Streamline Your Operation: 5 Tech Tools for the Modern HR Department

Human resources is hard enough as it is. The art of managing people’s operations of a company is no easy task. Not only does one have to accomplish the technical aspects of HR, such as payroll, employee onboarding, and personnel target achievement, but the modern HR team also has to focus on training and development, recruiting, diversity initiatives and much more.

Gone are the days when all HR consisted of was simple procedural recruiting tasks. These days, HR is far too complicated to be boiled down into any such simple things.

That’s why it’s essential that HR teams use the right human resource tools in order to streamline their process. The appropriate resource management tools can completely revamp an organization’s people operations.
In this article, we’ll investigate five of the most popular HR tools.

1. Kissflow HR Cloud

The Kissflow HR Cloud tool is based entirely around automation. Kissflow seeks to take the manual tasks completely out of people operations by providing you with performance triggers that allow you to automatically implement performance plans for poor employees.

The software also boasts a nifty social collaboration functionality. This allows measures of your HR team to communicate with each other right from the comfort of the software’s platform.

2. Zoho People

Zoho People is an interesting human resources management tool, as it isn’t quite feature laden or functionality-rich as some of its competitors. However, therein lies its advantages. The tool is extremely lightweight and very fast, while still being fully capable of accomplishing most tasks that the average modern HR team would require of it.

Zoho’s approach to a people operations tool reflects its approach to the rest of the tools in its software suite (such as email and CRM).

3. Jobr

Finding the right career fit for you is quite similar to how people find their partners in the modern-day. You meet online, talk over the phone, meet up in person, and then over time commit to each other.

The Jobr tool exploits that similarity between the dating pool and the job pool by developing an app that matches candidates with jobs.

4. Staff Squared

It’s no secret that HR generally brings with it negative connotations of grumpy old ladies sitting behind a desk trying to figure out how to put an employee on a performance plan.

That negative connotation is what Staff Squared attempts to fight. With its beautiful design and sleek UI, Staff Squared will send across the message to your employees that your HR department cares. Although it can’t issue pay stubs (more info on that here), it does what it needs to for your company.

5. Trinet

If your company has been growing by leaps and bounds and you’re finding it difficult to keep up, TriNet is for you. The software was specifically designed for companies seeing a headcount explosion, and this tool will allow your HR team to keep up regardless of how wide the floodgates have open.

Modern HR Requires Modern Tools

Turning your HR department into a modern HR team that operates at the cutting-edge of the 21st century requires appropriate utilization of the right tools. By implementing any of these five tools into your tech stack, you definitely can’t go wrong!

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