Future is here - First Android Phone controlled by Mind

The future is here, but not as we expected it to be. Instead of flying cars or hoverboards, scientists from Stanford University BrainGate program have figured out a way to connect android phone to the brain with the help of a neural implant, helping you control your phone using your mind only. Which is not bad, so there might come a day in the near future where we won't have to use our hands at all, only our mind to do all the texting or browsing! This advancement is very beneficial for a paralyzed person as he/she can easily interact with a android device using his or her brain waves only. 

first android phone to be controlled by brain

But before you get your hopes up, scientists have so far only connected the brain of a paralyzed patient named " T6 " (This name sounds familiar, Terminator anyone?) to a basic nexus tablet, where eye movement acted as a cursor and staring as press although the patient reported this practise to be tiring and harmful for the eyes. The mind acted as a keyboard where you were to look at a specific letter and the letter would be typed directly, in this way the patient T6 could type out her thoughts easily without having to move a single muscle. This program was initially introduced for paralyzed patients but soon may make its way to the markets for everyone after being developed. 

Scientists also are trying to develop the chip in the brain by expanding it's lifespan as it according to them it can only last 2 years approximately without experiencing any software or hardware issues.
" Our goal is to unlock the full user interface common to general-purpose computers and mobile devices " Said Nuyujukian. "This is a first step towards developing a fully capable brain controlled communication and computer interface for restoring function for people with paralysis. " 

Credits go to Muhammad Abdullah Tahir for helping write this article. 

So what do you guys think about this and what impact do you think it would have on the society if this was to be publicly released?

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