5 Best Android Vehicular Combat Games That You Should Try 2018

Car racing games are the favorite gaming genre of all the gamers.  Gaming companies are becoming more and more advanced and developing awesome racing games. Racing games are also available on the Android platform. And with the increase in the hardware capabilities of the Android devices, racing games are becoming more and more advanced. You can play the games on your Android devices anywhere.

Racing games are available with different gameplay and stories. One of the genres of racing games is combat racing games. Crash, burn and destroy in a single racing game.

We have listed top 5 vehicular combat racing video games that you should try in 2018.


1) Clash For Speed:

Clash for speed

Clash For Speed is a great combat racing game developed by Tweaking Technologies. It is a 3D combat racing game with its own unique feature.

Clash For Speed contains different environment for racing, and the race takes place on 5 different planets. This game contains custom track builder feature which is one of its kind and provides with nearly infinite tracks to race on. You can also add obstacles to your track which will increase its difficulty. It is a great game which you can play anywhere any time.

Feature worth mentioning.


  1. a) Different environment and levels to race and win.


  1. b) Personal Garage to upgrade your vehicles and buy a new one.


  1. c) Different Weapons which can be upgraded with the coins collected.


  1. d) Custom 3D track builder.



2) Cyberline Racing

Cyberline Racing

Cyberline Racing is a 3D vehicular combat racing game which consists of different vehicles, weapons, events, and game modes.

This game comes with 30 different cars to drive with, and these cars are divided into 4 different categories which you can upgrade.

This game can be played in which you will get more than 1000 events and you will get over 100 levels of upgrade. In online mode, you will join competitions and compete with other players online. Winning online competitions will get you awards and you will get your name listed on the leaderboard.



3) Death Race ® – Killer Car Shooting Games

Death Race Killer Car Shooting

This game Death Race ® – Killer Car Shooting Games is based on the famous movie named Death Race. You will get all the action in this game which was in the movie. From fast cars to killer opponents this game has all the feature to make your crazy.

You will get different cars to ride and you can also equip them with deadly weapons. You can add shotguns, missiles, rifles, and other weapons which will be used to destroy your enemies.

In the game, you will get different powerups which will be used to your advantage and it will help you in winning the game.


4) Death Racing Rivals 3D

Death Racing Rivals 3D

Death Racing Rivals 3D is a 3D vehicular combat racing game with the realistic 3D graphic design. With advanced graphics, this game becomes more immersive. You have to shoot your opponents and destroy them in order to win this game. You can choose from different weapons like bullets and rockets to win this game.

Like other games, this game also gives you the opportunity to change the type of vehicle you are driving which you can modify in order to compete in the game.


5) Overload – Multiplayer Cars Battle

Overload Multiplayer Cars Battle

Overload – Multiplayer Cars Battle is a multiplayer vehicular combat racing game.

This game can be played in three different modes.

Deathmatch: Play against 5 players.

Team deathmatch: Play 3v3 battle.

Capture the point: Take control of the area in order to win this game.

There are different vehicles to choose from, and the vehicles are customizable using skill points and items you will get when playing the game. This game is fun to play and with different game modes, you will never get bored of it.

 Vehicular combat racing games are becoming more and more popular among the Android users. You can play these games almost anywhere and anytime. With different vehicles to choose from and adding different weapons to it, these games will definitely fuel your inner gamer needs.


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