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As a frequent watch wearer, whenever I forgot to wear my watch outside I feel as if I'm literally naked. I'm sure I'm not the only one here who feels like that, right? Sweden is famous for producing many great brands such as IKEA (surprise!), Skype, H&M, Spotify etc. There's much more to praise Sweden for, but I won't plan on writing it all as I'm not in the mood for writing a novel right now. 

Watches are a popular form of accessory, apart from making you look sexy, they're also very useful such as for checking the time (you probably knew that) and watches is one of the few to survive, which has not been replaced by the Smartphone.
If you frequently shop on the Internet, then you must be familar with many e-stores out there that show high quality watches but when they arrive, the buyer finds out they're just low quality. That's what happens when you buy from shops with less reputation/untrusted shops that just want to loot your money. 

If you find a watch that is cheap, you'd be naturally compelled to buy it but a wise person knows that in order to get a quality and long lasting watch, he won't find it at a cheap price and it's better to buy a watch once and for all instead of having to buy a new one every week.

Introducing a swedish based store, " 1895 of Scandinavia " where you'd be able to find quality exclusive affordable watches along with a leather card holder free when you order any watch!

1895 quality watches

Leave a comment what you think about this store and also your review if you ordered any product from there! 

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