10 social side effects of technology

One seems to be taken aback often, by the frequent and ever-changing technological advancements of the world. The mobile phones, machinery and equipment, social media or other shapes of technology, all appears to be amazing and fascinating and was beyond one’s imagination a few years ago. It is rightly said that technology and its far-reaching consequences have greatly revolutionized the world in almost every sphere. People are getting closer, trade becomes easier and flexible, inter-countries relations improves as countries share its technological expertise with others, work has become interesting and motivating as freelancing work has been promoted across the world. However, I don’t want to tell you any other good sides of the technology as there can be millions of fruitful results of technology which witnessed by the world and its people. But this article will focus on 10 social side effects of technology.

So like the nature of coin, everything which exists in this part of the world, has its pros and cons. So is the case with the technology. I believe that it is the responsibility of the investigative journalism and the blogger community to conduct comprehensive research of each and everything before putting thoughts and reflecting it into paper and ink. In this regard, many writers and bloggers have been trying to give weight to pros and cons of technology in order to get to know exactly what overweight what.

But I think otherwise. I don’t think it will be justified to give weight to either one, as one is unlikely to do fair analyses of it. What appears fine to me is to appreciate and promote the quality content about the good side of the technology. As far as negative sides of technology are a concern, one must know and explore possible problems that come attached with the technological power and its dangerous repercussions.

What I have decided to do is to make you aware of the top 10 negative factors and impacts of technology on the people and the society. 

Here is the list of side effects of technology with great explanation, which I hope will help you not only in your academic arena but also in practical and social life.

10 social side effects of technology

1. Social isolation:

    Ironically, the power of technology that intended to create closeness among people; make them quite far away with their own little world. You must have seen many people using mobile phones, electronic devices, iPods, and tablets while sitting in the gathering and are socially engaged. This makes people stay focused on devices than communicating and feel the charm of social life. Hence, one becomes socially isolated. The first thing a person asks for when they go to other people’s home or go to a restaurant is for the WiFi Password, surely you must also be able to relate. 

    Social Isolation side effect of technology

    Not a single gathering goes, without atleast ONE single person using the Smartphone. A person may have many friends on social networks and look like he has a great social circle, but in reality – he probably doesn’t as there’s a big difference between virtual and real life friends. There has been many research done linking heavy social media usage to depression and anxiety. where people who used social networks were depressed more than those who didn’t – with the possibility of the depressed, using social networks to fill their void

    2. Deteriorating social skills:

      Many people, nowadays, spend much less time face to face with the people who, otherwise are close to them such as friends, family, and other surrounded people. This has greatly damaged the social skills of people to express their ideas, understanding confidently and fluently. This is because they have become used to using Instant messaging apps, such as Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger to communicate with each other instead, rather than having to talk. 

      Deteriorating Social skills side effect of technology

      A research conducted in 2014 revealed at least 561 billion messages were sent all around the world. 1 billion is equal to 1,000,000,000 so imagine 561 billion! 

      3. Air pollution:

        Due to the intense competition between the corporate and multi-national businesses, there has been a greater change of technologies, machinery which ultimately help companies to reduce costs and thus, increase profits. 

        Air pollution social side effect of technology

        Businesses often do not opt environmental-friendly up gradation which resulted in the generation of too much of smoke and toxic fumes. Together with that, waste is not disposed of properly and effectively, which further causes deadly chemicals Spoil Rivers and grounds.

        4. Cyber-crime mechanism:

          The use of the Internet is now, in no way, limited to common individuals and companies. But the access of it has been available to terrorists and Non-State Actors who in turn, uses it to brainwash people, bully citizens, and spread terror across the countries. 

          Cyber crime social side effect of technology

          This has to be the major drawback of technology in general and social media specifically. It’s more easy now than ever to be subject to fraud, thanks to the Internet.

          5. No privacy anymore:

            Nobody is safe. This is a fact everybody has to admit, no matter where they live. Your personal information including your address, phone number, email and a lot of other information is just a few clicks away from any individual. Which means anybody can have access, and find information to abuse your privacy for the attainment of ‘vested interests’. Check out 4 Creepy things the Internet does when you’re online.

            Privacy social side effect of technology

            Contrary to popular belief, personal information is not illegally obtained, but usually people give them away themselves via sign ups or sharing their information on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc. which allows them to use that information to display relevant advertisements. 

            6. Sexual content is widely exposed:

              At the very young age, youngsters are more likely to be exposed to the enormous variety of sexual content and material including pornographic photos and videos, which can be accessed easily with just a few clicks. This, in turn, makes them go wrong, and start wanting to get engrossed in physical sexual activities. 

              Sexual content social side effect of technology

              Technology has made it easier for teenagers to do stuff on the Internet that they would most likely regret in the future. Although most websites have age restriction, it’s not too hard to by pass them as majority just go ahead and enter fake age to bypass security restriction. Hence it is best to monitor them on social media, especially if you’re an parent. 

              7. Distractions:

                You know what? One of the signs of the genuine people is that they fully concentrate on the conversation and meeting they are having, without getting disturbed due to the calls, texts or such things that might come across during the meeting. This way, they make other feel respected and honored as they reject all other things as the time of the conversation. So this shows that one must not miss the opportunity of learning new things from others and feel the charm of conversation. I would love to suggest you that try to eliminate distractions in the times of meeting with people. Apart from this, Technology makes a person less more productive. Thanks to the Internet,  people would rather waste their day looking at memes than go out or do something productive. Who knows? Maybe the cure for cancer is in the mind of a person browsing 9gag at this very moment.

                Distractions social side effect of technology

                However, there are many apps/softwares available that blocks specific websites/apps so that you don’t get distracted easily. Using a timer to monitor your usage or setting a schedule would be recommended, so that you don’t get sucked in.

                8. Great energy usage:

                  The shortage of energy has been the great cause of concern the world over. If you’re living in a first world country, you probably wouldn’t know as in most third world countries they barely have electricity or experience many power outages. 

                  Energy wastage social side effect of technology

                  Technological items such mobile phone, laptops, and tablets usually consume a lot of energy as they need to be charged frequently. The manufacturing of electronic items, moreover, also causes an increase in greenhouse gas emissions. This is detrimental to the environment. 

                  9. Damage to hearing and eyesight:

                    The rising use of ear buds and earphones is likely to damage the hearing ability of the people. Most people believe that earphones are much safer to use for call than using hands, however recent studies say that is not the case as they’re just as harmful (even more!), as using hands. The frequent use of earphones to enjoy songs, videos and games are bound to damage listening abilities too. Hence it’s recommended to not use them frequently and use loudspeakers. 

                    Hearing and eyesight problems social side effect of technology

                    Apart from this, playing games, watching videos and material, according to the research, will weaken your eyesight and make you put on glasses at early age. Apart from eyesight, your eyelids can be weakened too making you look stoned. However, people who do desk jobs that require them to be on computer more than 6 hours, are trained to do eye exercises and look at far distance objects after every 20 minutes, called the 20-20 rule.

                    10. Addiction:

                      You may find it very hard to find any individual who is not addicted to some sort of electronic devices or technological item. This addiction and overly usage make people the victim of depression, emotional disturbances and mental disorder such as anxiety. Such as when I run out of Internet package or lose my phone, I start feeling as if I have lost everything which was very close to me. You might be able to relate especially if you’re an gamer, who spends most time on the phone playing android games. That’s surprising but it’s true, believe me! 

                      Addiction social side effect of technology

                      Now a days, people would rather survive without water than having Internet connection. Addiction is a bad thing, however it can be easily overcomed. 

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