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Fun Android Games to Play Offline

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Entertainment is the quintessential aspect of one’s life. You always need some sort of fun and recreational activity in order to pass your time or relax. Definitely, you will get bored after doing a lot of work at office, school or having been engaged in any other hectic thing. Interestingly, everybody chooses distinct ways to entertain himself. There can be more than dozens of ways people use to get them away from the heavy pressure of worldly things for the short period of time. Some go for games—indoor or outdoor—while many love to read books and engross themselves in productive and fruitful activities. In the case you're not in mood for either, you can always sit back on your couch or bed and just play android games on android smartphone instead. Here in this article, we will be talking about Top 5 Fun android Games to Play Offline.

What seems to be fascinating to many of us that game serves no good to us and it just wastes precious time which could have spent on something meaningful. But one cannot ignore the great benefits of playing indoor games. It certainly improves your creativity and intelligence. That will likely to help you to perform well in your professional life and the life ahead. You must have seen many people especially young people, who spend the major chunk of their time on playing android games on smartphones. These games on Android have, in the real sense, revolutionized the world. Now, you don’t need a computer, laptop or any other device to play or feel the charm of games. What only you need is simply grab your android smartphone, browse google playstore for android games to download, and start playing, all done without you having to move a single step.

Wait a minute! Let’s be specific. What exactly I have been trying to do is to make you read a great content about games which you can on Android. However, the internet is the prerequisite to play games but there are always millions of games which can be accessed for free. HOWEVER, majority of these games require a Internet connection to play and that's a big turn off AND at the same time, very annoying, as most places still don't have Internet or do have Internet, but choose to not share with the public. (Sharing is caring, no?)

Not everyone has the luxury of being connected to the Internet all the time on their smartphone, mainly due to the reason they'd rather wait to get back home than spend extra money on buying Internet data for their phone. This is where offline android games come in handy, as you're not required to be connected to the Internet and can play them anywhere or anytime on your Android Smartphone!

So here I will help you get to know about top 5 fun android games which you can easily play offline. It means that you now, don’t need to worry about the Internet connection and play games, no matter where you are as long as you've your Android Smartphone.

5 Fun android games to play offline


Badland fun Android games to play Offline

Badland is one of the best offline games which you can play. It is a 2D runner in which you need to progress greatly as compared to the speed of screen otherwise you will bound to lose or be consumed. The features of the game have colorful graphics and backdrops which seem to be amazing and attractive to the gamer. Certainly, it is worth playing and if you get bored from playing single player, you can switch to Multiplayer as the game offers Online play as well. However, single player should be enough as the game offers over 100+ levels that are unique and developers update the game from time to time, to add new levels.  Also if you liked this game, you'd also definitely like Badlands 2 as well. Also make sure to try that out!


Crashlands fun Android games to play Offline

A crash land is an adventurous sort of game in which you play as a space trucker that is to get crash fall on an alien planet. You have to roam around to kill bad guys, to build your own foundation and gather other kinds of items. Your stock is never-ending and it enables you to craft over 400 items while using the item you have found. It is also an inexpensive game and as it is RPG, it'll take you long time to get bored as there are countless things to do. Also the best thing about this game is that it also supports mobile compatible controllers/joysticks. Although beware, after you start playing this game - there's no going back!

3.    DUET

Duet fun Android games to play Offline

It is also one of the good games. This is played with the help of two dots which revolve around an axis. In this game, your ultimate aim is to push the dots around hurdles that come your way. This game is very great when it comes to fun even though gets harder at later years. It’s free initially but one can unlock numerous new game modes for the premium version. The game also has a very good rating and reviews from reputable sources. The game is simple to play and doesn't require much brain, however it still is fun and challenging as you progress throughout the levels.


Kingdom rush frontiers fun Android games to play Offline

The title of this game is very popular and the latest one. This game consists of a number of missions which one can get over with by passing through three different game mode (classic, iron and heroic). It is real fun experience and best among offline games. it's RPG, hence you won't get bored quickly or easily as there's much to do. They also release great offers and updates, such as the recent halloween update.

5.    LIMBO

Limbo fun Android games to play Offline

Limbo is a 2D puzzle game in which one has to use aspects of one’s surroundings to solve puzzles and move ahead in order to find the sister in the area of limbo. The graphics are very complicated which makes it dubious. The probability of getting killed by bullets, water, and electricity is greatest.

“Dark, disturbing, yet eerily beautiful, Limbo is a world that deserves to be explored.” 
5/5 – Joystiq 

So now you have a collection of best 5 offline games to choose the greatest one. I hope this article will to help you in the selection and provide you with the much-needed help and valuable content. Also if you liked this article, also make sure to check out our 2nd article: Top 10 Addicting Android Games to Play.

YouTube tips and tricks 2017

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Google's annual report showed that people watched YouTube 60 percent more than last year, and the trend of growth its popularity is likely to continue in 2017. Youtube is a popular video sharing network which ranks higher than Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or any other popular social network that there is. Youtube boasts about 1 BILLION active users on it's site every month, basically every 1 out of 3 people on the Internet use Youtube. 

Youtube tips and tricks 2017

Accordingly, we give you six YouTube tips and tricks that every user should know in the year 2017.

#1. Looking for your favorite artist tracks

Many people use YouTube as a database of licensed music. On the one hand, Google perfectly bans pirate copies, imitators, and fake accounts, but on the other – in the presence of streaming services, it looks strange.

Youtube search tip and trick 2017

However, if you want to find the latest tracks or albums to your favorite artist, use the "#" symbol in the search. Next, write the name without spaces and get a collection of popular hits and songs.

#2. Use search operators

To immediately find the desired video without getting issues with tons of inappropriate clips, use the search operators. For YouTube it’s enough to remember only three of them:
For the exact match, type the word or phrase in quotes (Example: "iPhone 6S Presentation");
To exclude a word from your search results, enter it with the symbol "-" (example: iPhone 6S - drop test);
To search for multiple words at the same time you need to indicate “+” between words (example: iPhone + iPad).

#3. Make GIF from a video

If you love to share gif-animation on social networks or instant messengers, pay attention to the service It can help you convert any video to GIF from YouTube.

Convert youtube video into gif

In the address bar just add the prefix "gif" before the word YouTube and press Enter.
On the service page, you can select any part of the video, add a sticker or label. Just click on the button “Create Gif” and animation is ready.

#4. Save the video or audio track

To save YouTube clips, the easiest way to use the service “”. Just copy the link of the video you want and paste it on the main page of the service.
Select the type of stored data. Audio will be downloaded in MP3 format (service assigns the name of the artist and album, as well as the cover), and video converts to MP4 with a possibility of choosing its quality.

#5. Send the YouTube video to TV

Most modern smart TVs are able to play videos from YouTube. However, not everyone knows that Google's service allows connecting the TV and the smartphone, which are on the same Wi-Fi network.
The YouTube app on your TV settings need the code for pairing and entering it on the smartphone.
After the synchronization, you can with just one-click send video from your smartphone to the big TV screen.

#6. View videos in all windows

Another great tip if you use the Chrome browser, is that you can use the free extension “Floating for YouTube”, which unpins the window with a reproducible video and put it on the top of all windows, which is a feature that is available on Youtube's smartphone app, however for it to work on desktops - you will have to do it manually with the help of browser extensions. If you use other browsers, you'd be able to find them easily as many extensions are available that allow this.

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5 Financial apps that every college student needs

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Managing budgets can be a completely tiresome and time-consuming job and the misery doubles if you are a college student. As are they are known to be happy-go-lucky, they hardly pay attention to their expenses. With limited pocket money, it can truly turn out to be a hassle if a proper account is not maintained and reporting to your folks with detailed expense data can only fetch your due pocket money the next month. College students need to assign money for a number of things from party, food, assignments, rents, etc. As a perfect blend of budding financial managers and techno savvy, having these budget apps in your mobile will be cherry on the cake.

Here are listed budget top 5 financial apps that every college student needs and should definitely check out:

#1 - Mint

Mint Financial App that every college student needs

Mint, as known helps to connect your bank account with the app and automatically syncing the data. Any purchase or expenses incurred is directly and a notification message is sent to the user. proves beneficial for the user to keep a check on his monthly expenses and savings. Additionally, it also provides facilities like to create different budgets separately and sync them all together.

How it works for college: With its excellent feature of syncing bank accounts with the app it helps provide a clearer image of finances to them. They can know well where the stand in case of finances and whether they need to crunch their hands or have saved a penny more.

#2 - Wally+

Wally+ Financial App that every college student needs

Offering simple feature of tracking expenses and savings, Wally helps to keep a watch on the expenses. can be entered manually as well as by taking a photo of the receipt. Providing an added feature of using your location, it helps to save you from expenses. A notification is sent to your mobile whenever a payment a due as a gentle reminder.

How it works for the college: With list of expenses to be managed with minimal salary or pocket money, wally will help you keep a count of your expenses and assist in managing saving goals. As a college student it will be an act as an aid to keep a hold on their hands in case of overgrowing expenses. Additionally, a notification is sent as a reminder regarding their payment dues.

#3 - Good budget

Good Budget Financial App that every college student needs

Working on similar features as that of , Good Budget helps the user to categorize his expenses into different categories (e.g. food, rent, , party, etc.) just like we do by putting money inside envelopes for different expenses. This can help you get a thorough picture of your expenses and help plan your budget accordingly.

How it works for the college: As a college student, one will have a variety of expenses to deal with from food to rent and stationary to partying. Good Budget helps to categorize each budget into separate category, thereby giving a good idea regarding how much they have in hand to spend on each. It will help them manage their budgets with ease.

#4 - Check

Check as the name goes helps you have a check on your expenses. Just like Mint, it integrates an individual’s bank accounts with the app and sets up provision for payment reminders and notifications of bills to be paid.

How it works for the college: College students may need to split their bills lot of times. Somedays they may forget to pay their dues. Check proves to be a perfect app for budgeting in case of college students. It allows syncing your bank account with the app and lets you know your bills due by sending you reminders.

#5 - Debt PayOff Planner

Debt PayOff Planner Financial App that every college student needs

It allows you to find effective ways of paying off leftover debts and card balances. They individuals are allowed to categorize their dues based from highest or lowest to highest, helping calculate payoff date and payoff amount.

How it works for college: Midst studies and work, often an individual may forget to keep a track of their payments due and credit card balances to be paid. Debt PayOff Planner helps give a clearer picture of their payment due dates, sending them reminders and notification. If one is confused as to which loan to be paid off first, this app is best suited for you.

Author Bio

​The post is authored by Aishwarya Raghunath, she has a deep knowledge about finance and investment. Till date, she has written reviews about several financial apps, but she finds Desi Hisab as the best expense tracker app. You can also download the same from Google Play store.

Best Free Android Antivirus Apps For 2017

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Have you started thinking about 2017? Most of us can barely believe that but two months separate us from the new year, but facts are facts and with every new 365 days in the calendar comes a chance for implementing changes.

Trend of setting up new higher standards in every new year are most visible in technology industry, and we can always expect surprises (both positive and negative) on that front. When it comes to the questions of our web security, antivirus companies are promising only to be better in 2017. Seeing that cybercriminal is constantly reaching new levels, it is important to know if our safeguards are able to do their job right. Also, protecting our mobile devices has become just as important as protecting our laptops and PCs, because most of the world’s population has a large chunk of their confidential data stored on their mobile devices. This is why we took the time to see just what antivirus providers have to offer, as well what are the best free Android apps for the upcoming year.

#1 - Avast Free Mobile Security 2017

Best free android antivirus app for 2017 avast

Avast is one of the antivirus brands that is very much used all over the world, thanks to the quality of service they provide for their non-paying customers. For 2017, Avast promises to keep up with the good work of keeping their clients safe and if at all possible inspire them to switch to their premium edition, which in, all truth, is all-encompassing. Aside from constant antivirus protection from all forms of malware and security breaches that might happen, Avast will make sure that your Android mobile device is protected when you’re using public Wi-Fi, which is particularly vulnerable to cybercriminal attempts. What’s more, Avast will safeguard your apps by locking them similar to applock, so there’s no way that someone can spy on you through them. All in all, this antivirus is proved to be one of the best freebies around.

#2 - AVG Free Antivirus 2017

Best free android antivirus app for 2017 avg

Another familiar name among the antivirus celebrities, AVG gives all its contenders a run for their money with fool-proof quality features it gives to its customers. If you pay $40 for their premium version, you can expect a very high level of safety, though the notifications can become somewhat annoying. If you’re not keen on giving money for your antivirus (which is the case with most people), then AVG 2017 will do a good job in regularly scanning your mobile Android device to get rid of any signs of threats. You don’t have to worry about your firewall either, the program will keep everything in check and will be particularly meticulous in tracking spyware that isn’t easily found. What’s more, when you’re dealing with bank accounts from your mobile devices, AVG will have your back, so that hackers don’t get a hold of your sensitive information.

#3 - Avira Free Antivirus 2017

Best free android antivirus app for 2017 avira

According to Avira’s website, over half a billion people in the world downloaded this antivirus, either in the form of an app or a program for their PC. This is a pretty impressive number, which speaks volumes about Avira’s quality of service. Not to much surprise, Avira did very well on different antivirus lab tests, it even got some perfect scores in satisfying different criteria concerning protection from all kinds of virus infections and potential security breaches. Another perk that you get with Avira, but not with other free antivirus Android apps, is that it will keep you safe from phishing, which in itself is reason enough why Avira is so often found on top 10 antivirus lists all over the Internet.

#4 - Panda Free Antivirus 2017

Best free android antivirus app for 2017 panda

​We strive to present the best specimens of different forms of antivirus apps, and with that in mind, we have to mention Panda antivirus. Unlike all other aforementioned antivirus Android apps, Panda app works on cloud technology, meaning that scans and any other app activity won’t in any way lag or slow you device down. Thanks to this technology, Panda can also very quickly spot a new form of virus, which means that a patch for it will also be provided fairly quickly. Interface of the app could be more intuitive, but once you get the hang of it, Panda will prove to be a solid protector of your security.

#5 - Kaspersky Free Antivirus 2017

Best free android antivirus app for 2017 kaspersky

Kaspersky is another classic antivirus program that has a trustworthy antivirus app for Android and will do a good job in protecting your device and your sensitive data. True, Kaspersky’s free antivirus is somewhat limited because it’s constricted to keeping you safe from antimalware and that’s all, meaning that your confidential web activity like bank transactions and passwords might require some additional  protection. If you decide to invest into Kaspersky app, then you’ll get excellent protection, though Kaspersky is on the costly side of antivirus palette.

In 2017, like in all years before, do your best to be security-aware. You can be sure that cybercriminals are never idle, which is why you should do your best to have your security and privacy under watchful eye of an antivirus app of your choosing. – By Adam Ferraresi

Adam Ferraresi is 23 years old, but he first became interested in writing when he was in high school. Today he’s a successful web developer living in Dallas, Texas, and one of the most trusted writers at In his free time, he’s an avid   mountain climber and enjoys playing basketball with  his friends.

Top 4 Best Fitness Apps to Improve Health and Performance

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People are more concerned about their health and fitness than before. They are taking the support of technology to get a right way of gaining better health. Most of the people are using Smartphones in which they have installed exercising apps. These applications work as your personal fitness guide. It means, now you don’t need to pay for a trainer, exercising applications can become your personal trainer. Whether it is running or any other exercise, if you don’t do it in a right way, you cannot gain desired benefits. By knowing this fact, marketing leading application development companies have offered some workout apps. Some of the most renowned applications are given below.

Six Pack Abs

Top 4 Best fitness apps on google playstore to improve your health and perfomance

As the name depicts, Six Pack Abs is the leading application that supports you in performing 20 different Ab exercises. This application offers you HD video suggestions for the exercises so that you can perform the exercise efficiently. Also to the training videos, you can also select the music you want to listen during exercising period. The basic version of this application offers 20 abs exercises. If you want more exercises of abs, you can upgrade the application and get more 50 abs exercises. Fitness conscious people are downloading this application and using it to get charming looking abs.  Click Here To Get Six Pack Abs App.

Workout Trainer

Top 4 Best fitness apps on google playstore to improve your health and perfomance

Available for both Android and iOS smartphones, this application is providing you’re a lot of free exercises. If you are using this application, you get audio and video instructions for the exercise.  This application can help you in building athlete type body shape and gaining better stamina. Users not only get included exercises, but they also gain access to a vast exercise library of this application. It helps the user in setting routine exercises, and users can also share their exercising experience online with the community. Click Here To Get Workout Trainer  App.


Top 4 Best fitness apps on google playstore to improve your health and perfomance

Those, who are looking for tailored exercise routines, they must use FitStar application. It is an ultimate exercise training coach that gives exercises, according to the ability of the user. You can mention the type of exercise you want and FitStar will fetch out a right exercising routine for you. Users can learn much innovative exercise, which can help them in improving their overall look. Today, thousands of Smartphone users are doing exercises with the assistance of this application. Its features attract every fitness seeker towards it.  Click Here To Get FitStar App.

Lose It!

Top 4 Best fitness apps on google playstore to improve your health and perfomance

It is an ideal application for you if you are planning for weight loss. It offers you exercises, efficient enough for quick weight loss. You will get a chart of foods, which you have to eat for quick weight loss. Lose IT! has been serving people for many years. It has a community in which experts offer help to new candidates. You will get enough support of experts, and they will share their experiences of achieving the prime objective.  Click Here To Get Lose It! App. These best workout apps are playing a vital role in making people fit and fine.

Bio: This Is Zakkam William Workin In Is The Reputed e-Tailer Known For Bringing The Latest PTron Mobile Accessories Models From All Major Manufacturers At Best Discounts. Company Has Fully Operational Office And Warehouse Maintained To Make Timely Deliveries Across Nation

Zakkam William

4 Creepy Things the Internet Does When You Are Online

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There’s no doubt the Internet is convenient and can affect our lives in a positive way—but are we making some sacrifices to enjoy such a convenience? If you’ve been an Internet user for many years, you’ve probably come across at least one dangerous thing on the net. 

4 creepy things the Internet does when you are online

Hackers, malware and Internet scams are all too common, and of course they can have a negative impact on your life, but there are also some other dark and creepy things about using the Internet you may not have even heard of yet. 

To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, here are four creepy things the Internet does when you are online.

1. Tracks Your Location

Every time you connect to the Internet, your location is being tracked. Websites use your IP address to determine where you are at the time you’re visiting their site, and if you’re a Windows 10 user, the chances are the apps you’re using are as well. There is also GPS on many Internet-enabled devices, which can literally track you wherever you go, down to the exact address.

The best way to avoid this from occurring is to check your settings on your devices and disable location or GPS. But that won’t help you as far as your IP address goes. For that, you’ll need a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service to assist you in protecting your privacy online.

As mentioned in this VPN review by Secure Thoughts, VPNs block your IP address. When you connect to the VPN, your Internet traffic is routed through a remote server, which makes your Internet connection encrypted and your location (and IP address) shown as that of the remote server instead of your own.

2. Spies on You

Websites and services are always watching what you do when you use them. Whenever you visit a page, click on a link or load an app that’s connected to the net, what you do is being recorded. In many cases, this serves simply as diagnostic data for services: did anything go wrong while you were using the service? When? What were you doing?

But this data is also used to understand your behaviors and tailor services to better get across the message they want you see. This information is used in studies, and we’re not talking about the kinds to help save the earth.

You’ve probably seen the warnings on your mobile devices when you go to install an app: “This app needs access to your contacts, your camera, your phone, your messaging service, your…” and the list continues. Functionally, an app that sends messages needs to be able to read your messages, but there are enough apps that don’t need do.

Knowing your contacts helps establish a profile of who you are and whom you know. It’s anybody’s guess how many different things this info can be used for, but it’s decidedly creepy. Ultimately, much of that information goes to exactly what purpose you’d probably imagine.

3. Sends You Targeted Ads

This is the feature of Internet search engine and personal profile shenanigans we’re most familiar with by this point, but every now and then it gets under your skin. For example, you’re watching videos on YouTube and suddenly realize you keep getting ads for shoes. At the time it doesn’t seem to mean much, but then you realize you were shopping for shoes online recently.

In some cases it gets a little weirder. You weren’t actually shopping online for shoes, but when you visited Journey’s, you gave them your email address, and they sent you a receipt. Well, Google recognized that email and decided to tailor your video ads to show information about shoes.

Everything you do online ultimately leads to advertising. While there are some options to opt out of customized ads, much of it remains beyond your control with the exception of location-based ads; if you’re hiding behind a VPN, those ads will be targeted at your perceived IP address rather than your actual location.

Ads can also be handled by using services such as Adblock Plus, a free extension for Firefox and Google Chrome that helps to hide and remove ads from pages. Blur is also a good extension as it tells you when websites are tracking you and helps block them from doing so.

Some degree of targeting is inevitable if you shop online. Amazon knows what you buy from your account and recommends related purchases, just the same as eBay. Nearly all online shopping sites compile your data to try to get you to buy something else.

The most nefarious purpose of all is one that big companies such as Apple and Google claim they aren’t majorly capitalizing on.

4. Shares Your Information

All the data you send and receive online leaves a trail. That location information we discussed and the targeted ads don’t just come from one place; companies buy and sell this information. Your browsing data could easily be part of a package deal for an advertising company, along with thousands or millions of others.

This is something you’ve no doubt discovered in your spam box. You start getting emails for something you never searched for or never visited a page for. For some reason you’re subscribed to these emails without your consent.

The reason is because your personal profile data’s been bought and paid for. It’s not like an autodialer system that just calls every number in the phone book to advertise (that’s illegal now, by the way); there are an unlimited number of email addresses, and they are acquired when you submit your email to different services that don’t keep it confidential.

Social media is notorious for sharing information you’d prefer not to let others know indirectly. Privacy settings can be so complex and ever changing that you suddenly realize anyone who searches your name can locate your phone number, home address, place of work and come up with a pretty convincing list of people you know in real life.

If that’s not creepy, I’m not sure what is!

Are there any creepy facts about the Internet you’d like to share with us? Let us know in the comments section.

About the Author: Cassie is an Internet security expert and blogger for Given that security breaches have become more common online, she especially focuses on helping others learn more about how they can stay safe on the Internet.

Top 5 Free Android Puzzle games to kill time

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There are over a thousand free Android Gaming Apps available on the Google Playstore, divided into genres, popular being Action, Arcade, Racing etc. But what if you want to try something new or something that uses up your brain and is challenging, instead of you just having to repeatedly tap your Smartphone's screen several times? In this article we will discuss about top 5 popular puzzle games you can install on your Android Smartphone to kill time or to just give your brain a workout, while having fun.

#1 - Candy Crush Saga

candy crush saga free android puzzle game to kill time

Almost everyone has heard of this game thanks to the annoying Facebook requests, which you must've at least received once in your lifetime or more than a thousand times in your lifetime which made you want to go burn whoever made this game. Although that may be the case, the game isn't bad.. It's actually very addicting and at the same time fun as well. The initial stages are easy but as you progress, the puzzles begin to become harder and that's where you've to use your brain as you've limited moves and lives left, or else you've to wait until lives are replenished. Also this game is impossible to finish as it has 2065 levels, it's big enough if you pass 100th level but good luck completing this game anyways!

Did you know?

...Candy Crush makes $850k PER day and a 14 year old boy once spent $4,300 on boosts and extra moves!

#2 - Flow Free

flow free free android puzzle game to kill time

" Simplicity is the ultimate form of Sophistication " - A game so simple, yet so addicting and complicated. The initial stages are extremely easy, but as the levels increase, so do the grids. Offers two modes: Free play and time trial (where you've to solve as many puzzles as you can under a specific time period). Personally this is my favorite game and a great game to play whenever you want to kill time.

#3 - Hardest game ever 2

hardest game ever 2 free android puzzle game to kill time

As the name suggests, "hardest game ever". Well it's not that hard as long as you've good phone with good touch as you will have to do a lot of tapping, the game just requires a few hours of your time and it'll be complete hence I wouldn't really call it the hardest game "EVER". Although it may not be the hardest game ever as it's name says so, it's fun and addicting to play and also has few levels that will test your brain.

#4 - Mind Games

mind games free android puzzle game to kill time

A really game for those who are serious about wanting to give their brain a workout. This game will tend to reveal how much stupid you are, hence make sure to play with no one around. Although the game might a bit repetitive, it'll help make you mentally alert and give you brain a good workout.

#5 - Brain Wars

brain wars free android puzzle game to kill time

Picked by Developer, no doubt this is a great brain training app and at the same time fun as it is updated frequently and most of the time, the new games are more fun than the previous ones. Apart from that, this app doesn't concentrate on forcing you to waste money to enjoy the game, meaning you can still enjoy this game without having to spend a single nickel on anything!

Top 5 Best VPNs for Torrenting and P2P Sharing

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Image courtesy of GotCredit under CC BY 2.0

Smartphones, tablets, laptops and so many other tools are built to connect to the internet. This is wonderful but also dangerous as these devices may connect to public WiFi networks without the knowledge or consent of the user, which can allow hackers to view and steal personal data. At the same time, Person-to-Person (P2P) sharing opens up new avenues for the loss of private files and security. In short, when information is publically shared across the internet, it can be discovered and stolen by even a novice hacker. 

For this, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) can be the solution. According to Caroline of Bleeping Tech, a VPN “create[s] a tunnel of sorts that encrypts the data you send to an outside and secure server which will connect to the Internet for you, and then send you what you are after. With this, no one will be able to see what you are sending or receiving.” Thus, private data is kept private even when transferred across the public internet.

Of course, determining which VPN is best can be difficult. Luckily, here are the five best VPN for torrents, P2P, and file sharing:


While there are many free VPNs, the safest, fastest, and most secure do have a monthly price. ExpressVPN, for example, starts at $12.95 a month with a 30-day money-back guarantee. As for specifications, there is a 256-bit encryption, the ability to simultaneous connect from two devices, unlimited bandwidth, no throttling, and no logging of data. Further, though uptime and connection speed is dependent upon the connection/distance to the connecting VPN location as well as the bandwidth of one’s own ISP, ExpressVPN does offer speed tests, the ability to detect which possible location is the fastest with which to make a connection, and server locations in 78 countries with new servers continuously being added. Of added benefit is that ExpressVPN is located centrally in the British Virgin Islands and subject to no set of sovereign laws.

Means of payment accepted include credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin and other local payment options.

IPVanish VPN

Starting at $10.00 per month and ranked second is IPVanish VPN. Like ExpressVPN, it has a 256-bit encryption, allows simultaneous connection by two devices, unlimited bandwidth, no throttling, and no data logging. However, it only has servers in 60 countries. Further, IPVanish is located centrally in the United States and is thus subject to the laws therein the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Despite these setbacks, however, IPVanish remains “the only true tier-1 VPN provider in the world” assuring the greatest delivery speeds compared to any other VPN. They also have 24/7 support and network operations teams so servers are kept running at all times while additional infrastructure is added in specific regions with increased demand for their services.

Means of payment include credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin and various local payment options.


VPNArea ranks third on this list and starts at $9.90 per month. It is a newer VPN and like the others listed above has a 256-bit encryption, unlimited bandwidth, and logs no data. In addition, five devices can be simultaneously connected to this VPN rather than simply two. Further, it is based out of Bulgaria and is thus not subject to data retention. It also has a 7-day free trial and great customer service across the board.

Means of payment include credit cards, PayPal, Payza and Bitcoin.


With a starting price of $7.83 per month, AirVPN is ranked fourth in this list. With servers in 51 countries, there are certified, real-time user and server statistics enabling extremely fast and reliable speeds. In addition, there are no logs kept, a 256-bit encryption, the allowance of three simultaneous connections, and a base in Italy, which means no data retention. The website is a bit hard to navigate, and there is a minimum allocated granted bandwidth (4 Mbit/s download and 4 Mbit/s upload), but the services of AirVPN still remain outstanding.

Means of payment include credit cards, PayPal, and Bitcoin.


Last on this list, but still a terrific VPN, is BolehVPN, which starts at $9.99 per month With a 256-bit encryption, two allowed simultaneous connections, unlimited bandwidth, no throttling, and no data logging, BolehVPN is based in Malaysia and thus subject to no court orders or data retention. Nonetheless, there are only servers in 14 countries, and this VPN has been known to share files on certain servers. Still, there has not been a major downtime for five years, and there is an automatic fail-over for most servers.

Means of payment include credit cards, PayPal, bank transfer, Bitcoin, DogeCoin and DarkCoin.

Beyond the VPNs listed here, there are hundreds of others. Secure Thoughts lists many of these, but there are still numerous other ones in addition to this. For someone serious about investing in a VPN for true privacy concerns, it is best recommended that this list be only a starting point for future research.

This article was guest-written by Cassie Phillips.

Top 5 Best Apps to Order Food online in Pakistan

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Thanks to the Internet you can order food online without having to step outside and have it delivered to your doorstep in a matter of minutes. That's not all, they also offer freebies and exclusive discounts. Although there are many Apps for ordering food online in Pakistan. The question is which App should you use?

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#1 - FoodPanda

order food online from home in pakistan at foodpanda

This was the first app I used to order food online. This app supports almost every city (E.g: Hyderabad, Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore etc). Also allows you to filter the restaurants into prices and a few other options, making it simpler for you to choose your order. Also you don't need a phone to use Foodpanda, you can order from your browser as well. Foodpanda also displays the minimum time it will take for your order to arrive along with the delivery fees (if any). Also you can save money by using vouchers or being on a lookout for deals. This app doesn't just support Pakistan but also many other countries such as India, Malaysia, Singapore, US etc and has great customer support.

#2 - EatOye!

order food online from home in pakistan at eatoye

EatOye! delivers to over 25 cities (E.g: Hyderabad, Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi etc) from famous restaurants like 14th street pizza, Johnny rockets, Dominos, KFC etc. EatOye also allows you to reserve a table without you having to waste time going there just to reserve a seat in person. This is the best app you'd find in Pakistan for ordering food online. If you're hungry and want to see everything available on a single menu card, EatOye is the app for you!

#3 -

order food online from home in pakistan at

SuperMeal is a great app for ordering food online in Pakistan at the comfort of your own home. It's very simple to use, all you've do is pick a restaurant, place your order and then pay cash on delivery, also has option to pay by EasyPay. SuperMeal is smooth to use on browser as well as the App. SuperMeal detects your location automatically which is still a bit inaccurate sometimes though, hence it's suggested to enter your location manually Especially if you are living in a Flat. Although Supermeal is a great App for ordering food online in Pakistan, it still has a lot to improve in order to be comparable to EatOye or other famous Apps.

#4 - FoodGenie

order food online from home in pakistan at

" Your wish is my command " FoodGenie's motto. FoodGenie is same as Supermeal, you can order food easily in just 3 steps and have it arrive in your doorstep in seconds. FoodGenie is said to have a service better than Supermeal but in my first experience it took half hour longer than the estimated time it said the food would arrive. Apart from that, FoodGenie supports a few major cities only such as Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore and Multan only hence in order for it to become successful and comparable to other food online delivery services it needs to start supporting more cities.

#5 - TossDown

order food online from home in pakistan at tossdown

TossDown is a great app to order food online in Pakistan for iOS users especially. They also offer a great amount of deals espically in Ramadan and holidays such as Independence Day, Eid-Ul-Fitr, Eid-Ul-Azha etc. If you're not living in Pakistan, don't worry as this app also offers delivery service in foreign neighboring countries such as: Bahrain, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, UAE etc. Although the app has much to improve as it's Android App still lacks features and food delivery is mostly supported in cities within Punjab, where as TossDown only does delivery service for Karachi in Sindh province.

Top 5 best ways to convert MP4/FLV/AVI files to MP3 without any Software

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Converting MP4 files to MP3 are not a big issue anymore thanks to the many softwares available out there on the Internet. There are many advantages to converting MP4 (video) format into MP3 (audio only) such as the file size will be less, portable, being able to listen to it in car etc. So here in this article I will be telling you 5 top best ways to convert MP4 files to MP3 without any complications and in just a few simple steps.

Note: The time it takes to fully convert your files to MP3 varies on it's original filesize, so if you decide to convert large files to mp3, make sure you've patience to do so. 

#1 - CloudConvert

cloudconvert best free online converter to convert mp4 flv avi files to mp3 without any software

Has a professional interface & converts at a faster rate in my opinion as compared to others, is my personal favourite and I usually convert video files to MP3 using CloudConvert. What makes CloudConvert unique is that it also offers " Desktop Notification " so you're notified when the conversion is complete and also allows you to save file to your dropbox if you wish to do so.

#2 - Online Audio Converter

online audio converter best free online converter to convert mp4 flv avi files to mp3 without any software

As the name says, this audio converter allows you to convert any files from the Internet or from your computer easily in just few clicks. It offers more variety as compared to the other sites as this one offer more options than our usual audio converters such as being able to convert your video files to " iPhone ringstone, wav, mp3 etc "

#3 - best free online converter to convert mp4 flv avi files to mp3 without any software

Has a neat and simple interface which should allow you to convert your file to MP3 at ease without having to take a professional course on how to do so. allows you to convert your MP4, FLV or AVI files to MP3, WAV, OGG & WMA.

#4 - best free online converter to convert mp4 flv avi files to mp3 without any software

Not only do they convert MP4 to MP3, but also other file formats such as FLV to MP3, AVI to MP3 etc. It's also very easy to use all you've do to is click " Pick Mp3 " and select the MP4 file you want to convert and it will begin converting.

#5 - Clip Converter

clipconverter best free online converter to convert mp4 flv avi files to mp3 without any software

Sister page of CloudConvert. What makes Clip Converter unique is the fact that it does not require you to download the video file at all, instead you just provide it with link of any video (youtube, dailymotion etc) and choose the format you want it to be, it will then allow you to download after converting saving you from having to download the file and then converting it separately.