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How to get more questions on Sarahah App

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It's at the highest point of the app store's charts, beating out YouTube, Instagram and other social media platforms. In any case this leads us to the basic questions, what is Sarahah and why is everybody talking about it?

Which you may already be familiar with, however before we can discuss how to get more questions on Sarahah. Let me introduce what Sarahah is first.

What is Sarahah?

Sarahah is a latest popular anonymous messaging app. Its creator, Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq, revealed to Mashable that he originally planned it as a way for representatives to give their supervisors constructive feedback to help encourage genuineness or "honesty" in the workplace. He later chose to make it available for anyone to send messages worldwide, as he saw how much potential the app has.
Tawfiq said that he wants to create a more positive condition than different anonymous apps such as AskFM, Yik yak etc, however when we compare Sarahah with AskFM. AskFM is more user friendly and better, in terms of Sarahah. Each Sarahah user's profile is the same, the alternatives for tweaking your Sarahah account are quite constrained. Clearly, you can pick a username, display name, and profile photograph, yet past that, everybody's account is identical. Each client page has a blank white box with the same command above it: "Leave a constructive message :)."

The Sarahah app has risen a lot in popularity since it was made available in the app stores Google Playstore and iTunes in February or June. Boasting as the best app in 30 nations, which is a amazing achievement considering how new the app is. Sarahah began in Saudi Arabia, where Tawfiq is from, and spread to other Arab nations, eventually getting an English rendition. The word Sarahah itself is Arabic, meaning Honesty in English. The app got a knock in popularity, according to Mashable, when SnapChat released an update which allows you to put Sarahah on Snapchat.

How to get more questions on Sarahah

By making client remarks private, Sarahah also eliminates the chance of likes/favourites as a metric of popularity, a conspicuous feature on more established social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube etc.

How to get more questions on Sarahah app

Sarahah is not a popularity challenge. It is not a gathering for discussion, we call forums. It is not where one goes to get questions answered. So what is it, accurately?

What makes Sarahah so popular is the want to be complimented by the users. Users open their inboxes in the expectation of getting revelations including mystery admirers in a romantic or platonic sense. Really, who doesn't love all this attention? In any case, on the analyst's end, Sarahah speaks to a profound should be heard. Communicating something specific on Sarahah just guarantees gathering. A remark on Sarahah won't not justify a reaction, and the sender knows not to expect one. The constructive feedback on Sarahah demands no answer, and exists just to be seen. Hence, forever a mystery on who sent it.

How to get more questions on Sarahah

The purpose of Sarahah is to send and receive questions but what if you’re getting no questions at all? There’s no fun in that. Here in this article you will learn how to get more questions on Sarahah.

  • Make a cool profile. Your profile has to be intriguing in the event that you want to stand out from the rest. Post real pictures of yourself; individuals don't want fakes or pictures of other celebrities.
  • Link your Sarahah account on your other social network accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat etc, so people know you're on Sarahah and will ask you questions.
  • Ask questions from users and also make sure to let them know it's you who asked the question IF the questions are positive, so they'll be motivated to send you questions back too! Be decent and considerate when asking questions and don't bully!
  • Ask yourself questions, how strange this may sound to you but it actually works as it will create a hype or demand and motivate others to ask you questions as well.
  • Answer a great deal of users questions. Attempt to make your answers entertaining, humourous or sarcastic so that people are impressed.
  • After answering questions on Sarahah, make sure to SHARE your answers on different social networks as this will motivate others to send you questions too. What's awesome about Sarahah is the fact you can EASILY share your answers. You may be familiar with this already as most Sarahah users are spamming Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat feeds with their Sarahah answers. However, remember to do this moderately as you don’t want to risk pissing off your friends.

Follow these tips and hopefully you’ll see an increase in questions on Sarahah account. If you’ve more tips, do let me know and I will surely add them on here.

What is Sarahah and how to put Sarahah on Snapchat Story

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If you’re an social media enthuasist, you probably heard of the anonymous messaging app Sarahah which has been trending everywhere lately. If you’re active on famous social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc you probably must’ve seen at least one screenshot of the app. That should be enough to give you an idea to what the app’s about.

What is Sarahah and how to use it?

What is sarahah and how to put Sarahah on Snapchat Story

Sarah is an App, that allows you to send anonymous messages/questions to other users. However this idea isn’t unique or new, as AskFM already has done this however Sarahah, although late to the party – managed to gain more attention than AskFM in short time!

The app was created by a Saudi, hence the name Sarahah which means “ Honesty “ in Arabic. He created the app with the intention of allowing users to receive HONEST anonymous constructive criticism. Honesty doesn’t always mean positive and to avoid damaging your relation with that person, you might not say it to their face. This is where this app comes in handy, as it allows you to do just that without revealing your identity at all!

Although Sarahah was made for constructive criticisms, it is being used for other reasons than it was actually made for, such as cyber-bullying, racist comments etc. If you know you’re sensitive and won’t be able to handle bad remarks, don’t bother installing this app.
To download Sarahah, click the link below,

Sarahah for iOS
Sarahah for Android

How to put Sarahah on Snapchat Story

If you’re a Snapchat user, then good news. You can link Sarahah to snapchat and make your friends aware that you’re on Sarahah so that they can anonymously ask you questions. To put Sarahah on Snapchat story, simply:

How to put Sarahah on Snapchat Story

  1. Open Snapchat and take a snap of anything, as you normally do.
  2. Click the paperclip icon and search for Sarahah
  3. After being redirected to the website, search for your Sarahah username
  4. After you’ve found it, press “ Attach to Snap “

After you’ve completed the steps above, you can post the snap and your Snapchat friends will be able to swipe up to ask anonymous questions on Sarahah, whether they have an Sarahah account or not.

NOTE: If you’re interested in linking your Sarahah account to your Instagram profile, then you’ll have to wait as there’s no option available unless you've a verified Instagram account.

Simplifi Me - All your social media in one app

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The growing pace of technical development has made it increasingly difficult to manage all aspects of life impeccably. Without a proper system, one is bound to be scattered and disorganized, missing out on important events and opportunities. This is why more and more organizational apps are being created for educational, social and economical purposes.

However, as the need to be socially connected has increased with technical development, so have the number of social media apps. Those who continuously have to balance social media, work, and family know how confusing it becomes to manage an array of mobile apps while filtering unnecessary advertisements and information. This makes it tedious to post, like and comment simultaneously on multiple social media apps. Opening up each app individually itself requires more time and effort than most can spare.

So what is the one solution that saves you from the frustration and stress while keeping you updated on the important life events of your loved ones? It is an App that can:
  1. Be easily used by the less tech savvy, saving time.
  2. Sort all social media posts according to phone contacts.
  3. Post on multiple social media platforms simultaneously.

While all this may seem impossible, one app, Simplifi Me provides all these features for free!

 Simplifi Me - All your social Media in one app

Simplifi Me Social Media Management Android App

Simplifi Me  is an Android App available on Google Playstore, that helps you manage multiple social media accounts by posting and tweeting simultaneously on Facebook and Twitter. You no longer have to suffer the hassle of worrying about keeping your loved ones updated with important life events or forget to congratulate your boss on the new milestone your company just passed.

Why use Simplifi Me?

It is user friendly due to its clean and simple user interface, so if you are a senior citizen or simply dislike having to worry about too many settings, Simplifi Me will not let you down. Moreover, it is different from most other apps of this type as it “Unlike other "all in one" social media apps  is NOT just links to various social media platforms.”, according to the developer.

Simplifi Me Social Media Management Android App

The App allows you to import contacts from social media, phone or add them manually. This makes the life of the user much simpler as you can be updated with the activities of your closest friends and family without having to surf through irrelevant videos and news. This also helps you keep focused and avoid wasting time on various social media, a pro for the busy common man of today.

How to use Simplifi Me?

The developers have made it very easy for use by introducing an explanatory video on their website for users. In this video they walk you through the simple process of logging in, promising that the app never saves or shares your personal login information. They also show you how to import your contacts from Facebook, Twitter and your phone.

Who wants this?

To my eyes, this app is the perfect opportunity to be availed by all. Being a student, I realise how demanding life is becoming day by day. It is difficult to manage college assignments and family while balancing your social life at the same time. Often, we waste precious hours going through our feeds and getting distracted after we get back home from college. All of us wish to maximise the use of our times and this app is just perfect for that. You will never forget to tweet on Twitter because your friends on Facebook have been taking up all your time.

Simplifi Me Social Media Management Android App

Moreover, if you are someone who wants to really experience the social media hype but have never gotten around to it, like the developer's mother-in-law, because it is too complicated, then this app is ideal for you.

While the app currently only allows you to post on Facebook and Twitter, they are working on integrating other social media platforms as well. It’s a great app developed by Aggregr8tor, LLC and although it may seem ordinary, you should install this app without any further delay to simplifi your life with Simplifi Me.

10 social side effects of technology

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One seems to be taken aback often, by the frequent and ever-changing technological advancements of the world. The mobile phones, machinery and equipment, social media or other shapes of technology, all appears to be amazing and fascinating and was beyond one’s imagination a few years ago. It is rightly said that technology and its far-reaching consequences have greatly revolutionized the world in almost every sphere. People are getting closer, trade becomes easier and flexible, inter-countries relations improves as countries share its technological expertise with others, work has become interesting and motivating as freelancing work has been promoted across the world. However, I don’t want to tell you any other good sides of the technology as there can be millions of fruitful results of technology which witnessed by the world and its people. But this article will focus on 10 social side effects of technology.

So like the nature of coin, everything which exists in this part of the world, has its pros and cons. So is the case with the technology. I believe that it is the responsibility of the investigative journalism and the blogger community to conduct comprehensive research of each and everything before putting thoughts and reflecting it into paper and ink. In this regard, many writers and bloggers have been trying to give weight to pros and cons of technology in order to get to know exactly what overweight what.

But I think otherwise. I don’t think it will be justified to give weight to either one, as one is unlikely to do fair analyses of it. What appears fine to me is to appreciate and promote the quality content about the good side of the technology. As far as negative sides of technology are a concern, one must know and explore possible problems that come attached with the technological power and its dangerous repercussions.

What I have decided to do is to make you aware of the top 10 negative factors and impacts of technology on the people and the society. 

Here is the list of side effects of technology with great explanation, which I hope will help you not only in your academic arena but also in practical and social life.

10 social side effects of technology

1. Social isolation:

Ironically, the power of technology that intended to create closeness among people; make them quite far away with their own little world. You must have seen many people using mobile phones, electronic devices, iPods, and tablets while sitting in the gathering and are socially engaged. This makes people stay focused on devices than communicating and feel the charm of social life. Hence, one becomes socially isolated. The first thing a person asks for when they go to other people's home or go to a restaurant is for the WiFi Password, surely you must also be able to relate. 

Social Isolation side effect of technology

Not a single gathering goes, without atleast ONE single person using the Smartphone. A person may have many friends on social networks and look like he has a great social circle, but in reality - he probably doesn't as there's a big difference between virtual and real life friends. There has been many research done linking heavy social media usage to depression and anxiety. where people who used social networks were depressed more than those who didn't - with the possibility of the depressed, using social networks to fill their void

2. Deteriorating social skills:

Many people, nowadays, spend much less time face to face with the people who, otherwise are close to them such as friends, family, and other surrounded people. This has greatly damaged the social skills of people to express their ideas, understanding confidently and fluently. This is because they have become used to using Instant messaging apps, such as Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger to communicate with each other instead, rather than having to talk. 

Deteriorating Social skills side effect of technology

A research conducted in 2014 revealed at least 561 billion messages were sent all around the world. 1 billion is equal to 1,000,000,000 so imagine 561 billion! 

3. Air pollution:

Due to the intense competition between the corporate and multi-national businesses, there has been a greater change of technologies, machinery which ultimately help companies to reduce costs and thus, increase profits. 

Air pollution social side effect of technology

Businesses often do not opt environmental-friendly up gradation which resulted in the generation of too much of smoke and toxic fumes. Together with that, waste is not disposed of properly and effectively, which further causes deadly chemicals Spoil Rivers and grounds.

4. Cyber-crime mechanism:

The use of the Internet is now, in no way, limited to common individuals and companies. But the access of it has been available to terrorists and Non-State Actors who in turn, uses it to brainwash people, bully citizens, and spread terror across the countries. 

Cyber crime social side effect of technology

This has to be the major drawback of technology in general and social media specifically. It's more easy now than ever to be subject to fraud, thanks to the Internet.

5. No privacy anymore:

Nobody is safe. This is a fact everybody has to admit, no matter where they live. Your personal information including your address, phone number, email and a lot of other information is just a few clicks away from any individual. Which means anybody can have access, and find information to abuse your privacy for the attainment of ‘vested interests’. Check out 4 Creepy things the Internet does when you're online.

Privacy social side effect of technology

Contrary to popular belief, personal information is not illegally obtained, but usually people give them away themselves via sign ups or sharing their information on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc. which allows them to use that information to display relevant advertisements. 

6. Sexual content is widely exposed:

At the very young age, youngsters are more likely to be exposed to the enormous variety of sexual content and material including pornographic photos and videos, which can be accessed easily with just a few clicks. This, in turn, makes them go wrong, and start wanting to get engrossed in physical sexual activities. 

Sexual content social side effect of technology

Technology has made it easier for teenagers to do stuff on the Internet that they would most likely regret in the future. Although most websites have age restriction, it's not too hard to by pass them as majority just go ahead and enter fake age to bypass security restriction. Hence it is best to monitor them on social media, especially if you're an parent. 

7. Distractions:

You know what? One of the signs of the genuine people is that they fully concentrate on the conversation and meeting they are having, without getting disturbed due to the calls, texts or such things that might come across during the meeting. This way, they make other feel respected and honored as they reject all other things as the time of the conversation. So this shows that one must not miss the opportunity of learning new things from others and feel the charm of conversation. I would love to suggest you that try to eliminate distractions in the times of meeting with people. Apart from this, Technology makes a person less more productive. Thanks to the Internet,  people would rather waste their day looking at memes than go out or do something productive. Who knows? Maybe the cure for cancer is in the mind of a person browsing 9gag at this very moment.

Distractions social side effect of technology

However, there are many apps/softwares available that blocks specific websites/apps so that you don't get distracted easily. Using a timer to monitor your usage or setting a schedule would be recommended, so that you don't get sucked in.

8. Great energy usage:

The shortage of energy has been the great cause of concern the world over. If you're living in a first world country, you probably wouldn't know as in most third world countries they barely have electricity or experience many power outages. 

Energy wastage social side effect of technology

Technological items such mobile phone, laptops, and tablets usually consume a lot of energy as they need to be charged frequently. The manufacturing of electronic items, moreover, also causes an increase in greenhouse gas emissions. This is detrimental to the environment. 

9. Damage to hearing and eyesight:

The rising use of ear buds and earphones is likely to damage the hearing ability of the people. Most people believe that earphones are much safer to use for call than using hands, however recent studies say that is not the case as they're just as harmful (even more!), as using hands. The frequent use of earphones to enjoy songs, videos and games are bound to damage listening abilities too. Hence it's recommended to not use them frequently and use loudspeakers. 

Hearing and eyesight problems social side effect of technology

Apart from this, playing games, watching videos and material, according to the research, will weaken your eyesight and make you put on glasses at early age. Apart from eyesight, your eyelids can be weakened too making you look stoned. However, people who do desk jobs that require them to be on computer more than 6 hours, are trained to do eye exercises and look at far distance objects after every 20 minutes, called the 20-20 rule.

10. Addiction:

You may find it very hard to find any individual who is not addicted to some sort of electronic devices or technological item. This addiction and overly usage make people the victim of depression, emotional disturbances and mental disorder such as anxiety. Such as when I run out of Internet package or lose my phone, I start feeling as if I have lost everything which was very close to me. You might be able to relate especially if you're an gamer, who spends most time on the phone playing android games. That’s surprising but it’s true, believe me! 

Addiction social side effect of technology

Now a days, people would rather survive without water than having Internet connection. Addiction is a bad thing, however it can be easily overcomed. 

How to Engage Social Audience with Smartphone?

Marketing strategies and business processes are changing worldwide. New age businesses have now taken the online route to reach out to their customers as this is faster and cheaper. Online marketing strategies are based on email marketing, online advertising, content marketing, and social media marketing. Engaging the social audience has now become important for the businesses to flourish and that is now possible even with smartphone. Smartphone is handy and the most convenient device to engage the audience every moment in your social media marketing. Even if you are not having online business to market, you can still try the ways to engage social audience as it is the best way to gain popularity amongst your preferred social circle.

How to engage social audience with Smartphone

Here are some easy ways to use the Smartphone to engage social audience effectively.

  1. Know the audience you need to engage

Before engaging the audience, it is important to know the audience you are going to engage. The demographics can be studied and the marketing plan can be drafted according to the interests shown by the audience. Social audience you are targeting can be segregated based on age, gender, geographical location, and interests. Your marketing outline would be based on all these factors. Once you have your target audience in place, you will know what audience to target and when! Knowing the audience and making relevant groups would make the marketing plan more effective.

  1. Post the right thing at the right time

Using smartphone to engage the social audience would allow you to be at the right place at the right time. You would have chance to post contents, pictures, and videos that may be of everybody’s interest. However, it is equally important to post only the right thing at the right time to make it relevant and acceptable. Even when you are tempted to share posts that you find interesting, don’t post it unless you find the right time to do it. Neither be hasty in posting things nor be lethargic in doing the same as this will ruin the impact of your post. If you're unable to post due to a busy schedule, make sure to make use of social media management tools such as Buffer, Hootsuite etc. as they will allow you to schedule posts on your social networks and update them, without you having to be present all the time.

  1. Content that has takers

With “Broadcast” option, it has really been easy for the smartphone users to pick up just any content and forward it to all contacts in the smartphone at just one click. If you love to use this option more often, then it is time to refrain from doing this. Broadcasting just any content to the entire group of recipients at one go would save your time but spoil your reputation. Time will come when any content posted by you would be just ignored. You won’t find takers for your content even when it is interesting. Hence, it is very much important to post only the content that is relevant to the audience. Post the content that has takers. Be selective in posting the content and also in deciding the group of recipients. Even when your smartphone gives you features, use it with caution. Make each of your posts meaningful, this will build your image in long run. Your social audience should wait for your posts and not just hate your posts.

  1. Be there to reply

Being a part of social audience brings along several responsibilities too. If you want to connect to the audience, then it is important to be there to reply to their queries and suggestions. One sided posts never work. Whenever you have posted something, be prepared to take up the suggestion, feedback, and queries positively. Don’t just put up a post and forget about it. You will have to be more alert after putting up a post. Keep checking the reactions, acknowledge the positives and reply to the negatives, welcome the suggestions and share your ideas of improvement, channelize the debate in the right direction, and make your post garner the desired results. If you are posting on behalf of your organization, then use the word “We” instead of “I” to assure your audience that you are a team and not just an individual. Remember, you are not there to debate on any point, just a little empathy and correct information may go a long way.

  1. Be an audience

You don’t need to be conversation starter every time to engage the social audience. Be a part of relevant groups and be an audience yourself. Engage in conversations and share your views. Sometimes, you will get more visibility by talking sense on conversations initiated on other groups than what you will get by starting one yourself. There are many such conversations taking place on different social media sites. Keep a track of such conversations and participate.
Use your smartphone as your marketing tool. Reach out to like-minded people with effective marketing plan and you will get amazing results every time.

Author Bio: Varun Kumar Works for as Content Writer. It is the e-tailer Company known for bringing the Mobile Covers|Wrist Watches|Bluetooth Speakers|Power banks models from all major manufacturers at best discounts. The company has a fully operational office and warehouse maintained to make timely deliveries across the nation

How to save videos from Instagram to Phone

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Instagram is the one of the most popular and fastest growing social networking sites that allows its users to share their photos and short video clips. These 15 second video clips are so amazing that they give you a glimpse of what's going on in the lives of others. One thing that many Instagram users are concerned about is that it does not have a feature to download the pictures and videos directly from their site, even if the content owner allows it. It does not give you a right click option to save the images or videos because of copyright and distributing issues, as most content owners disapprove. Here in this article, you will learn how to save videos from Instagram to Phone

How to save videos from Instagram to Phone

For all those who wish to save videos from Instagram to their phones (provided you've permission from the content owner), there are several ways to accomplish it. The Internet is loaded with numerous third party apps that help you achieve the task of downoading videos and images from Instagram to your phone. Here we will discuss about how you can save videos from Instagram to phone using the InstaSave app.

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If you want to save the Instagram images and videos to an iPhone or Android smartphones, then you will have to download certain third party apps. One way to save Instagram videos in an Iphone or Android, is to make use of InstaSave. This is one of the most popular and favorite apps that helps you save Instagram pictures and videos to your device. Here's how you do it: 

How to save videos from Instagram to Phone on iOS

How to save videos from Instagram to Phone on iOS

  1. Download and install the InstaSave app on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Once the InstaSave app is installed, open it. The app will ask permission to access your Photos. You can grant permission by tapping on OK.
  3. Select Login with Instagram on the next screen
  4. Login by entering your Instagram Username and Password
  5. The InstaSave app will ask for permissions to access your account. Select Authorize
  6. You can now see that your Instagram feed has been loaded in the app. Select the video you wish to save to your iPhone or iPad Camera roll.
  7. You will find a Save icon at bottom right of the video. Tap on it.
  8. The selected video will be saved to your Camera roll.

How to save videos from Instagram to Phone on Android

How to save videos from Instagram to Phone on Android

  1. Download and install the InstaSave app on your android device.
  2. Once the InstaSave app is installed, open Instagram.
  3. Tap on the three vertical dots at the bottom of the video that you want to save to your phone and select Share.
  4. Select Share via InstaSave on the next screen.
  5. The selected video will open in InstaSave and you will find a Save icon at bottom right of the video. Tap on it.
  6. The video will be saved successfully to the photo gallery in your android device.
Some of the, other third party apps that you can use to save videos from Instagram to phone are Instagram video downloader, GetThemAll any file downloader, EasyDownloader and Hashtack. These apps, which  are very easy to use can download almost all Instagram videos, both from public and private profiles. With the help of these apps, you’ll be able to save Instagram photos or videos in a matter of seconds. You can save these videos in MP4 format and they can be played on any device.

Also if you're interested in saving images, then there's no need to go through all the hassle mentioned above as you can just simply take a screenshot.

Disclaimer: This is an educational article for people interested in saving videos from Instagram, provided they've the owner's permission - We are not responsible for any illegal downloads.

How to do whatsapp video calling

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When whatsapp, one of the top Instant Messaging App at last got a voice calling attribute it just left us with a query: when do we avail Whatsapp video calling? Well now it is under way. As per the whatsapp blog, Whatsapp video call is moderately rolling out for all the users over the several mediums in the future days who have Android OS 4.1+. Go through the article for more info on how to do a whatsapp video calls.

Whatsapp video call is now convenient for everyone

Whatsapp needs to be international cross medium face time. Today, the Facebook-possessed chat service whatsapp is formally initiating video calling for it’s across one billion users globally on Windows, Android and iOS phone. Its debut pursue a series of reports from folks that who currently found the attribute had been permitted in beta versions of app on Windows and Android phone: a sign that a public debut was on horizon.

How to do whatsapp video calling

To utilize the new attribute, Whatsapp users can click the call key in the top corner of conversation that will bring up an inlay interstitial asking if you need to video or voice call a family or friend you are chatting with. To make a video calling, you simply got to choose the “video call” choice from this screen.

At the time of making a call, you can switch amidst the rear and forward facing camera, press the red key or mute the call to hang up. The user interface seems like differs slightly in iPhone and Android with regards to placement, lineup, and the button size in addition to this the picture-in-picture (pip) video feed is manifested.

Whatsapp application already supports numerous standard attributes for communications applications, incorporating voice calling and group texting. However the firm claims that video call retained as one among the best attribute requests from the users.

Some of the key aspects of video calling on whatsapp

Quality of video

Whatsapp video calling quality automatically adjusts relying on the network quality and speed. The firm is doing so to assure video calls are reliable and fast at all the time. Essentially if your network speed is very poor, then video calling quality will surely get compressed.

Data usage

Whatsapp application doesn’t need a separate phone to list the data usage of the video calling. In Android and iOS, all call data is combined beneath one phone in the section of data usage.

No group video call

Whatsapp application video call attribute has not still been updated for groups. But there are many malicious links inviting folks to download the same. Malicious links reads, “you are invited to try the whatsapp video call attribute”. In addition to this, only folks with the invitation can make use of this attribute. Clicking on link will demand you to invite more buddies for video calls to activate on your gadget. Once again do not click on these malicious links.

So, what are you yet waiting for? Download Whatsapp if you haven't already and enjoy video calling your friends or family!

How to increase snapchat score 2017

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Social media plays a large role in people's lives these days. It helps us explore new things, stay in touch with friends and family and lets you share pictures and videos. If you are a social media addict or love to keep up with the social trend, chances are you're already using Snapchat. If you are not, here's a small description about the app for newbies. Snapchat is a popular photo and video messaging app that allows you to put together photos and videos in the form of stories or sent them to your friends. As soon as a person views these photos and videos, they will self-destruct (for more details, check out our exclusive guide on Snapchat). This feature has made Snapchat one of the most popular and well-liked social media apps in the world.

Created by Bobby Murphy, Evan Spiegel and Reggie Brown. Snapchat has made messaging a fun and interesting activity. It has given a whole new meaning for picture taking, making it addictive and entertaining. The photos and videos that you send to your friends can be seen by them for up to 10 seconds, after which they disappear. You can also add the snaps in your story and every such snap that you have added to your story will remain there for 24 Hours and then disappear.

What is Snapchat score?

Snapchat score

The Snapchat score is roughly the total number of snaps you have sent and received, according to Snapchat's website. The score is displayed right next to your username. You can also see the snapchat scores of your friends. Every time you send out a snap, your score increase by one point. It also increases every time you open a snap. However, the score is not affected for text chats. There are also situations when there may be a sudden increase or decrease in your score. Snapchat score also gives a impression of how much active you are to the other user. The more the score, the more active obviously. In this article, how you will learn how to increase snapchat score.

How to increase Snapchat score?

We live in a competitive world, where people are always looking for ways to win and excel in things. If you think your Snapchat score is too low and you want to increase it, here are a few ways:

1) Sending and receiving snaps

How to increase Snapchat score 2017

This one is obvious, as the main goal of Snapchat is to send Snaps. As mentioned earlier, your Snapchat score increases as and when you send and receive snaps. So, if you want to increase your snapchat score, keep sending and receiving snaps. The more you send and receive, the higher your score will be. If you're desperate to increase your score, you can just do the old school trick of sending Snaps of the whole English alphabets to someone you know.

2) Send snaps to people who may never open them

Hitting your friends with your snaps all the time is not a good idea as it may become boring for them, unless you sent them something exciting (If you know what I mean). Another interesting and fun way to increase your Snapchat scores is to add as many celebrities or people who have lots of followers as you can. These people may not even open your snaps let alone reply to them.

3) Shutdown your Snapchat for a while

This may sound crazy, but shutting down your Snapchat for a while may actually help increase Snapchat score. When you reboot the app after staying away for a bit and start sending and receiving snaps, Snapchat team feels pleased to see you back that they boost your scores!

You may come across websites/apps that claim that they can hack into the Snapchat scoring system and increase Snapchat score by a large amount. But the truth is that they don't work at all. The Snapchat algorithm cannot be hacked and so don't let these websites play dirty tricks on you. Instead of high scores, all you will end up with, will be millions of spam in your inbox and an endless list of boring surveys to fill up.

How To Upload Snapchat Videos And Photos To Instagram Stories

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With the high popularity of Instagram, people love making their own stories on Instagram which is similar to Snapchat stories where you can upload a photo/video with a caption, that will disappear after 24 hours. Snapchat is another dramatically fast story, picture, and video sharing app that influenced the implementation of Instagram stories. Ever since the release of Instagram stories, people have started to shift from Snapchat to Instagram due to the fact there are more users on Instagram than Snapchat, meaning more exposure. Backing up photos/videos on Snapchat was a major issue until the release of Snapchat Memories, which allows you to save your media files to phone's storage and backup your media files online for later use. 

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Due to snapchat's unique and popular features, such as Snapchat lenses which Instagram still not has introduced, Instagram is less likely to replace Snapchat in the near future. If you're on both social networks, it can get confusing on what social network to use for uploading stories. But what if I told you, you should use both? There's no direct way to export photos from Snapchat stories to Instagram stories and considering the fact that they're both competitors, there probably never will be.​ Here is a very easy to use instruction set that will guide you step by step through the process of uploading snapchat videos and photos to Instagram stories.

How to transfer the media files from snapchat to Instagram

Uploading snapchat videos or photos to Instagram stories is fairly easy. By following these simple steps, you can always do it in a zap.

#1. First you have to take a snap or record a video on snapchat

#2. At the left hand corner of the bottom of the mobile screen, press the button next to the timer to save your snap to memories.

#3. Now you need to exit this snap screen. Do it by tapping on the ‘x’ cross at the upper left hand corner of screen.

#4. After saving, press back and open memories by pressing the small circle visible below the large circle used to take a photo.

#5. Tap on that snap which you just saved and want to share.

How to upload snapchat videos and photos to Instagram stories

#6. Press the bar icon on the top right corner of the screen and press " Save to camera roll "

#7. Open Instagram and upload story by swiping right or pressing " Your story " on your Instagram's feed.

#8. Swipe up and you'll be shown photos saved/taken in last 24 hours. Press the photo/video you just saved.

How to upload snapchat videos and photos to Instagram stories

#9. Now you may add some tag, heading, comments or whatever with the snap or video then after you're finished, upload by pressing " Your story ".

Now you know how easy it is to transfer your favorite photos and videos to Instagram from Snapchat. It's a great way to expand your exposure as Instagram has more users than Snapchat. Similarly if you wish to transfer your photos/videos from Instagram to Snapchat, you can do the same by saving your media files from Instagram and then uploading it on Snapchat stories through Snapchat memories. 

How To Get More Followers On Instagram 2016

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No matter what social network you are on, the first priority is to get a large amount of followers/fanbase. The bigger the fanbase you have, the more interaction you will get. Social Networks are also a great place for marketers to promote their products, services or interact with their fans. One of those popular social networks is Instagram, which is gaining more and more popular each day. Instagram is estimated to have 500 million monthly active users. You don't need to be a celebrity to get many followers on Instagram, you can do so while being an ordinary person with these 10 unique ways on how to get more followers on Instagram.

​Before I begin, I'd like to mention a few obvious tips that you probably already know off and would find almost everywhere on the Internet.

How to get more followers on Instagram 2016

#1. Make sure to upload a nice display picture along with few photos (more than 3) to give a impression you've photos uploaded and set a bio. Make sure to include your own name or a really cool nickname. Remember, the first impression is the last impression! On a survey taken, most people have said that they don't like following people that have no display picture along with 0 photos.

#2. Boost your followers by following people that you're sure will follow you back such as friends, relatives, neighbors etc. Just like the quote " To get money, you need money " same goes for Instagram " To get followers, you need followers ".

#3. Reciprocal. This is main concept of Social Networks, in order to maintain your followers, you have to follow back or else risk losing your followers. 

#4. Use third party tools such as crowdfire, statusbrew to see who unfollowed you, your inactive followers etc so that you can unfollow them.

#5. Link your Instagram profile on your other social network profiles. 

#6. And most importantly, be active by liking and commenting on photos.
Now that we're done with the obvious tips. Make sure you've followed them before continuing.

Have A Theme

In order to have a really successful Instagram account, you must stick to a theme/niche that interests your followers and develop a fan base based on that theme. E.g: In case you are a designer, then you can post about the fashion industry. If you are a chef, you can post about food. etc. Make sure you only post unrelated content to your niche/theme occasionally. If you do it frequently, you might end up losing followers.

Have A Schedule

How to get more followers on Instagram 2016 followers analysis

In case you have a schedule, your followers will know when to expect a new picture and they will wait eagerly for it. Have a rhythm and maintain it. This does not mean that you must post daily, although it is recommended to do so. You need to have a specific schedule and stick to it in order to have a loyal following. Also try to analyze the time zones of the majority of your followers so you don't mistakenly upload photos while they're sleeping. Remember, More likes = More exposure = More followers.

Do Not Bore People

People have an expectation from you. In case you have been posting photos of your dog and kitten, then do not throw in a picture of morning sunshine. Give people what they want. Hence try to have a variation in your photos but do not move away from the theme. Look at your own photo and see if it bores you. Now decide what you want to post. Always have something new and different to share. E.g: If you're a fashion designer, you can post motivation quotes or photos about New Technology.

Have Interesting hashtags

It is a good practise to use hashtags on your photos. Hashtags will help you to get more eyeballs on your post. Hence do not stick to common hashtags. Instead, you must stick with a handful of unique hashtags that are related to the theme of your account. It's best to research hashtags to see whether it suits your photo or not, before using them and make sure not to overuse hashtags.

Set profile to Public

Most people expect to become famous overtime while having their account set to private. By doing this, hashtags will be useless as your photos won't appear when people search those hashtags. If you plan on gaining a lot of followers, make sure to set your profile to public.

How to get more followers on Instagram 2016 by interacting with followers

Interact With Your Followers

This is your way to acknowledge your followers in some way and show proof that you are alive, not dead. You need to let them know that you appreciate them by liking their photos, commenting and also tagging them when possible.

Post Good Photos/Videos

This is a obvious one but a tip that most articles fail to mention. By posting good photos and videos, you will obviously gain more likes, resulting in more followers. Post photos/videos that you know for sure will interest your followers. Take photos that can be as good as possible and make sure not to just post photos all the time, but also videos. Simply master a few photo basics in order to take a good photo.

Edit Properly

This means that you must invest in a good photo editing app. Hence you need to go much beyond the limited filters as well as editing tools of Instagram. There many photo editing apps for your smartphone which can help you achieve this.

Get Featured

Your Instagram account cannot exist in a vacuum. Hence try to develop relations with famous Instagrammers and have them feature your Instagram account by giving you a shoutout on their profile or you can blog/guest blog and link your Instagram account to direct readers to.

Take Good Selfies

Try to take good selfies. This may require you to undertake a short online course to learn basic tips such as: Make sure of simple things like keeping the focus on your face. The light should be coming from infront of you or else it will make your selfies look dark. Wear light colored clothing so that the image comes out well. Have a steady hand or else try to make use of a selfies stick in order to have impressive selfies or take photos using selfie apps, that contain filters which will make you look good and save your time from editing.

If you follow these tips correctly, you'll be able to get more followers on Instagram and most importantly, also make sure to maintain them by staying active. In simple terms, the more followers you have, the more followers you will get!

How to have secret conversation on Facebook

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After introducing encryption on Whatsapp which acts as an extra layer of security to protect conversations from hackers, Facebook rolled out a similar update few months back in July for it's Facebook Messenger app which allows both users to " secretly " chat with each other, which is now finally available to almost all users around the world. You're probably wondering what is a " Secret conversation " in terms of Facebook?

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How to have secret conversation on Facebook Messenger

​They're messages that are encrypted end to end, which means only you and the person you're chatting with can see them on your device, no one else. Not even Facebook (that's what they say). But just like everything else, this feature is not " perfect " as in, your messages won't be fully protected, the person you're texting can screenshot your messages before they disappear without you knowing or if they get hand of your device they'd be able to view the secret conversation. 

​Apart from Encryption, you can also make your messages disappear (self destruct) after a specific period of time.
​Minimum: 5 seconds.
​Maximum: 1 day (24 hours). 

​Note: Only available on Facebook Messenger App for Android and iOS for now and Facebook messenger must be updated. 

​Here's how to have secret conversation on Facebook

​1. Open conversation of person you want to have secret conversation with.

2. ​Tap the button on the top right corner next to the video call button. 

3. ​Press " Secret Conversation "  and then press Turn on to start chatting.

How to have secret conversation on Facebook Messenger

If you want the messages to disappear, you can set a timer for your messages by pressing the " clock " icon on the bottom of the chat.