Adobe Experience Manager Training

The importance of a website and an online presence for businesses cannot be stressed enough. The design and content of a business website plays a major role in the amount of revenue it generates. As far as a business is concerned, a good website helps attract new customers and retain existing ones, as well as maintain relationships with partners and vendors. Developing a good website requires a perfect design and delivering content in the form of  documents, images, videos, apps etc. The design and development of such a website requires the use of the best tools. This is where the Adobe Experience Manager comes in.

​Adobe Experience Manager

AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) is a comprehensive enterprise-grade content management solution with a wide range of powerful features that help build websites, forms and mobile apps. It helps in the easy management of your marketing content and digital assets (images, videos, documents etc.). Adobe Experience Manager is one of the fastest-growing web platforms today, used by many of the top companies. Since it's popularity and use keeps on increasing, it is important for organizations, developers, architects, IT managers, business analysts and the likes to learn the Adobe Experience Manager course, so that they can stay informed, experienced and well oriented.

Adobe Experience Manager training

The Adobe Experience Manager training course is designed to teach developers to understand and create basic AEM development exercises and to enable them to work as a successful AEM developer in IT the field. With the help of this course, a developer can learn the basics of building a custom Adobe Experience Manager website using the various templates, components, navigation and image rendering. This course helps professional developers design and create attractive websites in no time.

If you are an administrator, the Adobe Experience Manager training course teaches you topics such as installation, configuration, maintenance, and troubleshooting of AEM. You will also learn the basic concepts of AEM integration and architecture in production-level surroundings. Designers can benefit from this course, as it helps develop dynamic and detailed PDFs with the help of AEM Forms Designer. It also helps build front-end forms and applications. You can develop dynamic form template which makes use of more innovative features of creating dynamic forms. The other job designations that can benefit from the AEM training course include Application Development Specialists, Work-flow Specialists and Document Output Specialists.

A major reason why most of the leading companies use Adobe Experience Manager is that it makes it easier to deliver and manage the content and assets of websites and simplifies the task of delivering the right online experiences to the customers. AEM is made up of modules such as Sites, Assets, Mobile, Forms, and Communities, which when used together provides you with a complete content management solution for building websites, mobile apps and forms easily with better control over your marketing content and assets. Developers from any background, especially JAVA can benefit from learning this technology. Adobe Experience Manager is rated one of the top web development and content management tools, which makes it a very demanding technology for businesses.

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