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Top 5 Easy Basic 10 Minute Recipes

Top 5 Easy Basic 10 Minute Recipes

Here are some facile finger-licking recipes for you to make at your home when you're in a hurry. These easy recipes would help you in your desperate times when you’re at home peeking in the refrigerator for something to eat and there is nothing interesting. Since it only requires basic ingredients that we all often have at home at all times and the recipes provided are quite beneficial if you’re a starter at cooking, this article will really be very helpful for you.


Cheese and sandwiches, both individually are something that we all love and hence why not combine those two to make something more productive and yummy?

How to make: 


  • Firstly, toast just one side of two slices of bread on a pan with medium flame so that its golden brown.

  • Then add a slice of cheddar cheese and toast the other side of bread. (You can use mozzarella cheese or any other as due your preference).

  • Put together the toasted bread slices to make a sandwich and cut in half and enjoy.



If you’re looking up-to keeping a healthy balanced diet then you’re at the right place. Here’s a recipe for a beautiful salad with various bright colours of the wonderful vegetables used.

How to make: 

  • Chop up some onions, lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, beetroot, tomatoes accordingly of the amount you want and combine together in a bowl. 

  • Add enough mayonnaise till its the right amount that you prefer. 

  • Mix it and eat.

  1. Add chopped up boiled potatoes , eggs and noodles for a better taste.
  2. If you don’t have mayonnaise available you can use cheese as an alternative.


Always a healthy and a mouth watering drink to serve especially for kids who dislike drinking milk.

How to make:

  • You’ll need half a cup of strawberries, half a cup of plain yoghurt and one cup milk.

  • Remove either by hand or by using a knife the green leaves from strawberries and wash them.

  •  Add the yoghurt and milk along with the strawberries in a juicer blender and blend thoroughly till its a smooth and nice texture and then you should get this..
Looks yummy, doesn't it?
  1. Add strawberry icecream as-well for a much more blessed experience.


Beautiful chocolate mousse followed by the richness of pure goodness of chocolate. Heavenly, yes that’s how I like to describe it.

You’ll need:


  1. 2 cups milk
  2. 2 tablespoon cornflour
  3. Half cup sugar
  4. 3 tablespoon cocoa powder
  5. 1 teaspoon vanilla essence
  6. 2 tablespoon butter

How to make:


  • Cook milk, cornflour, sugar and cocoa powder together on medium flame. 

  • Cook for 3-5 minutes until the mixture becomes thick. 

  • Close the flame and add vanilla essence and butter and mix quickly.

  • Pour into mousse glasses and put in refrigerator to cool it down.

Extras: Do garnishing by topping with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and chocolate chips for a much more savoring look.

5) Egg pasta

Perfect for spring, eggs and cheese.

How to make:


  • Boil eggs and pasta individually. 

  • Add them together when boiled and pour any sauce available preferably chilli sauce, soy sauce, vinegar and bbq sauce.

  • Serve in a bowl.

Extras: Add swiss cheese for an exciting flavour.

Top 5 Fantasy Worlds

Top 5 Fantasy Worlds

If you're a great fan of tv shows and cinema, then you must already be familiar with the many fantasy worlds, if not then you've been watching the wrong channels. Cinema is a huge part of our lives, it helps divert attention from the real world and makes us feel like we're in another world. There are some worlds that you wish existed in real life although careful what you wish for, because if some of them did we'd be pretty much screwed. 

Here in this article, written by Abdul Samad we will be discussing the Top 5 Fantasy Worlds. Do leave your comments on what your Fantasy World is and why.

#1 Westeros - Game of Thrones

Well, who doesn’t know about Game of Thrones and its morbid world. This EPIC fantasy world created by George R.R Martin where danger lurks around every corner, scheming and plotting is a common place thing, deception and treachery of Westerosi’s knows no bound and people die on a daily basis (even being a main character doesn’t help your case here). Really, this place isn’t for the faint-hearted. Westeros, commonly known as the seven kingdoms is a big continent, shrouded in mystery; on its border are several other continents, most popular among them being Essos. This fantasy world is very similar to ours, in terms of landscape. It has everything from seas, to rivers, to mountains, to deserts to cultivated lands. Anything, you name it, it’s there. The setting is just as realistic, where at places one could see the poverty and feel sorry for people living there on the other hand one could expect to be left dumb struck at the beauty of all the lavishly decorated castles. FUN FACT, if you are not a high born then you are probably going to starve to death. I know, it is hell for normal folk there because Lannisters don’t give alms (after all, how else do you expect them to pay for all those debts?!). Formerly, ruled by the Baratheon family, Westeros is now under the control of The LANISSTERS. However, they have failed to reign peacefully as everybody in Westeros thinks that they are userper and don’t have the rightful claim. Hence, all the eight noble families fight for the Iron Throne and in the process end up destroying each other. And like any other war there is always collateral damage and innocent people get killed (lot’s of them being favorite characters) *Tries not to sob*. Struggle for power; another very ‘this world’ thing. No, I am not comparing Westeros to our world. Because that would be a grave, very unforgivable, and most likely a FATAL mistake!! THIS OH SO EPIC WORLD, trust me, is unlike anything you’ve seen before. It has DRAGONS, GIANTS, BLACK MAGIC, and GOLDEN HANDS! I mean, how awesome is that?!! 

As if that wasn’t enough, George R.R Martin has blessed us with White Walkers beyond the Wall, who are essentially, zombies with magic! Do I really need to go on?! The drama is portrayed brilliantly. I advice you should watch it, that is if you haven’t already. Just beware of the very vivid gory imagery that could leave you frozen under their spell. And oh, there will be that, lots of it, thanks to all the macabre events that fill this world. But it’s just this raw appeal of this continent that makes it one of the best fantasy worlds out there. P.S. I double dare you to try and resist the cryptic allure of Westeros.

#2 Narnia - The Chronicles of Narnia

Show me a person who doesn’t know about Narnia and I’ll show you a person who has had a rather boring childhood. Chronicles of Narnia! Who hasn’t watched it on star movies? They air it so often that one can rightly assume that it might even be their favorite movie series. It is a mystical world, probably the only one which was created by a lion and has been mostly under the control of animals apart from a cruel scary WHITE WITCH. It is one great big country bordering on an ocean and a country of MEN the Archeland. It is not really magical, just plain mountains and vast lands, nothing interesting. No wonder, the main focus of this fantasy series remains the Narnian land. In Narnia you will find all sorts of animals interacting with each other, having normal conversations, working ordinary jobs, basically, living a very ‘human’ life. Luckily, if you are a teenager or still a kid there still might be a chance for you to escape to this world and be a part of it, because as it happens adults can’t go to Narnia. Weird no?! But what else could we expect from a world where magic can be seen and felt in every corner, that has no lack of mythical beasts and magical creatures what so ever, where it is a better idea to learn swordsmanship from a mouse than a soldier, also, believing a beautiful queen could prove more fatal than putting your trust in a lion and where children (who happen to be destined to rule it) enter through *drum roll, please* A WADROBE! 

The country of Narnia itself is a very peaceful and a rather pretty place, with lots of mountains, volcanoes, large forests, a mighty river and a breath taking ocean view. But when a country happens to be this appealing, it’s only natural that evil creatures from other lands would try to invade it. Though, Narnia is not my typical favorite world, but every once in a while even I would fancy a vacation over there.

#3 Land of Oz - The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Wicked witches, All-Powerful wizards, Fire-breathing dragons, mischievous winged monkeys and enchanted slippers, if words like these excite you then I’ve got just the right fantasy world for you. The magical and mighty Land of Oz. A mystical place ruled by witches, where animals talk, one never ages or dies, where elves, gargoyles, yellow- skinned people or even humans carrying their brains in cans are a usual sight. This vast kingdom is divided into four countries, each distinctly unique and fascinating in its own right, surrounded by a deadly desert which cut’s this land off from the outside world. Where at one place in Munchkin country, one would expect to find unicorns and islands made purely out of gems, on the other hand, the Winkie country is adorned by a magical truth pond which leaves anyone who bathes in it uttering truth for the rest of their lives. And my personal favorite Gillikin country, is basically the realization of every kid’s dream, it not only has walking-talking cartoons living in Loonville but also a town named Candy country where all types of sweets, cakes, marshmallows, in short, everything good is grown on the ground. Quadling country is no less than the others as it houses the towns of Bunbury and Bunnybury, one dedicated for people made from baked goods (yum) and the other, well, for bunnies. Yet, the most worth mentioning place of this odd yet captivating land is its capital, The Emerald City. It is what its name suggests; it’s as green as an emerald. Everything in the city is green; the people, their clothes, their buildings, their food. Every tiny little thing! Even the gates and the palace of the wonderful wizard is green. 

There is only one rather peculiar thing that happens when you enter the city. You are supposed to wear green shades for no apparent reason. The truths, those green glasses you wear are the reason the city looks green as an emerald. In reality, it’s not. Incredible isn’t it? Such is the magic of the utterly weird but enchanting Land of Oz.

#4 Hogwarts - Harry Potter 

If you were born on 1997 like me, that is the year Harry Potter came to life. When JK Rowling was waiting for a train that did not arrive on time and suddenly she thought of Harry Potter (credits go to that train) which is now one of the bestselling novels and also the bestselling movie series with highest grossing revenue over the whole world which is pretty impressive. I don't believe there is anyone in this world that hates Harry Potter because everyone that watches the series automatically becomes a potterhead, I would say it is one of the best series I've watched. If you were a person with memory disorder, this is the kind of movie that would make you keep falling in love with the movie over and over again. Lets discuss about Hogwarts now. Full name is Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizadry is a school for magic for students between 12 to 18. A fun fact: Although it is a fictional institution, it was rated 36th among the best scottish educational institutes in a online poll outranking many real institutions. Hogwarts is a complex scary looking school from the outside with several towers, I pretty much doubt it was built by hands but by magic obviously. The school has spells embed to it which makes it impossible for muggles to see it so if they were to somehow reach Hogwarts they would see only ruins and warning signs. The school has beautiful greenery with a large quidditch pitch and a large forest called the Forbidden Forest, which you would definetly not want to go in alone as there is a big violent talking tree there. Also muggle electronic equipments do not work inside the school except the radio, which in the movies is powered by Magic not electricity apparently. To get admission in Hogwarts depends on luck, not on how intelligent you are. Those who possess magic ability will be given a chance to join Hogwarts, so no admission test. There is also a housing system, which the magic talking hat known as " Sorting Hat " chooses the appropriate house for you. There are 4 houses named after their founders. Godric Gryffindor, Salazar Slytherin, Rowena Ravenclaw and Helga Hufflepuff. Each house also have a quidditch time which they have to compete for the Quidditch cup. 

Aslong as there is no Voldemort or any super villian trying to sabotage the school, I'd definetly wanna attend Hogwarts but too bad it doesn't exist or maybe it just doesn't exist for us because we're muggles. Mind=blown. 

#5 Middle Earth - Lord of the Rings

If you've seen the movies or read the novel, then you're probably thinking this is a world you wouldn't want to exist because there's always a war. Of course that's what the movies will show you. Middle Earth is not so bad if you exclude war from it. You'll find many species on Middle earth like Ainur (angelic beings), Istari (wizards or wise ones), dwarfs, orcs, trolls as mentioned in the movies, there are much more you will discover after reading the novels. They are also many languages spoken, namely Quenya which are spoken by the elves, Khudzul spoken by the Dwarfs, Westron (English basically) & Black speech which is devised by Sauron for his slaves to speak.

Top 10 Apps every Highschool/College Student should have

Top 10 Apps every Highschool/College Student should have

If you're in primary right now and are thinking life will get better when you join High school or college, you're wrong. But don't worry you're not the only one because that's what I thought too when I was young but then I realized the more I grew up, the more the number of assignments and tests increased. But high chances are that you're probably a high school or college student, otherwise you wouldn't be here reading this article. There's a famous quote " Work smart, not hard. " If you abide by this quote, life will become more easier for you after all those who achieve top grades are NOT those who sacrifice their sleep to study whole night few days before before their exam while they've been partying the whole semester, BUT those who study on time. Doesn't matter whether you study half hour per day but it's better than studying whole few days before your exam. " Little drops of rain make the ocean. "

Here in this article, I will be discussing Top 10 Apps every high school/college student should have to ease their studying by helping make them more organized.

#1 - Merriam Webster (Dictionary)

You will come across many words that you've never heard of before probably in your lecture or notes. This is where Merriam Webster comes in. I've tried many free dictionaries out there but none could match this dictionary. Another good dictionary is the Oxford Dictionary but that's not free so if you don't want to spend any money then I recommend you to download this as it's reliable, fast and also offers pronunciations along with synonyms, antonyms & example sentences. You don't have to type the word either, you can just say a word and it will display it.

If you're not happy with your current dictionary or haven't installed one yet, I recommend you try this out soon.

#2 - RealCalc Scientific Calculator

If you lost your calculator or forgot it at home, RealCalc Scientific Calculator App for your phone would be the best alternative as it offers everything an hand held calculator would and it also offers more than your calculator can offer such as the degree/minute/second conversions, trigometric functions in degrees, radians or grad Etc. Been using this app since 2013 and haven't had a single problem with it which shows how reliable the app is & also the app's size is less than 1mb.

I would definitely recommend you to download this App whether you have an calculator or not as it's very useful, especially if you're an engineering student.

#3 - Chemistry Dictionary by Julia Dictionary Inc

Chemistry used to be hard for me until I discovered this app on the Google Playstore, it's free and works offline, no internet connection needed and also offers more than 6000+ words with simple definitions that would help you understand easily. It's simple to use, fast & has a simple interface and also takes up less space. Also there's an bookmark feature to bookmark definitions to look up afterwards.

This app is very useful for students taking Chemistry as it serves as a great pocket dictionary, recommend you to try it out if you're lacking on your Chemistry definitions.

#4 - Physics Dictionary by Julia Dictionary Inc

During your physics lecture, you feel as if your Physics proffesor is talking a new language. With this app, your professors words will finally come to make sense. Made by the same Author as Chemistry Dictionary, also very reliable and has same features as the Chemistry dictionary. Serves as a great pocket dictionary as it works offline, no internet connection needed & takes up less space.

Although it does not include few words but this is the best free Physics dictionary you would find out there in my opinion, as I've tried others and they did not satisfy me.

#5 - SelfControl - Internet Blocking

The number one reason for bad grades are social networks. Let me tell you a story about a guy named Tommy. He has a test tomorrow but he hasn't studied whole day because he was busy hanging out with his friends whole day, he only got 8 hours left but as he picks up his books to study, he hears his phone ring and realizes his crush has just texted him on Facebook. Being the hopeless romantic he is, he decides to throw away his books & chat with her whole night and then fail the test next day like a boss. If you have a low self control like Tommy then don't worry, with the SelfControl app you can prevent yourself from becoming like Tommy by blocking websites temporarily until you've finished studying.

Although this app is only available for Mac OS and I would include a app which is good enough for internet blocking for Android but so far I have not come across such good app reliable enough to be noted over here. If you use browser google chrome or mozilla, there are many extensions available out there to block websites. But in the end it will be upto you, as this is not enough as you can just unblock the apps & end up like Tommy.

#6 - Studious

If you're like me who always forgets about homeworks and tests or forget to put phone on silent during class. Studious is the app for you. Studious has saved me many times from embarrassment and detention by reminding me about homework and automatically switching my phone to silent during class without me having to manually set it on silent every day.  Apart from that you can also save notes which is a great feature too if you want to note something down in a hurry. It has many other features too such as allowing you to include your class building and class room's number so you don't get confused if you're attending more than one institute.

Definetly recommend you to install this app as it is extremely useful and can help save you from a lot of trouble.

#7 - Alarmy (Sleep If U Can)

Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) also known as the world's most annoying app, is an alarm clock which doesn't stop unless you take a picture of the place you assigned it too. Like for example, if you assign the bathroom to the app, the alarm will not stop until you go to the bathroom and take a picture of it. Seems promising and useful. Ever since I've installed this app, I've never been late for class even ONCE. The results are terrific and Alarmy is 100 times better than a real Alarm Clock which you can just easily shut off and go back to sleep, where as in Alarmy you'd have to go through the hassle of waking your lazy bum up and having go take a picture in order to shut your phone up.

This app is also very useful if you have an important meeting or want to wake up on time everyday.

#8 - DropBox

You've probably heard about DropBox before, it's an app that allows you to save anything you want and synchronize it with your phone or PC. This app will prevent you from losing your notes ever again. A great app for saving notes and viewing them on the go as you can view your saved files anywhere at anytime. The app is also useful for backing up your photos or other files.

Over 1 million people are using DropBox and is reliable & safe too.

#9 - Mailbox

Released by the same owners of DropBox. The best way to view your emails on your phone as it has a friendly mobile interface, making it less complicated to browse your emails on phone. Currently it only supports Gmail and iCloud accounts, but it is a extremely great app and worth it.

I recommend you try out this app if you're still a old school person who likes to Email.

#10 - Skype

Although this app can be very distracting but it also has its own advantages. Everyone has heard of skype and must have used it at some point of their lives. Not only is it a great app for socializing, but also for learning as you can use it to for group studying with your friends via video or voice chat and there are many teachers out there on the internet that offer teaching lessons via Skype, so yes it is a extremely useful educational app which everyone must have.

Also if you're living far away from home, this is a great app for keeping up with your family and also useful for those in long distance relationships who's significant others are studying abroad.
Top 5 Best Photo editing apps for your Smartphone [Android/iOS]

Top 5 Best Photo editing apps for your Smartphone [Android/iOS]

If you're reading this article then you probably own a smartphone and a high chance that you are not satisfied with your built in phone editor, which you probably are or else you wouldn't be here reading this article. Everyone wants their photos to be admired by others on the Internet. People who don't edit their photos and upload natural photos have become a rare specie these days, now a days wherever you look in social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pin Interest etc Everyone is either using filters on their photos, if not then there's a high chance they still used some photo editor to tweak their photo to look better looking than the original. All of us have one friend who has hundreds of pimples on their face but when they upload a photo on Insta, you see they have none or a friend who has a dark complexion but appears fair on photos. You want to ask them what photo editing software they use but you're probably too ashamed, but truth be told it's nothing to be ashamed of as it has become common now a days to use photo editing softwares. 

So here in this article, I've decided to compile Top 5 Free Best Photo editing apps for your Smartphone [Android/iOS]. Don't forget to comment your favourite photo editing apps in the comment section.

#1 - Autodesk Pixlr/Pixlr Express

If you've did some searching in the google playstore or the net, you would've probably seen the name Autodesk Pixlr over a hundred times already as it is one of the best photo editing apps out there you will find. Been using it for over a year and it is extremely reliable, fast and easy to use. It is free and has tons of editing effects for you to use, at no cost at all where as other photo editing apps would charge you for this many effects. It allows you to put stickers or text on your photo and many other overlays.

I could say more but I don't plan on writing a book. If you haven't tried this app out already or are not convinced, I advise you to go download this app immediately and try it out for yourself. I guarantee you won't regret it.

#2 - Instagram

Chances are that you are here reading this article to improve your pictures to upload on Instagram, as it's the world most largest photo sharing social media and every you know is on it. If you are, then you probably already know how great the Instagram editor is. It's basic and simple to use and if you're an instagram user, you can just edit and upload instantly.

You're probably wondering why Instagram deserves to be this list. Due to their unique effects and also the Instagram video feature which allows you to record a video with effects which is pretty awesome saving you from the hassle of having to edit your video. It allows you to record for 15 seconds maximum, which is 9 seconds longer than Vine. It has many more features such as Cinema mode, which helps make your video look more professional and stable whilst recording if you tend to move around a lot.

#3 - BeFunky Photo Editor

If you've used free photo editing apps already, you probably would've noticed most of them lack the basic functions that are needed for a photo editing app. BeFunky Photo editor eliminates these problems. BeFunky is mostly famous for it's unique featured effects such as black & white, being able to turn a picture into a oil sketch/cartoon sketch or a water color painting which can make any of your pictures look like as if they were painted by some Great Artist, probably no one would be even able to tell the difference. 

I strongly recommend you to try out this app & if you're satisfied with the free version, you can upgrade which offers even more greater features.

#4 - PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio is a famous/popular photo editing app that was first introduced to Android and then after it's mega success, it was released for the iOS as well. It's similar to many photo editing apps with high number of effects & tools for you to use & also you can share instantly to any social network of your choice with any hassle of saving and then uploading. 

It offers everything a photo editing app should offer, although the downside is it becomes slow at time due to adverts unless you decide to upgrade.

#5 - Cymera

This is a pretty sweet photo editing app especially if you like to play around with photos like me and laugh about it later. My favorite is the Beautification which allows you to enlarge persons eyes, make smile wide or turn yourself into slimmer or fatter. Apart from its awesome features, it also has great effects and built in app camera that can turn anyone into a professional photographer. Also you can take pictures instantly from the app and then edit it preventing you from the hassle of having to open your phone camera.

It doesn't have a lot of effects compared to the other apps but think of it as a good thing because you won't have to go mad over what effect to choose. I recommend you try it out, you won't regret it.
Top 10 PTC (Paid To Click) Legit, Stable & Paying Sites

Top 10 PTC (Paid To Click) Legit, Stable & Paying Sites

One of the easiest and most simplest way to make money on the Internet is from Paid to Click sites. You don't need any qualification or knowledge, you just need time. Although these PTC sites may seem as if they pay low but as you progress, gaining more referrals and experience you'll be rich in no time, like thousands others who've become millionaires just from using PTC sites at the comfort of their own homes. Although be warned there are millions of PTC sites on the internet that are scammers who don't pay at all or pay for a while then stop paying. PTC sites are easy to use all you have to do is click on adverts & view them for a period of time and then you get paid, it's that simple. Here in this article I've gathered Top 10 PTC (Paid to Click) sites that are %100 legit, stable & pay on time as per their Terms of Conditions. I recommend you to register on all of these, it doesn't take more than 2 minutes and then you can start earning!

Before registering, please note:


  • Do not include false information during sign up or else you run the risk of having your account suspended or funds frozen. 
  • Do not invest any money until you've received at least 2 paychecks, just to make sure you don't lose any money. 

#1 - NeoBux

The reason that this site is #1 everywhere is due to the fact that it is only PTC (Paid to Click) site that has been online the longest, since 2008 and hasn't failed to pay its user even a single time. Many users on the internet have become successful earning over thousand dollars per day thanks to Neobux. Neobux was the first PTC site I signed up for and so did many other people I know. If you are new to this, this is the first site I recommend you to sign up for it.


  • Nice & simple, easy to use.
  • Lots of ads available per day
  • Pays on time, with more than 90% positive feedback
  • Minimum payout is $2


  • Low earning if you have no referrals
  • You have to be active in order to get paid from referrals.
  • Your account might be suspended if not used for a month, so be careful and make sure to login atleast once in a month if you don't want to lose your account!

#2 - Scarlet Clicks

Scarlet-Clicks is an well known PTC site that has been around since 2009. It's free to join & simple to easy, so a person who has no knowledge in such field can easily learn. They pay better than Neobux, although I still recommend you to buy referrals or refer people to speed up your income as you'll be wasting a lot of time and not earning enough. The good thing about Scarlet Clicks is that there's no limit on the number of Referrals, the bad thing is that you have to click at least 4 advertisements every day in order to recieve your cut/commission from those Referrals.

Note: Being inactive for 30 days can result in your account being suspended.

#3 - GPTplanet

GPTplanet was launched in 2010 by the same owner as Scarlet Click. It works the same as Scarlet Clicks almost such as unlimited referrals, although in GPTplanet it requires 60 days of inactivity for your account to be suspended. The minimum payout is low as compared to other PTC sites at $1 & has been paying since 2010 with no problems. Same as Scarlet clicks, you're required to click at least 4 advertisements to receive your commission/cut from your Referrals. 

If you plan on going solo by not buying referrals or referring your friends, you will be wasting a lot of your time & not earning enough money.

#4 - BuxP

It's been around for more than 5 years and has gained great reputation in the internet over those past years, it's known to be the longest running site older than Neobux or Clixsense. It's minimum payout is at $6.99 for both premium and free members, although the first payout takes 30 days to deliver but after that payments are instant. The good thing about BuxP is that it has high earnings compared to other PTC sites & you can earn a reasonable amount of money even without any Referrals. 

Beware if you're not active for 30 days, they will suspend your account.

#5 - Buxvertise

It's a new site that was launched on April 19, 2014. You're probably wondering why I've placed this website on this list although it is new and probably a scammer. The answer is because the owners are trusted & use same paypal account as their sister company Traffic Return, which has been running since 2012. The amount of money you earn from your click increases as you invest your money in memberships. For example, if you upgrade your account to Buxer you will get 150% from your clicks etc Also you can earn extra money or prizes from the " Wheel of Bux " which is completely free of charge, where you just have to spin the wheel & if you're lucky enough you might win something. You need to gain more than 100 referrals at least to gain a steady income.

If you do not click 6 advertisements per day, you will not receive your commission/cut from your referrals.

#6 - UseClix

Another new PTC site that was launched on 4 March 2015, although there is no guarantee whether this site might turn rogue in the coming years but from my point of view I don't think so as the owners have spent so much time making a custom script, it looks like as if they plan on running this for a long time and if that doesn't take away your suspicion, the domain they've purchased is set to expire on 2025 so if it's a scam why did they bother wasting money & time?

It's secured and verified by Comodo so this site is LESS likely to turn rogue, if it did I'd be pretty much disappointed as I had much expectations from them. Minimum cashout requirement is $4 for free and premium members.

#7 - Ayuwage

Site was founded in 2010. You get paid for surfing the internet, completing surveys or offers. It has been online & paying for 4 years which should remove any fear or suspicion from you instantly. $5.00 is the minimum amount of money required to cash-out and what's best about it is that anyone from any country can join & start earning. Also there is no limit to the amount of people you can Refer. 

Unlike other PTC sites, Ayuwage has an unique way of suspending members, through a warning system in which if you reach 3 warnings your account will be suspended permanently.

#8 - CashnHits

CashnHits is a PTC site over 5 years old where you can get paid by clicking advertisments, watching video ads and much more. The good thing about CashnHits is that it has a low minimum withdrawal which is $0.60 for paypal users & $2 for Payza users, although this is not fixed and may change at any time also you're allowed unlimited referrals and has a wide range of earning money unlike other PTC sites where you just have to click advertisments. Here you can earn from clicking adverts, as well as viewing emails, watching youtube videos, signing up for websites, facebook likes etc. 

Don't forget to login once a month atleast or else your account can get suspended due to inactivity.

#9 - Bucks 24/7

A great new site which offers wide ways to earn money by clicking ads, viewing emails, grid games and much more. The site is over 2 years old and has improved remarkably in that time period. The site is well established with good technical support, where the admin of the website is active on both forum and site. All countries are accepted, Although their cashout policy is bad as they force you to be active for at least 20 days out of 30 in order to get paid. 

Make sure to login and click at least 1 advertisment in 3 months or else your account will be suspended.

#10 - War of Clicks 

War of Clicks was launched 20 June 2014. Apart from clicking adverts, you can earn Warcoins from completing various activities such as completing achievements, playing wargrid, being in the hall of fame leaderboard etc. They also have a leveling system, where you gain levels up by clicking on ads which help boost your warcoins earning. Although it is an new and unproven site, it has a pretty awesome & attractive interface which helps prevent you from getting bored early. The 1st minimum cashout is $2, 2nd minimum cashout $5 then 3rd and for all future cashouts is $10. 

This site is also great for advertising your business at a cheap rate.

Top 5 Instant Messagging Apps

Top 5 Instant Messagging Apps

If you own an smartphone and still use text for instant messaging, you need to get out of your cave bro since this isn't 2000 anymore where the only way to communicate with others was via texting. There are over 1000 IM apps which can help make texting easier and more enjoyable, I wouldn't call texting "instant" messaging as usually it's hard to get phone signals but more easier to find WiFi signals now obviously you won't use all IM apps, it's like using 5 remotes for one TV. So here on this article, I will be discussing Top 5 Instant messaging Apps for all Phone operating systems.

Also don't forget to share your Top 5 IM apps in the comment section below. 

#5 - Skype

Although Skype is used for video/voice calling at extremely cheap rates compared to others, it still is reliable for instant messaging as well. You can also call others on phone via skype (if you have credit). What I love the most about Skype are the emojis which move, instead of remaining static like other IM apps. Also it's easy to send a document or any file with just a single click.

#4 - Viber

Viber's famous for its stickers and the online status which appears whenever they're connected to wifi, which is useful for stalkers. You can send recorded messages, but no option to video call and you can also use the viber out call to call people who are not on viber (provided you have credit), Viber also has a great interface compared to the rest of the IM apps.

#3 - Kik Messenger

It's extremely simple to use and one of the most over used app out there with over 185 million downloads according to it's Google play store page. It's great for making friends or Dating (Tch tch). It has a built in browser making it simple to open links without having to minimize the app & awesome emojis, which can be unlocked/purchased from the Kik store.

#2 - Whatsapp

Obviously all you have heard about Whatsapp. The real question is who hasn't? Everyone these days who owns an smartphone has Whatsapp installed. It's simple to use and you can send any image or video in seconds. With the new update, they've also released Voice calls so if you get tired of texting or sending Audio notes you can simply switch to calling. The best thing about Whatsapp are groups, which makes messaging more enjoyable and if you're tired of using phone, you can use Whatsapp on PC although your phone will still need to be connected to WiFi.

#1 - Facebook Messenger

The reason why I rank this as #1 is because EVERYONE in the world has an Facebook account. Every second, more than 10 thousand people sign up for Facebook. Finding someone who is not on Facebook these days is a big challenge and what's best about Messenger is that it supports both Phone and Web, so if your phones dies suddenly in the middle of a convo you can just switch to PC, simple! Facebook Messenger has improved remarkably over the past years. It has a voice & video call feature which is easy to use & has great quality comparable to that of Skype's. Also you can share your location by enabling GPS so that whenever you send a message, your location will appear beneath. You can also easily send images, videos or any file easily.
Top 5 Assassin's Creed Characters

Top 5 Assassin's Creed Characters

Been playing Assassin's Creed since the day it came out. Although the first AC game was dissappointing, the games made after that never disappointed me. Assassin's Creed is a name known to all gamers and all of their games have become a hit in the gaming market. You're not a true gamer until you have played the Assassin Creed's games. What's most impressive about Assassin's Creed is the awesome parkour, combat gameplay and pretty much everything. There are many mentions of real life events in the game so after playing the games, you would gain a lot of history knowledge. In this article, I will be discussing top 5 AC characters. Feel free to leave your inputs and who you think is the best character in the comment section below.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

#5 - Shay Cormac

To be honest, when AC: Rogue came out I was pretty excited that finally I got the chance to play as a cold-hearted Templar who would be bent on killing innocent and taking down the Brotherhood. When I played the game, I didn't get exactly what I expected but it was similar. In Rogue, The brotherhood happens to be the bad guys meanwhile Templars are the good guys. Shay leaves the Brotherhood after realizing they're responsible for the deaths of many innocent people, where then he gets shot but the Templars find him and take care of him. Next to Altair, I would say he is the most interesting character in the whole series.

#4 - Desmond Miles

The most badass modern day Assassin who belongs to the bloodline of Altair Ezio Auditore & Edward Kenway, and a hero who sacrificed his own life to ensure the survival of the rest. He is the only modern day Asassasin who I would say the fastest and strongest than the rest.

#3 - Connor Kenway

The son of Haytham Kenway and the protoganist in AC3. He had a tough childhood and in order to prevent it from happening again, he decides to join the Brotherhood and asks Achilles Davenport to train him. As years go by, he becomes more skilled & wiser. At first he was bent on getting revenge from the people who burnt his village and even after learning it was Patriot's fault, he still protected and helped them and before you point fingers at him for killing his father, he did try to unite the Templars and Brotherhood but failed miserably and hence he had to kill his father, Templar's Grandmaster Haytham Kenway.

#2 - Haytham Kenway

Son of Edward Kenway who was a well known pirate turned Assassin. He was taken in by a Templar at a young age following his father's death. He is the best character in AC3 although he is a villain and I agreed with his quotes & everything about him was perfect from voice acting to his appearance. Although he only had a pistol, hidden blade and a sword he still was powerful. He is also revealed to be Templar's Grandmaster later in AC3.

#1 - Ezio Auditore

Who doesn't love this character. I'm pretty sure all Assassins Creed fans would rank him as Top. He has the most interesting story and a great personality, making you bond with the character easily. An ex playboy turned into a Assassin after witnessing the death of his brothers and Father. Unlike the other Assassin's, he's the only Assassin who likes to take out enemies by stealth instead of bashing in and slaying everyone in open combat.

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