How AR and VR can help Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are among the most trending technologies that we often hear about. And they are even interesting and exciting as well. On the other hand, brands are constantly trying to discover newer ways to market products and enhance user experience. VR and AR are the supreme technologies that are well helping them achieve these goals.

How AR and VR can help Social Media Marketing campaigns

While brands are busy in leveraging AR and VR for marketing, mobile apps development companies, social media marketers and other digital solution providers are eager to create solutions on these trending technologies that help their clients better build a brand on social media. Let me tell you how these two technologies can impact the current e-commerce trends and social media branding activities.

Being digital is everyone’s focus today

Today users have shifted their interest from traditional newspapers and media to the internet. So it has been requisite for marketers to realize the need of transforming their branding activities according to the changing trends.Being digital and providing users the convenience of being location-independent in accessing the brand is a key focus for marketers in 2017. And this is where AR and VR can be a real solution.

Social Media Turned Mainstream Marketing Channel

A recent research by Pew Research Center says 80% of Americans are now using Facebook. Marketers are constantly striving and trying to discover better ways to improve their advertising, content, and promotional activities to well target their potential customers. On Facebook and other social media.

How AR and VR Can Impact on Social Media Marketing Campaigns?

AR and VR help marketers turn simple content into rich, immersive and engaging experiences for users.People who were once being served by traditional prints and TV ads and even today as well are the same social media users today. So they accept content that doesn’t just entertain them, but also emotionally connect.

Most of the companies are adopting digital marketing to just to create brand awareness and create targeted revenue streams. They are shifting their branding efforts from traditional branding approach to modern marketing techniques like AR and VR to well impress customers.
AR and VR are expected to create completely new more marketing options for marketers.
  • Marketers can use AR and VR to better showcase product images, features, functionalities, and USPs, so users can try the products like how they trial it in physical stores
  • Brands can well communicate their brand message to the customers
  • Product or event promotion can be more attractive and engage customers or fruitful for brands
  • Marketers can create immersive dimension to video story-telling advertisements, so which can create a memorable user experience.


The adoption of AR and VR are still in a budding stage in the business world. While showing off Instagram's Snapchat-style face filters that were powered with AR, Mark Zuckerberg said it is just the beginning of what we started to leverage AR to enhance user experience. So it is an opportunity for businesses to adopt AR and VR to achieve first mover advantage. So today each and every mobile app development company and other tech companies are trying to create services on AR and VR to create more digital opportunities for brands and to have additional revenue streams.

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