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Who Called Me: Reverse Phone Number Lookup and Telemarketing Spam Checker

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There used to be a time when you could see the whole caller ID of the person who called you i.e: the number, the country it’s calling from and the name of the caller. Those days are long gone and reversing phone number isn't so simple anymore, as technology has advanced and smartphones have taken over.  In today's world, it is easier to spoof caller IDs today, as there are MANY softwares or services available on the Internet that allow you to fool the person you’re calling by spoofing your caller ID. Caller ID spoofing is generally used by telemarketers or pranksters, usually with bad intentions to masquerade as someone else, such as pretending to be the president or sending a SWAT team. You’re probably thinking SWAT isn’t stupid enough to fall for this, but they actually did in 2007.

Who Called Me - Reverse Phone Number Lookup and Telemarketing Spam Checker

After all these scenarios, a law was implemented and telemarketers are now by law, required to use their actual caller ID. But just because it’s illegal, doesn’t mean that’ll stop people from using them. The question, “how can you protect yourself from caller ID spoofing arises?” arises.

Who Called Me – Reverse phone number lookup and telemarketing spam checker

The answer is, a Reverse Phone Number Lookup and Telemarketing Spam Checker. A website that allows you to perform reverse phone number look up and protect you against spam. Reverse phone number lookup, is basically a technique used to identify the identity of unknown numbers that called you or triangulate the origin of the number. allows you to see who called you by reading their phone number reviews and performing your own reverse phone number lookup. Basically, the website is run by users, for the users. Similarly, like Wikipedia which started off with the same concept and developed to the biggest encyclopedia today, where all content is written by external users.

Following are the area codes currently covers:
  • 201
  • 202
  • 203
  • 204
  • 205
  • 206
  • 207
  • 208
  • 209
  • 210
  • 212
  • 213
  • 214
  • 215
  • 216
  • 217
  • 218
  • 219
  • 220
  • 224
  • 225
  • 226
  • 228
  • 229
  • 231
  • 234
  • 236
  • 236
  • 239
  • 240
  • 242
  • 246
  • 248
  • 249
  • 250
  • 251
  • 252
  • 253
  • 254
  • 256
  • 260
  • 262
  • 264
  • 267
  • 268
  • 269
  • 270
  • 272
  • 276
  • 281
  • 284
  • 289
 However, as it’s new – there is less data and the website is still being worked on and soon will cover more area codes, hopefully giving users a much better experience and allowing them to perform more accurate reverse phone number lookups.

Why you should use this website?

You’re probably wondering why use, when there are so many other services out there that can do the same.  But there’s no way to be sure the information provided is genuine or not, as it’s done automatically. WhoCalledMe provides a better experience, as it is a user database and allows you to perform reverse phone number lookup based on the “reviews” provided by other users.

Similarly, you can leave behind a review too. This concept is similar to that of online shopping websites where users leave reviews on the buyer and product’s quality, where after analyzing all the reviews, you can decide whether the information provided is genuine or not.

Alternatives to

But what if you’re not able to perform a reverse phone number lookup successfully from You can go for manual ways, such as following the tips below and then contributing the information you believe to be true on the website.

One of the most common and popular technique to reverse phone number used by majority is just to simply type the unknown number into Google, which only works if the caller left his phone number public somewhere on the Internet. Before 2010, it was possible to use Google's phone book search operator to do a reverse phone lookup however not anymore, as it was shut down by Google due to majority of the people requesting for their phone number to be removed.

Another alternative to using Google, is searching the number on Facebook as that is most likely to bring out the person’s profile and reveal the identity of the caller to you, provided their number isn’t private.

Conclusion: is a great website that allows you to reverse phone number lookup and prevent telemarketing spam. You will find many services or apps on the Internet willing to perform reverse phone number lookup, however common sense says they’re not genuine and most likely fraudulent, since you yourself are not able to successful reverse phone number, there’s high probability that a 3rd person won’t be able to find it as well. However there’s no harm in trying them if they’re free, however NEVER risk paying for them as that’s just plain stupidity, unless they’ve access to local phone directory records which is unlikely.

Brain Lines - Free brain game for iPhone

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Thanks to today’s technology, ways to learn are not limited. Back then, you needed to pay for information which you can get for free today. Having to attend boring lectures that seem like never-ending, then having to memorize the course in order to get highest marks. This doesn’t seem much fun does it?

How are people expected to learn or train their brain, without any interest for what they’re doing? In order for people to learn, they’ve to remove the boring and add fun. This is where brain games such as the amazing under-rated puzzle based game called " Brain Lines: Cognitive Puzzles " come in, as it can help train and test your brain power. Think of brain games as gym for the brain. No matter how great your abs are, you’ll still have to visit the gym from time to time in order to maintain your abs. Same goes for the brain. It is important to have at least one brain game installed in your iPhone or other smartphone device, so that you can maintain your cognitive skills. Not only will brain games help you learn, but also improve your memory and make learning new stuff much easier.

Brain Lines – Free brain game for iPhone

Brain Lines: Cognitive Puzzles is a free brain game for iPhone, developed by Alex Schelowski. It is a game that will test your brain power. By playing this game, you’ll make sure your cognitive skills are maintained by making your brain work, which will help prevent issues related to your brain from arising in the future, such as bad memory. What makes this game great is the fact that it’s free to play and doesn’t require you to pay a single penny. The game contains over 250 challenges, which will test your brain power and sharpen your mind, while you’re having fun.

Brain Lines - Free brain game for iPhone menu

The basic requirements for installing Brain Lines on your iOS device are:
  • iOS 8.0 or greater.
  • iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

How to play Brain Lines?

 “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. The objective of Brain Lines is very simple. Your goal is to connect all of the lines by tapping each dot. Sounds easy enough right? Well that’s where you’re wrong. Brain Lines may seem like a very easy game judging by it's description, unfortunately that's not the case. As much as it may seem simple, the game varies from simple to difficult, depending on the stage you're in.

Before connecting the lines, you’ve to make sure you don’t repeat a line or else its game over. Hence, you cannot just click on any dot/line, as you’ve to think carefully about which line or dot to choose in order to complete the puzzle. After completing the objective, you gain stars – which are based on how fast you complete each cognitive puzzle.

Brain Lines - Free brain game for iPhone

The game basically helps train your brain by making you solve challenging puzzles, which make use of your cognitive abilities. You make your brain work in the process, giving it a solid workout which in return, improves your cognitive skills such as ability to focus, problem solving, memory, reading etc.

Why you should play Brain Lines?

It is no surprise that gaming has cognitive benefits, as it has been proved by scientists many times. Those who videogame often tend to be much better at practical/logical tasks than those who don’t game at all. Even those games which aren’t puzzle based, still come into this category as they make you use your brain power to complete the objective of the game (e.g: how to avoid enemies, what strategy to use to defeat them etc.)

Hence it is safe to say that playing games is GOOD for your brain. By playing brain lines, you can stimulate your brain and improve connectivity in the brain regions responsible for memory and strategic planning.

Brain Lines - Free brain game for iPhone gameplay

There many free brain games for iPhone available which all serve the same purpose, however they don't come close to Brain Lines, as what makes Brain Lines unique is the fact that it is simple and easy to figure out the controls/objective. Brain Lines is a great game to improve and train your brain power, especially if you’re too lazy to get out and exercise, or don’t get time to sleep well, which are alternative and natural ways to improve brain power. With Brain Lines, you just have to install the game from iTunes on your iPhone or other iOS device and can play anywhere on the go, whenever and wherever you like.

Conclusion: Do make sure to install this game, even if you believe you don’t have bad cognitive abilities as it is fun and you’ll want to play more and more after playing it for the first time, while giving your brain a solid workout. Where as, if you have bad cognitive abilities, you’ll surely see some changes after playing this game.

Best Android App for Disaster Survival and Emergency Situations

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According to The United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, a total of 1.7 billion people have been affected by disasters worldwide between the years 2005 and 2014. Out of 1.7 billion, 0.7 million of the people were killed, mostly due to earthquakes and tsunamis. These shocking statistics are proof that humans are helpless when it comes to disasters and emergency situations. It is nearly impossible to control or predict such situations before time. Due to technological advancement, relative authorities do warn the public in terms of disasters like storms and tsunamis.

However, warnings are of no use if you don’t know how to react in disaster and emergency situations. During such situations, every second of your time is crucial as your reactions determine your survival. As humans, we prioritize the protection of our families and ourselves. Disasters can vary in nature from natural to man made and each of these require and different approach for survival. It is difficult to remember the survival guide to each individual disaster. Moreover, as humans, we tend to panic in disasters situations and forget any prior knowledge of survival tips.

In this day and age, where there’s an app for almost every human dilemma, an array of disaster survival apps is available. Despite this, most of them aren’t comprehensive enough to be relied on. However, ‘Disaster Survival Guide & Emergency Situation Prep' app provides all these features in one place, making it the best Android app for disaster survival and emergency situations.

Disaster Survival Guide & Emergency Situation Prep

Disaster Survival Guide & Emergency Situation Prep is an Android App available on the Google Play Store on which you can learn what to do when a disaster of emergency situation occurs. It has been developed by Summer Rabbit and requires Android 4.0.3 and up.

Best android app for disaster survival and emergency situations

Why use Disaster Survival Guide & Emergency Situation Prep?

When looking for a survival guide, the key is to look for the most comprehensive one. This helps save your time, which is a precious tool when caught in such situations. This app is one of the most comprehensive apps designed with a priority to keep you safe. The instructions given in the manual are so simple and easy to follow that anyone from a child to an adult can use this app during disaster situations. The instructions include high quality animations and illustrations which facilitate the users.

This app provides you with extensive knowledge on all kinds of situations. This ensures that you don’t have to download several guides pertaining to different situations as the app guides you to take the best course of action no matter what the place and disaster are. It takes into consideration that you may be at home, in a shopping mall, at work or driving to work. Moreover, it covers natural and man made disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, storms, hurricanes, blizzards, wildfires, building fires, airplane crash landing, sinking ship et cetera. The extensive nature of the app can be judged by how it can cover situations as basic as body temperature regulation and water purification to something as complex as surviving a nuclear fallout.

Disaster survival kit guide

The app also includes a crucial survival kit and 72 hours’ survival guide. To keep track of your survival kit, the app allows you to maintain a checklist of the items. This ensures that you are always aware of the tools available to you and the tools you need to arrange for. Such organisation is key to survival in disaster situations as it really is the survival of the fittest.

How to use Disaster Survival Guide & Emergency Situation Prep?

The best thing about this app is the user-friendly interface which facilitates the user’s lives without complicating any of the instructions provided so everyone can make its best use. You can just download the app and select the disaster you need information on. Also remember to check out their YouTube video to get more information what the app is about.

Who wants this?

This app is an essential key to survival for all those people living in areas that are hit by disasters frequently. It will help you manage yourself ideally within an emergency situation in case you panic or need additional information. The app will ensure that you follow all the steps necessary to put you and your family out of the way of danger.

Moreover, you never know when you might get stuck in a disaster or emergency situations. As disasters don’t tell before coming, it is good to be prepared beforehand by downloading this app.

Conclusion: Disaster Survival Guide & Emergency Situation Prep is a great survival manual for all disaster situations. Although you can download the app for free, there are in-app features which can be purchased. The app has recently been updated and shows great potential so you should download the app without any further delay to experience it.

Mattia Di Chiara presents MoneyManage- Easy. Fast. Essential. For iPhone

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In the growing pace of everyday life, keeping track of one’s finances has becomes increasingly frustrating and stressful. No sooner does the bank cash your monthly pay cheque, money flows out of your hands like water. You are left clueless as to how you could have spent the sum in such a short time.

Moreover, despite setting a budget for oneself, it becomes very difficult to limit expenditure within that budget. This leads to running out of money before you anticipated and resorting to borrowing. One thing leads to another and you land in a horrible situation of having borrowed more than you can afford to pay back.

You can avoid this whirlwind of events if only you are a little more organised. To have control over your expenditure, it is important that you list down and observe the trend in their expenses. This will help you avoid over spending and you can save money with ease.

While this may seem impossible to do on your own, MoneyManage is the perfect App to help you manage your money.

MoneyManage - Easy. Fast. Essential.

Manage your money with MoneyManage app for iPhone

MoneyManage is an iOS App available on the App store for iOS devices only, on which you can manage all your finances easily. It has been developed by Mattia Di Chiara and requires iOS 10.3 or later.

Why use MoneyManage?

The app is the ideal solution to all your budgeting problems. As promoted by the developer, ‘it is the new way to manage your money’ as it has everything you may need with its fast, easy-to-understand and easy-to-use interface. You can simply create an account and use the app without wasting your time on figuring it out. It is available in English, Italian and German languages.

The app facilitates its users every step of the way to make their lives easier. After you have created an account and entered your expenses, the app’s ‘Remember me!’ feature sends users push notifications alerting them about any future expenses. This is useful because a lot of busy people forget to pay important bills till the last minute. This becomes a hassle as they end up paying more after the due date. MoneyManage will help save your money by reminding you on time.

This app makes sure you are comfortable while using it. The graphic features available make your experience pleasant as you can use Light Mode to change the colour of the app to a white background to ensure good viewing. This option has been made available especially for people who cannot see perfectly. Furthermore, the Gestore 3D touch makes it even easier to go over your list of expenses. While it may be boring to list expenses on a paper, personalising the app helps make the process more interesting, encouraging you to use it more and more.

Moreover, your account and all the sensitive information stored within it is highly protected by the Touch ID, if supported by your iPhone. This ensures that you data is safe at all times even if you lose your phone. Also, you will never lose your data incase you have to restore the app as all your data is backed up from inside and outside the app.

How to use MoneyManage?

It is very easy as you just have to create an account using your name, balance and expense limit. Next, you create a list of all your expenses. Moreover, there is a tutorial present on Mattia Di Chiara’s Facebook page which helps guide you through all of the app’s features and the proper way to make transactions.

Who wants this?

In my eyes, this app is the best solution for all youngsters at university who are striving to manage expenses on their own for the first time in their lives. It is ideal for keeping track of how much you spend and save. Your time at university is already full of so much stress due to academics and social life that keeping track of finances slips out of your mind. That is why you need this app to remind you of your budget and any future expenses.

Moreover, the app is perfect for everyone who is too busy to manage their expenses. From housewives to businessman, these days everyone lives a very fast paced life. This app would help them without taking up much of their valuable time. It is simple so anyone can use it.

Conclusion: MoneyManage is a great money managing app for iOS. Although it is relatively new, the advance features of the app reflect its potential. You just have to pay a small price for these features so you should install the app without any further delay to experience it yourself.

Road Draw - Next Generation of Hill Climb Racing Games for Android

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There used to be a time when you had to pay a lot of money just to buy a computer that can play basic games but then technology developed and prices came down, new technologies were introduced that allowed you to carry your “computers“ around anywhere you want! Now we’ve laptop, smartphones etc. that allows us to perform simple yet complex tasks in a matter of seconds. If you’ve an Android smartphone, you’ve probably one game or more installed in it that you like to play whenever free. Android’s official app store Google Playstore is filled with countless number of FREE Android gaming apps for you to simply choose and download from. It may seem tempting to install every android game you see, however you probably would end up uninstalling majority of them hence it’s best to do a bit of research on what games are worth installing.

Road Draw: Climb your own hills - Next Generation of Hill Climb Racing Games for Android

Road Draw Climb your own hills next generation of hill climb racing game for Android

Here in this article, I will be introducing a 2D hill climbing racing Android game called Road Draw: Climb your own hills (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD). Which is a very addicting racing game that you’ll surely enjoy playing and best of all, you don’t have to pay a single dime to install it!

 Features of Road Draw: Climb your own Hills

  • You have a variety of cars to choose from Mini cars, 4x4, Offroad, Army, SUV, Jeep including school buses!

Road Draw Climb your own hills car selection menu

  • Each car’s properties vary e.g: some cars are great climbers and the others have higher speed. It’s upto you to decide what you want. You can view all the details about them on the car selection menu.

Road Draw Climb your own hills map selection menu

  • 2 different environments to pick from. Earth is the default map of the game that every player can enjoy playing in. The second environment is Mars which is quite more difficult than the default environment as the gravity settings are changed.
  • Two different weathers are available: Sunny & Rainy.
  • The game obeys the laws of physics, hence you should get a feel of realism while playing this Android game and 60 fps gameplay, what more can you ask for?
  • If you get tired of the default game maps, you can draw your OWN hills and roads of own style and climb over them with your 4x4 car!
  • Play daily to get great bonuses. If you want to earn coins faster, you’ve option to watch adverts.

And according to the developer, there are more awesome features on the way such as:
  • More extraordinary cars.
  • Motorcycles
  • More maps and snowy weather.

What makes Road Draw: Climb your own hills a great Android Game?

Apart from the amazing gameplay, graphics and its unique features, the game has much more to offer. It’s an obvious fact that games are stress reducers, hence having a great android game already installed comes in handy in such scenarios. The main reason racing games are stress reducers is due to the fact that they’re non-violent, as compared to other gaming genres. Road Draw: Climb your own hills also increases your ability to FOCUS, as the game is built in such way it requires your focus in order to reach the finish line. Recent studies have found a link between improved eye and hand coordination by playing racing games. Racing games allows you to improve your coordination, which in return helps you react faster and accurately to physical situations such as a encountering deer between the roads while driving.

Road Draw Climb your own hills

Apart from mental benefits. The game also possesses soothing music along with nice interface, that should be satisfying for your eyes. This game is great for those love challenges and creating their own playgrounds, as you’ve the feature to draw your own map to race in.

If you’re a fan of racing games, do make sure to install this game as you won’t regret it. However be aware, you’re most likely to get addicted and spend most of your time playing this game!

Road Draw's official Facebook Page:
Road Draw’s Official Website:

Cougar Dating Life - Android Dating App to date Older Women or Young Men

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Certainly, making love is in the very nature of humans. You must have seen many men dating their girlfriends secretly, hiding from their wives, provided that they are married. Not only adults or mature people, but one can see even teenagers or youngsters dating their girlfriends too. In simple words, dating the loved one has become a quite popular trend in the today’s world. That is an unparalleled, unprecedented and the most important, wonderful, undoubtedly, a reflection of the modernity which is penetrating this planet. If you happen to move towards restaurants, cafes or hotels, There's no way you won't find a single couple, sharing secret stuff, or planning about where to meet next time to take it to the " next level" , which they cannot exercise in public place.

If you are of the view that making somebody to date with you requires a lot of efforts or time, then I guess you are lagging behind the world. If you think that you must be familiar and be known as the person you want to date, like that must be the classmate, neighbor, friends or relative, then you are not pacing the world, which is moving quite faster and quicker you do. However, this shouldn't be a problem as the world has developed, so has Technology and hooking up has never been so easier. What I am going to enlighten you with in this article should definitely make you feel wonder, surprised and astonish. There are many dating app available, but the question remains which one to choose? Having a specific choice should narrow down the apps for you - if you've interest in older women or young men, then Cougar Dating Life is the App for you!

What is Cougar Dating Life?

Cougar Dating Life Android Dating App to date older women

Cougar Dating Life **CLICK TO DOWNLOAD** is an Android Dating app, available for free on the google playstore which serves as a great platform those those interested in general hookups, especially with older women. It is also an great app for those older women, willing to date younger men. This app is available in US, Canada, Australia, and the UK. It offers the opportunity to an older woman to easily find their "cubs" that are looking for a relationship, be it casual or serious. This app is the best dating app in the sense that it doesn't violate the privacy of its members and never shares personal data with other dating apps and entities. There are three types of dating available in-app, as follow:
  1. Cougar dating that is when an older woman seeks for dating with a young man,
  2. Mature dating is when the mature women seek to find a person for date of the similar age or slightly older.
  3. Sugar Momma Dating, for rich sugar mamas.

Obviously, you've to be above 18 years old to be able to download and use this app.

How does Cougar Dating Life Android App work?

The cougar dating life app seems to be made for all the humans who are seeking for exaggerating excitement, exacerbating enjoyment, promoting fun, making the love and building friendships with the other humans living on this planet. The ultimate purpose of this app is to connect people and bring them close for some time. Whether you are a young smart man or the mature/old woman, through this app, you can search the profiles of those you want to date and find out potential dates near to you. You can also find more information about them in their profile via this app. you. If you're interested in the cub or cougar, simply swipe what you need to do is to swipe right. However, if you're not interested you can simply swipe left. In order to initiate a conversation with the one you want to talk and have fun, this app facilitates you to do so. This app also helps you to get to know as to who viewed your profile and shown some sort of an interest.

Features of Cougar Dating Life Android App:

  • Looking towards Cougar profiles
  • Help you know about the texts and the winks from other Cougar app members
  • Help you know as to who viewed your profile
  • Can help you search profiles anonymously
  • Get to know as to who appears to be interested in you and kick starts a talk or chat
  • You can like the profile just through swiping right  and skipping/passing by swiping left.

Conclusion: The cougar dating app thousands of members including older women known as cougars and young men, known as cubs in the app, making sure you will definetly find a partner after using this app. This app has been serving its people since last 13 years which make it unique, comfortable and best platform for dating. Moreover, it is the genuine and trustworthy app so do give it a go if you're interested in online dating!