How to do whatsapp video calling

When whatsapp, one of the top Instant Messaging App at last got a voice calling attribute it just left us with a query: when do we avail Whatsapp video calling? Well now it is under way. As per the whatsapp blog, Whatsapp video call is moderately rolling out for all the users over the several mediums in the future days who have Android OS 4.1+. Go through the article for more info on how to do a whatsapp video calls.

Whatsapp video call is now convenient for everyone

Whatsapp needs to be international cross medium face time. Today, the Facebook-possessed chat service whatsapp is formally initiating video calling for it’s across one billion users globally on Windows, Android and iOS phone. Its debut pursue a series of reports from folks that who currently found the attribute had been permitted in beta versions of app on Windows and Android phone: a sign that a public debut was on horizon.

How to do whatsapp video calling

To utilize the new attribute, Whatsapp users can click the call key in the top corner of conversation that will bring up an inlay interstitial asking if you need to video or voice call a family or friend you are chatting with. To make a video calling, you simply got to choose the “video call” choice from this screen.

At the time of making a call, you can switch amidst the rear and forward facing camera, press the red key or mute the call to hang up. The user interface seems like differs slightly in iPhone and Android with regards to placement, lineup, and the button size in addition to this the picture-in-picture (pip) video feed is manifested.

Whatsapp application already supports numerous standard attributes for communications applications, incorporating voice calling and group texting. However the firm claims that video call retained as one among the best attribute requests from the users.

Some of the key aspects of video calling on whatsapp

Quality of video

Whatsapp video calling quality automatically adjusts relying on the network quality and speed. The firm is doing so to assure video calls are reliable and fast at all the time. Essentially if your network speed is very poor, then video calling quality will surely get compressed.

Data usage

Whatsapp application doesn’t need a separate phone to list the data usage of the video calling. In Android and iOS, all call data is combined beneath one phone in the section of data usage.

No group video call

Whatsapp application video call attribute has not still been updated for groups. But there are many malicious links inviting folks to download the same. Malicious links reads, “you are invited to try the whatsapp video call attribute”. In addition to this, only folks with the invitation can make use of this attribute. Clicking on link will demand you to invite more buddies for video calls to activate on your gadget. Once again do not click on these malicious links.

So, what are you yet waiting for? Download Whatsapp if you haven't already and enjoy video calling your friends or family!

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