What is Netflix and how to use Netflix in Pakistan

The wait is over, Netflix finally decided to expand its service to the whole globe simultaneously where Pakistan is one of them. But don't get your hopes up about Netflix and Chill as there's only going to be " Netflix and Buffering " if you live in Pakistan. Just kidding. (Not kidding actually)

netflix available in pakistan

Okay so if you're reading this article from Pakistan or a country where Netflix has been recently launched, you may probably not know what Netflix is. So before I carry on with the article, let's discuss about what Netflix is and what it has to offer.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is the online version of cable which allows you to stream TV shows or movies in good quality for a monthly fee. All you need is a great Internet connection to be able to enjoy the experience of watching Netflix. If not, don't worry as you can rent blu ray or dvd, which is delivered to your doorstep in a short period of time.

How to use Netflix in Pakistan?

Now that you know what Netflix is, it's time to go more in details on how it works and how you can subscribe to the service.

The good thing about Netflix is the fact that it gives you 1 month free subscription provided that you provide your details for subscription fee before hand but after the trial is over it's upto you whether you choose to continue using Netflix by paying or not. As Netflix states on their website " No commitments. Cancel online at anytime ".

Netflix membership is divided into 3 categories.

netflix subscription prices in pakistan

In my opinion you can save money by subscribing to premium membership and sharing it with 3 other people so the cost is divided. So since premium is $12, you'd each have to pay $3 a month which is pretty cheap and reasonable for a awesome service such as Netflix. 

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