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How to track your car using Android Smartphone

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GPS car trackers have gained popularity, as car theft has increased. After buying an expensive car, it is also important to secure it, just in case it gets stolen.  Many idea it was just organizations that expected to track cars or different vehicles, however numerous purchasers are presently understanding the upsides of utilizing such a framework all alone individual car. When a GPS tracker is set inside a vehicle, the gadget always transmits information on situating, time, speed and so forth, all transferred back by means of satellites to your PC or Smartphone. This data can be refreshed from once at regular intervals to at regular intervals sometimes, contingent upon how much data you need. Here in this article you will learn how to track your car using android smartphone.

NOTE: Before proceeding, make sure you've an Android smartphone that is not in your use and has a great battery life, as you'll be placing it in your car.

Importance of tracking your car

You may not think you have need to track your vehicle as you will be in it! Be that as it may, there might be a period when your car is taken without your authorization or permission. A car tracker will precisely pinpoint where the car is, continuously so you know where it is all the time, no matter whether you're near the car or not. It is not just about robbery either, loaning your car to a relative might be something that you do, and you will have true serenity that you will dependably know where they are in the event that or breakdown or crisis. Whatever the case, introducing GPS programming on a mobile phone is a keen approach to monitor a car.

How to track your car using Android Smartphone

GPS on Android is fantastic for some reasons. You have the undeniable uses, for example, recouping your Android smartphone when lost or stolen or exploring your way through climbing trails, and it's particularly clever on the grounds that GPS works notwithstanding when the gadget isn't associated with the web. While exploring, you simply need to download maps early. In any case, with GPS, an Android smartphone could likewise be utilized for tracking. It may not be the most dependable technique, and it does accompanies some not-so-unimportant confinements, but rather it can take care of business. Apart from this, there are Top 5 free useful apps every driver should have who own an Android smartphone!

HOWEVER, although it is a cheaper alternative – still, there are drawbacks to using your android smartphone to track your car, which are worth noting down. Make sure to read them below before proceeding so you’re aware.

Drawbacks of using your Android Smartphone to track your car

With all the above being stated, don't anticipate that your Android smartphone will go for a genuine tracking device. There are four principle disadvantages that you ought to know about, and if any of these downsides demonstrate risky for you, at that point you should purchasing a REAL tracker. It may be expensive, but totally worth it.

Battery Life: Smartphones are mind boggling. There's a considerable measure of programming running out of sight consistently, including framework level administrations and outsider applications, and the greater part of that preparing is a weight on the battery. Hence, a devoted GPS tracker can last any longer than a smartphone even on a considerably littler battery.

Track car using Android

Bad GPS: The one restricting variable that impacts all GPS car tracking applications for Android is the nature of the implicit GPS module in the smartphone. More established gadgets, specifically, are known for setting aside a long opportunity to bolt on satellites, and in addition being inclined to losing GPS flag at whatever point there are snags in the route, for example, structures or trees. Luckily, the circumstance has enhanced drastically finished the most recent couple of years, and a portion of the freshest Android smartphones get a GPS flag immediately. In any case, in the event that you are purchasing an Android smartphone or tablet particularly to utilize it as a GPS car tracking gadget, it bodes well to invest some energy perusing on the web audits to ensure that it accompanies a decent GPS module.

Signal quality is worse compared to real trackers. Though GPS trackers aren't immaculate by any extend, their signs are far better than smartphone signals. Thusly, are devoted trackers more precise, as well as they can continue tracking even in ranges where smartphones would ordinarily remove.

Risk of more loss: Are you willing to risk losing your Android smartphone? Ask yourself this question before using your Android smartphone to track your car. Make sure the phone you use is old or not in use anymore. Envision mounting your Android smartphone to the undercarriage of a car just to have it tumble off amidst some road or having the phone stolen from car by some passenger. Real trackers are less demanding to mount, and regardless of the possibility that they're lost or harmed, they're considerably less expensive to supplant than smartphones. The general hazard is lower.

So yes, GPS tracking is one approach to transform your smartphone into a tracking device fit to track your car no matter where you are, however it should be only done when you can't afford a real tracker or don't value your car enough.

It used to be that GPS car tracking was conceivable simply in the wake of buying a frequently costly or expensive equipment tracker. Such tracker would either accompany a monthly subscription, or it would expect somebody to physically pull the tracking information from the unit and import them into a PC.

Fortunately technology has developed alot and we're able to do all those things in one device - the Smartphone. With present day Android smartphones, we can track our vehicles without spending even a solitary penny. That, as well as GPS car tracking applications for Android offer substantially more usefulness and accommodation than their equipment partners.

The main prerequisite is for the driver to have his or her Android smartphone in the car, and the GPS tracking application will deal with the rest. Likely the most widely recognized case of when the capacity to track the correct area of your car proves to be useful is the point at which you need to watch out for how much cash you spend on gas.

How to track your car using Android smartphone with built in features

Most Android devices that were made in 2014 or later have a worked in feature called Android Device Manager which always pings your device's area back to Google's servers so Google knows where your device is. You would then be able to utilize Google's web interface on your desktop to see where your device is at any given time. You'll require a Google account obviously to use this feature, which you should already have if you're using Android.

How to Enable Android Device Manager

  1. Explore to Android's Settings.
  2. Under Personal, tap Security.
  3. Under Device Administration, tap Device Administrators.
  4. Tap Android Device Manager.
  5. Tap Activate.

NOTE: Before you can do above steps, you'll be required to give permissions on your phone, make sure to accept all in order to proceed forward.

How to track your car using Android smartphone with Android Apps

If you don't have android device manager or would just not like to use it. NO PROBLEM as there are apps available on the google playstore or other android app stores that allow you to turn your android smartphone into tracking devices.

Track car with an Android Smartphone

Following is a list of Apps that can do just that:
  1. Lookout
  2. Mileage Log GPS Tracker
  3. Prey
  4. Familonet
  5. GPS Tracker

The majority of these are showcased as against robbery and hostile to misfortune security apps, and they're unquestionably helpful for those reasons, yet you can simply utilize them for straight-up tracking on the off chance that you so wish.

If you're not happy with these Apps. Just search the App store and you should be able to find one that suits you as there are THOUSANDS of tracking apps. However, make sure to install the ones in the list first as they've been tested.

What to do next?

Once your device is set up as trackable, in the case of utilizing Android Device Manager or an outsider application, there's just thing left to do, hide the phone somewhere safe in your car so that it won't fall out or be seen so that it doesn't get stolen. Clearly, this is substantially simpler said than done.

Your phone may have come with a mount, if it did - use that or simply just GLUE the phone somewhere under your seat (using glue on the phone's external cover of course). Just use your imagination. HOWEVER, make sure the android smartphone is placed somewhere secretly where it cannot be seen.

How to get more questions on Sarahah App

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It's at the highest point of the app store's charts, beating out YouTube, Instagram and other social media platforms. In any case this leads us to the basic questions, what is Sarahah and why is everybody talking about it?

Which you may already be familiar with, however before we can discuss how to get more questions on Sarahah. Let me introduce what Sarahah is first.

What is Sarahah?

Sarahah is a latest popular anonymous messaging app. Its creator, Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq, revealed to Mashable that he originally planned it as a way for representatives to give their supervisors constructive feedback to help encourage genuineness or "honesty" in the workplace. He later chose to make it available for anyone to send messages worldwide, as he saw how much potential the app has.
Tawfiq said that he wants to create a more positive condition than different anonymous apps such as AskFM, Yik yak etc, however when we compare Sarahah with AskFM. AskFM is more user friendly and better, in terms of Sarahah. Each Sarahah user's profile is the same, the alternatives for tweaking your Sarahah account are quite constrained. Clearly, you can pick a username, display name, and profile photograph, yet past that, everybody's account is identical. Each client page has a blank white box with the same command above it: "Leave a constructive message :)."

The Sarahah app has risen a lot in popularity since it was made available in the app stores Google Playstore and iTunes in February or June. Boasting as the best app in 30 nations, which is a amazing achievement considering how new the app is. Sarahah began in Saudi Arabia, where Tawfiq is from, and spread to other Arab nations, eventually getting an English rendition. The word Sarahah itself is Arabic, meaning Honesty in English. The app got a knock in popularity, according to Mashable, when SnapChat released an update which allows you to put Sarahah on Snapchat.

How to get more questions on Sarahah

By making client remarks private, Sarahah also eliminates the chance of likes/favourites as a metric of popularity, a conspicuous feature on more established social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube etc.

How to get more questions on Sarahah app

Sarahah is not a popularity challenge. It is not a gathering for discussion, we call forums. It is not where one goes to get questions answered. So what is it, accurately?

What makes Sarahah so popular is the want to be complimented by the users. Users open their inboxes in the expectation of getting revelations including mystery admirers in a romantic or platonic sense. Really, who doesn't love all this attention? In any case, on the analyst's end, Sarahah speaks to a profound should be heard. Communicating something specific on Sarahah just guarantees gathering. A remark on Sarahah won't not justify a reaction, and the sender knows not to expect one. The constructive feedback on Sarahah demands no answer, and exists just to be seen. Hence, forever a mystery on who sent it.

How to get more questions on Sarahah

The purpose of Sarahah is to send and receive questions but what if you’re getting no questions at all? There’s no fun in that. Here in this article you will learn how to get more questions on Sarahah.

  • Make a cool profile. Your profile has to be intriguing in the event that you want to stand out from the rest. Post real pictures of yourself; individuals don't want fakes or pictures of other celebrities.
  • Link your Sarahah account on your other social network accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat etc, so people know you're on Sarahah and will ask you questions.
  • Ask questions from users and also make sure to let them know it's you who asked the question IF the questions are positive, so they'll be motivated to send you questions back too! Be decent and considerate when asking questions and don't bully!
  • Ask yourself questions, how strange this may sound to you but it actually works as it will create a hype or demand and motivate others to ask you questions as well.
  • Answer a great deal of users questions. Attempt to make your answers entertaining, humourous or sarcastic so that people are impressed.
  • After answering questions on Sarahah, make sure to SHARE your answers on different social networks as this will motivate others to send you questions too. What's awesome about Sarahah is the fact you can EASILY share your answers. You may be familiar with this already as most Sarahah users are spamming Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat feeds with their Sarahah answers. However, remember to do this moderately as you don’t want to risk pissing off your friends.

Follow these tips and hopefully you’ll see an increase in questions on Sarahah account. If you’ve more tips, do let me know and I will surely add them on here.

What is Sarahah and how to put Sarahah on Snapchat Story

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If you’re an social media enthuasist, you probably heard of the anonymous messaging app Sarahah which has been trending everywhere lately. If you’re active on famous social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc you probably must’ve seen at least one screenshot of the app. That should be enough to give you an idea to what the app’s about.

What is Sarahah and how to use it?

What is sarahah and how to put Sarahah on Snapchat Story

Sarah is an App, that allows you to send anonymous messages/questions to other users. However this idea isn’t unique or new, as AskFM already has done this however Sarahah, although late to the party – managed to gain more attention than AskFM in short time!

The app was created by a Saudi, hence the name Sarahah which means “ Honesty “ in Arabic. He created the app with the intention of allowing users to receive HONEST anonymous constructive criticism. Honesty doesn’t always mean positive and to avoid damaging your relation with that person, you might not say it to their face. This is where this app comes in handy, as it allows you to do just that without revealing your identity at all!

Although Sarahah was made for constructive criticisms, it is being used for other reasons than it was actually made for, such as cyber-bullying, racist comments etc. If you know you’re sensitive and won’t be able to handle bad remarks, don’t bother installing this app.
To download Sarahah, click the link below,

Sarahah for iOS
Sarahah for Android

How to put Sarahah on Snapchat Story

If you’re a Snapchat user, then good news. You can link Sarahah to snapchat and make your friends aware that you’re on Sarahah so that they can anonymously ask you questions. To put Sarahah on Snapchat story, simply:

How to put Sarahah on Snapchat Story

  1. Open Snapchat and take a snap of anything, as you normally do.
  2. Click the paperclip icon and search for Sarahah
  3. After being redirected to the website, search for your Sarahah username
  4. After you’ve found it, press “ Attach to Snap “

After you’ve completed the steps above, you can post the snap and your Snapchat friends will be able to swipe up to ask anonymous questions on Sarahah, whether they have an Sarahah account or not.

NOTE: If you’re interested in linking your Sarahah account to your Instagram profile, then you’ll have to wait as there’s no option available unless you've a verified Instagram account.

Communiverse - Earn money every time you answer your phone

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In the past few years, growing inflation has led to receding income purchasing power. To put it simply, one cannot maintain the same comfortable lifestyle with the help of a meagre income. The common man has to make ends meet by taking on part time jobs or running a business. Others who are well off seek fruitful investment options to secure their future despite inflation. It has become a growing need to anticipate inflation and wisely save money for the future.

These circumstances have given birth to an array of different Apps facilitating the need to make some cash on the side. It is difficult to navigate through these apps and decide which ones are genuine. One needs to be extra cautious while surfing these days as there are scams everywhere. Any app promising you money without a service or asking for a fee to download app to make money is usually a scam.

So what is the one App that will save you the frustrating experience of a scam, while relieving you of the stress to make cash on the side? It is an app that can:
  1. Help you earn cash by just answering a call.
  2. Help you earn free and discounted products and services.
  3. Pay you for every advertisement you see and hear.

All of this may seem impossible in one app but Communiverse, an Android App where you can earn money every time you answer your phone, provides all of these features for free!

Communiverse - Earn money every time you answer your phone

Communiverse Logo

Communiverse is an Android App available on Google Play store, which helps you earn cash by receiving a phone call, listening and watching the advertisements which appear on your phone once you download the app. You no longer have to worry about scam apps as this app is ‘the new avenue for cash’ according to a reviewer.

Why use Communiverse?

Communiverse is the perfect opportunity to earn cash without making much of an effort. One just has to download the app to reap the many benefits which come along with it. You may have to watch advertisements and attend to calls but this is only a fraction of the time it would take to earn the cash otherwise. The app also promises free and discounted products and services.
Earn money every time you answer your phone with Communiverse

Moreover, the positive reviews for this app strengthen ones faith in it as they have described it to be ‘easy and fast to use’. This means that even if you are not tech savvy, you will not have to waste time navigating this app. You can easily download it like everyone else and earn cash. Furthermore, you get paid daily, weekly and monthly for just downloading the app.

This app is a game changer for all of us because with Communiverse earn money every time you answer your phone! If you're the kind of person who loves to spend 90% of his time on phone calls, you've a chance of becoming a millionaire by using this App. 


Who is Communiverse for?

In my eyes, this app is a golden opportunity to be availed. Its 4.8 app rating and reviews speak for its credibility. It is difficult to find such opportunities elsewhere. Therefore, the common man can make use of his smartphone to earn cash on the side by downloading this app. He will not regret this decision as the app might help him bridge the gap between his income and expenditures.
Moreover, the app may also be useful for struggling students looking for part time jobs. They can relieve some of their burden by downloading this app and use the time saved to focus better on their studies.

How do you get paid with Communiverse?

The app developers pay the users of Communiverse. Every time a user accumulates a 25.00 they get paid through PayPal. This is a very simple and hassle-free process as the app developers value their users and their trust in this app.

Conclusion: Communiverse is a great app developed by Communiverse International Inc which requires Android 4.0.3 and up. I would recommend that you waste no time in downloading this app as you could get paid for the next call you receive.

What is ludo star and how to play it?

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Games are always good. Aren't they? Well I don’t know whether you’re a game lover or not, but if you are searching for a game for your android or iOS smartphone which is trending these days that you can either play online with your friends or offline, then you've come to the right place. You might have noticed that people tend to use their smartphones often in social gatherings. They're either socializing or player games. Talks, sharing information and emotions have become the things of the past. “Let’s play a game for entertainment” is the common word of mouth in the group meeting especially among teenagers and young people. So today, what I am going to enlighten you with is about the introduction, features, modes and much more of the game called Ludo star for Android/iOS that has gone viral and taken the Internet by storm. What follows, might turn out to be a real gem for you.

Origin of Ludo Star

Before we talk about Ludo star, it's important to discuss the origin. Ludo is a popular game which was originated from an ancient Indian game Pachisi. Ludo is the family-friendly board game that is played between 2-4 persons. Although, ludo appears to be an easy game but it has complex rules. The aim of the game is to get all your tokens inside the home pocket that is located in the middle of the board.

Ludo Star Gameplay

Surely, this game has been leading the gaming industry these days. The people, in real sense, love this game. Ludo star is what being searched by many on android and iOS appstores nowadays , as it allows you to play the classic board game easily with anyone, anywhere you want! It is one of the most famous board games played across the globe. Ludo star is produced by Game Berry, by 4 indian developers and can be played online or offline. 

How to play Ludo Star

Here the question arises, how to play ludo star. By going online, you first have to sign in - eiher by Facebook or by playing as guest - HOWEVER, it's recommended that you sign in with Facebook as this will allow you to discover which friends from Facebook are playing this game and make use of the ranking system. After you've logged in, you will be able to play online with your friends and other people living in any part of the world, with just few touch of buttons.
The great thing about Ludo star is, that you can still play the game even if your phone isn't connected to the Internet, by going to "Play Offline" after starting the game. However, Ludo Star doesn't support LAN games yet hence you will have to play using single phone and great way to do this, is to pretend that your phone is a ludo board by placing it in between. Offline Play is great for phones with big screens, however if you've small smartphone screen - you may not enjoy the offline experience. 

You may also be interested in: Fun android games to play Offline

Modes of Ludo Star

After you've logged in, it's time to decide what mode you want to play. i.e: 1vs1, team up, 4 player or play with friends.

Ludo Star Main Menu

1vs1: 1vs1 is great for those who want to play a quick game, as you're paired up with only one opponent.

Team up: In team up mode, you're paired up with 3 more players and one of them is assigned to be your team member. However, beware - friendly kill is enabled, as you're still able to kill your team mate's token!

4 player: As the name suggests, you are paired up 3 more players to play against - however in this mode, you won't be assigned any partner/team member but that doesn't mean you can still pair up in game. Why make enemies, when you can make friends?

Variations of Ludo Star

As mentioned earlier, Ludo star is based on the ludo board game hence majority rules are same with few different rules depending on the variation you pick.

What is ludo star and how to play it

Master Mode:

In this mode, the rules seem to be much harder than other variations In order to get your token out of the box, you must get a six on the dice which shouldn't be hard HOWEVER. it's mandatory to eliminate the rival at least once so that your token can move inside home.

Classic Mode:

In this variation, rules are same as the original board game. One has to secure six on the dice to get each token of the box, however in this variation you can move your token inside home, without having to kill the opponent's token. All the four tickets are required to be brought home in an attempt to secure the victory. Definitely, you have to do all this before your opponent.

Quick mode:

This mode is great for those who want to play a quick ludo game. In the quick mode of ludo star, one does not have to score 6 to be able to bring the token out as you start the game with one token out already. The first person to score a single token wins this game. 

If you haven't installed this game yet, go ahead and install it today from the google app store or iTunes!

How to download SEGA games on Android/iOS for Free 2017

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As time passes, things become obsolete and outdated. As a result, people go on to make multiple efforts to upgrade same old stuff in order to make it relevant in the current scenario. Unsurprisingly, humans are also, often guided to keep on adding new skills set and capabilities in an attempt to improve themselves. If you are multi-dimensional in skills and qualities and occupationally and socially mobile, then you are bound to get benefits in the form of higher pays elsewhere and become geographically mobile. In this global village, one must be skilled and flexible enough to be able to be adapt; else you won’t be able to move along with the world. However, this article is not about humans who are paving their way towards modern and advanced world but it is about SEGA—a gaming company—which recently launched their popular series of sega games on Android & iOS for FREE

Also if you're an avid gamer, Do make sure to check out our list of top 5 fun android games to play offline, you will not regret it!

Why introduce free Sega games on Android and iOS?

One must know about the fact that playing games on computers and PCs have become the things of the past. However, there are still a huge number of enthusiastic gamers who spend a major chunk of their time on playing games using computers and devices, then there's people who prefer to play android games on PC by using emulator. So, with the world witnessing fast and frequent advancement and modernisation , game companies have been working hard to allow and offer gamers their games on the latest version of technology i.e. smart phones. SEGA, with its established background and target audience, has now surprised the world with the latest version of games that can be played on android and iOS software, as majority of the population prefer to use their Android or iOS smartphone rather than their PC. The good news about this, is that those who wish to play their favourite SEGA games on their Smartphones such as sonic the hedgog, comix zone etc, will no longer have to use an emulator to do so, as there's an official way to play it. 

How to download Sega games on Android and iOS for Free 2017

As the matter of fact, penetrating the market of smartphone gaming is the ultimate desire of all the big gaming companies of the world. SEGA's history of games started in the years following 1970 and it appears to be one of the most well-known gaming firms on this planet. It has launched a new set of collection of free-to-play games for the iOS and Android devices under the umbrella of Sega Forever brand. 

What Sega games will be available to download for Free?

This development will witness various classic games, which had been popular on multiple Sega grounds, on smartphones. So far, 5 Sega Genesis titles including Sonic the Hedgehog, Comix Zone, Altered Beast, Kid Chameleon, and the most amazing, Phantasy Star II seem to be available for free.
Interestingly, all those having iOS or Android devices, and willing to engross in the Sega Forever action can now download the set of games without any charges or payment. And all the games are backed by ads with having in-app purchase option which will allow them to eliminate ads for just a charge of $1.99.

How to download Sega games on Android and iOS Smartphone for Free

It is being said that the games will keep being updated for modern devices in order to add advanced gaming characteristics or qualities. The examples can include support for connected Bluetooth controllers, leaderboards and the chance of playing offline.

How to download Sega games on Android/iOS for free?

Now the question arises as to how to download Sega games on Android/iOS for free. All the above-mentioned games from Sega Forever are easily available which can be downloaded from iOS App store (Click here to download) and Android's Google Playstore (Click here to download) for FREE.

SEGA Company claims that as its collection expands over the period of time, it will certainly add both official emulations and ported games that span Sega console eras. With specifically adapted games for the smartphones while keeping its trust-building relationship with its users, SEGA will remain faithful.

We hope that this article has fully convinced you that SEGA’s efforts to launch its games on smartphones have been a great source of happiness for gamers and especially SEGA lovers. You should try this new development to feel the charm of SEGA games on the smartphone for free or without incurring any cost, also if you played SEGA games during childhood, now's a great time to revisit your favorite childhood games!

How to Engage Social Audience with Smartphone?

Marketing strategies and business processes are changing worldwide. New age businesses have now taken the online route to reach out to their customers as this is faster and cheaper. Online marketing strategies are based on email marketing, online advertising, content marketing, and social media marketing. Engaging the social audience has now become important for the businesses to flourish and that is now possible even with smartphone. Smartphone is handy and the most convenient device to engage the audience every moment in your social media marketing. Even if you are not having online business to market, you can still try the ways to engage social audience as it is the best way to gain popularity amongst your preferred social circle.

How to engage social audience with Smartphone

Here are some easy ways to use the Smartphone to engage social audience effectively.

  1. Know the audience you need to engage

Before engaging the audience, it is important to know the audience you are going to engage. The demographics can be studied and the marketing plan can be drafted according to the interests shown by the audience. Social audience you are targeting can be segregated based on age, gender, geographical location, and interests. Your marketing outline would be based on all these factors. Once you have your target audience in place, you will know what audience to target and when! Knowing the audience and making relevant groups would make the marketing plan more effective.

  1. Post the right thing at the right time

Using smartphone to engage the social audience would allow you to be at the right place at the right time. You would have chance to post contents, pictures, and videos that may be of everybody’s interest. However, it is equally important to post only the right thing at the right time to make it relevant and acceptable. Even when you are tempted to share posts that you find interesting, don’t post it unless you find the right time to do it. Neither be hasty in posting things nor be lethargic in doing the same as this will ruin the impact of your post. If you're unable to post due to a busy schedule, make sure to make use of social media management tools such as Buffer, Hootsuite etc. as they will allow you to schedule posts on your social networks and update them, without you having to be present all the time.

  1. Content that has takers

With “Broadcast” option, it has really been easy for the smartphone users to pick up just any content and forward it to all contacts in the smartphone at just one click. If you love to use this option more often, then it is time to refrain from doing this. Broadcasting just any content to the entire group of recipients at one go would save your time but spoil your reputation. Time will come when any content posted by you would be just ignored. You won’t find takers for your content even when it is interesting. Hence, it is very much important to post only the content that is relevant to the audience. Post the content that has takers. Be selective in posting the content and also in deciding the group of recipients. Even when your smartphone gives you features, use it with caution. Make each of your posts meaningful, this will build your image in long run. Your social audience should wait for your posts and not just hate your posts.

  1. Be there to reply

Being a part of social audience brings along several responsibilities too. If you want to connect to the audience, then it is important to be there to reply to their queries and suggestions. One sided posts never work. Whenever you have posted something, be prepared to take up the suggestion, feedback, and queries positively. Don’t just put up a post and forget about it. You will have to be more alert after putting up a post. Keep checking the reactions, acknowledge the positives and reply to the negatives, welcome the suggestions and share your ideas of improvement, channelize the debate in the right direction, and make your post garner the desired results. If you are posting on behalf of your organization, then use the word “We” instead of “I” to assure your audience that you are a team and not just an individual. Remember, you are not there to debate on any point, just a little empathy and correct information may go a long way.

  1. Be an audience

You don’t need to be conversation starter every time to engage the social audience. Be a part of relevant groups and be an audience yourself. Engage in conversations and share your views. Sometimes, you will get more visibility by talking sense on conversations initiated on other groups than what you will get by starting one yourself. There are many such conversations taking place on different social media sites. Keep a track of such conversations and participate.
Use your smartphone as your marketing tool. Reach out to like-minded people with effective marketing plan and you will get amazing results every time.

Author Bio: Varun Kumar Works for as Content Writer. It is the e-tailer Company known for bringing the Mobile Covers|Wrist Watches|Bluetooth Speakers|Power banks models from all major manufacturers at best discounts. The company has a fully operational office and warehouse maintained to make timely deliveries across the nation

How to protect PC from Ransomware 2017

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Recently, a major virus attack took place termed “ Ransomware “, which encrypts data in the computer and unlocks it, only if a specific amount of money is paid – usually through Bitcoins, to avoid identity being revealed. Here in this article, you will learn how to how to protect PC from Ransomware. You can assume your computer’s data has been taken hostage and the only way to get it back is to pay, or else say goodbye. It was one of the most largest cyber-attack that took place, as it effected over 70 countries, especially large organizations or businesses around the world such as hospitals (a shit move to be honest), which resulted in current operations to be halted.

How to protect PC from Ransomware

The ransomware program that was used, is specifically called “ WannaCry “, which asks for a minimum price about $300 but the more late you are to pay, the more the price increases. This ransomware took advantage of a flaw in Windows, which was discovered by the NSA & later exposed to the world by hackers later on. But just because you don’t use Windows, doesn’t mean you are safe. As chances are you can become victim to Ransomware even if using another operating system, such as: Android, Linux, Mac etc.

The more you use the Internet, the more chances you’ve to install a Malware unintentionally. For ransomware to work, hackers have to go through the effort of installing malware into the computer. They achieve this most commonly, by phishing, sending out emails or baiting users to download it unknowingly.

Although the ransomware was eliminated through a kill switch, it still managed to do a lot of damage. It won’t be long before they re-write the code and execute it again. Even if you’re an individual user and not some big company, there are still chances you can be the next target. Hence better to stay safe by knowing how to protect PC from ransomware.

How to protect PC from Ransomware

1. Update your PC

How to protect PC from Ransomware by updating

Make sure to update your PC. This is important, as hackers usually hack by finding loopholes or flaws – which are later discovered by the operating system makers and fixed. It’s your job to download the patch as soon as possible, to protect pc from ransomware and avoid your system from being vulnerable. It may hard to keep up with updates, hence make sure to enable Auto updates if your Operating system allows that and make sure to update on time.

2. Backup your Data

This one is the most obvious. It’s better to be safe than sorry! Although backing up data may seem time consuming, but it is worth it in the long run for protecting pc from ransomware and only when you lose your data, you will be able to realize its worth. You should make a habit of backing up your important data to external hard drive or a USB, as they are not connected to the Internet. Make sure to remove it from PC after you’re done backing it up, so it won’t be able to get corrupted if your computer does get infected. For more convenience, you can go for cloud-storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneCloud, SpiderOak etc. Just because your data is stored in the cloud, doesn’t mean that it will be safe from hackers. HOWEVER, they obviously have much better security and resources than you do and if such situation does arise, they will be able to combat it quickly.

3. Use Anti-Virus Software

The first thing you should do after installing Windows is to install a genuine and paid Anti-virus to protect PC from ransomware. Most free anti-viruses may seem they've a lot to offer, but they’re usually no good. Although even paid anti-virus software may not be able to catch all viruses, but paid are still better than free anti-viruses. Also make sure that your Anti-virus software also comes with an browser extension, so that it is able to anticipate suspicious download links or websites. Also if you’re using Windows, you probably have Windows Defender, make sure to have that turned on too. Two anti-virus softwares installed in one system may slow down your computer, hence make sure you’ve a good PC or just install one.

How to protect PC from Ransomware by Antivirus Software

Even if you do become a victim to ransomware, if you have backup – it should be no problem, however if you don’t, then it’s upto you to decide whether you want to pay or lose the data. You might find de-encrypters, but beware as they might end up infecting your system even more.

How to save videos from Instagram to Phone

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Instagram is the one of the most popular and fastest growing social networking sites that allows its users to share their photos and short video clips. These 15 second video clips are so amazing that they give you a glimpse of what's going on in the lives of others. One thing that many Instagram users are concerned about is that it does not have a feature to download the pictures and videos directly from their site, even if the content owner allows it. It does not give you a right click option to save the images or videos because of copyright and distributing issues, as most content owners disapprove. Here in this article, you will learn how to save videos from Instagram to Phone

How to save videos from Instagram to Phone

For all those who wish to save videos from Instagram to their phones (provided you've permission from the content owner), there are several ways to accomplish it. The Internet is loaded with numerous third party apps that help you achieve the task of downoading videos and images from Instagram to your phone. Here we will discuss about how you can save videos from Instagram to phone using the InstaSave app.

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If you want to save the Instagram images and videos to an iPhone or Android smartphones, then you will have to download certain third party apps. One way to save Instagram videos in an Iphone or Android, is to make use of InstaSave. This is one of the most popular and favorite apps that helps you save Instagram pictures and videos to your device. Here's how you do it: 

How to save videos from Instagram to Phone on iOS

How to save videos from Instagram to Phone on iOS

  1. Download and install the InstaSave app on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Once the InstaSave app is installed, open it. The app will ask permission to access your Photos. You can grant permission by tapping on OK.
  3. Select Login with Instagram on the next screen
  4. Login by entering your Instagram Username and Password
  5. The InstaSave app will ask for permissions to access your account. Select Authorize
  6. You can now see that your Instagram feed has been loaded in the app. Select the video you wish to save to your iPhone or iPad Camera roll.
  7. You will find a Save icon at bottom right of the video. Tap on it.
  8. The selected video will be saved to your Camera roll.

How to save videos from Instagram to Phone on Android

How to save videos from Instagram to Phone on Android

  1. Download and install the InstaSave app on your android device.
  2. Once the InstaSave app is installed, open Instagram.
  3. Tap on the three vertical dots at the bottom of the video that you want to save to your phone and select Share.
  4. Select Share via InstaSave on the next screen.
  5. The selected video will open in InstaSave and you will find a Save icon at bottom right of the video. Tap on it.
  6. The video will be saved successfully to the photo gallery in your android device.
Some of the, other third party apps that you can use to save videos from Instagram to phone are Instagram video downloader, GetThemAll any file downloader, EasyDownloader and Hashtack. These apps, which  are very easy to use can download almost all Instagram videos, both from public and private profiles. With the help of these apps, you’ll be able to save Instagram photos or videos in a matter of seconds. You can save these videos in MP4 format and they can be played on any device.

Also if you're interested in saving images, then there's no need to go through all the hassle mentioned above as you can just simply take a screenshot.

Disclaimer: This is an educational article for people interested in saving videos from Instagram, provided they've the owner's permission - We are not responsible for any illegal downloads.

YouTube tips and tricks 2017

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Google's annual report showed that people watched YouTube 60 percent more than last year, and the trend of growth its popularity is likely to continue in 2017. Youtube is a popular video sharing network which ranks higher than Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or any other popular social network that there is. Youtube boasts about 1 BILLION active users on it's site every month, basically every 1 out of 3 people on the Internet use Youtube. 

Youtube tips and tricks 2017

Accordingly, we give you six YouTube tips and tricks that every user should know in the year 2017.

#1. Looking for your favorite artist tracks

Many people use YouTube as a database of licensed music. On the one hand, Google perfectly bans pirate copies, imitators, and fake accounts, but on the other – in the presence of streaming services, it looks strange.

Youtube search tip and trick 2017

However, if you want to find the latest tracks or albums to your favorite artist, use the "#" symbol in the search. Next, write the name without spaces and get a collection of popular hits and songs.

#2. Use search operators

To immediately find the desired video without getting issues with tons of inappropriate clips, use the search operators. For YouTube it’s enough to remember only three of them:
For the exact match, type the word or phrase in quotes (Example: "iPhone 6S Presentation");
To exclude a word from your search results, enter it with the symbol "-" (example: iPhone 6S - drop test);
To search for multiple words at the same time you need to indicate “+” between words (example: iPhone + iPad).

#3. Make GIF from a video

If you love to share gif-animation on social networks or instant messengers, pay attention to the service It can help you convert any video to GIF from YouTube.

Convert youtube video into gif

In the address bar just add the prefix "gif" before the word YouTube and press Enter.
On the service page, you can select any part of the video, add a sticker or label. Just click on the button “Create Gif” and animation is ready.

#4. Save the video or audio track

To save YouTube clips, the easiest way to use the service “”. Just copy the link of the video you want and paste it on the main page of the service.
Select the type of stored data. Audio will be downloaded in MP3 format (service assigns the name of the artist and album, as well as the cover), and video converts to MP4 with a possibility of choosing its quality.

#5. Send the YouTube video to TV

Most modern smart TVs are able to play videos from YouTube. However, not everyone knows that Google's service allows connecting the TV and the smartphone, which are on the same Wi-Fi network.
The YouTube app on your TV settings need the code for pairing and entering it on the smartphone.
After the synchronization, you can with just one-click send video from your smartphone to the big TV screen.

#6. View videos in all windows

Another great tip if you use the Chrome browser, is that you can use the free extension “Floating for YouTube”, which unpins the window with a reproducible video and put it on the top of all windows, which is a feature that is available on Youtube's smartphone app, however for it to work on desktops - you will have to do it manually with the help of browser extensions. If you use other browsers, you'd be able to find them easily as many extensions are available that allow this.

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Free Study Exams for Engineering Certifications

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Gaining an engineering qualification is tough and many IT Professionals looking to advance in their career find it very difficult to pass the examinations required due to their difficulty. Studying, practical experience and even more studying is the only way anyone can hope to pass one of these exams. In some cases, this does not even adequately prepare people for the way that the exam is written. Many people find that they are confused and can’t finish the exam on time because the exam is so different from what they studied. The best way to prevent this from happening is by practicing past exam papers. This will prepare you for how the examinations are structured and at the same time you’ll be memorizing past exam questions. Questions from past exams are often included in new exams.

Free Study Exams for Engineering Certifications

The extra marks you earn from knowing the past exam papers can make the difference between passing and failing, especially when taking the EMC E20-393 Unity Solutions Specialist Exam for Implementation Engineers Exam and the Veeam VMCE-V9 VEEAM Certified Engineer (VMCE9) Exam. You will also know how to approach the question paper due to your past experience, saving you time. Having knowledge about how the questions will be asked and how to answer them will be one of the most important things you can have when taking an exam. The practice tests available on Exam-Labs also have answer sheets that contain explanations of each answer and the reasoning behind them. This will also give you a peek into the mind of the person who will be grading the exams.

The EMC E20-393 Unity Solutions Specialist Exam for Implementation Engineers Exam and the Veeam VMCE-V9 VEEAM Certified Engineer (VMCE9) Exam are both challenging exams created to test your skills as an engineer and to make sure you possess the abilities needed to succeed in your work. The examinations you find on Exam-Labs all come from certified vendors such as Cisco, Comptia, Microsoft and others. This means that all of these exams are legitimate and will help to adequately prepare you for a real exam.

The website has also been verified by industry experts as being the real deal. You can access both the E20-393 exam as well as the VMCE-V9 exam for free on Exam-Labs. There are no costs involved as there are with similar websites and both the questions and the answers are available on Exam-Labs. The goal of this website is to help prepare IT professionals for their exam certifications. You can view this website on mobile or access it via a laptop or PC depending on what is most convenient for you. There are also many otherIT relatedsubjects available among the over three thousand past certification exams on the website. Other people who have made use of this website’s services have left testimonials that can be read by visiting the Exam-Labs website online. Once you’re on the website, you can easily view the testimonials or search for the exam paper that you need.

What To Do When You Have an App Idea

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We all get inspired with ideas beyond our skillset. We come up with the perfect superhero movie while driving to work, or a new gadget that would be all the rage in the land of late night infomercials. And considering the amount of time all of us spend with our phones, you or someone you know has come up with a fabulous idea for a new app.

What to do when you have an app idea

The superhero movie will most likely never happen unless you're friends with Joss Whedon, and as far as the infomercial gadget goes, you’ll sober up eventually. But the app? That’s doable.

You probably already know that designing and building an app is easier than producing a blockbuster movie or engineering a physical product from scratch. An app is a software, and it involves a lot of coding. There have been numerous innovations over the last couple of years that have removed much of the heavy lifting – i.e. not every app has to be built from the ground up.

In the meantime of trying to jump through the fiery hoops of coding, here are some tips on taking the first steps to develop your app idea.

#1. Uncover the Scope and Purpose

The first thing you’ll need to do is define the scope of your app. Will it be doing something simple, or is it going to be more complex? Complex doesn’t mean calculus. It means that your app will have to do a lot of things, for example the Amazon app. The more complicated an app, the more likely you’ll need to bring in outside help.
Secondly, define what your app will do in exact terms. Back to the Amazon app, this app offers more than just shopping. It lists products, links accounts, searches inventory, adds to cart and so on. The things you want your app to do need to be just as clearly defined.

#2. Who Will Be the Developer?

If your app needs to be built from scratch, there’s a good chance you’ll need a developer. A quick search will produce pages of companies all willing to help individuals develop their brilliant idea into an app. That leads to this obvious warning -  watch out for shady partners and scams. Only work with people who have the expertise to develop your app idea with a proven track record. A startup might give you a huge discount to create a portfolio, but check out the company and the people who make up the team. While their business might be brand new, the ones who started it should have experience making apps, and have personal portfolios of what they've done.

If you’re confident enough to develop yourself, proceed to number 3.

#3. Choose Your Platform Wisely

Once you know what your app scope and purpose is, research platforms. Technology changes at the speed of light, so stay current on your research. Your app will need a platform that best fits your scope and purpose. Some companies make platforms where clients can build apps affordably in much the same way that Wix or Squarespace lets people create websites.
Take time to look at the companies that provide platforms or even will do the job for you entirely. Some platforms will provide a stronger commerce integration than others, while the next one might be the best option if you intend for your app to be primarily used on tablets.

#4. Be Fully Committed

Building an app takes time. After all, you’re goal is to create an app that gravitates user retention, so don’t rush through it. The developing process is critical since you’ll be developing an idea so that people can interact with it. Communicate, plan and strategize. Depending on the application scope and purpose, it could take 4 to 6 months to create and this is only the beginning of your apps life. The beauty of a successful app is maintaining, improving and updating.

#5. Pricing

Apps are not cheap. They range from $50,000 to $1,000,000. If you have a really great idea, you may be able to find investors. You’ve got to scale out costs and potential capital. Working the numbers is essential. How much will you charge for your app? And how much will it cost to build? What will be the ROI? There are 2.2 million apps just on iOS alone, so you’ll need a business plan as to where your app falls into the pool of the other 2 million apps out there. Does your app fill in a gap? If so, you may have more potential than you think.

#6. Leave Room for Marketing

Don’t overlook marketing. If a potential user isn’t aware your app even exists, it doesn’t matter how amazing it is. They won’t buy it if they don’t know about it. This is another area where outside expert advice can help. Remember that bad marketing can kill even the best ideas. Look what happened to Firefly. The right marketing expert could even help you find funding via Kickstarter or Indiegogo, should you need it.

#7. Take Away—Think Long Term

Another smart step to take is to talk to a lawyer. While copyright law in the US can be a convoluted mess, should the worst come to pass, and you find yourself in court, having a legal foundation to fall back on can make a big difference. Just remember these three basic copyright rules. Ideas cannot be copyrighted, no matter how awesome they are. Names can’t be copyrighted, but they might be trademarked. Rules also cannot be copyrighted, which is why we have so many unlicensed Monopoly knock-offs like Horse-opoly.

Final Thoughts:
Apps are a large part of how we communicate, learn and entertain ourselves. Though there are around 2.2 million apps just on iOS, there are still gaps. If you find yourself sitting on an idea that’ll contribute to the world of applications, be sure to take the proactive steps necessary to bring your idea to people’s fingertips the right way.

This is a Guest Post written by Ryan Stewart.