5 Financial apps that every college student needs

Managing budgets can be a completely tiresome and time-consuming job and the misery doubles if you are a college student. As are they are known to be happy-go-lucky, they hardly pay attention to their expenses. With limited pocket money, it can truly turn out to be a hassle if a proper account is not maintained and reporting to your folks with detailed expense data can only fetch your due pocket money the next month. College students need to assign money for a number of things from party, food, assignments, rents, etc. As a perfect blend of budding financial managers and techno savvy, having these budget apps in your mobile will be cherry on the cake.

Here are listed budget top 5 financial apps that every college student needs and should definitely check out:

#1 – Mint

Mint Financial App that every college student needs

Mint, as known helps to connect your bank account with the app and automatically syncing the data. Any purchase or expenses incurred is directly and a notification message is sent to the user. proves beneficial for the user to keep a check on his monthly expenses and savings. Additionally, it also provides facilities like to create different budgets separately and sync them all together.

How it works for college: With its excellent feature of syncing bank accounts with the app it helps provide a clearer image of finances to them. They can know well where the stand in case of finances and whether they need to crunch their hands or have saved a penny more.

#2 – Wally+

Wally+ Financial App that every college student needs

Offering simple feature of tracking expenses and savings, Wally helps to keep a watch on the expenses. can be entered manually as well as by taking a photo of the receipt. Providing an added feature of using your location, it helps to save you from expenses. A notification is sent to your mobile whenever a payment a due as a gentle reminder.

How it works for the college: With list of expenses to be managed with minimal salary or pocket money, wally will help you keep a count of your expenses and assist in managing saving goals. As a college student it will be an act as an aid to keep a hold on their hands in case of overgrowing expenses. Additionally, a notification is sent as a reminder regarding their payment dues.

#3 – Good budget

Good Budget Financial App that every college student needs

Working on similar features as that of , Good Budget helps the user to categorize his expenses into different categories (e.g. food, rent, , party, etc.) just like we do by putting money inside envelopes for different expenses. This can help you get a thorough picture of your expenses and help plan your budget accordingly.

How it works for the college: As a college student, one will have a variety of expenses to deal with from food to rent and stationary to partying. Good Budget helps to categorize each budget into separate category, thereby giving a good idea regarding how much they have in hand to spend on each. It will help them manage their budgets with ease.

#4 – Check

Check as the name goes helps you have a check on your expenses. Just like Mint, it integrates an individual’s bank accounts with the app and sets up provision for payment reminders and notifications of bills to be paid.

How it works for the college: College students may need to split their bills lot of times. Somedays they may forget to pay their dues. Check proves to be a perfect app for budgeting in case of college students. It allows syncing your bank account with the app and lets you know your bills due by sending you reminders.

#5 – Debt PayOff Planner

Debt PayOff Planner Financial App that every college student needs

It allows you to find effective ways of paying off leftover debts and card balances. They individuals are allowed to categorize their dues based from highest or lowest to highest, helping calculate payoff date and payoff amount.

How it works for college: Midst studies and work, often an individual may forget to keep a track of their payments due and credit card balances to be paid. Debt PayOff Planner helps give a clearer picture of their payment due dates, sending them reminders and notification. If one is confused as to which loan to be paid off first, this app is best suited for you.

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