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Oracle Financials R12 Has Better Features Than 11i

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Oracle Financials (also called as Oracle R12 eBusiness Suite) is a dynamic and powerful financial tool, which has become a preferred option among many ERP products in the market for many blue chip companies, multi-site channels and multi- national organizations. Oracle Financials is one of the robust and flexible package ever created by Oracle company. You can easily learn by undergoing Oracle Financials Certification Training. This ERP tool is an eBusiness Suite which include main areas like General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Fixed Assets, Financial Intelligence, Inventory Management and Daily Business Intelligence. Let us know What is more in Oracle Financials R12 than 11i.

Difference between R12 and 11i

Difference Between Oracle R12 and 11i


Business Benefits of Oracle Financials R12

  • Integrated: This version helps in leveraging the investments done in the existing technology and helps in remove disparate systems as and when needed.
  • Modular: You can implement one module, several modules or the entire suite in the organization as per the business requirements as R12 is yet modular.
  • Open Standard Based Architecture: This framework enables you to integrate into a heterogenous environment and makes you influence your investments in the current applications. This architecture helps in favouring low cost of integration with service concern.
  • Global Application: This application supports different languages, currencies and also helps in managing business processes flexibly. It also compatible to modular deployments and customized business flows.

Difference between Oracle earlier version and new version

  • Information Driven Applications: This tool provides real-time data to business or trading partners. Provides business intelligence and enables to take better business decisions.
  • Advanced Collections: Improved compliance collections workbench from Accounts Receivable merged. Collect real-time with funds capture. Independent from sales territories.
  • Cash Management: It provides improved visibility of actual vs projected. Helps in tracking bank transfers and verification of bank interest.
  • Receivables: R12 manages revenue and accelerates cash with fiscal discipline. Increased cash flow and provides better streamlining processing.
  • Balancing: Generates balancing accounting entries for subledger journal entries at time accounting is created. It also generates balancing journal entries at posting time for other journals.
  • XML Publisher: Financial reporting with XML publisher is easy and flexible with nearly 400 modifiable formats.

Acquire Azure Skills for a Lucrative Career

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Microsoft Azure, previously known as Windows Azure, is the public cloud computing platform of Microsoft. It delivers various cloud services including those for networking, storage, analytics and computing. Users can select from these services to build and scale existing or new applications in the public cloud. Microsoft Azure is considered as both Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering.

Microsoft classifies the services of Azure into 11 major product types namely data storage, web and mobile, compute, analytics, networking, hybrid integration, media and content delivery network, hybrid integration, identity and access management, Internet of things, management and security and development.

Acquire Microsoft Azure skills for a lucrative career
Azure delivers the Internet-accessible application services which are running in the Azure data centers

1. Compute – These services deliver remote application access, batch processing, containers and virtual machines.

2. Web and Mobile – These services assist the deployment as well as development of mobile and web applications, and also provide the features for API notification, reporting and management.

3. Data Storage – This group incorporates database as a Service offerings for NoSQL and SQL, aswell as cached and unstructured cloud storage.

4. Analytics – These utilities deliver storage and distributed analytics, as well as big data analytics, real-time analytics, data warehousing, machine learning and data lakes.

5. Networking – This class embeds gateways, dedicated connections and virtual networks, as well as the services for load balancing, domain name system hosting and traffic management.

6. Media and CDN (content delivery network) – These services incorporate indexing, media playback, encoding and on-demand streaming.

7. Hybrid Integration – these are the services for connecting public and private clouds, server backup and site recovery.

8. Identity and Access management (IAM) – these offerings make certain that only authorized users can utilize the azure services and help safeguard the encryption keys and other confidential data.

9. Internet of Things (IoT) – these services aid the users analyze, monitor as well as capture the data of IoT from sensors and other appliances.

10. Development – These amenities aid the application developers test applications, track potential issues and share the code. Azure assists a span of application programming languages which include Node.js, .Net, JavaScript and Python.

11. Management and Security – These products aid the cloud administrators maintain their Azure schedule, deployment, create automation and run the jobs. This product group also comprises the capabilities for recognizing as well as reacting to cloud security threats.

Few organizations utilise azure for disaster recovery and data backup. Adding to this, some companies use azure as a substitute to their data centers. Instead of investing in storage and local servers, these companies prefer to run few or all their business applications using azure. Azure was introduced by Microsoft in 2008. It was called as Windows Azure previously but changed its brand name to Microsoft Azure in April, 2014. The public cloud platforms which are the competitors for Azure are Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services. To ensure high availability, Microsoft has placed the data centers of azure all over the world. Microsoft stated that as of January, 2016, there are 22 regions around the world where azure services are available including in the Europe, united States, Brazil, Asia and Australia.  

Azure manages the research and clients across the world. With teams of staff on most continents, azure is able to provide on projects in Europe, North America, Middle East, South America and Africa. With its delivery centers spanned across Canada, USA, Europe, China, India and Brazil and partners around the world, Azure provides local knowledge and global reach to enable the smooth running of all the projects. The average salary Microsoft Azure developer in US is $94,000. People are gaining skills in azure because azure is the highest paid Microsoft technology. The demand for azure is sky-high and the salaries are increasing day-by-day due to its increasing demand in today’s IT market. So, get azure training if you are looking for a super-fast career growth.

Great features of Openstack Cloud Platform

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Cloud platform is a software as a service(SaaS) model where users gain access to software and databases while the providers of the platform manage the infrastructure and other features to make it accessible for the users. One of the most famous cloud computing platforms that are available for private and public use is Openstack. Managed by non-profit Openstack foundation, the platform has the support of many big organizations, software companies, and individuals who believe it to be the fate of the world of cloud computing.

What Makes It Everyone’s Favorite?

Openstack allows the users to install virtual machines on its platform and access the database to handle the cloud environment. It has the capability of serving more users at the same time by creating instances for each one of them. It brings in more ease and efficiency in the tasks that are being performed.

Great features of Openstack Cloud Platform

Features of Openstack Platform

Some of the features which make it everyone’s favorite have been discussed below.

Open source: This gives the companies the ability to access its code and make changes to it the way they see fit. It helps them maintain their standards and work processes.

Security: Openstack provides a strong security system that keeps their applications and all the data safe.

Compatibility: It is compatible with Amazon Web Services which gives users the ease of deploying and store applications for AWS without having to rewrite them.

Storage: This has to be one of the best features of the platform. With unlimited storage space, it also has the inbuilt ability to restore failed applications automatically. The fact that it uses horizontal scaling means that it is elastic in terms of users and storage capabilities.

Quality: Every 4 to 6 months, the code is updated by the developers which mean that it’s quality is maintained at all levels.

Openstack cloud platform comes with many modular pieces which makes it possible to use it for a variety of other purposes. If you haven’t given it a try yet, then it is about time that you try using the platform for cloud computing services. To get started, go through our website today for Openstack training. The certification will not take much of your time but would be worth the time spent. We will help you learn all about its different features, components and how you can make use of them in your organization.

5 Financial apps that every college student needs

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Managing budgets can be a completely tiresome and time-consuming job and the misery doubles if you are a college student. As are they are known to be happy-go-lucky, they hardly pay attention to their expenses. With limited pocket money, it can truly turn out to be a hassle if a proper account is not maintained and reporting to your folks with detailed expense data can only fetch your due pocket money the next month. College students need to assign money for a number of things from party, food, assignments, rents, etc. As a perfect blend of budding financial managers and techno savvy, having these budget apps in your mobile will be cherry on the cake.

Here are listed budget top 5 financial apps that every college student needs and should definitely check out:

#1 - Mint

Mint Financial App that every college student needs

Mint, as known helps to connect your bank account with the app and automatically syncing the data. Any purchase or expenses incurred is directly and a notification message is sent to the user. proves beneficial for the user to keep a check on his monthly expenses and savings. Additionally, it also provides facilities like to create different budgets separately and sync them all together.

How it works for college: With its excellent feature of syncing bank accounts with the app it helps provide a clearer image of finances to them. They can know well where the stand in case of finances and whether they need to crunch their hands or have saved a penny more.

#2 - Wally+

Wally+ Financial App that every college student needs

Offering simple feature of tracking expenses and savings, Wally helps to keep a watch on the expenses. can be entered manually as well as by taking a photo of the receipt. Providing an added feature of using your location, it helps to save you from expenses. A notification is sent to your mobile whenever a payment a due as a gentle reminder.

How it works for the college: With list of expenses to be managed with minimal salary or pocket money, wally will help you keep a count of your expenses and assist in managing saving goals. As a college student it will be an act as an aid to keep a hold on their hands in case of overgrowing expenses. Additionally, a notification is sent as a reminder regarding their payment dues.

#3 - Good budget

Good Budget Financial App that every college student needs

Working on similar features as that of , Good Budget helps the user to categorize his expenses into different categories (e.g. food, rent, , party, etc.) just like we do by putting money inside envelopes for different expenses. This can help you get a thorough picture of your expenses and help plan your budget accordingly.

How it works for the college: As a college student, one will have a variety of expenses to deal with from food to rent and stationary to partying. Good Budget helps to categorize each budget into separate category, thereby giving a good idea regarding how much they have in hand to spend on each. It will help them manage their budgets with ease.

#4 - Check

Check as the name goes helps you have a check on your expenses. Just like Mint, it integrates an individual’s bank accounts with the app and sets up provision for payment reminders and notifications of bills to be paid.

How it works for the college: College students may need to split their bills lot of times. Somedays they may forget to pay their dues. Check proves to be a perfect app for budgeting in case of college students. It allows syncing your bank account with the app and lets you know your bills due by sending you reminders.

#5 - Debt PayOff Planner

Debt PayOff Planner Financial App that every college student needs

It allows you to find effective ways of paying off leftover debts and card balances. They individuals are allowed to categorize their dues based from highest or lowest to highest, helping calculate payoff date and payoff amount.

How it works for college: Midst studies and work, often an individual may forget to keep a track of their payments due and credit card balances to be paid. Debt PayOff Planner helps give a clearer picture of their payment due dates, sending them reminders and notification. If one is confused as to which loan to be paid off first, this app is best suited for you.

Author Bio

​The post is authored by Aishwarya Raghunath, she has a deep knowledge about finance and investment. Till date, she has written reviews about several financial apps, but she finds Desi Hisab as the best expense tracker app. You can also download the same from Google Play store.

How to do whatsapp video calling

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When whatsapp, one of the top Instant Messaging App at last got a voice calling attribute it just left us with a query: when do we avail Whatsapp video calling? Well now it is under way. As per the whatsapp blog, Whatsapp video call is moderately rolling out for all the users over the several mediums in the future days who have Android OS 4.1+. Go through the article for more info on how to do a whatsapp video calls.

Whatsapp video call is now convenient for everyone

Whatsapp needs to be international cross medium face time. Today, the Facebook-possessed chat service whatsapp is formally initiating video calling for it’s across one billion users globally on Windows, Android and iOS phone. Its debut pursue a series of reports from folks that who currently found the attribute had been permitted in beta versions of app on Windows and Android phone: a sign that a public debut was on horizon.

How to do whatsapp video calling

To utilize the new attribute, Whatsapp users can click the call key in the top corner of conversation that will bring up an inlay interstitial asking if you need to video or voice call a family or friend you are chatting with. To make a video calling, you simply got to choose the “video call” choice from this screen.

At the time of making a call, you can switch amidst the rear and forward facing camera, press the red key or mute the call to hang up. The user interface seems like differs slightly in iPhone and Android with regards to placement, lineup, and the button size in addition to this the picture-in-picture (pip) video feed is manifested.

Whatsapp application already supports numerous standard attributes for communications applications, incorporating voice calling and group texting. However the firm claims that video call retained as one among the best attribute requests from the users.

Some of the key aspects of video calling on whatsapp

Quality of video

Whatsapp video calling quality automatically adjusts relying on the network quality and speed. The firm is doing so to assure video calls are reliable and fast at all the time. Essentially if your network speed is very poor, then video calling quality will surely get compressed.

Data usage

Whatsapp application doesn’t need a separate phone to list the data usage of the video calling. In Android and iOS, all call data is combined beneath one phone in the section of data usage.

No group video call

Whatsapp application video call attribute has not still been updated for groups. But there are many malicious links inviting folks to download the same. Malicious links reads, “you are invited to try the whatsapp video call attribute”. In addition to this, only folks with the invitation can make use of this attribute. Clicking on link will demand you to invite more buddies for video calls to activate on your gadget. Once again do not click on these malicious links.

So, what are you yet waiting for? Download Whatsapp if you haven't already and enjoy video calling your friends or family!