Thetic Blog Downtime Explanation

As most of you may've noticed that Thetic Blog was down for more than 2 weeks. The problem was not related to hosting but due to domain, which expired on 4th of July and I didn't even notice due to Eid nearby and by the time I did realize (after 3-4 days) I also found out my Paypal account had just frozen and after multiple calls & emails to the Paypal support team my account was still not unfrozen, until I got a smart idea to pay a friend in real life who can renew my domain online but apparently I did that way too late. (but better than never, right?)

Thetic Blog downtime explanation

Losses Thetic Blog has suffered?

The major loss Thetic Blog has suffered is SEO. We've lost 90% of our SEO e.g: our rankings on Google, meaning we've been wiped from Google. Hence we're back to square one and hopefully shouldn't take much time to rise again.

How we plan to rise again?

This time it should be easier as we've many people who support Thetic Blog i.e: dedicated readers, team of writers, guest posters etc. Where as, when we first started back last year on July 4th, it was just me writing. 

How can you contribute to helping Thetic Blog?

​If you're reading this article it probably means you're a dedicated reader who found this article through our social networks as we've dissappeared from the search engine (temporarily). You're already helping us by viewing this article, you can continue to do so by sharing our articles, reading other articles etc. 

Thanks for staying with us!
-CEO & Founder of Thetic Blog

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