7 Detailed Steps for Marketing Your Mobile App Launch

Want your mobile app to get noticed among masses? Developing a mobile app is easy, especially Android App Development but marketing it is usually an intricate task.

The two main challenges faced by mobile app developers is attracting new customers and retaining the existing ones. With an effective Marketing Strategy, it is possible to keep audiences engaged and take active participation in the app community. Other than this, here are 7 detailed steps to develop an effective marketing plan for your mobile app launch!


7 Detailed Steps for Marketing Your Mobile App Launch


  1. Research the Target Audience

Begin searching the industry to identify your audiences which you’re targeting. Search for thematic articles, blogs, and interviews relevant to the application. You need to define relevant content formats for increased engagement and reach of customers. You can generate relevant content for your audience by identifying the typical challenges and offering them with adequate solutions.


  1. App Store Optimization

The titles, description, and screenshots can create a great impact on whether it must be noticed by the search engines or not. While doing so focus on long-tail keywords include keywords in titles and descriptions and showcase screenshots that would appear in the app features. By optimizing the content in the app you would be able to increase your chances of higher ranking within the app store.


  1. Generate a Content Calendar

With an editorial calendar, it is possible to plan ahead the content strategy. This will help you map out the content posts on a regular basis for maximum recognition. Your content calendar must be able to publish topics and seasonal posts and at the same time leave space for the trends and updates about the industry. With a content calendar, it is possible to do proper research on a specific topic, create some buzz across digital platforms and update about other marketing activities.


  1. Generate Buzz Around the App Launch

An app launch is the finest time for getting exposure on industry channels and media blogs. Proper media exposure can place an app on recognition and boost the number of organic downloads over time. Make sure your app is reviewed by those who are vital to the industry. Explain to them why your app in interesting and unique. Be brief about the app while promoting the app name, screenshots, contact details, and short description of the app features.


  1. Add a Component that is Viral

Most of us are aware that you can increase the content outreach to maximum numbers of times by generating something that is shared. In this world, word of mouth marketing is more effective than conventional methods of direct advertising. Some of the viral elements that you can add are emotions like anger, fear, or happiness; vanity as people love sharing information and for this reason platform like Facebook, Instagram, and more get millions of views and shares every year. Value is another element that you can add in the form of content like research, statistics, and tips.


  1. Establish a Reliable Community

Mobile applications serve as a platform where like-minded people with same values, interests, and requirements connect. You can add a social layer to your application by creating a community around it. This will help you get a group of engaged and loyal users as well as increase the credibility of your app. Allow users to share their personal experiences with your app through comments and feedbacks. If you have a gaming app then you can reach out to gameplay trailers and videos on social networking channels.


  1. Keep Targeting Interested Users

If you notice someone who has visited your blog or site then chances are they might be interested in installing your app. You can segment users based on their interest in the app and increase your chances of installing the app. Make sure you regularly stay in touch with them in order to increase your chances of app’s engagement. Social networking tools like Facebook ads would offer a great support for this. Try targeting users who have visited the subscribe pages or download pages of your site.


With a detailed marketing strategy, it would be possible for you to reach target audiences at the right time and place, create a community of engaged users, develop your business’s brand, and increase the overall visibility and downloads of your mobile app.


Author Bio: Sunny Chawla is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs. Web-design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow in online market. He loves to share his thoughts on Android Game Development & Digital marketing.


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