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The smartphones available nowadays have many built-in features that can perform a lot of different tasks, replacing electronic devices such as the alarm clock, flashlight etc. One such feature is the functioning of the phone as a flashlight. If you have an Android phone with a camera flash, then it can be easily used as a flashlight. Most versions of Android devices have a built-in flashlight function, but if yours doesn't have such a feature, then you can download a flashlight app. There are plenty of free apps out there that can help you out. The LED Flashlight (click here to download) is a free app, by SMobileTeam that converts your android device into a flashlight. Whether you are reading at night or camping in the woods or trying to find a lost item, this app can help you by providing the brightest light.

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​LED Flashlight Features 

Featuring the most elegant design and the fastest startup, this LED Flashlight app is definitely superior to a real flashlight in many ways. The app instantly turns your android device into a bright flashlight. How easy is that! The app uses the camera flash LED. Another important feature of the Brightest LED Flashlight app is that it automatically uses the screen as a light source when it fails to open the camera LED or when the camera LED is not present. There is an automatic timer that lets you exit the application in set time periods of 2 minutes, 5 minutes and 10 minutes.

Brightest LED Flashlight App for Android Magnifying Feature

The app comes with a compass feature and so if you are out in the wilderness and have lost your way, the Brightest LED Flashlight app helps you find your way by providing the directions. The app supports Strobe or blinking mode which alerts you of incoming calls and SMS. The LED starts blinking when the phone is ringing, which means you will never miss a phone call. Last but not the least, the app also offers a special video zoom or magnifier feature. So at times when the room is too dark or the writing is too small, this incredibly handy magnifier feature is just what you need. The prolonged use of the Brightest LED Flashlight however, may sometimes result in faster battery drain. Depending on the device you own,  the functions and appearance of some features of the app may vary.

Conclusion: The Brightest LED Flashlight App is by far the the fastest, brightest, and the most convenient flashlight app you will ever lay your hands on. The app is designed to support all kinds of android devices and simply makes use of an LED and the camera flash. Since you take your cellphone with you wherever you go, this app always comes in handy when you need it most! With all these features, it may sound that the app is quite expensive. But the good news is that you can download it, absolutely free of cost. With the Brightest LED Flashlight App, you add brightness and illumination to just about any situation. The elegant design and multiple features of the flashlight, makes it a highly recommended app for your Android smartphone.

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