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How to get 280 character limit on Twitter 2017

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Twitter has declared plans to increase its famous 140 character limit to 280 characters for every tweet. Twitter chose few people to test these long tweets, doubling the past 140 character limit, with the goal of allowing it's users to be more expressive and not become frustrated due to having to make a row of separate tweets. Unfortunately, not everyone has got this feature yet. Unsuprisingly, it didn't take long for the Twitter community to backlash against the update. in this article, you will learn how to get 280 character limit on Twitter.

If you're reading this article, it probably means you were not one of the " lucky ones " to be chosen for the 280 twitter character limit - however, that shouldn't be a problem, as there's a workaround!

There are 2 ways to do this.

How to get 280 character limit on Twitter – Method #1:

How to get 280 character limit on Twitter 2017

  1. Download TamperMonkey on your browser. 
  2. Visit this site and click the “ raw “ button, TamperMonkey should automatically pop up asking you to install this script. If it doesn’t, click the TamperMonkey icon on your browser and click “ Add new script “ and just copy/paste the code on there.
  3. After you’re sure your script is running, visit Twitter and start tweeting.

How to get 280 character limit on Twitter – Method #2:

After the Github code went viral. A Twitter user used decided to package that code to make it simpler for non-technical users to be able to use the Javascript code. The process is much simpler than method #1, HOWEVER it has it’s cons too which will be discussed in the end.

How to get 280 character limit on Twitter
  1. Visit this site.
  2. Bookmark the “ Tweet 280 “ link.
  3. Visit TweetDeck and sign in. (Don’t worry, it’s %100 safe!)
  4. Now click the bookmark and then click “ Compose tweet “

NOTE: In order for this to work, you will have to click the bookmark FIRST and then the Compose tweet button. If you don’t do it sequence, this method won’t work!

These methods above have been tested by me and great way to utilize the 280 twitter character limit before anyone does, making you look cool. However, method 2 has it’s cons which are that you’d have to click the bookmark again and again before composing hence method 1 is more preferable.

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Hope you enjoyed this guide on how to get 280 character limit on Twitter. If you’ve any questions or suggestions on new methods, do let me know in the comments below.

Simplifi Me - All your social media in one app

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The growing pace of technical development has made it increasingly difficult to manage all aspects of life impeccably. Without a proper system, one is bound to be scattered and disorganized, missing out on important events and opportunities. This is why more and more organizational apps are being created for educational, social and economical purposes.

However, as the need to be socially connected has increased with technical development, so have the number of social media apps. Those who continuously have to balance social media, work, and family know how confusing it becomes to manage an array of mobile apps while filtering unnecessary advertisements and information. This makes it tedious to post, like and comment simultaneously on multiple social media apps. Opening up each app individually itself requires more time and effort than most can spare.

So what is the one solution that saves you from the frustration and stress while keeping you updated on the important life events of your loved ones? It is an App that can:
  1. Be easily used by the less tech savvy, saving time.
  2. Sort all social media posts according to phone contacts.
  3. Post on multiple social media platforms simultaneously.

While all this may seem impossible, one app, Simplifi Me provides all these features for free!

 Simplifi Me - All your social Media in one app

Simplifi Me Social Media Management Android App

Simplifi Me  is an Android App available on Google Playstore, that helps you manage multiple social media accounts by posting and tweeting simultaneously on Facebook and Twitter. You no longer have to suffer the hassle of worrying about keeping your loved ones updated with important life events or forget to congratulate your boss on the new milestone your company just passed.

Why use Simplifi Me?

It is user friendly due to its clean and simple user interface, so if you are a senior citizen or simply dislike having to worry about too many settings, Simplifi Me will not let you down. Moreover, it is different from most other apps of this type as it “Unlike other "all in one" social media apps  is NOT just links to various social media platforms.”, according to the developer.

Simplifi Me Social Media Management Android App

The App allows you to import contacts from social media, phone or add them manually. This makes the life of the user much simpler as you can be updated with the activities of your closest friends and family without having to surf through irrelevant videos and news. This also helps you keep focused and avoid wasting time on various social media, a pro for the busy common man of today.

How to use Simplifi Me?

The developers have made it very easy for use by introducing an explanatory video on their website for users. In this video they walk you through the simple process of logging in, promising that the app never saves or shares your personal login information. They also show you how to import your contacts from Facebook, Twitter and your phone.

Who wants this?

To my eyes, this app is the perfect opportunity to be availed by all. Being a student, I realise how demanding life is becoming day by day. It is difficult to manage college assignments and family while balancing your social life at the same time. Often, we waste precious hours going through our feeds and getting distracted after we get back home from college. All of us wish to maximise the use of our times and this app is just perfect for that. You will never forget to tweet on Twitter because your friends on Facebook have been taking up all your time.

Simplifi Me Social Media Management Android App

Moreover, if you are someone who wants to really experience the social media hype but have never gotten around to it, like the developer's mother-in-law, because it is too complicated, then this app is ideal for you.

While the app currently only allows you to post on Facebook and Twitter, they are working on integrating other social media platforms as well. It’s a great app developed by Aggregr8tor, LLC and although it may seem ordinary, you should install this app without any further delay to simplifi your life with Simplifi Me.

How to set up Automatic Direct Message on Twitter

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Twitter is the most famous social networking site after Facebook, where users can send short status updates known as " Tweets " consisting of only or less than 140 characters. Twitter is a great platform for marketers or artists to gain exposure. If you're reading this article, chances are you already familiar with Twitter. You can interact with followers via direct messages, a feature that allows you to communicate with your followers personally. But what if you want to convey a message to your new followers such as sending them a warm greeting message or letting them know about your other social network pages such as Facebook, Google Plus Etc? It'd be hard and very time consuming if you decided to stalk your followers list everyday and send them a message one by one, this is where " Automatic Direct Message " comes in. Although they're very controversial tools and is recommended you stay away from them, as they can end up doing the opposite of what you intended it to do. (i.e: losing clients/customers.) There are a lot of tools available on the Internet which allows you to send Automatic Direct Messages on Twitter. In this article, I will discuss a few trusted tools that you can use to do so. 

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How to set up Automatic Direct Message on Twitter using Crowdfire

Crowdfire is a great tool for setting up Automatic Direct Message on Twitter. Apart from that, Crowdfire has many other features that are very useful, such as seeing who unfollowed you on twitter etc. This site is number 1 on my list as it's completely FREE and very smooth to use. You can create many automatic direct messages and Crowdfire would send one randomly from the list.


How to set up Automatic Direct Message on Twitter using Statusbrew

Previously known as ​An alternative to Crowdfire. Setting up Direct Message is free, where as majority of the other features are for premium users. Although what makes Statusbrew unqiue is the fact that you can set up conditions to send out automatic direct messages/tweet, unfortunately this feature is available for premium users only but it's worth checking out!

How to save videos from twitter 2016

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Twitter is one of the largest social networking in the world with over 300 million active users per month. Users on Twitter can easily share audio and video files for their followers to view. But what if you see a video or image you like and want to store it in your phone permanently by saving it? Twitter already has a built-in option for their App which allows you to save images easily, where as if you're using Twitter on Desktop you can just right click on the image and " save as "but Twitter has not yet officially released a feature which allows you to save videos from Twitter directly. Here in this article you will learn how to save videos from Twitter.

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How to save videos from Twitter on PC

​Saving videos from Twitter on PC is a lot easy as compared to saving videos from the famous social network on other devices.
  • Copy the link of the tweet which contains the video you want to save.

how to save videos from twitter on pc
  • Paste that link on the text field on top and press " Download "
  • ​A thumbnail of your video should come up with the option to the download link, click that download link.
  • Right click the video and press " Save video as " then pick your download location and press save to start saving the video.

how to save videos from twitter on pc

​How to save videos from Twitter on Android

how to save videos from twitter on android

  • ​Copy the link of the Tweet which contains the video you want to save or by " Sharing " the tweet to " Video and GIF Tweet downloader " which will automatically place the link on there.
  • Press download.

how to save videos from twitter on android

​You can now view this saved video anytime you want by visiting your phone's gallery and viewing it from there.

How to save videos from Twitter on iOS

  • Open the twitter app & copy the tweet's link which contains the video you want to download by holding onto it and pressing " Copy link to Tweet ".
  • Now open the " Video downloader for Twitter " and paste the link there.
  • Press  " Download now " then select Media. 
  • ​Select a video which you want to save to your camera roll by pressing the Save option.

Top 10 ways to increase followers on Twitter

Although Facebook is still the boss of social media, Twitter seems to be catching up. Nowadays everyone you know who are on Facebook are on Twitter too. Twitter is known as a great place for stalking people's lives without having to move your feet as we live in a generation where everyone loves to express every single thoughts they have on social networks, espically Twitter as it's the only social website where it's socially acceptable to post frequently where as in Facebook if one was to post several times, people would become annoyed. It's easy to sign up for Twitter and start Tweeting, but what's the point of tweeting if you barely have any followers? Tweeting your thoughts & having no one read them is quite embarrassing when you realize it's equivalent to talking to yourself. So here in this article I will be discussing Top 10 ways to increase/get more Followers on Twitter.

Increase rate of followers on Twitter when no one is following back

Don't forget to comment what you thought about this article & your favorite way to gain followers. 

#1 - Make sure your profile is presentable

The first thing you should do after signing up is adding a profile picture & writing a nice bio as these two things are the first thing a person will see and then base his first impression on you and decide whether or not to follow you. Remember, first impression is the last impression. Adding a profile picture, cover (optional but recommended) & a nice bio puts a good impression on the visitor and increases chance of them following you by 80 percent.

Tip: When choosing a bio, write down what describes you best. If you're still confused on what to write down, use this Bio Generator to get an idea.

#2 - Follow everyone you know & ask them to give you an shoutout

When you're new to twitter, don't bother following randomers as there is less chance of them following you back as their first thing in their mind would be " What will I get in return of following him/her? To get more money, you need money. To get more women, you need women. Same as for followers, you NEED followers to gain more FOLLOWERS. So start of by following people you're sure that would follow you back such as classmates, relatives, teachers etc And also don't be afraid to ask them for a shoutout, you'll be surprised how many people would follow you just because of a shoutout. Shoutouts always worked for me in my initial stage.

#3 - Tweet when most people are online

If you've already have 1000 followers but noticed they don't retweet or fav any of your tweets, the reason is because you're tweeting on the wrong time. The best time to tweet is when majority your followers are online. If majority of your followers are locals then it's easy to map out when to tweet but if majority of your followers are from another country then you will need to tweet according to their timezone.

#4 - Participate in Trends

The most popular feature of Twitter is Trends which you can view on the left side of Twitter's homepage. Click on a Trend of your choice & start tweeting under that trend in order to attract attention from other people and gain followers.

Tip: If you don't like the current trends, you can change them by clicking on " Change " option besides Trends.

#5 - Use Hashtags

If you're not using hashtags in your tweets then you're using Twitter wrong. Using a hashtag helps more people see your tweets instead of just your followers, which will help you gain followers and if a lot of other people start tweeting using the same Hashtag, it can turn into a Trend which is pretty awesome.

Tip: Make sure to use hashtags related to what you're tweeting so people don't ignore it or flag it as spam.

#6 - Post Pictures

If you thought Twitter was all just about tweeting texts then you're wrong! In fact using pictures with hashtags helps make your tweet stand out from the rest & gain more audience, meaning more followers. If all you do is Tweet plain text then your followers would get bored so it's advised to post pictures once in a while to help make your Twitter profile more alive.

#7 - Link your Twitter Profile

Make sure to place a link to your Twitter profile on your website or other social networking accounts so people from there can follow you too, preferably Facebook & Instagram as most Twitters users are on them as compared to other social networking sites.

#8 - Tweet Frequently

Don't forget to tweet frequently if you want to keep your Followers stable. Most people use services to track Inactive followings on Twitter and they don't even hesitate to unfollow those who forgot to tweet once a day, but I wouldn't recommend you to sacrifice your life in order to use Twitter everyday I recommend you to tweet at least once per day or in 2 days to avoid those pesky services. Everyone hates following Inactive people and so do you probably, so make sure not to become one of them.

#9 - Retweet & Favourite others

" To gain, you gotta give first " This is the main rule of social networking, if someone interacts with you by following or sharing your posts they expect the same in return otherwise you'll scare them away. You can use this technique on others by retweeting & favouriting tweets on your timeline so they can do the same.

#10 - Use services

Use free services such as Crowdfire or Unfollowers to track who unfollowed or followed you on Twitter easily so you can return the favour by unfollowing them or following back, they're very useful tools & prevent a lot of hassle from having to go through your whole profile and figure out who unfollowed you and who didn't etc. Read How to see who Unfollowed you on Twitter for more information.