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Top 10 Tips to secure your Facebook account from getting Hacked

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Everyone loves to share personal information on social medias, especially Facebook which is the number one social network in the world with over 500 million users, instantly turning Facebook into a number one target for hackers, as one can gain lots of information about that specific person by simply stalking their conversations, photos etc after hacking their Facebook account. Not only can they can gain your information but also can do great damage to you by misusing your account or using that information they gained from your account to successfully impersonate you. Here in this article I will be discussing Top 10 useful tips to secure your Facebook account from getting Hacked.

Top 10 Tips to secure your Facebook account from getting Hacked

Note: There is no such thing as a software to hack Facebook accounts. Facebook is very secured, hence if your Facebook account ever gets hacked, it's probably due to your own stupidity, not some " hacker ".

#1 - Unique Password

Whenever you sign up for a new account anywhere on the web, they always advise you to use a " Strong password ". But what's the point of a strong password if it is being used by you on all social networks. Suppose if one of your account having the same password as your Facebook account was to get hacked such as Snapchat, Instagram, Gmail etc The hacker can easily gain access to your Facebook account without any effort at all if he attempts to login to your account with that same password. There's a low chance of anyone doing that but still, better to never risk it! Hence make sure to use a Unique password for your Facebook account which is different from all your other Social network accounts.

Password meter to check password strength for Facebook

Extra Tip: You can determine whether your Facebook is good or not from the above website.

#2 - Be careful where you login

You can easily get your Facebook account hacked without you even noticing, by logging onto a computer containing a keylogger. Keyloggers have become a common method for collecting login details, especially at Internet cafes. Use external computers at your own risk!

Inspect PC for any Keyloggers

Before logging onto any computer, make sure to scan the computer quickly manually for any suspicious softwares which you might think be keyloggers, by simply going to start and clicking all Programs or by opening task manager and reviewing the applications running in background. Keyloggers can easily be identified by .exe files or by their names. E.g: Keylogger.exe 

#3 - Avoid clicking on Links

People can easily hack your account by sending you phishing link (website which looks exactly like Facebook) and trick you into logging in, hence make sure to be careful on what link you click on. Apart from hacking you, they can harm you by updating statuses or sending those links to everyone in your friend list automatically. Only login to Facebook from their official website or from their Official App!

Avoid clicking spam links on Facebook

Now a days it has become easy to spot phishing websites as browsers can easily detect them or you can view page information to see whether the site is secure or not.

#4 - Always remember to Sign out

Always remember to sign out from your Facebook account after you've done using it, espically when you share the same computer with someone else. Make it a habit of logging out from Facebook everytime you stop using it, even when you go AFK (Away From Keyboard) for even a minute.

Always remember to logout from Facebook after done using it

If you've a habit of forgetting to logout everytime, use Facebook on Ignito mode on your Browser which is useful as it won't store your history or login details.

#5 - Don't GIVE out your Password to anyone

This one is obvious but people still need reminding, as a survey on the Internet revealed that many hacking victims were hacked by people they revealed their passwords too. No matter who that person is, don't be stupid to give out your Facebook password. Use the Trusted Contacts feature Instead by going to Settings > Security Settings & selecting Trusted contacts to set 3-5 friends who can help regain access to your account if it is ever to get hacked.

Never give your password to anyone

#6 - NEVER remember passwords on your Browser

No matter what PC you use, it's advised to NEVER click the " Remember password " option, as the next person to use Facebook on your computer can easily gain access to your account. 

Never click remember password option on Browser

Also some browsers like Google Chrome offer the feature to look up " Remembered Passwords " which if someone else other than you was to gain access to, can result in you possibly getting hacked.

#7 - Enable Login Notifications

The advantage of enabling Login Notifications is that whenever someone logins from a different location, you will be notified giving you a chance to change your password before the hacker is able to do more damage to your account. 

Enable login notifications to get email or text notifications

You can choose whether to be notified on Email or on Phone, whichever suits you best.

#8 - Enable Login Approvals

By enabling Login Approvals, you will be asked to provide a code everytime you login from a different browser in order to gain access to your Facebook account. Although this might get annoying after a while, it's the best way to keep your Facebook account safe from Hackers.

Enable text phone security code text for your Facebook

#9 - Review your account Activity

Make sure to review your account's activity log occasionally and if you spot anything suspicious or strange, change your password immediately as most hackers these days are like ninjas. Make sure to review your Trusted Browsers & Where you're logged in currently. 

Review your logins activity log on Facebook

If you use Facebook on Smartphone and PC then you should end activity from any other devices other than those two.

#10 - Update your Privacy

It's almost important that you try to make your Facebook profile private as much as you can as it's easy to gain information about a specific person with poor privacy than a person with good privacy. 

Update privacy on Facebook to stay more secured from Hackers

You're probably wondering how this can get you hacked. The answer is obvious: people can use that Information to " Recover " your account by tricking Facebook into believing you are them.

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Top 10 Tips to Increase your Android Smartphone's Battery Life

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Average Android smartphone's battery life is 6-8 hours, your phone's battery life can last over 24 hours or maybe 2 hours, depending on how much you use your Smartphone. It's frustrating how it's nearly impossible to use Android smartphone for more than 2 hours without the " Low Battery " notification popping up.  There's more to bad battery life than having a crappy phone, even great phones like Samsung Galaxy S6 battery life need frequent charging. Here in this article I will be discussing Top 10 tips to help increase your Android Smartphone's battery life to a extent that you won't have the need to recharge it often.

#1 - Turn off Vibration and Sound

Turn off vibration and sound to reduce Android battery consumption

Make it a habit by turning sound and vibration off when you're using your phone (socializing, texting, playing a game etc) since you do not require the need for sound/vibration to notify you about calls or text as you're already staring at your phone. You should see a big difference in your phone's battery life after turning them off as vibration and sound consume a large amount of phone battery. When you're done using your phone, you can simply turn Vibration and Sound on to stay alerted about incoming texts or calls.

#2 - Set Brightness from High to Low

Decrease android smartphone's brightness to decrease android battery consumption

Setting brightness from high to low on your Android smartphone is not just only good for your smartphone's battery life, but also for your eyes especially if you're the kind of person who's life is based on using smartphone whole day. Also make sure to turn Automatic brightness off.

#3 - Shorter screen timeout

Set phone's timer to low

If your screen timeout is set to over a minute it will consume more phone battery to keep your phone running for that period of time where as if you were set to your android smartphone's screen timeout to 15 seconds or less, it would consume less battery. If you're like me, then you probably open your phone over 200 times a day for no reason apparently, so try to develop a habit to not do this as it can help save you a small amount of battery.

#4 - Turn WiFi, Bluetooth & GPS Off

Set wifi bluetooth and gps off when not using to save battery

Whenever you're not using your smartphone, make sure to turn your WiFi, GPS or Bluetooth off. Only turn them on when you need to use them.

#5 - Battery saving mode or External Apps

Enable power saving mode to increase battery life

There should be a mode to enable Battery saving on your phone, make sure to make good use of that. You can also download external app from google playstore to help save your Android's battery.

I recommend Battery Doctor. Not only is it just designed to help make your phone faster but also has an built-in task manager to help you get rid of unwanted apps running on your phone & also calculates the total time your phone will last based on your consumption patterns which is a pretty sweet feature if you'd ask me!

#6 - Close Unnecessary Apps

Close unnecessary apps to decrease battery consumption

Make sure to close unnecessary Apps running on your phone when you're not using them!

#7 - Change Batteries Occasionally

Change android phone batteries frequently to speed phone up

Make sure to change your Android smartphone's battery occasionally and do not attempt to save money by buying cheap batteries as they can damage your phone. Make sure to buy an original battery for your phone. Replacing old battery with new can also help speed up your phone & also show great improvement in battery life which is obvious as new is better.

Tip: Do not overcharge or fully charge your phone, unplug it as soon as it reaches around 95% or else it can increase chances of your phone's battery deteriorating quickly.

#8 - Charge your phone when you're not using it

Charge your android smartphone when not using it

Make sure to charge your phone whenever you're not using it. E.g: When you're sleeping, put your phone on charge. When you're using your PC, put phone on charge etc. With this trick, you won't see your phone's battery low ever again.

#9 - Use static wallpaper

Keep a static wallpaper for android smartphone

This one is obvious, using a animated wallpaper will consume more phone battery as compared to using a static wallpaper.

#10 - Update apps frequently

Update apps to decrease battery consumption for android smartphone

Developers focus on updating their apps to use less battery so make sure to update your apps as it can help save you battery consumption.

Top 5 Websites to listen to Radio Stations Online for Free

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Who doesn't love music? When people run out of music to listen to, they tend to ask their friends for suggestions on what music to listen too but what if even they are not able to suggest new music? For a song to become popular, it has to reach Radio Stations and the Internet or else no one would learn about the song's existence. The best place to hunt for good music in my opinion,  are Radio Stations. Radio stations are not just available on Phone or Car, they're also available on the Internet for you to listen. What's best about them is the fact they are categorized into genres, so you'd be able to listen to music of your favourite Genre only (Rap, Pop, Hip-hop etc). Although there are so many radio stations Online for listening to music for free, I've compiled a list of my top 5 favourite Radio Stations Online where you can listen to music anytime.

#1 - BBC Radio 1

BBC radio 1 free radio station website's homepage

If you're from the UK you must've already heard of this station, if not I suggest you give it a try as it streams music trending all around the world. What's best about BBC Radio 1 is the fact that even if music is not streaming and they're just doing Commentary, you would still love to listen because there is not a single soul in the world who doesn't love British accent. Admit it, if all professors in the world had accent same as Alan Rickman or Emilia Clarke, every student would pay more attention to what they're saying instead of falling asleep. It's also a great Radio station for you to listen to if you intend on developing a British Accent.

#2 - TuneIn

TuneIn free radio station website's homepage

A great place for promoting your own music content for others to listen as well as streaming radio stations online. Has a simple & clean interfere helping you navigate the website easily and radio stations are categorized into Genres, so you can pick any Genre of your choice and start listening immediately.

#3 - Jango

Jango free radio station website's homepage

Has all the basic features a radio station needs to have along with a decent interfare, less advertisments and best of all, the site is completely free. Jango also suggests you similar radio stations to listen too as well.

#4 - Live365

Live365 free radio station website's homepage

Allows you to listen any radio station of your choice & also keep history of them so you can play them back when you visit the website again later. Also allows you to broadcast your own radio station on the site for other users to listen too.

#5 - Radio Station for listening to Pakistani/Indian Music

Pakistan and Indian music free radio station website's homepage

If you want to listen to Bollywood music or stream FM from India or Pakistan, here are 2 sites according to both countries:

How to see who Unfollowed you on Twitter

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Twitter has a population of over 300 million users, making it the 2nd most popular social network in the world after Facebook. Popular for all types of communities, Twitter is known as a great platform for entertainment or promoting content. When I first joined Twitter, I remember following everyone I saw, mainly celebrities and was disappointed when they didn't follow me back. It's important to maintain your following and followers ratio on Twitter as following more people than the number of your followers can damage your first impression towards people who visit your profile and decrease your chance of being followed back by only 20 percentage! Back then when I used to be a newbie on Twitter, I remember following 1500 people but only having 600 followers and even though I followed many people afterwards, my follower's did not increase mainly because my Followers/Following ratio was damaged, I then decided to take a step to unfollow all those who weren't following me but I was confused how to do so, as unfollowing manually would take me ages. I did some stalking on the Internet for some tools which can help make my process of seeing who Unfollowed me on Twitter easier where I came across many tools & softwares but only some were useful. Here in this article I will be discussing about 2 of my favorite websites which I use to see who unfollowed me on Twitter.

Note: Keep in mind to not follow/unfollow over 100 people instantly or else you might risk your Twitter account from getting suspended.

#1 - Crowdfire

Crowdfire is a great online tool for tracking unfollowers, inactive people you are following & also fans (people you're not following back). This site is on number 1 for me mainly because it offers many free features as compared to other tools.

Learn how to see who has unfollowed or followed you on Twitter with the help of Crowdfire


  • Free users are limited to following 25 users and unfollowing 100 users per day.
  • You can see all your unfollowers from " Oldest to newest " which is a very great feature so you can unfollow those people who you've been following since a long time and have not followed back.
  • You can see your fans (people you've not followed) and follow them. It's important you follow back unless you want to get unfollowed! As that's the rule of Social Networking " Give & Get " 
  • See people who have recently Unfollowed you.
  • See inactive people (who haven't tweeted for over a month) you are following.
  • Be able to Copy followers, which is a great feature for copying your friends or rival followers in order to get follow backs.
  • Black list & white list 
  • Friend check, to check whether if that person is following another specific person. Great for checking whether your girlfriend is still following her Ex on Twitter or not.
  • Automatic Direct Messages

Previously known as Unfollowers.Me, it almost offers most of the same basic features as Crowdfire while rest are for premium users only. What makes stand out from Crowdfire is the fact that it lets you follow 50 people (25 more than Crowdfire) and also has a great interface.

Learn how to see who has unfollowed or followed you on Twitter with the help of Unfollowers


  • Free users are limited to being able to follow 50 people & unfollow 100 people per day.
  • Allows you to check your fans (people who are following you, but you're not following back)
  • See your recent unfollowers
  • See inactive followings or fake following.
  • Be able to copy users by tweets and also their followers.

Tip: If you don't want to pay and unfollow/follow more than the limit, simply use both websites. But as I mentioned before, do not unfollow/follow too many people or else Twitter might suspend your account.

Thanks for reading, don't forget to leave your comments & what tool you use for seeing who unfollowed you on Twitter.

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How to use Whatsapp on PC without Bluestacks or Youwave

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Whatsapp is the most popular Instant messaging network having over 450 million users which is increasing rapidly as time goes on, making it the most popular IM App in the world, even for those people that prefer to use PC for socializing. There used to be a time when PC users used to download Android Emulators such as Bluestacks or Youwave to be able to use Whatsapp on PC but those days are gone as Whatsapp has finally solved that problem by releasing a official website where you can connect your Whatsapp to your PC and start socializing on Whatsapp on your desktop.

Note: For this to work, your WhatsApp must be updated & phone must be connected to WiFi. If you close your WiFi, WhatsApp on your PC will stop working as well.

#1 - First of all, go on WhatsApp on your phone and go to " Chats " where your conversations are stored, Open Menu and Press " WhatsApp Web " 

Enabling Whatsapp web on PC via Whatsapp App

#2 - You will be asked to scan a QR code on their website, visit WhatsApp Web on your PC & scan the QR code on it with your Phone.

Whatsapp web preview on PC

#3 - After you've successfully scanned it, you should be able to use Whatsapp on your PC now.

Whatsapp on PC enabled, preview of Whatsapp Web Conversation

Tip: As you need to keep your phone's WiFi on in order to use Whatsapp on PC, if your phone is low on charging, simply put it on charge while it's WiFi is on to continue using WhatsApp on your PC. 

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