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Flappy Ice Mountain - Free ADDICTING Android Game

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With each passing day, the urgency to use every minute of our time productively and efficiently is growing. Sitting idle is not just frowned upon but also considered to be less intellectually stimulating. In the olden days, it was much easier to keep oneself occupied as there was no machinery to facilitate our lives. People would be busy at the well or even until recently, searching up encyclopedias for information rather than the Internet.

Automation has created a gap of time within our lives which must be filled up with tasks which are not only mentally stimulating but also sharpen our reflexes. If you are a regular game player, you already know what I am talking about. Due to having free time on their hands, almost everyone downloads an assortment of videos games on their mobile phone to keep themselves busy. This keeps them busy in between lectures, meetings or even while commuting for work.

One such game app is Flappy Ice Mountain.

Flappy Ice Mountain

Flappy Ice Mountain Free Addicting Android Game Homepage

Flappy Ice Mountain (Click here to download) is an Android side scroller game app available for FREE on the Google Play store. This game is your one-tap solution to the daily boredom of a monotonous life. Step away from you office cubicle or school homework and refresh you mind reflexes by playing a round of Flappy Ice Mountain with your friends. You may be familiar with Flappy bird, which went viral not so long ago. If you loved that game, then you will DEFINITELY love this game. 

Why play Flappy Ice Mountain?

Although the Flappy Ice Mountain may seem like every other game, its features significantly set it apart. As the name suggests the game is set in an ice mountain. The game's one-touch control allows you to tap the screen and make sure you can tap to flap your ice dragon away from obstacles like the peaks of the mountains and collect coins where needed. You have to collect coins if you want to score points.

Flappy Ice Mountain Free Addicting Android Gameplay

This game is so simple that anyone from a five-year old to a grown up can play it. It is the perfect game for those who don't have the time to learn complicated rule and game patterns to navigate a game. They just want to play a simple game. The game has been made in such a way that even if you only have a couple of minutes and one hand available, you can play this game very well.

Moreover, once you start playing this game it is inevitable to learn from your mistakes and make progress due to its simple and easy user interface. However, just because of the game's simplicity doesn't mean the actual game play is simple. It may be challenging to get through the rounds are you're bound to keep failing again and again, however with practice you should be able to gain a great high score. What good is a game when there's nothing challenging about it? This is a great game to play when you've small amount of time left, especially when you're with people - then you can compete with each other to see who gains the most highest score from your social circle!

Who can play Flappy Ice Mountain?

This game has essentially the simplest game-play interface making it so easy that anyone can play it. If you are not so tech savvy like my grandparents and parents but still want to be up to date with the recent trends in mobile phone games, this is the perfect way to start. The game doesn't have any rules except avoiding obstacles and collecting coins. Once you are a pro I suggest you challenge your children to a game and pleasantly surprise them.

Moreover, this game is a great way to kill time between boring school or college lectures where the day doesn't seem to be coming to an end or at the office when lunch hour seems to drag on. The game ensures that you don't sit idle and never see a moment of boredom.

Conclusion: Flappy Ice Mountain is a great free game app for Android developed and offered by Alex Schelowski. As the app is new, there will certainly be better updates and features as it progresses.  Although the app may seem similar to others, you wouldn't know what you are missing out on if you don't install it.

What is RAM and Its Functions in a Computer

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Your computer’s system memory includes physical memory, called Random Access Memory (RAM) and Virtual memory. System memory works as a temporary storage, unlike hard drive where you store data permanently. RAM temporarily stores data while program or file is in use and once you turn off the system it closes all functions and programs running on it. When you start a program on your system, it’s processor gives a command to retrieve the program from the hard drive. Once your system retrieves files, the system requires a workplace to display you this data and to manipulate it. Here RAM works as a digital countertop to perform this task. Your system places programs in RAM temporarily to function. To understand more about RAM and its functions let’s have a look at this article.

What is RAM?

Random-access Memory or RAM is a kind of computer data storage that stores frequently used program instruction to increase the general speed of a computer. A RAM device allows data items to be written or read in same time irrespective of the physical location of the data inside the memory. It makes it possible to access data in random order from its physical location which makes it fast enough to find any specific data information instantly. Contrary to that, other non-random access storage types like hard disks, CD-RWs etc. usually read and write data in predetermined order due to their mechanical limitations like media rotation speeds and arm movement. It may increase read and write function time significantly according to the physical location of the information or data on the recording medium.

What is RAM and its functions in a computer

RAM is used as a main memory of the computer. It is considered to be the volatile memory as the information stored in the RAM may lose when there is no power. RAM is used by the CPU (Central processing unit) of the system when the computer is running to store information and to access it quickly. It doesn't store any information permanently. In today’s technology, RAM devices use integrated circuits to store the information. It makes it relatively expensive form of storage but it allows quick access to data.

Why memory is called random-access?

Unlike non-random-access storage types where it read and write data in predetermined order, RAM can read or write information from the memory in a random manner. In other words, it has a random access to any location(cell) on your memory if you know the “address” of that location. This helps you speed up data retrieval as the CPU can access any location without starting each time at the first location and go through the whole data until it finds the correct one. This method is called “Serial Access”.

What is the main function of a RAM in a computer?

The main function of Random-access memory or RAM is to act as a temporary storage of data and program instructions that can be accessed quickly by the CPU when required. Let’s discuss primary functions of RAM in a computer.

Reading files: This is one amongst the primary works RAM performs. Hard drives on your system store a vast number of files and cause delay functioning. It becomes hassle job to retrieve any file from the hard drive as files stored on hard drive remains scattered and to different locations. To access these files, drives require to move its mechanical read/write arm back and forth and need to wait until the spinning platters spin into the correct position. Despite the fact, drives spin at higher speed (thousands of rotations per minute) this process causes a serious delay when reading files. To deal with this situation and to lessen the slowdown, your system store files in RAM once the files are first to read from the drive. Apart of it, RAM doesn’t have moving parts and runs at faster speed thus it loads information quickly during subsequent uses.

To recover some precious disk space and to reduce a load on RAM while searching files on your system, you can use PC cleaner tools to remove all unnecessary files. It will help you clean and organize your data in the much better way.

Temporary storage: This is another function of the RAM which allows temporary storage of the data on RAM while program or files are in use. In addition to storing files read from your system hard drive, RAM also stores information or data that programs are using actively. This data includes that data which need not be stored permanently as it remains temporary on RAM. When your system keeps temporary data on RAM to run it temporarily it allows the system to work fast and efficient. It improves speed and responsiveness of the system.

Apart from these functions, more RAM space can help you improve your system speed and performance significantly. You can increase RAM space as per your system configuration for better results.

Summary: Random Access Memory (RAM) plays an important role to improve your system speed and performance. Let’s discuss about RAM and its functions on your system.

Which is the best Ludo game app on the market and why?

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It's easy to find thousands of people around the world who claim that they are true game lovers as gaming is something that has become an essential part of their lives, and emerged as a ‘new need’ for many. So they do not need to use the Internet merely for surfing, socializing with people or accumulating knowledge and information for academic purpose, but for playing games which are not available offline. Interestingly, smart phones are becoming the real assets of the world; searching for the best game and downloading it is just a click away. It takes no more than a minute to start playing game after installing it on your smartphone. By now, you're probably wondering what's the purpose of this article. Well you guessed right, it's about Smartphone Gaming! Which game is trending these days and most importantly fun to play, with a fair userbase. These are the factors that most people look at when choosing a game to play on their android or iOS smartphone. While there appear to be a number of games available in the gaming market, of different categories. You may or may not have heard about Ludo King, which is currently in the Top Free Section of Google Play and iOS. Because of this, it is the most recommended Ludo app in the market.

Ludo King

Ludo King Best Ludo Game App On the Market

Ludo King is a board game that you can play with your friends, family or even strangers. The game is based on the classic ludo board game, which you probably have already played when you were younger, as board games are not much popular nowadays. Ludo King is a cross platform game that supports Desktop, Android and iOS platforms simultaneously. This way, one can play online multiplayer between the above mentioned platforms. This game is played by 2 to 4 players; and even if you've no one to play with, you've option to play to play against computer(bot). Apart from that, you can play against people from across the world and get a chance to make friends in multiplayer mode. 

Download now: Android | iOS

What makes Ludo King the best Ludo Game app on the Market?

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Ludo king offers genuine gameplay which meets the demand of gamers who want games with exciting features, that is not too much complicated at the same time. You can get started playing this game as soon as you install, as it'll take you few seconds to get grasp of how the gameplay is done - however that shouldn't be necassary, as the game follows the rules of the classic ludo board game which you must probably be familiar with. What appears to be appealing in this game is that it is very simple and easy to play

Ludo King Gameplay

One would argue that there might be millions of games available in market but there is not a single game that can cater the demands of all the people belonging to different age groups and class. So in this regard, Ludo king is the kind of game which is suitable and adaptable for all people ranging from children to adults to old. Besides, people from diverse walks of life and having different lifestyle and class groups play this game which has its own fascinating history. Poor or rich, everybody can play this. This game doesn't differentiate people on the basis on money or age. Ludo king also has snakes and ladders which is unique as most ludo games don't offer this mode, which makes this app even more worth playing as you can switch to Snakes and Ladder, when you get bored.

Multiple modes of Gameplay

  • Play against computer
  • Local Mode includes pass and play features
  • Online Multiplayer (in this mode, you can play with other players across the world)
  • Private Multiplayer (in this mode, you can play against friends in private rooms)

Statistics of Ludo King

Ludo King number one game

  • It is no. 1 app in the Top Free Section of Google Play and iOS.
  • There have been over 50 million downloads in Google Play itself
  • There have been over 6 million daily average users
  • It is rated 4.4 in Play store after 480,150 reviews

Conclusion: It's a great app for those who are a fan of the classic ludo board game, but don't play anymore - they're not to blame, as technology has advanced and board games are becoming extinct. Apart from that, this game is low maintenance as you won't have to worry about losing your tokens or breaking the board. Go ahead and install the app now, surely you won't regret and spend most of your time playing this game!

Communiverse - Earn money every time you answer your phone

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In the past few years, growing inflation has led to receding income purchasing power. To put it simply, one cannot maintain the same comfortable lifestyle with the help of a meagre income. The common man has to make ends meet by taking on part time jobs or running a business. Others who are well off seek fruitful investment options to secure their future despite inflation. It has become a growing need to anticipate inflation and wisely save money for the future.

These circumstances have given birth to an array of different Apps facilitating the need to make some cash on the side. It is difficult to navigate through these apps and decide which ones are genuine. One needs to be extra cautious while surfing these days as there are scams everywhere. Any app promising you money without a service or asking for a fee to download app to make money is usually a scam.

So what is the one App that will save you the frustrating experience of a scam, while relieving you of the stress to make cash on the side? It is an app that can:
  1. Help you earn cash by just answering a call.
  2. Help you earn free and discounted products and services.
  3. Pay you for every advertisement you see and hear.

All of this may seem impossible in one app but Communiverse, an Android App where you can earn money every time you answer your phone, provides all of these features for free!

Communiverse - Earn money every time you answer your phone

Communiverse Logo

Communiverse is an Android App available on Google Play store, which helps you earn cash by receiving a phone call, listening and watching the advertisements which appear on your phone once you download the app. You no longer have to worry about scam apps as this app is ‘the new avenue for cash’ according to a reviewer.

Why use Communiverse?

Communiverse is the perfect opportunity to earn cash without making much of an effort. One just has to download the app to reap the many benefits which come along with it. You may have to watch advertisements and attend to calls but this is only a fraction of the time it would take to earn the cash otherwise. The app also promises free and discounted products and services.
Earn money every time you answer your phone with Communiverse

Moreover, the positive reviews for this app strengthen ones faith in it as they have described it to be ‘easy and fast to use’. This means that even if you are not tech savvy, you will not have to waste time navigating this app. You can easily download it like everyone else and earn cash. Furthermore, you get paid daily, weekly and monthly for just downloading the app.

This app is a game changer for all of us because with Communiverse earn money every time you answer your phone! If you're the kind of person who loves to spend 90% of his time on phone calls, you've a chance of becoming a millionaire by using this App. 


Who is Communiverse for?

In my eyes, this app is a golden opportunity to be availed. Its 4.8 app rating and reviews speak for its credibility. It is difficult to find such opportunities elsewhere. Therefore, the common man can make use of his smartphone to earn cash on the side by downloading this app. He will not regret this decision as the app might help him bridge the gap between his income and expenditures.
Moreover, the app may also be useful for struggling students looking for part time jobs. They can relieve some of their burden by downloading this app and use the time saved to focus better on their studies.

How do you get paid with Communiverse?

The app developers pay the users of Communiverse. Every time a user accumulates a 25.00 they get paid through PayPal. This is a very simple and hassle-free process as the app developers value their users and their trust in this app.

Conclusion: Communiverse is a great app developed by Communiverse International Inc which requires Android 4.0.3 and up. I would recommend that you waste no time in downloading this app as you could get paid for the next call you receive.

What is ludo star and how to play it?

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Games are always good. Aren't they? Well I don’t know whether you’re a game lover or not, but if you are searching for a game for your android or iOS smartphone which is trending these days that you can either play online with your friends or offline, then you've come to the right place. You might have noticed that people tend to use their smartphones often in social gatherings. They're either socializing or player games. Talks, sharing information and emotions have become the things of the past. “Let’s play a game for entertainment” is the common word of mouth in the group meeting especially among teenagers and young people. So today, what I am going to enlighten you with is about the introduction, features, modes and much more of the game called Ludo star for Android/iOS that has gone viral and taken the Internet by storm. What follows, might turn out to be a real gem for you.

Origin of Ludo Star

Before we talk about Ludo star, it's important to discuss the origin. Ludo is a popular game which was originated from an ancient Indian game Pachisi. Ludo is the family-friendly board game that is played between 2-4 persons. Although, ludo appears to be an easy game but it has complex rules. The aim of the game is to get all your tokens inside the home pocket that is located in the middle of the board.

Ludo Star Gameplay

Surely, this game has been leading the gaming industry these days. The people, in real sense, love this game. Ludo star is what being searched by many on android and iOS appstores nowadays , as it allows you to play the classic board game easily with anyone, anywhere you want! It is one of the most famous board games played across the globe. Ludo star is produced by Game Berry, by 4 indian developers and can be played online or offline. 

How to play Ludo Star

Here the question arises, how to play ludo star. By going online, you first have to sign in - eiher by Facebook or by playing as guest - HOWEVER, it's recommended that you sign in with Facebook as this will allow you to discover which friends from Facebook are playing this game and make use of the ranking system. After you've logged in, you will be able to play online with your friends and other people living in any part of the world, with just few touch of buttons.
The great thing about Ludo star is, that you can still play the game even if your phone isn't connected to the Internet, by going to "Play Offline" after starting the game. However, Ludo Star doesn't support LAN games yet hence you will have to play using single phone and great way to do this, is to pretend that your phone is a ludo board by placing it in between. Offline Play is great for phones with big screens, however if you've small smartphone screen - you may not enjoy the offline experience. 

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Modes of Ludo Star

After you've logged in, it's time to decide what mode you want to play. i.e: 1vs1, team up, 4 player or play with friends.

Ludo Star Main Menu

1vs1: 1vs1 is great for those who want to play a quick game, as you're paired up with only one opponent.

Team up: In team up mode, you're paired up with 3 more players and one of them is assigned to be your team member. However, beware - friendly kill is enabled, as you're still able to kill your team mate's token!

4 player: As the name suggests, you are paired up 3 more players to play against - however in this mode, you won't be assigned any partner/team member but that doesn't mean you can still pair up in game. Why make enemies, when you can make friends?

Variations of Ludo Star

As mentioned earlier, Ludo star is based on the ludo board game hence majority rules are same with few different rules depending on the variation you pick.

What is ludo star and how to play it

Master Mode:

In this mode, the rules seem to be much harder than other variations In order to get your token out of the box, you must get a six on the dice which shouldn't be hard HOWEVER. it's mandatory to eliminate the rival at least once so that your token can move inside home.

Classic Mode:

In this variation, rules are same as the original board game. One has to secure six on the dice to get each token of the box, however in this variation you can move your token inside home, without having to kill the opponent's token. All the four tickets are required to be brought home in an attempt to secure the victory. Definitely, you have to do all this before your opponent.

Quick mode:

This mode is great for those who want to play a quick ludo game. In the quick mode of ludo star, one does not have to score 6 to be able to bring the token out as you start the game with one token out already. The first person to score a single token wins this game. 

If you haven't installed this game yet, go ahead and install it today from the google app store or iTunes!

How to download SEGA games on Android/iOS for Free 2017

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As time passes, things become obsolete and outdated. As a result, people go on to make multiple efforts to upgrade same old stuff in order to make it relevant in the current scenario. Unsurprisingly, humans are also, often guided to keep on adding new skills set and capabilities in an attempt to improve themselves. If you are multi-dimensional in skills and qualities and occupationally and socially mobile, then you are bound to get benefits in the form of higher pays elsewhere and become geographically mobile. In this global village, one must be skilled and flexible enough to be able to be adapt; else you won’t be able to move along with the world. However, this article is not about humans who are paving their way towards modern and advanced world but it is about SEGA—a gaming company—which recently launched their popular series of sega games on Android & iOS for FREE

Also if you're an avid gamer, Do make sure to check out our list of top 5 fun android games to play offline, you will not regret it!

Why introduce free Sega games on Android and iOS?

One must know about the fact that playing games on computers and PCs have become the things of the past. However, there are still a huge number of enthusiastic gamers who spend a major chunk of their time on playing games using computers and devices, then there's people who prefer to play android games on PC by using emulator. So, with the world witnessing fast and frequent advancement and modernisation , game companies have been working hard to allow and offer gamers their games on the latest version of technology i.e. smart phones. SEGA, with its established background and target audience, has now surprised the world with the latest version of games that can be played on android and iOS software, as majority of the population prefer to use their Android or iOS smartphone rather than their PC. The good news about this, is that those who wish to play their favourite SEGA games on their Smartphones such as sonic the hedgog, comix zone etc, will no longer have to use an emulator to do so, as there's an official way to play it. 

How to download Sega games on Android and iOS for Free 2017

As the matter of fact, penetrating the market of smartphone gaming is the ultimate desire of all the big gaming companies of the world. SEGA's history of games started in the years following 1970 and it appears to be one of the most well-known gaming firms on this planet. It has launched a new set of collection of free-to-play games for the iOS and Android devices under the umbrella of Sega Forever brand. 

What Sega games will be available to download for Free?

This development will witness various classic games, which had been popular on multiple Sega grounds, on smartphones. So far, 5 Sega Genesis titles including Sonic the Hedgehog, Comix Zone, Altered Beast, Kid Chameleon, and the most amazing, Phantasy Star II seem to be available for free.
Interestingly, all those having iOS or Android devices, and willing to engross in the Sega Forever action can now download the set of games without any charges or payment. And all the games are backed by ads with having in-app purchase option which will allow them to eliminate ads for just a charge of $1.99.

How to download Sega games on Android and iOS Smartphone for Free

It is being said that the games will keep being updated for modern devices in order to add advanced gaming characteristics or qualities. The examples can include support for connected Bluetooth controllers, leaderboards and the chance of playing offline.

How to download Sega games on Android/iOS for free?

Now the question arises as to how to download Sega games on Android/iOS for free. All the above-mentioned games from Sega Forever are easily available which can be downloaded from iOS App store (Click here to download) and Android's Google Playstore (Click here to download) for FREE.

SEGA Company claims that as its collection expands over the period of time, it will certainly add both official emulations and ported games that span Sega console eras. With specifically adapted games for the smartphones while keeping its trust-building relationship with its users, SEGA will remain faithful.

We hope that this article has fully convinced you that SEGA’s efforts to launch its games on smartphones have been a great source of happiness for gamers and especially SEGA lovers. You should try this new development to feel the charm of SEGA games on the smartphone for free or without incurring any cost, also if you played SEGA games during childhood, now's a great time to revisit your favorite childhood games!

Free fidget spinner app for Android

As we progress in life, increasing responsibilities and duties set the fast pace of our lives. We take on new roles as workers, parents or students, being burdened by changes and expectations. Such situations usually induce stress and anxiety. Even the people with the most positive outlook on life can sometimes find it extremely difficult to escape the grip of such stress, resulting in long lasting changes to their otherwise stable personality.

According to the American Psychological Association, ‘About two in five adults (39 percent) report overeating or eating unhealthy foods in the past month (2015) due to stress, compared to 33 percent in 2014. Such statistics have proven that it is imperative that one tackles stress at initial stages, where it is easier to control and overcome. Therefore, objects like stress balls and actions like twiddling pens have been around for ages to manage stress.

Moreover, research often suggests exercise to cope with stress. This is because exercise occupies the part of your brain which would otherwise be busy thinking about stressful ideas. Fidgeting is also similar as it is our body’s way of occupying itself with insignificant tasks such as hand movement, nail biting or hair playing to distract itself from a stressful situation. This is exactly why fidget spinners were invented.

Until recently, we did not know of the infamous fidget spinners. However, in a very short period of time, search engines, news articles and stores couldn’t get enough of this new trend that 2017 had brought with itself. Wherever one turned, you could see people talk about them or playing with them. As the popularity of fidget spinners has grown, an array of free fidget spinner apps for Android has been introduced to the Google Play store.

What are fidget spinners?

Fidget spinners are trendy colourful toys which can be spun on one finger from their centre. The spinning creates a whirring sound and the blades surrounding the bearing create a visual similar to that of a moving ceiling fan. A fidget spinner comes in many shapes and sizes, some fancier than the other.

Fidget spinners

As soon as fidget spinners became trendy, the internet was full of YouTube tutorials on the tips and tricks for a spinner. At the same time, new apps were being developed to capture the experience of using a fidget spinner virtually.

Benefits of fidget spinners:

Retailers are claiming that this toy can help cope with stress, anxiety, autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Moreover, they believe it can help concentrate. Although there is no scientific research to support these claims, users of fidget spinners have attested to its calming effect. Some schools introduced these fidget spinners as a part of their school curriculum to helps kids deal with academic stress while others banned them.

These toys may have made our lives easier, but one runs the risk of losing the toy, forgetting to carry it or being caught by a teacher during a lecture due to its whirring sound. Moreover, the best varieties of this toy come for an expensive sum of money that some may not be able to afford. This is why the free Android fidget spinner app, Hand Spinner Fidget Pro, is the perfect solution to all these problems.


Hand Spinner Fidget Pro

Hand Spinner Fidget Pro is a free fidget spinner app for Android available on Google Playstore on which one can virtually spin a spinner on their mobile phone. It has been developed by mobi games Inc and requires Android 3.0 and up.

Why use Hand Spinner Fidget Pro?

The app offers many attractive features for its users. There are six different fidget spinners according to shape, size and bearings. This gives you variety to chose from according to your mood ensuring that the toy never becomes boring for any of its users. For example, one of the options is a rainbow colour titanium fidget spinner.

Free fidget spinner app for Android

Moreover, the app offers its users the option to spin the spinner fast or slow. This too adheres to the users’ mood and choice. The spinner makes no noise, keeping you safe from the anger of your teachers and ensuring you don’t disturb other people around you. This means you can not only use this during a lecture but also at office, in the library or at a public place.

The app can also be used on an Android watch as it is Android wear 1.0 and 2.0 compatible. This makes it even easier to play on the app if you are busy using your phone for making calls or sending important emails. This means you can use the app anywhere and anytime you want.

Furthermore, as the app is free everyone can experience the fidget spinner trend without having to pay for one. Due to being small in size, real fidget spinners may get lost and your money would be wasted, but this is safe on your phone. It is very easy to use the app as one only needs to swipe the screen. Users can play games and win levels and coins depending on the number of times they can spin the fidget spinner.

The amazing effects of the app like the cool marque background make the experience even more enjoyable for users because the background moves as if the spinner was being thrown. Recent changes have added new finger and hand spinners. All these features prove that this app is the best choice for people who want to experience the fun of using a fidget spinner virtually.

How to use Hand Spinner Fidget Pro?

The app has been made so that it is easy to use and an enjoyable experience for users. On their Google Play store website, they have explained that you only need to swipe the screen to make the spinner spin. The app rates your performance from poor to good at the top right corner of the screen.

Who wants this?

According to the developers, this app helps increase attention and concentration. Therefore, it’s a great choice for students who need to concentrate on their studies. This app can even help adults overcome stress, anxiety and concentrate on finishing important tasks as it increases one’s attention span and has a calming effect on bad nerves.

Moreover, this free fidget spinner app for Android is a great choice for youngsters and others looking for entertainment as it is an interesting game. One can spin while they are waiting in line to pay the bill or sitting in office brainstorming ideas. Students can spin before a test or performance to reduce their stress levels as keeping their brain occupied would prevent them from stressing. The time we waste stressing could be used by challenging your friend to see who can get the most spins in the same time duration.

This app can also be used by those who want to explore what all the craze about fidget spinners is but don’t want to invest any money to buy a real fidget spinner. It is a great opportunity to avail for free. If your child is insisting on buying a fidget spinner, be sure to install this app for them on your phone.

Hand Spinner Fidget Pro is a great free fidget spinner app for Android developed by mobi games Inc. The developers are constantly updating the app to include new shapes and sizes so users can enjoy their experience. Although the app may look similar to others, you should install this app without any further delay to experience its uniqueness.

Simplifi Me - All your social media in one app

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The growing pace of technical development has made it increasingly difficult to manage all aspects of life impeccably. Without a proper system, one is bound to be scattered and disorganized, missing out on important events and opportunities. This is why more and more organizational apps are being created for educational, social and economical purposes.

However, as the need to be socially connected has increased with technical development, so have the number of social media apps. Those who continuously have to balance social media, work, and family know how confusing it becomes to manage an array of mobile apps while filtering unnecessary advertisements and information. This makes it tedious to post, like and comment simultaneously on multiple social media apps. Opening up each app individually itself requires more time and effort than most can spare.

So what is the one solution that saves you from the frustration and stress while keeping you updated on the important life events of your loved ones? It is an App that can:
  1. Be easily used by the less tech savvy, saving time.
  2. Sort all social media posts according to phone contacts.
  3. Post on multiple social media platforms simultaneously.

While all this may seem impossible, one app, Simplifi Me provides all these features for free!

 Simplifi Me - All your social Media in one app

Simplifi Me Social Media Management Android App

Simplifi Me  is an Android App available on Google Playstore, that helps you manage multiple social media accounts by posting and tweeting simultaneously on Facebook and Twitter. You no longer have to suffer the hassle of worrying about keeping your loved ones updated with important life events or forget to congratulate your boss on the new milestone your company just passed.

Why use Simplifi Me?

It is user friendly due to its clean and simple user interface, so if you are a senior citizen or simply dislike having to worry about too many settings, Simplifi Me will not let you down. Moreover, it is different from most other apps of this type as it “Unlike other "all in one" social media apps  is NOT just links to various social media platforms.”, according to the developer.

Simplifi Me Social Media Management Android App

The App allows you to import contacts from social media, phone or add them manually. This makes the life of the user much simpler as you can be updated with the activities of your closest friends and family without having to surf through irrelevant videos and news. This also helps you keep focused and avoid wasting time on various social media, a pro for the busy common man of today.

How to use Simplifi Me?

The developers have made it very easy for use by introducing an explanatory video on their website for users. In this video they walk you through the simple process of logging in, promising that the app never saves or shares your personal login information. They also show you how to import your contacts from Facebook, Twitter and your phone.

Who wants this?

To my eyes, this app is the perfect opportunity to be availed by all. Being a student, I realise how demanding life is becoming day by day. It is difficult to manage college assignments and family while balancing your social life at the same time. Often, we waste precious hours going through our feeds and getting distracted after we get back home from college. All of us wish to maximise the use of our times and this app is just perfect for that. You will never forget to tweet on Twitter because your friends on Facebook have been taking up all your time.

Simplifi Me Social Media Management Android App

Moreover, if you are someone who wants to really experience the social media hype but have never gotten around to it, like the developer's mother-in-law, because it is too complicated, then this app is ideal for you.

While the app currently only allows you to post on Facebook and Twitter, they are working on integrating other social media platforms as well. It’s a great app developed by Aggregr8tor, LLC and although it may seem ordinary, you should install this app without any further delay to simplifi your life with Simplifi Me.