloud Sychronization & Multiple languages support

Catch my berry free android puzzle game settings

Cloud synchronization eliminates the fear of losing progress if you switch phones/lose your phone, as your progress will automatically be backed up. You can enable Cloud Synchronization in settings which saves your game's progress automatically online so that even if you reset your phone or switch devices, you'll start of from where you left. Apart from that, there are 19 languages supported in the game which you can check out in the game's settings.


Catch my berry free android puzzle gameplay features

​The game's easy as compared to Cut the Rope and best of all, it's fully free! If you get stuck on any level, you can just use a " Hint " which will guide you on how to complete the level. Although the game does get repetitive after a while but don't worry, you've more to do such as complete achievements or compete with your friends. To start a level, you require a Berry (maximum you can carry is 20) which are grown automatically as time passes or you can just buy them with coins or by watching an advert. Also if you're tired of adverts and having to wait for berries to grow, you can just buy the " Superior package, which disables ad and gives you infinite berries, meaning more gameplay and less waiting.

Don't forget to download this game and leave a opinion about this game in the comment section!

Zombie Roshambo - Online Android/iOS Game [Review]

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We live in a world where we spend most of our days mentally preparing for the zombie apocalypse. No matter whether you like gaming or not, zombie games are those type of games that you just can't dislike. Zombie Roshambo (click here to download) is a location based game where you choose a side (human or zombies) and fight against each other online. The game is not unique as you'd find many zombie games, be it online or single player available on the playstore. Neither is the game over rated as it contains some unique features which you won't find in many games available, it's in between and has features that'd want the player to keep his eyes glued to his smartphone. My first impression after playing this game was that it's a combination of " Tinder " and " Rock, paper, scissor ", where instead of hunting for potential partners you hunt for zombies/humans instead. 

Zombie roshambo location based online game android iOS

​After you've signed up, first thing to do is assign yourself a profile picture along with a filter (similar to Snapchat filters) which other players will view you as. Although I've noticed the filter doesn't appear when I go to " Settings ", I hope the filter actually appears for other players because I didn't consider this fact before taking the photo..

Zombie roshambo location based online game android iOS character screen

After you've signed up and set up your profile, make sure to set distance according to your preference. As the game is new, there aren't much players hence make sure to set roaming area to " Entire world ". The game is really simple and doesn't require much brain, all you've to do is swipe right to attack and left to skip. After you selected your prey, you'll be asked to select between " Rock, paper or scissor " and that's it. 

Zombie roshambo location based online game android iOS battle screen

​Now you've to wait 15 minutes for the player to retaliate, meanwhile you can go do whatever you want. That's the beauty of this game, that it doesn't require much focus or your time and it also brings back childhood memories of the game " Rock, paper and scissor ", as I haven't played that in ages. After 15 minutes have passed, you'll get a notification on your Smartphone informing you of your victory or loss. Also if someone decides to attack you, you'll get a notification informing you even when you're not using the app.

Zombie roshambo location based online game android iOS battle notification

You can earn " Gamepoints " by winning, which will earn you a spot in the leaderboard/highschore which you can view ingame or on Zombie Roshambo official website. You can view log of your battles of the people you fought against, where the number in the green circle is the amount of times you've won and the number in the red circle is the number of times you've lost.

Zombie roshambo location based online game android iOS battle log

Best Free Android Antivirus Apps For 2017

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Have you started thinking about 2017? Most of us can barely believe that but two months separate us from the new year, but facts are facts and with every new 365 days in the calendar comes a chance for implementing changes.

Trend of setting up new higher standards in every new year are most visible in technology industry, and we can always expect surprises (both positive and negative) on that front. When it comes to the questions of our web security, antivirus companies are promising only to be better in 2017. Seeing that cybercriminal is constantly reaching new levels, it is important to know if our safeguards are able to do their job right. Also, protecting our mobile devices has become just as important as protecting our laptops and PCs, because most of the world’s population has a large chunk of their confidential data stored on their mobile devices. This is why we took the time to see just what antivirus providers have to offer, as well what are the best free Android apps for the upcoming year.

#1 - Avast Free Mobile Security 2017

Best free android antivirus app for 2017 avast

Avast is one of the antivirus brands that is very much used all over the world, thanks to the quality of service they provide for their non-paying customers. For 2017, Avast promises to keep up with the good work of keeping their clients safe and if at all possible inspire them to switch to their premium edition, which in, all truth, is all-encompassing. Aside from constant antivirus protection from all forms of malware and security breaches that might happen, Avast will make sure that your Android mobile device is protected when you’re using public Wi-Fi, which is particularly vulnerable to cybercriminal attempts. What’s more, Avast will safeguard your apps by locking them similar to applock, so there’s no way that someone can spy on you through them. All in all, this antivirus is proved to be one of the best freebies around.

#2 - AVG Free Antivirus 2017

Best free android antivirus app for 2017 avg

Another familiar name among the antivirus celebrities, AVG gives all its contenders a run for their money with fool-proof quality features it gives to its customers. If you pay $40 for their premium version, you can expect a very high level of safety, though the notifications can become somewhat annoying. If you’re not keen on giving money for your antivirus (which is the case with most people), then AVG 2017 will do a good job in regularly scanning your mobile Android device to get rid of any signs of threats. You don’t have to worry about your firewall either, the program will keep everything in check and will be particularly meticulous in tracking spyware that isn’t easily found. What’s more, when you’re dealing with bank accounts from your mobile devices, AVG will have your back, so that hackers don’t get a hold of your sensitive information.

#3 - Avira Free Antivirus 2017

Best free android antivirus app for 2017 avira

According to Avira’s website, over half a billion people in the world downloaded this antivirus, either in the form of an app or a program for their PC. This is a pretty impressive number, which speaks volumes about Avira’s quality of service. Not to much surprise, Avira did very well on different antivirus lab tests, it even got some perfect scores in satisfying different criteria concerning protection from all kinds of virus infections and potential security breaches. Another perk that you get with Avira, but not with other free antivirus Android apps, is that it will keep you safe from phishing, which in itself is reason enough why Avira is so often found on top 10 antivirus lists all over the Internet.

#4 - Panda Free Antivirus 2017

Best free android antivirus app for 2017 panda

​We strive to present the best specimens of different forms of antivirus apps, and with that in mind, we have to mention Panda antivirus. Unlike all other aforementioned antivirus Android apps, Panda app works on cloud technology, meaning that scans and any other app activity won’t in any way lag or slow you device down. Thanks to this technology, Panda can also very quickly spot a new form of virus, which means that a patch for it will also be provided fairly quickly. Interface of the app could be more intuitive, but once you get the hang of it, Panda will prove to be a solid protector of your security.

#5 - Kaspersky Free Antivirus 2017

Best free android antivirus app for 2017 kaspersky

Kaspersky is another classic antivirus program that has a trustworthy antivirus app for Android and will do a good job in protecting your device and your sensitive data. True, Kaspersky’s free antivirus is somewhat limited because it’s constricted to keeping you safe from antimalware and that’s all, meaning that your confidential web activity like bank transactions and passwords might require some additional  protection. If you decide to invest into Kaspersky app, then you’ll get excellent protection, though Kaspersky is on the costly side of antivirus palette.

In 2017, like in all years before, do your best to be security-aware. You can be sure that cybercriminals are never idle, which is why you should do your best to have your security and privacy under watchful eye of an antivirus app of your choosing. – By Adam Ferraresi

Adam Ferraresi is 23 years old, but he first became interested in writing when he was in high school. Today he’s a successful web developer living in Dallas, Texas, and one of the most trusted writers at In his free time, he’s an avid   mountain climber and enjoys playing basketball with  his friends.

N File Manager - Android File Explorer App

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A file manager app is a must for every smartphone user, in order to organise and handle your data on your Smartphone easily rather than using the default file manager. In case you don't know what they do, they do pretty much as the name suggests i.e: browsing/searching your files, managing your files (creating, deleting, copying, paste etc) and last but not least, managing your storage space. There are many File managers available for free on the Google Playstore, but it's hard choosing a File manager that fits your style. There are two type of Smartphone users. One that like to keep their phone organised so it doesn't turn slow and second are people who don't like to manage their Smartphone but expect their phone to run fast. Espically if you've a phone with low specs, you've to maintain your storage space which can be a hassle and that's where File Manager apps come in. But the question remains, which one from the thousand should you download?

N file manager Android file explorer

I've experience of installing more than one file manager and most of them have failed to impress me due to lack of features, bad interface or not allowing me to be able to do anything without accidently pressing an advertisement!

​Recently I came across an app on Google Playstore called " N File Manager " that is more than perfect for the average user and best of all, it's free! After using this app, it ended up replacing my previous file manager.

Ad Free

So far haven't come across any annoying advertisments, better yet - no advertisments at all!

​Translation available

Can't read English? no problem as you've Italian, Polish, Korean, Chinese and Portuguese translation from choose from.

FTP service, Cloud Service (Dropbox) and thumbnails.

N file manager Android file explorer dropbox cloud service

The app supports FTP (File Transfer Protocol), Dropbox (online backup) and thumbnails.

Great interface. Supports Light/Dark/DayLight Theme

N file manager Android file explorer interface change theme

​Interface is smooth and not boring. If you do get bored you can just switch themes from Light to Dark or a combination of both Day and Light.

Share files on different Apps.

Think of this as bluetooth. 

Manage running & installed apps

Manage apps that are running on your Smartphone or apps you've already installed such as deleting, moving, sharing etc.

Backup your Apps

App allows you to backup your Apps which may seem useless to the average user, but a useful feature for those who want to stay on the safe side!

Show Hidden Files

N file manager Android file explorer show hidden files

Show hidden files such as " Hidden folders, Hidden files, System apps " etc. 

1895 Of Scandinavia - Quality Watches Designed in Sweden

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As a frequent watch wearer, whenever I forgot to wear my watch outside I feel as if I'm literally naked. I'm sure I'm not the only one here who feels like that, right? Sweden is famous for producing many great brands such as IKEA (surprise!), Skype, H&M, Spotify etc. There's much more to praise Sweden for, but I won't plan on writing it all as I'm not in the mood for writing a novel right now. 

Watches are a popular form of accessory, apart from making you look sexy, they're also very useful such as for checking the time (you probably knew that) and watches is one of the few to survive, which has not been replaced by the Smartphone.
If you frequently shop on the Internet, then you must be familar with many e-stores out there that show high quality watches but when they arrive, the buyer finds out they're just low quality. That's what happens when you buy from shops with less reputation/untrusted shops that just want to loot your money. 

If you find a watch that is cheap, you'd be naturally compelled to buy it but a wise person knows that in order to get a quality and long lasting watch, he won't find it at a cheap price and it's better to buy a watch once and for all instead of having to buy a new one every week.

Introducing a swedish based store, " 1895 of Scandinavia " where you'd be able to find quality exclusive affordable watches along with a leather card holder free when you order any watch!

1895 quality watches

Leave a comment what you think about this store and also your review if you ordered any product from there!