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10 Key Differences between Windows and Linux

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Windows and Linux work on completely different architecture and offers a whole new user experience. With Windows, you can find an extensive user base and stock Windows experience, Linux offers you more than that “open source operating system” which it's popularly known for. Let’s discuss top 10 key differences between Windows and Linux operating system.

Top 10 Key differences between Windows and Linux Operating System

Top 10 Key differences between Windows and Linux Operating System

1) Access to source code: This is the important difference between Windows and Linux. Where Microsoft Windows works on a series of graphical interface OS, developed and marketed by Microsoft. It does not allow public access to its source code of the program. Contrary to that Linux is a POSIX-compliant and Unix-like computer operating system. It is open source software development program and allows access to its source code. It is related to GNU Public License which allows users to have full access to source code to each kernel (Linux kernel). Where Linux kernel is the foundation of the Linux OS, this access becomes important.

2) No Registry in Linux: Windows stores all its programs, settings, apps and hardware information in its Registry. Whereas Linux doesn’t have something called registry as a master database. It stores information on a program-by-program basis under the hierarchy of users. It doesn't offer centralized database in the form of registry thus you need not clean registry very often to keep your system working well. 

3) Licensing Options: Microsoft offers its products based on the license. You can buy licenses of Windows according to the number of machines you have to install on it (ex 3 licenses for 3 machines). Whereas with Linux, you can install Linux app on multiple machines with one single copy of Linux distribution (or Application). Its GPL-licensed OS even allows you to modify the software, use it or even republish or sell it until you make the code available. 

4) Mobility: With Windows, you can store information (files and settings) of the program anywhere on the system. This setting makes it difficult to transfer or backup user data (files & settings) from one machine to another. With Linux, it stores used data (files & settings) in the single home directory of the computer, which makes it easier to backup or switches data from one machine to another.

5) Flexibility: Windows usually boots from a primary partition of the system or first hard disk. Whereas Linux can boot from primary partition or a logical partition inside an extended partition. In fact, Linux can boot from any hard drive in the system.

6) Proven Security: Windows is developed, tested and distributed by one team from the company, which constraint the chances of fair testing of the software. With Linux, it is open source which allows access to its source code. This single reason has allowed numerous users to try and test its source code, which helps find exploitable holes in Linux instantly. Thus, it is more secured.

7) Customization: Windows doesn’t allow user access to its source code which makes it impossible to customize the software. Linux is an open source software which gives the full user access to its source code of the program. It helps users edit the code as per their needs.

8) File Structure: On Linux system, you can find a whole new architecture and file system compared to Microsoft Windows. You can’t find My Documents on Ubuntu or Program Files on Fedora. It works under a single file tree where all your drives are mounted into that single tree.

9) Package Manager: To install any program on Windows, you need to visit any website or its download section from where you find some EXE file to run. Once you run that EXE file then only you consider your program been installed. To remove these programs, you need to mess with Control Panel. In Linux system, you find a whole different process to install a program. Here you find a Package Manager, which allow you browse, install or remove any programming package. To download or remove any program on your system, you need to search for your package manager’s repositories. 

10) Interchangeable Interface: Windows usually offers classic and similar user interface on most of its versions. You can’t find much difference in the system tray, start menu, taskbar, Windows Explorer or other settings. In Linux, the interface of your system of completely segregated from the core system. It allows you to switch to another interface environment without reaching out to reinstallation things.

Reviewing these key and fundamental differences between Windows and Linux can help you have a better idea of both the operating systems. You can look for many other differences between both two operating systems if you are planning to switch any of these operating systems.

Summary: Windows and Linux both work on entirely different architecture and software and offer completely different user experience. 

10 social side effects of technology

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One seems to be taken aback often, by the frequent and ever-changing technological advancements of the world. The mobile phones, machinery and equipment, social media or other shapes of technology, all appears to be amazing and fascinating and was beyond one’s imagination a few years ago. It is rightly said that technology and its far-reaching consequences have greatly revolutionized the world in almost every sphere. People are getting closer, trade becomes easier and flexible, inter-countries relations improves as countries share its technological expertise with others, work has become interesting and motivating as freelancing work has been promoted across the world. However, I don’t want to tell you any other good sides of the technology as there can be millions of fruitful results of technology which witnessed by the world and its people. But this article will focus on 10 social side effects of technology.

So like the nature of coin, everything which exists in this part of the world, has its pros and cons. So is the case with the technology. I believe that it is the responsibility of the investigative journalism and the blogger community to conduct comprehensive research of each and everything before putting thoughts and reflecting it into paper and ink. In this regard, many writers and bloggers have been trying to give weight to pros and cons of technology in order to get to know exactly what overweight what.

But I think otherwise. I don’t think it will be justified to give weight to either one, as one is unlikely to do fair analyses of it. What appears fine to me is to appreciate and promote the quality content about the good side of the technology. As far as negative sides of technology are a concern, one must know and explore possible problems that come attached with the technological power and its dangerous repercussions.

What I have decided to do is to make you aware of the top 10 negative factors and impacts of technology on the people and the society. 

Here is the list of side effects of technology with great explanation, which I hope will help you not only in your academic arena but also in practical and social life.

10 social side effects of technology

1. Social isolation:

Ironically, the power of technology that intended to create closeness among people; make them quite far away with their own little world. You must have seen many people using mobile phones, electronic devices, iPods, and tablets while sitting in the gathering and are socially engaged. This makes people stay focused on devices than communicating and feel the charm of social life. Hence, one becomes socially isolated. The first thing a person asks for when they go to other people's home or go to a restaurant is for the WiFi Password, surely you must also be able to relate. 

Social Isolation side effect of technology

Not a single gathering goes, without atleast ONE single person using the Smartphone. A person may have many friends on social networks and look like he has a great social circle, but in reality - he probably doesn't as there's a big difference between virtual and real life friends. There has been many research done linking heavy social media usage to depression and anxiety. where people who used social networks were depressed more than those who didn't - with the possibility of the depressed, using social networks to fill their void

2. Deteriorating social skills:

Many people, nowadays, spend much less time face to face with the people who, otherwise are close to them such as friends, family, and other surrounded people. This has greatly damaged the social skills of people to express their ideas, understanding confidently and fluently. This is because they have become used to using Instant messaging apps, such as Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger to communicate with each other instead, rather than having to talk. 

Deteriorating Social skills side effect of technology

A research conducted in 2014 revealed at least 561 billion messages were sent all around the world. 1 billion is equal to 1,000,000,000 so imagine 561 billion! 

3. Air pollution:

Due to the intense competition between the corporate and multi-national businesses, there has been a greater change of technologies, machinery which ultimately help companies to reduce costs and thus, increase profits. 

Air pollution social side effect of technology

Businesses often do not opt environmental-friendly up gradation which resulted in the generation of too much of smoke and toxic fumes. Together with that, waste is not disposed of properly and effectively, which further causes deadly chemicals Spoil Rivers and grounds.

4. Cyber-crime mechanism:

The use of the Internet is now, in no way, limited to common individuals and companies. But the access of it has been available to terrorists and Non-State Actors who in turn, uses it to brainwash people, bully citizens, and spread terror across the countries. 

Cyber crime social side effect of technology

This has to be the major drawback of technology in general and social media specifically. It's more easy now than ever to be subject to fraud, thanks to the Internet.

5. No privacy anymore:

Nobody is safe. This is a fact everybody has to admit, no matter where they live. Your personal information including your address, phone number, email and a lot of other information is just a few clicks away from any individual. Which means anybody can have access, and find information to abuse your privacy for the attainment of ‘vested interests’. Check out 4 Creepy things the Internet does when you're online.

Privacy social side effect of technology

Contrary to popular belief, personal information is not illegally obtained, but usually people give them away themselves via sign ups or sharing their information on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc. which allows them to use that information to display relevant advertisements. 

6. Sexual content is widely exposed:

At the very young age, youngsters are more likely to be exposed to the enormous variety of sexual content and material including pornographic photos and videos, which can be accessed easily with just a few clicks. This, in turn, makes them go wrong, and start wanting to get engrossed in physical sexual activities. 

Sexual content social side effect of technology

Technology has made it easier for teenagers to do stuff on the Internet that they would most likely regret in the future. Although most websites have age restriction, it's not too hard to by pass them as majority just go ahead and enter fake age to bypass security restriction. Hence it is best to monitor them on social media, especially if you're an parent. 

7. Distractions:

You know what? One of the signs of the genuine people is that they fully concentrate on the conversation and meeting they are having, without getting disturbed due to the calls, texts or such things that might come across during the meeting. This way, they make other feel respected and honored as they reject all other things as the time of the conversation. So this shows that one must not miss the opportunity of learning new things from others and feel the charm of conversation. I would love to suggest you that try to eliminate distractions in the times of meeting with people. Apart from this, Technology makes a person less more productive. Thanks to the Internet,  people would rather waste their day looking at memes than go out or do something productive. Who knows? Maybe the cure for cancer is in the mind of a person browsing 9gag at this very moment.

Distractions social side effect of technology

However, there are many apps/softwares available that blocks specific websites/apps so that you don't get distracted easily. Using a timer to monitor your usage or setting a schedule would be recommended, so that you don't get sucked in.

8. Great energy usage:

The shortage of energy has been the great cause of concern the world over. If you're living in a first world country, you probably wouldn't know as in most third world countries they barely have electricity or experience many power outages. 

Energy wastage social side effect of technology

Technological items such mobile phone, laptops, and tablets usually consume a lot of energy as they need to be charged frequently. The manufacturing of electronic items, moreover, also causes an increase in greenhouse gas emissions. This is detrimental to the environment. 

9. Damage to hearing and eyesight:

The rising use of ear buds and earphones is likely to damage the hearing ability of the people. Most people believe that earphones are much safer to use for call than using hands, however recent studies say that is not the case as they're just as harmful (even more!), as using hands. The frequent use of earphones to enjoy songs, videos and games are bound to damage listening abilities too. Hence it's recommended to not use them frequently and use loudspeakers. 

Hearing and eyesight problems social side effect of technology

Apart from this, playing games, watching videos and material, according to the research, will weaken your eyesight and make you put on glasses at early age. Apart from eyesight, your eyelids can be weakened too making you look stoned. However, people who do desk jobs that require them to be on computer more than 6 hours, are trained to do eye exercises and look at far distance objects after every 20 minutes, called the 20-20 rule.

10. Addiction:

You may find it very hard to find any individual who is not addicted to some sort of electronic devices or technological item. This addiction and overly usage make people the victim of depression, emotional disturbances and mental disorder such as anxiety. Such as when I run out of Internet package or lose my phone, I start feeling as if I have lost everything which was very close to me. You might be able to relate especially if you're an gamer, who spends most time on the phone playing android games. That’s surprising but it’s true, believe me! 

Addiction social side effect of technology

Now a days, people would rather survive without water than having Internet connection. Addiction is a bad thing, however it can be easily overcomed. 

YouTube tips and tricks 2017

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Google's annual report showed that people watched YouTube 60 percent more than last year, and the trend of growth its popularity is likely to continue in 2017. Youtube is a popular video sharing network which ranks higher than Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or any other popular social network that there is. Youtube boasts about 1 BILLION active users on it's site every month, basically every 1 out of 3 people on the Internet use Youtube. 

Youtube tips and tricks 2017

Accordingly, we give you six YouTube tips and tricks that every user should know in the year 2017.

#1. Looking for your favorite artist tracks

Many people use YouTube as a database of licensed music. On the one hand, Google perfectly bans pirate copies, imitators, and fake accounts, but on the other – in the presence of streaming services, it looks strange.

Youtube search tip and trick 2017

However, if you want to find the latest tracks or albums to your favorite artist, use the "#" symbol in the search. Next, write the name without spaces and get a collection of popular hits and songs.

#2. Use search operators

To immediately find the desired video without getting issues with tons of inappropriate clips, use the search operators. For YouTube it’s enough to remember only three of them:
For the exact match, type the word or phrase in quotes (Example: "iPhone 6S Presentation");
To exclude a word from your search results, enter it with the symbol "-" (example: iPhone 6S - drop test);
To search for multiple words at the same time you need to indicate “+” between words (example: iPhone + iPad).

#3. Make GIF from a video

If you love to share gif-animation on social networks or instant messengers, pay attention to the service It can help you convert any video to GIF from YouTube.

Convert youtube video into gif

In the address bar just add the prefix "gif" before the word YouTube and press Enter.
On the service page, you can select any part of the video, add a sticker or label. Just click on the button “Create Gif” and animation is ready.

#4. Save the video or audio track

To save YouTube clips, the easiest way to use the service “”. Just copy the link of the video you want and paste it on the main page of the service.
Select the type of stored data. Audio will be downloaded in MP3 format (service assigns the name of the artist and album, as well as the cover), and video converts to MP4 with a possibility of choosing its quality.

#5. Send the YouTube video to TV

Most modern smart TVs are able to play videos from YouTube. However, not everyone knows that Google's service allows connecting the TV and the smartphone, which are on the same Wi-Fi network.
The YouTube app on your TV settings need the code for pairing and entering it on the smartphone.
After the synchronization, you can with just one-click send video from your smartphone to the big TV screen.

#6. View videos in all windows

Another great tip if you use the Chrome browser, is that you can use the free extension “Floating for YouTube”, which unpins the window with a reproducible video and put it on the top of all windows, which is a feature that is available on Youtube's smartphone app, however for it to work on desktops - you will have to do it manually with the help of browser extensions. If you use other browsers, you'd be able to find them easily as many extensions are available that allow this.

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Top 10 ways to increase followers on Twitter

Although Facebook is still the boss of social media, Twitter seems to be catching up. Nowadays everyone you know who are on Facebook are on Twitter too. Twitter is known as a great place for stalking people's lives without having to move your feet as we live in a generation where everyone loves to express every single thoughts they have on social networks, espically Twitter as it's the only social website where it's socially acceptable to post frequently where as in Facebook if one was to post several times, people would become annoyed. It's easy to sign up for Twitter and start Tweeting, but what's the point of tweeting if you barely have any followers? Tweeting your thoughts & having no one read them is quite embarrassing when you realize it's equivalent to talking to yourself. So here in this article I will be discussing Top 10 ways to increase/get more Followers on Twitter.

Increase rate of followers on Twitter when no one is following back

Don't forget to comment what you thought about this article & your favorite way to gain followers. 

#1 - Make sure your profile is presentable

The first thing you should do after signing up is adding a profile picture & writing a nice bio as these two things are the first thing a person will see and then base his first impression on you and decide whether or not to follow you. Remember, first impression is the last impression. Adding a profile picture, cover (optional but recommended) & a nice bio puts a good impression on the visitor and increases chance of them following you by 80 percent.

Tip: When choosing a bio, write down what describes you best. If you're still confused on what to write down, use this Bio Generator to get an idea.

#2 - Follow everyone you know & ask them to give you an shoutout

When you're new to twitter, don't bother following randomers as there is less chance of them following you back as their first thing in their mind would be " What will I get in return of following him/her? To get more money, you need money. To get more women, you need women. Same as for followers, you NEED followers to gain more FOLLOWERS. So start of by following people you're sure that would follow you back such as classmates, relatives, teachers etc And also don't be afraid to ask them for a shoutout, you'll be surprised how many people would follow you just because of a shoutout. Shoutouts always worked for me in my initial stage.

#3 - Tweet when most people are online

If you've already have 1000 followers but noticed they don't retweet or fav any of your tweets, the reason is because you're tweeting on the wrong time. The best time to tweet is when majority your followers are online. If majority of your followers are locals then it's easy to map out when to tweet but if majority of your followers are from another country then you will need to tweet according to their timezone.

#4 - Participate in Trends

The most popular feature of Twitter is Trends which you can view on the left side of Twitter's homepage. Click on a Trend of your choice & start tweeting under that trend in order to attract attention from other people and gain followers.

Tip: If you don't like the current trends, you can change them by clicking on " Change " option besides Trends.

#5 - Use Hashtags

If you're not using hashtags in your tweets then you're using Twitter wrong. Using a hashtag helps more people see your tweets instead of just your followers, which will help you gain followers and if a lot of other people start tweeting using the same Hashtag, it can turn into a Trend which is pretty awesome.

Tip: Make sure to use hashtags related to what you're tweeting so people don't ignore it or flag it as spam.

#6 - Post Pictures

If you thought Twitter was all just about tweeting texts then you're wrong! In fact using pictures with hashtags helps make your tweet stand out from the rest & gain more audience, meaning more followers. If all you do is Tweet plain text then your followers would get bored so it's advised to post pictures once in a while to help make your Twitter profile more alive.

#7 - Link your Twitter Profile

Make sure to place a link to your Twitter profile on your website or other social networking accounts so people from there can follow you too, preferably Facebook & Instagram as most Twitters users are on them as compared to other social networking sites.

#8 - Tweet Frequently

Don't forget to tweet frequently if you want to keep your Followers stable. Most people use services to track Inactive followings on Twitter and they don't even hesitate to unfollow those who forgot to tweet once a day, but I wouldn't recommend you to sacrifice your life in order to use Twitter everyday I recommend you to tweet at least once per day or in 2 days to avoid those pesky services. Everyone hates following Inactive people and so do you probably, so make sure not to become one of them.

#9 - Retweet & Favourite others

" To gain, you gotta give first " This is the main rule of social networking, if someone interacts with you by following or sharing your posts they expect the same in return otherwise you'll scare them away. You can use this technique on others by retweeting & favouriting tweets on your timeline so they can do the same.

#10 - Use services

Use free services such as Crowdfire or Unfollowers to track who unfollowed or followed you on Twitter easily so you can return the favour by unfollowing them or following back, they're very useful tools & prevent a lot of hassle from having to go through your whole profile and figure out who unfollowed you and who didn't etc. Read How to see who Unfollowed you on Twitter for more information.

Top 10 Technology to be thankful for this Thanksgiving

Since Thanksgiving is here, with this generation's new Technology which has helped us make our lives more easier and comfier, we've more things to be thankful for. This Article is a Thanksgiving special Post.

#1 - Smartphones

top 10 technology to be thankful for this thanksgiving smartphones

I would say Smartphones are one of mankind's greatest invention next to the Internet and copy/paste. Smartphones are light weight, making them easy to carry around everywhere and offers almost everything a PC/Laptop would. Smartphones are like a whole package. If you've a smartphone with good rear camera, you won't require the need to buy a external camera, if you've a great processor you won't require a PC/Laptop for browsing as everything can be done on Smart phones as well.

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#2 - The Mighty Internet

top 10 technology to be thankful for this thanksgiving the Internet

Internet is one of the greatest invention of all time, no doubt. Thanks to the Internet, you can do everything in the world without having to move a single step from your chair such as buy food, clothes, games etc or even do a job on the Internet. You can view the news, listen to music, watch movies and much more! Without even having to spend a single dime or use up your energy to go outside.

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#3 - Google Maps

If you love to travel a lot, you would know how much important this app is. Without it, you'd be lost or pass annoying vibes by asking too many people for directions. What's best of all is that it's FREE and doesn't require a Internet connection. It works on a GPS system, 99% accurate and displays every landmark you should visit, which is completely awesome. Great app for travelers especially.

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#4 - Free Internet Video Calling

top 10 technology to be thankful for this thanksgiving free internet video calling

Thanks to Skype, Viber, IMO, Omegle, FaceTime etc. You can communicate with your loved ones or friends even though they're far away face to face without having to pay a single dime. These are extremely useful if you own a smartphone with a 3g connection enabled so you can video chat while on the go anywhere.

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#5 - Free Instant Messaging

top 10 technology to be thankful for this thanksgiving free Instant messaging

Tired of having to spend money on credit for your phone just so you can text? Since it's easy to find a WiFi connection anywhere, you can easily communicate via texts with the help of Instant Messaging Apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Kik Messenger etc. If you can't find a WiFi connection, you should invest credit on 3G or 4G instead of wasting that credit on texts which is a more cheaper alternative.

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#6 - USB (Universal Serial Bus)

top 10 technology to be thankful for this thanksgiving USB

Back in the olden days, a USB weighed over 5KG and only stored data of about 500MB. Now we've USB's which weigh barely a gram and can store over 1 terabyte (1024GB) of data. Amazing how time has changed. USB is a very useful tool which can help you backup your data or transfer it from one place to another physically without the need of a Internet connection.

#7 - Social Networks

top 10 technology to be thankful for this thanksgiving social networks

Although Social Networks has damaged our generation, they also been helpful in bringing awareness and connecting the world, helping make it a smaller world. People tend to spend more than 6 hours everyday just using social Networks everyday. Famous social networks such as Facebook boast about 6 billion views per day. Thanks to these social networks, we know at what time the Kardashian's had lunch today, which celebrity's nudes got leaked and who will die next in Game of Thrones. 

#8 - Wireless Connectivity

top 10 technology to be thankful for this thanksgiving wireless connectivity

Having too many wires at home gets messy, this is where wireless connectivity comes in. The best part about this generation is that we don't require too many wires. You can easily connect to the Internet wirelessy or use bluetooth to transfer files easily. Also there are wireless keyboards, mouses available and much more!

#9 - Copy/Paste

top 10 technology to be thankful for this thanksgiving copy paste

Admit it, copy/paste is one of the greatest feature invented in mankind. If it was not for copy paste you would never be able to complete your assignments on time or spend too much time re-writing. With copy paste you can copy over 15000 words and paste them anywhere for personal use in seconds, where as manually writing them would take you several hours and require a lot of energy.

#10 - Cloud Storage

top 10 technology to be thankful for this thanksgiving cloud storage

If you're clumsy like me, you probably suck at being able to take care of important files like documents, pictures etc. This is where Cloud storage comes in, there are many softwares out there which offer free cloud storage such as Google Drive, SpiderOak, One drive etc where you can backup your files and never have to worry about losing them ever again. 

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Top 10 best ways to get a lot of likes on Facebook Page

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Whether you own a page for entertainment or marketing, handling the page is no fun when you've no one to interact with! Due to Facebook being the king of Social Networking which boasts about having 1 billion active users per day, no way a marketer would miss the opportunity to use Facebook for his advantage. Having a personal facebook page has more advantages than you think as it allows you to connect with your fans & keep them up to the date about what's going on. If you're like me, you probably rely on Facebook for all your news and information. For example: If it wasn't for Facebook, I wouldn't know what the Kardashians had for breakfast today or when the next time world will end. Creating a Facebook page is easy, but whats difficult is attracting likers so here in this article I will be discussing top 10 best ways to get a lot of likes on your Facebook page.

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#1 - Attractive display and cover picture

attractive facebook display picture and cover best way to get a lot of likes on your Facebook page

The first thing you should after you've done creating your facebook page is to set an attractive display and cover photo before doing anything further. Even if you do start advertising your page, no one would want to like your page or visit the page again if they find it dull or boring at first sight, as they say " The first impression is the last impression ". Also keep your page's description updated so the likers have a idea what your facebook page is about.

#2 - Invite EVERYONE

invite everyone best way to get a lot of likes on your Facebook page

The most obvious thing to do after you've done creating your Facebook page is to invite all your friends via Facebook and also by email. This should give you a boost about 100 facebook likes depending on how many Facebook friends and email contacts you have.

#3 - Spread the word

spread the word best way to get a lot of likes on your Facebook page

Now that you've your very own Facebook page, it's time you let the whole world know about it. Begin by advertising your facebook page on other social networks or communities/forums you visit. Personally I think forums are great for advertising facebook pages but make sure your forum allows that or else you might get banned for spamming. Also make sure to update a status on your Facebook letting everyone know you've made a page and want them to like them. Don't be shy to post on your Facebook groups either demanding for likes.

#4 - Post unique and good content

post unique and good content best way to get a lot of likes on your Facebook page

Your concern should not only be getting a lot of facebook likes, but also how to keep those likes from going away (people unliking your page). There are billions of Facebook pages on Facebook, what makes your page so special? If you want your page to become famous, you should concentrate on posting unique content instead of just copy pasting stuff. One of the worst mistakes new facebook page owners make is that they tend to spam their fans with useless stuff, resulting in unlikes. Try to get into your likers mind and figure out what they like and what they don't. If your facebook page likers do like the content, they'd tend to like and share increasing your facebook page's exposure, resulting in more likes!

#5 - Link your page everywhere

link your page everywhere best way to get a lot of likes on your Facebook page

Say if you've a famous account on social networks other than Facebook such as Twitter, AskFM, Google plus etc. You could use those other social network exposure to help increase your Facebook's page popularity by simply linking your Facebook page on there. Should be no surprise to you when you see a increase in your Facebook likes as EVERYONE is on Facebook. Yes, even the stray dog outside probably has his personal facebook account - YOU NEVER KNOW!

#6 - Facebook Ads

facebook ads best way to get a lot of likes on your Facebook page

What's a better place to advertise your Facebook page than on Facebook itself! Although you need money for this but if you plan on getting facebook likes fast, you should consider investing some money on Facebook ads as they will increase your Facebook page's exposure more than you'd expect. If you don't want to invest any money, then you can try the old school method of advertising by nagging famous Facebook page owners to give you a shoutout or doing S4S (share 4 share) which means you share their page and they share yours so you both benefit.

#7 - Giveaways or Contests

giveaways or contests best way to get a lot of likes on your Facebook page

Who doesn't love free stuff or contests? Doing give aways and contests help you connect with your fans and turn them into loyal fans. Give aways are one of the best methods to increase likes as EVERYONE loves free stuff, but make sure not to do fake give aways as you'd lose the likers trust and end up losing likes than gaining instead.

#8 - Set a short Facebook URL

set a short facebook url best way to get a lot of likes on your Facebook page

After you've created your Facebook page, you get the option to set a URL for your Facebook page. E.g: Don't try be too cool by setting a long or complicated URL as that'd make your facebook page fans get lost when they type the URL. Try to set a URL that is simplest and short as possible.

#9 - Recruit more admins

recruit more admins best way to get a lot of likes on your Facebook page

" Teamwork divides the task and multiples the success ". That being said, if you want your Facebook page to thrive to become a successful page and stand out from the rest, you need to recruit more admins (preferably friends or people you can trust who've free time). So you won't have to do everything alone or waste too much time, as you'll also have to give time to your social life as well...unless facebook is your "only" social life.

#10 - Passion

passion best way to get a lot of likes on your Facebook page

Without passion, you won't get anywhere. You only live once, so make sure to enjoy whatever you do. If you like llamas, make a page about llamas. If you like gaming, make a page about gaming and etc. If you've no interest in llamas but decide to make a page about llamas anyways, you'd end up failing and all your time you put would be gone to waste so make sure to think about it before creating a page as you will need to invest a lot of time in order for it to be successful.

Hope you liked my top 10 list, make sure to leave back any suggestions or criticisms in the comment section below.

Top 10 App Lockers for Password Protecting your Apps on Android Smartphone

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Almost all Android smartphones provide their users with the basic security functions such as the ability to set a password to their phone's lock screen but lack more advanced security features such as password protecting internal phone apps such as photos, inbox, facebook messenger etc. By adding this extra layer of security to your smartphone, your fear of anyone else other than you accessing the apps will be gone. There are many apps available on the google playstore that allow you to password protect your apps but here on this article I will be discussing my top 10 favourite apps to make your phone more secure by password protecting your apps.

#1 - AppLock

password protect your apps by AppLock available on google playstore for Android smartphone

This was the first app I came across when hunting for a App to password protect my Android Apps and after using it, I didn't need to search for any other applock as this app contained everything I needed. No doubt it is the best as it has a user base of over million people using it and also supports many languages so you won't need to worry if you're weak at English. It can lock almost everything and also can prevent others from taking incoming calls or un-installing apps with the advanced version. (AppLock advanced protection)

It also asks you for a working email, so when you forget your passcode you can reset it easily with the help of email. The app is worth buying as with the premium version you get access to the photo and video vault which is very useful.

#2 - App Lock (Pattern)

password protect your apps by App Lock(Pattern) available on google playstore for Android smartphone

What makes this app great is the fact that it's very simple to use and also gets the job done easily. It allows you to password protect almost anything you want it too. But what makes this app unique from others is the fact that it rings a Alarm if someone keeps getting the password wrong continuously.

#3 - App Lock Master

password protect your apps by App Lock Master available on google playstore for Android smartphone

It allows you to password protect any app by pin code or pattern on landscope/potrait mode whatever you wish. It is a great alternative to the other app locks as it offers more features as well.

#4 - Smart AppLock

password protect your apps by Smart AppLock available on google playstore for Android smartphone

What makes this app unique as compared to other App Locking apps is the " Observer mode " which captures a photo from the front camera automatically if someone gets the password incorrect several times. Apart from that, it provides you with all the basic security functions required and allows you to password protect your apps by pin code, pattern or gesture.

#5 - Visidon AppLock Plus

password protect your apps by Visidon AppLock Plus available on google playstore for Android smartphone

What makes this app unique as compared to other apps is that you can protect apps through facial recognition as well as pincode just incase your phone fails to recognize your face properly. Make sure to capture your face from different angles so your face can be recognized easily. If not, just use the alternative password you set to unlock the app simply!

#6 - Apps Lock & Gallery Hider 

password protect your apps by Apps Lock & Gallery Hider available on google playstore for Android smartphone

There's more to the app than the name suggests. This app locker provides advanced features such as being able to password protect " Uninstall " so no one other than you can un-install any app on your phone, the ability to password protect your SD card along with Incoming calls and much more. 

#7 - AppLock 2 (Smart App Protect)

password protect your apps by AppLock2 Smart App Protector available on google playstore for Android smartphone

As the name suggests, it's a smart app locker which allows you to password protect your files with a pin/pattern. If someone gets your password incorrect many times, it will take a photo from the front camera automatically and be sent to your email (the one you assigned during registration). What makes this app unique is the fact that you can trick the person into thinking there is a fault in the locked app by deliberately showing a error and they won't know the app is locked.

#8 - App Locker - Lock Any App

password protect your apps by App Locker - Lock Any App available on google playstore for Android smartphone

This app allows you to password protect your conversations (whatsapp, skype, snapchat, inbox, email etc), incoming/outcoming calls along with the ability to password protect your notes so that no one can access them. 

#9 - Perfect AppLock (App Protector)

password protect your apps by Perfect AppLock App Protector available on google playstore for Android smartphone

This app provides many features allowing you to trick people into believing the apps are not locked so you won't be forced to give the password. Also features a stealth mode where it hides itself from the launcher so no one will even know the app locker is installed! 

#10 - LEO Privacy Guard AppLock

password protect your apps by LEO Privacy Guard AppLock available on google playstore for Android smartphone

It is one of the most trusted and downloaded app locker on Google playstore. It provides the user with all basic security functions, but what makes it unique from other apps is that it allows you to password protect apps during a specific time such as office hours or when you're home etc.