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Brain Lines - Free brain game for iPhone

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Thanks to today’s technology, ways to learn are not limited. Back then, you needed to pay for information which you can get for free today. Having to attend boring lectures that seem like never-ending, then having to memorize the course in order to get highest marks. This doesn’t seem much fun does it?

How are people expected to learn or train their brain, without any interest for what they’re doing? In order for people to learn, they’ve to remove the boring and add fun. This is where brain games such as the amazing under-rated puzzle based game called " Brain Lines: Cognitive Puzzles " come in, as it can help train and test your brain power. Think of brain games as gym for the brain. No matter how great your abs are, you’ll still have to visit the gym from time to time in order to maintain your abs. Same goes for the brain. It is important to have at least one brain game installed in your iPhone or other smartphone device, so that you can maintain your cognitive skills. Not only will brain games help you learn, but also improve your memory and make learning new stuff much easier.

Brain Lines – Free brain game for iPhone

Brain Lines: Cognitive Puzzles is a free brain game for iPhone, developed by Alex Schelowski. It is a game that will test your brain power. By playing this game, you’ll make sure your cognitive skills are maintained by making your brain work, which will help prevent issues related to your brain from arising in the future, such as bad memory. What makes this game great is the fact that it’s free to play and doesn’t require you to pay a single penny. The game contains over 250 challenges, which will test your brain power and sharpen your mind, while you’re having fun.

Brain Lines - Free brain game for iPhone menu

The basic requirements for installing Brain Lines on your iOS device are:
  • iOS 8.0 or greater.
  • iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

How to play Brain Lines?

 “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. The objective of Brain Lines is very simple. Your goal is to connect all of the lines by tapping each dot. Sounds easy enough right? Well that’s where you’re wrong. Brain Lines may seem like a very easy game judging by it's description, unfortunately that's not the case. As much as it may seem simple, the game varies from simple to difficult, depending on the stage you're in.

Before connecting the lines, you’ve to make sure you don’t repeat a line or else its game over. Hence, you cannot just click on any dot/line, as you’ve to think carefully about which line or dot to choose in order to complete the puzzle. After completing the objective, you gain stars – which are based on how fast you complete each cognitive puzzle.

Brain Lines - Free brain game for iPhone

The game basically helps train your brain by making you solve challenging puzzles, which make use of your cognitive abilities. You make your brain work in the process, giving it a solid workout which in return, improves your cognitive skills such as ability to focus, problem solving, memory, reading etc.

Why you should play Brain Lines?

It is no surprise that gaming has cognitive benefits, as it has been proved by scientists many times. Those who videogame often tend to be much better at practical/logical tasks than those who don’t game at all. Even those games which aren’t puzzle based, still come into this category as they make you use your brain power to complete the objective of the game (e.g: how to avoid enemies, what strategy to use to defeat them etc.)

Hence it is safe to say that playing games is GOOD for your brain. By playing brain lines, you can stimulate your brain and improve connectivity in the brain regions responsible for memory and strategic planning.

Brain Lines - Free brain game for iPhone gameplay

There many free brain games for iPhone available which all serve the same purpose, however they don't come close to Brain Lines, as what makes Brain Lines unique is the fact that it is simple and easy to figure out the controls/objective. Brain Lines is a great game to improve and train your brain power, especially if you’re too lazy to get out and exercise, or don’t get time to sleep well, which are alternative and natural ways to improve brain power. With Brain Lines, you just have to install the game from iTunes on your iPhone or other iOS device and can play anywhere on the go, whenever and wherever you like.

Conclusion: Do make sure to install this game, even if you believe you don’t have bad cognitive abilities as it is fun and you’ll want to play more and more after playing it for the first time, while giving your brain a solid workout. Where as, if you have bad cognitive abilities, you’ll surely see some changes after playing this game.

Bounce Orbit - Addicting iOS Game to pass time quickly

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Once upon a time, people used to spend their free time by exercising, reading and other habits. Books, undoubtedly, have proved to be the great asset for the humans, as it enables them to widen the mental scope and improve an understanding of the world. It may not be wrong to say that books help you see the world differently than what you see before. But now, the reading habit on the part of the people cannot be seen the way it has been witnessed many years ago. And now, for the majority that free time is spent on something entirely different which is known as games. For that, you do not need computer or laptop to play games anymore, as mobile phones have revolutionized the world, so you can have everything on the smart phone and play no matter where you are. Phones serve you many things nowadays, from the call and chatting to notes and documents saving and top of all, playing games. No doubt, playing games has proven to be beneficial for everyone by research as it helps develop your mind.

Whether you are doing work at office that is strictly monitored by your irritating boss, or studying in the library for you exams, or waiting in the queue for catching a bus, a quick iOS game can always help you kill your time easily and re-energize you to be able to get back to work with more efficiency and power. In this article, I don’t think that I need to tell you the merits and advantages of the games because I have listed those more than dozens of time in my previous article which you should know if you follow our blog. If you don't, no worries - you can just google and check them out for yourself! Here in this article, I will be talking about a game that has just entered the iOS market known as " Bounce Orbit ".

Bounce Orbit - Addicting iOS game to pass time quickly

Bounce Orbit addicting iOS game menu

So let me introduce you to a great game that is ruling the gaming industry nowadays called Bounce Orbit (click here to download). This is an iPhone game architected and developed by affinity designer, later bought by Alex Schelowski. This is a tested game which works for all iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) running iOS 9 and 10. This game has the center with the leaderboard. You can do In-app buying in order to eliminate the ads distracting the attention of the player while playing the game.

How to play bounce orbit?

Bounce Orbit addicting iOS game gameplay

Bounce orbit is a nice game which is not only simple as the screenshots indicate but also an interesting game with full of excitement, enjoyment and fun. This game has the single tap control in which you, as the player have to keep on tapping the screen in order to make a circle bounce without letting it touch the spikes. The circle must bounce above the spikes so that it cannot get any closer to the latter that causes the real problem for the player. The attached spikes in the circle rotate around the ring in the clockwise direction and tend to get appear in random spots after every 4 bounces off the circle. You, a player is likely to have more score with each time a circle make a bounce. The speed of the rotation keeps on increasing, along with the number of the spikes which ultimately make this game trickier, challenging and difficult as the game continues.This game is even more fun when playing with friends, as you can take turns playing to see who gets the highest score!

Bounce Orbit Summary

  • Great for people that love simple games, as simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
  • Not too hard, not too easy – controls are very simply, all you need to do is tap to play.
  • Game’s size is small and should operate very smoothly on your iOS phone/tablet.
  • Great way to pass time easily as mentioned earlier.


Bounce orbit is the best game when it comes to iPhone/iPad games which are widely played among the game lovers across the world. Even if you don’t play games regularly and have a busy life, you'd still be able to find time to play this game and after you do, you'll be addicted in no time and find yourself playing everyday as the game is extremely simple, yet challenging at the same time. 

What is ludo star and how to play it?

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Games are always good. Aren't they? Well I don’t know whether you’re a game lover or not, but if you are searching for a game for your android or iOS smartphone which is trending these days that you can either play online with your friends or offline, then you've come to the right place. You might have noticed that people tend to use their smartphones often in social gatherings. They're either socializing or player games. Talks, sharing information and emotions have become the things of the past. “Let’s play a game for entertainment” is the common word of mouth in the group meeting especially among teenagers and young people. So today, what I am going to enlighten you with is about the introduction, features, modes and much more of the game called Ludo star for Android/iOS that has gone viral and taken the Internet by storm. What follows, might turn out to be a real gem for you.

Origin of Ludo Star

Before we talk about Ludo star, it's important to discuss the origin. Ludo is a popular game which was originated from an ancient Indian game Pachisi. Ludo is the family-friendly board game that is played between 2-4 persons. Although, ludo appears to be an easy game but it has complex rules. The aim of the game is to get all your tokens inside the home pocket that is located in the middle of the board.

Ludo Star Gameplay

Surely, this game has been leading the gaming industry these days. The people, in real sense, love this game. Ludo star is what being searched by many on android and iOS appstores nowadays , as it allows you to play the classic board game easily with anyone, anywhere you want! It is one of the most famous board games played across the globe. Ludo star is produced by Game Berry, by 4 indian developers and can be played online or offline. 

How to play Ludo Star

Here the question arises, how to play ludo star. By going online, you first have to sign in - eiher by Facebook or by playing as guest - HOWEVER, it's recommended that you sign in with Facebook as this will allow you to discover which friends from Facebook are playing this game and make use of the ranking system. After you've logged in, you will be able to play online with your friends and other people living in any part of the world, with just few touch of buttons.
The great thing about Ludo star is, that you can still play the game even if your phone isn't connected to the Internet, by going to "Play Offline" after starting the game. However, Ludo Star doesn't support LAN games yet hence you will have to play using single phone and great way to do this, is to pretend that your phone is a ludo board by placing it in between. Offline Play is great for phones with big screens, however if you've small smartphone screen - you may not enjoy the offline experience. 

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Modes of Ludo Star

After you've logged in, it's time to decide what mode you want to play. i.e: 1vs1, team up, 4 player or play with friends.

Ludo Star Main Menu

1vs1: 1vs1 is great for those who want to play a quick game, as you're paired up with only one opponent.

Team up: In team up mode, you're paired up with 3 more players and one of them is assigned to be your team member. However, beware - friendly kill is enabled, as you're still able to kill your team mate's token!

4 player: As the name suggests, you are paired up 3 more players to play against - however in this mode, you won't be assigned any partner/team member but that doesn't mean you can still pair up in game. Why make enemies, when you can make friends?

Variations of Ludo Star

As mentioned earlier, Ludo star is based on the ludo board game hence majority rules are same with few different rules depending on the variation you pick.

What is ludo star and how to play it

Master Mode:

In this mode, the rules seem to be much harder than other variations In order to get your token out of the box, you must get a six on the dice which shouldn't be hard HOWEVER. it's mandatory to eliminate the rival at least once so that your token can move inside home.

Classic Mode:

In this variation, rules are same as the original board game. One has to secure six on the dice to get each token of the box, however in this variation you can move your token inside home, without having to kill the opponent's token. All the four tickets are required to be brought home in an attempt to secure the victory. Definitely, you have to do all this before your opponent.

Quick mode:

This mode is great for those who want to play a quick ludo game. In the quick mode of ludo star, one does not have to score 6 to be able to bring the token out as you start the game with one token out already. The first person to score a single token wins this game. 

If you haven't installed this game yet, go ahead and install it today from the google app store or iTunes!

How to download SEGA games on Android/iOS for Free 2017

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As time passes, things become obsolete and outdated. As a result, people go on to make multiple efforts to upgrade same old stuff in order to make it relevant in the current scenario. Unsurprisingly, humans are also, often guided to keep on adding new skills set and capabilities in an attempt to improve themselves. If you are multi-dimensional in skills and qualities and occupationally and socially mobile, then you are bound to get benefits in the form of higher pays elsewhere and become geographically mobile. In this global village, one must be skilled and flexible enough to be able to be adapt; else you won’t be able to move along with the world. However, this article is not about humans who are paving their way towards modern and advanced world but it is about SEGA—a gaming company—which recently launched their popular series of sega games on Android & iOS for FREE

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Why introduce free Sega games on Android and iOS?

One must know about the fact that playing games on computers and PCs have become the things of the past. However, there are still a huge number of enthusiastic gamers who spend a major chunk of their time on playing games using computers and devices, then there's people who prefer to play android games on PC by using emulator. So, with the world witnessing fast and frequent advancement and modernisation , game companies have been working hard to allow and offer gamers their games on the latest version of technology i.e. smart phones. SEGA, with its established background and target audience, has now surprised the world with the latest version of games that can be played on android and iOS software, as majority of the population prefer to use their Android or iOS smartphone rather than their PC. The good news about this, is that those who wish to play their favourite SEGA games on their Smartphones such as sonic the hedgog, comix zone etc, will no longer have to use an emulator to do so, as there's an official way to play it. 

How to download Sega games on Android and iOS for Free 2017

As the matter of fact, penetrating the market of smartphone gaming is the ultimate desire of all the big gaming companies of the world. SEGA's history of games started in the years following 1970 and it appears to be one of the most well-known gaming firms on this planet. It has launched a new set of collection of free-to-play games for the iOS and Android devices under the umbrella of Sega Forever brand. 

What Sega games will be available to download for Free?

This development will witness various classic games, which had been popular on multiple Sega grounds, on smartphones. So far, 5 Sega Genesis titles including Sonic the Hedgehog, Comix Zone, Altered Beast, Kid Chameleon, and the most amazing, Phantasy Star II seem to be available for free.
Interestingly, all those having iOS or Android devices, and willing to engross in the Sega Forever action can now download the set of games without any charges or payment. And all the games are backed by ads with having in-app purchase option which will allow them to eliminate ads for just a charge of $1.99.

How to download Sega games on Android and iOS Smartphone for Free

It is being said that the games will keep being updated for modern devices in order to add advanced gaming characteristics or qualities. The examples can include support for connected Bluetooth controllers, leaderboards and the chance of playing offline.

How to download Sega games on Android/iOS for free?

Now the question arises as to how to download Sega games on Android/iOS for free. All the above-mentioned games from Sega Forever are easily available which can be downloaded from iOS App store (Click here to download) and Android's Google Playstore (Click here to download) for FREE.

SEGA Company claims that as its collection expands over the period of time, it will certainly add both official emulations and ported games that span Sega console eras. With specifically adapted games for the smartphones while keeping its trust-building relationship with its users, SEGA will remain faithful.

We hope that this article has fully convinced you that SEGA’s efforts to launch its games on smartphones have been a great source of happiness for gamers and especially SEGA lovers. You should try this new development to feel the charm of SEGA games on the smartphone for free or without incurring any cost, also if you played SEGA games during childhood, now's a great time to revisit your favorite childhood games!

Amazon Rush - 2D Free Running Android/iOS Game

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It’s impossible to imagine the life today without Android games. Surely, the name Amazon rings a bell which is a company not known for creating Android games, but mostly known for the biggest online store, which involves services that include the search for goods and payments on the site, as well as for the content distribution. As I mentioned earlier, the company's not known for creating games hence it's safe to assume that this game is in no way related to the popular retail online store.

​Amazon Rush 

Amazon Rush ”, available for free on google playstore (click here to download) and iTunes (click here to download) is the never-ending, free running 2D game which allows you to explore a special world of adventures and different challenges. This game is not for you if you expect a game with fantastic scenery and fascinating sound effects, as this is a 2D game and doesn't have as much realistic graphics but it's simplicity is what makes this game great and addicting. You can feel the real excitement in playing this game, no matter where you are at the moment. Just immerse yourself in this beautiful Amazon Rush game and to reach the top of the table collecting the coins along the way. On the way of collecting, you’ll face many difficulties and barriers which you need to overcome during the process.

Amazon rush - 2D free running android & iOS gameplay

Amazon Rush is a very interesting Android arcade game with easy game controls which allow everybody to play it, kids, teenagers, and adults. You’ll be surprised how much capabilities this game has, including enjoy in many various luxurious diamond shops. If you want the maximum distance to cover, there are also upgrades of power which you can buy with the coins that you have collected. With these upgrades, you can power up the duration of the power ups you obtain in the game. These awesome upgrades can be used during the play as bonus points.

Amazon Rush - 2D Free running android and iOS game powerups

The objective of the game is simple, to gain as much points as possible, while trying to avoid obstacles on the way and from falling down. What can be more exciting than trying to beat your own score which can lead to the top of the table? One great thing is that you can challenge your friend and compete with them using the sharing media to share your points. Here's the features of Amazon Rush compiled:

Amazon Rush Features

  • ​Collection of coins and diamonds which can be used to buy upgrades
  • Buying of upgrades to increase power up duration.
  • Challenge your friends and compete with them via Facebook Leaderboard

Although the game lacks a few features that should be added such as character selection, levels etc yet this is an amazingly addictive game, so no matter who plays it, kid or adult, the game engages everybody. No matter if you are a passionate gamer or the beginner, this game is perfect to test your gaming skills as it is a bit more challenging than other arcade games available.

The creators of the game always work hard on “Amazon Rush” to make the game better and add new interesting and entertaining stuff. If you have any questions, suggestions, and problems with the game, you can always contact the developer and make sure to like and checkout their Facebook page!

Innotoria Tower Defense - Strategic Android/iOS Tower Defense Game

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If you're the type of person who take Android gaming seriously, chances are you're into Strategy based games. Such games are not for players that just wish to pass the time, but for players that want a competitive game which requires combination of skill and logic to advance through the game. If you're into strategy game, then you must've probably heard of Tower Defense (TD) games which are a sub-genre of Strategy games where the objective is to defend your territory or possession from enemy attackers by placing defensive structures on or along their path of attack. There are many famous Tower Defense games such as Bloons TD, Plants Vs Zombie (not entirely TD, but similar) which have dominated the strategy gaming market for some time now. 

Innotoria Tower Defense Game for Android and iOS preview

​Innotoria Tower Defense

I'd like to introduce a brand new Tower Defense game which has just entered the market called " Innotoria TD (Tower Defense) " developed by Jing Jun Ma. Innotoria TD is a iOS/Android game, which has a concept that is not any different than other Tower Defense games and difficulty of the game is neither too hard not to easy, perfect for hardcore gamers. The game is available on both iOS and Android Platform. (Click to download.) Best of all, it's free!

Gameplay and Features

Innotoria Tower Defense Game for Android and iOS character selection

As you open the game, you'll be asked to register before you can start playing the game and go through a tutorial explaining the basics of the game (make sure to pay attention). The game features huge variety of towers and enemies, of 16+ different towers and 32+ different enemies. Before going into battle, you'll be asked to pick a hero and 2 pets which grant you spells helpful in mid combat. There are currently 5 heroes to choose from, you get " Tonvin - The Night Prince " as a starting hero and can unlock the others as you progress throughout the game. There are also 6 obtainable pets, where you can choose 2 of them before going into combat. The spells aren't that easy to cast as they're touch sequence based instead of single touch. If you're a quick learner, you'll get the hang of them easily otherwise if you're like me, it'll take some time for you to learn how to cast the spells. 

Innotoria Tower Defense Game for Android and iOS gameplay

During battle, you'll have access to 4 units by default which you'll get familiar with during the tutorial and a total of 3 spells, depending on what hero and two pets you chose. As you progress throughout the game, you'll unlock unit upgrades - meaning you'll be able to upgrade your unit to increase damage and range. Make sure to wisely spend your cash during battle on units and their upgrades. If you make the wrong placement, you can simply sell the units back for half the price. 

Innotoria Tower Defense Game for Android and iOS battle lost

​Make sure to keep a eye on the health and cash bar on the top right corner of the screen and to use spells on enemies when necessary. If the health bar is detoriated, you will lose the game and will have to restart the level from the start, unless you've a revive potion then you can revive yourself but make sure to use that wisely as well. 

Innotoria Tower Defense Game for Android and iOS collectibles

The game also contains collectibles which can be collected throughout the game such as mystery bags or through the lucky spin and Gachapon (which uses magic dust). The in game currency is coins (not to be mistaken with in battle cash) and magic dust, which can be used in the marketplace for the Gachapon as mentioned earlier or for purchasing hero/pet upgrades. They can be earned via completing battles, via the lucky spin or the Gachapon AND if you're too lazy to do that, you can just buy them with real life money. 

Innotoria Tower Defense Game for Android and iOS leaderboard

The game also features talents, achievements and leaderboards where you can compete with other players. (Make sure you're connected to the Internet or your score won't count). The game is developing and has much more to offer, find out for yourself. Don't forget to leave a comment on what you think about this game and rate it on the Appstore.