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Free Study Exams for Engineering Certifications

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Gaining an engineering qualification is tough and many IT Professionals looking to advance in their career find it very difficult to pass the examinations required due to their difficulty. Studying, practical experience and even more studying is the only way anyone can hope to pass one of these exams. In some cases, this does not even adequately prepare people for the way that the exam is written. Many people find that they are confused and can’t finish the exam on time because the exam is so different from what they studied. The best way to prevent this from happening is by practicing past exam papers. This will prepare you for how the examinations are structured and at the same time you’ll be memorizing past exam questions. Questions from past exams are often included in new exams.

Free Study Exams for Engineering Certifications

The extra marks you earn from knowing the past exam papers can make the difference between passing and failing, especially when taking the EMC E20-393 Unity Solutions Specialist Exam for Implementation Engineers Exam and the Veeam VMCE-V9 VEEAM Certified Engineer (VMCE9) Exam. You will also know how to approach the question paper due to your past experience, saving you time. Having knowledge about how the questions will be asked and how to answer them will be one of the most important things you can have when taking an exam. The practice tests available on Exam-Labs also have answer sheets that contain explanations of each answer and the reasoning behind them. This will also give you a peek into the mind of the person who will be grading the exams.

The EMC E20-393 Unity Solutions Specialist Exam for Implementation Engineers Exam and the Veeam VMCE-V9 VEEAM Certified Engineer (VMCE9) Exam are both challenging exams created to test your skills as an engineer and to make sure you possess the abilities needed to succeed in your work. The examinations you find on Exam-Labs all come from certified vendors such as Cisco, Comptia, Microsoft and others. This means that all of these exams are legitimate and will help to adequately prepare you for a real exam.

The website has also been verified by industry experts as being the real deal. You can access both the E20-393 exam as well as the VMCE-V9 exam for free on Exam-Labs. There are no costs involved as there are with similar websites and both the questions and the answers are available on Exam-Labs. The goal of this website is to help prepare IT professionals for their exam certifications. You can view this website on mobile or access it via a laptop or PC depending on what is most convenient for you. There are also many otherIT relatedsubjects available among the over three thousand past certification exams on the website. Other people who have made use of this website’s services have left testimonials that can be read by visiting the Exam-Labs website online. Once you’re on the website, you can easily view the testimonials or search for the exam paper that you need.

What To Do When You Have an App Idea

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We all get inspired with ideas beyond our skillset. We come up with the perfect superhero movie while driving to work, or a new gadget that would be all the rage in the land of late night infomercials. And considering the amount of time all of us spend with our phones, you or someone you know has come up with a fabulous idea for a new app.

What to do when you have an app idea

The superhero movie will most likely never happen unless you're friends with Joss Whedon, and as far as the infomercial gadget goes, you’ll sober up eventually. But the app? That’s doable.

You probably already know that designing and building an app is easier than producing a blockbuster movie or engineering a physical product from scratch. An app is a software, and it involves a lot of coding. There have been numerous innovations over the last couple of years that have removed much of the heavy lifting – i.e. not every app has to be built from the ground up.

In the meantime of trying to jump through the fiery hoops of coding, here are some tips on taking the first steps to develop your app idea.

#1. Uncover the Scope and Purpose

The first thing you’ll need to do is define the scope of your app. Will it be doing something simple, or is it going to be more complex? Complex doesn’t mean calculus. It means that your app will have to do a lot of things, for example the Amazon app. The more complicated an app, the more likely you’ll need to bring in outside help.
Secondly, define what your app will do in exact terms. Back to the Amazon app, this app offers more than just shopping. It lists products, links accounts, searches inventory, adds to cart and so on. The things you want your app to do need to be just as clearly defined.

#2. Who Will Be the Developer?

If your app needs to be built from scratch, there’s a good chance you’ll need a developer. A quick search will produce pages of companies all willing to help individuals develop their brilliant idea into an app. That leads to this obvious warning -  watch out for shady partners and scams. Only work with people who have the expertise to develop your app idea with a proven track record. A startup might give you a huge discount to create a portfolio, but check out the company and the people who make up the team. While their business might be brand new, the ones who started it should have experience making apps, and have personal portfolios of what they've done.

If you’re confident enough to develop yourself, proceed to number 3.

#3. Choose Your Platform Wisely

Once you know what your app scope and purpose is, research platforms. Technology changes at the speed of light, so stay current on your research. Your app will need a platform that best fits your scope and purpose. Some companies make platforms where clients can build apps affordably in much the same way that Wix or Squarespace lets people create websites.
Take time to look at the companies that provide platforms or even will do the job for you entirely. Some platforms will provide a stronger commerce integration than others, while the next one might be the best option if you intend for your app to be primarily used on tablets.

#4. Be Fully Committed

Building an app takes time. After all, you’re goal is to create an app that gravitates user retention, so don’t rush through it. The developing process is critical since you’ll be developing an idea so that people can interact with it. Communicate, plan and strategize. Depending on the application scope and purpose, it could take 4 to 6 months to create and this is only the beginning of your apps life. The beauty of a successful app is maintaining, improving and updating.

#5. Pricing

Apps are not cheap. They range from $50,000 to $1,000,000. If you have a really great idea, you may be able to find investors. You’ve got to scale out costs and potential capital. Working the numbers is essential. How much will you charge for your app? And how much will it cost to build? What will be the ROI? There are 2.2 million apps just on iOS alone, so you’ll need a business plan as to where your app falls into the pool of the other 2 million apps out there. Does your app fill in a gap? If so, you may have more potential than you think.

#6. Leave Room for Marketing

Don’t overlook marketing. If a potential user isn’t aware your app even exists, it doesn’t matter how amazing it is. They won’t buy it if they don’t know about it. This is another area where outside expert advice can help. Remember that bad marketing can kill even the best ideas. Look what happened to Firefly. The right marketing expert could even help you find funding via Kickstarter or Indiegogo, should you need it.

#7. Take Away—Think Long Term

Another smart step to take is to talk to a lawyer. While copyright law in the US can be a convoluted mess, should the worst come to pass, and you find yourself in court, having a legal foundation to fall back on can make a big difference. Just remember these three basic copyright rules. Ideas cannot be copyrighted, no matter how awesome they are. Names can’t be copyrighted, but they might be trademarked. Rules also cannot be copyrighted, which is why we have so many unlicensed Monopoly knock-offs like Horse-opoly.

Final Thoughts:
Apps are a large part of how we communicate, learn and entertain ourselves. Though there are around 2.2 million apps just on iOS, there are still gaps. If you find yourself sitting on an idea that’ll contribute to the world of applications, be sure to take the proactive steps necessary to bring your idea to people’s fingertips the right way.

This is a Guest Post written by Ryan Stewart.

Funny video - Simple app to watch Funny Videos

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Funny Video is a video streaming app available for free on the Google Playstore. It helps to share videos with your friends easily, it ensures good health as it relaxes you instantly. Funny video Player has functions such as resume, play, playback and pause, the obvious basic functions that every video player should have. There is no need for you to download videos with Funny video. You may add the video to the video watch list. 

Funny video simple app to watch funny Videos

Recently, online funny videos have gained high popularity and these videos have great impact on viewers. It is believed to refresh mind and to lower stress levels. The funny videos are in written scripts also with simple images. The main aspect is to entertain people and there are plenty of benefits on watching such videos. Learn here how to develop a funny video: 

With respect to videos, you may take it from other websites. However, ascertain the videos you take from other websites are not copyrighted. You will find some websites permitting its visitors to share their videos. Identify such websites and update your website with funny video clips. Once you initiate, you will receive interesting videos regularly.

Funny videos are entertaining and these are the appropriate ways to get relief from some stress. Now, a lot of people are actually using the funny videos as laughter therapy. After a hectic and stressful day at work, a heavy and good dose of laughter helps unwinding and all the tension vanishes that got piled up in the mind throughout the day gets vanished in thin air.

Everyone uses a cell phone featuring a camera. Whenever you notice something funny happening, one person certainly can capture it. Immediately, after capturing the video, the person can upload it to a website. On the Internet, such funny videos spread like wildfire. People send it to their friends and are later a point of discussion on social networking websites. In a couple of hours, you will realize that one funny video uploaded few hours back has brought laughter in so many people. So what are you waiting for? Download Funny videos app right now and get started, click here to download!

Oracle Financials R12 Has Better Features Than 11i

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Oracle Financials (also called as Oracle R12 eBusiness Suite) is a dynamic and powerful financial tool, which has become a preferred option among many ERP products in the market for many blue chip companies, multi-site channels and multi- national organizations. Oracle Financials is one of the robust and flexible package ever created by Oracle company. You can easily learn by undergoing Oracle Financials Certification Training. This ERP tool is an eBusiness Suite which include main areas like General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Fixed Assets, Financial Intelligence, Inventory Management and Daily Business Intelligence. Let us know What is more in Oracle Financials R12 than 11i.

Difference between R12 and 11i

Difference Between Oracle R12 and 11i


Business Benefits of Oracle Financials R12

  • Integrated: This version helps in leveraging the investments done in the existing technology and helps in remove disparate systems as and when needed.
  • Modular: You can implement one module, several modules or the entire suite in the organization as per the business requirements as R12 is yet modular.
  • Open Standard Based Architecture: This framework enables you to integrate into a heterogenous environment and makes you influence your investments in the current applications. This architecture helps in favouring low cost of integration with service concern.
  • Global Application: This application supports different languages, currencies and also helps in managing business processes flexibly. It also compatible to modular deployments and customized business flows.

Difference between Oracle earlier version and new version

  • Information Driven Applications: This tool provides real-time data to business or trading partners. Provides business intelligence and enables to take better business decisions.
  • Advanced Collections: Improved compliance collections workbench from Accounts Receivable merged. Collect real-time with funds capture. Independent from sales territories.
  • Cash Management: It provides improved visibility of actual vs projected. Helps in tracking bank transfers and verification of bank interest.
  • Receivables: R12 manages revenue and accelerates cash with fiscal discipline. Increased cash flow and provides better streamlining processing.
  • Balancing: Generates balancing accounting entries for subledger journal entries at time accounting is created. It also generates balancing journal entries at posting time for other journals.
  • XML Publisher: Financial reporting with XML publisher is easy and flexible with nearly 400 modifiable formats.

Acquire Azure Skills for a Lucrative Career

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Microsoft Azure, previously known as Windows Azure, is the public cloud computing platform of Microsoft. It delivers various cloud services including those for networking, storage, analytics and computing. Users can select from these services to build and scale existing or new applications in the public cloud. Microsoft Azure is considered as both Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering.

Microsoft classifies the services of Azure into 11 major product types namely data storage, web and mobile, compute, analytics, networking, hybrid integration, media and content delivery network, hybrid integration, identity and access management, Internet of things, management and security and development.

Acquire Microsoft Azure skills for a lucrative career
Azure delivers the Internet-accessible application services which are running in the Azure data centers

1. Compute – These services deliver remote application access, batch processing, containers and virtual machines.

2. Web and Mobile – These services assist the deployment as well as development of mobile and web applications, and also provide the features for API notification, reporting and management.

3. Data Storage – This group incorporates database as a Service offerings for NoSQL and SQL, aswell as cached and unstructured cloud storage.

4. Analytics – These utilities deliver storage and distributed analytics, as well as big data analytics, real-time analytics, data warehousing, machine learning and data lakes.

5. Networking – This class embeds gateways, dedicated connections and virtual networks, as well as the services for load balancing, domain name system hosting and traffic management.

6. Media and CDN (content delivery network) – These services incorporate indexing, media playback, encoding and on-demand streaming.

7. Hybrid Integration – these are the services for connecting public and private clouds, server backup and site recovery.

8. Identity and Access management (IAM) – these offerings make certain that only authorized users can utilize the azure services and help safeguard the encryption keys and other confidential data.

9. Internet of Things (IoT) – these services aid the users analyze, monitor as well as capture the data of IoT from sensors and other appliances.

10. Development – These amenities aid the application developers test applications, track potential issues and share the code. Azure assists a span of application programming languages which include Node.js, .Net, JavaScript and Python.

11. Management and Security – These products aid the cloud administrators maintain their Azure schedule, deployment, create automation and run the jobs. This product group also comprises the capabilities for recognizing as well as reacting to cloud security threats.

Few organizations utilise azure for disaster recovery and data backup. Adding to this, some companies use azure as a substitute to their data centers. Instead of investing in storage and local servers, these companies prefer to run few or all their business applications using azure. Azure was introduced by Microsoft in 2008. It was called as Windows Azure previously but changed its brand name to Microsoft Azure in April, 2014. The public cloud platforms which are the competitors for Azure are Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services. To ensure high availability, Microsoft has placed the data centers of azure all over the world. Microsoft stated that as of January, 2016, there are 22 regions around the world where azure services are available including in the Europe, united States, Brazil, Asia and Australia.  

Azure manages the research and clients across the world. With teams of staff on most continents, azure is able to provide on projects in Europe, North America, Middle East, South America and Africa. With its delivery centers spanned across Canada, USA, Europe, China, India and Brazil and partners around the world, Azure provides local knowledge and global reach to enable the smooth running of all the projects. The average salary Microsoft Azure developer in US is $94,000. People are gaining skills in azure because azure is the highest paid Microsoft technology. The demand for azure is sky-high and the salaries are increasing day-by-day due to its increasing demand in today’s IT market. So, get azure training if you are looking for a super-fast career growth.