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Microsoft Office is one of the most popular productivity programs, but did you know that you can make it even more productive with Microsoft Office add-ins?

Whether you’re a student, professional, or basic home user, there’s a good chance you spend time with Microsoft Office to answer emails, write documents, or make spreadsheets. In fact, 83 percent of companies had adopted the software in 2017, and that doesn’t count the school and home computers that have Office installed.

You may know your way around the software and even use a few of the built-in productivity tools like templates and spell checkers. But you could save even more time with the help of third-party Microsoft Office add-ins.

From checking your documents for plagiarism and style to creating better presentations with the help of extensive image libraries, MS Office add-ins not only save you time but give you access to more functionality at the click of your mouse. Read on to explore nine productivity add-ons you should install right away.

Best office 365 add-ins to maximize your productivity

Grammarly for Word and Outlook

While Microsoft Office programs have a basic spelling and grammar check feature, it doesn’t check for plagiarism, make suggestions based on your writing style, or help you enhance the vocabulary you use. This means you might waste time running your text through another tool online.

Grammarly Add-In for Outlook & Word

Grammarly is one of the popular Microsoft Office plugins that offers advanced grammar, punctuation, and spelling checkers all in one place. It can even help you make your writing clearer. If you subscribe to the premium version of Grammarly, you can even determine if your writing closely matches another source so that you can avoid plagiarism.

AddIn Intranet for Microsoft Office 365

If you use Microsoft Office 365 for work, your company may take advantage of the SharePoint feature so that you can collaborate with coworkers on projects and share documents easily. 

You can extend these capabilities with the use of Addin Intranet, which allows for two-way communication within SharePoint. You can use this to communicate with a specific employee or even have group conversations. You can visit this page to learn more about the benefits of this add-in for your business.

Boomerang for Outlook

Whether you’re answering business emails or responding to your friends and family, you likely spend a lot of time in Microsoft Outlook.

Boomerang Add-In for Microsoft Outlook

One of the MS Office add-ins that can save you time writing emails and setting reminders is Boomerang. This tool allows you to schedule replies to emails and even informs you when the recipient doesn’t respond within a period of time. It also makes it easy to schedule meetings since it allows you to share when you’re available and create calendar events directly from Outlook.

Duplicate Remover for Excel

When you’re using a spreadsheet to store a list of contacts or other data, you may need to check if you have duplicates and remove them. If you do this by hand, it can waste your time, and you might miss some duplicates by mistake.

You can instead give the Duplicate Remover add-in a try to automatically find rows of duplicate data or even point out unique results if needed. You can use this Microsoft Office 365 add-in to highlight the values, copy them, delete them, or even put them in a different file.

Pickit for PowerPoint and Word

When you’re making a document or presentation for work, school, or personal use, you may find it tedious to search for the right pictures to use on the web. You may find Microsoft Office’s built-in clipart not sufficient or creative enough.

Pickit Add-In for Microsoft Word & PowerPoint

One of the most helpful Microsoft Office add-ins you can use for finding PowerPoint and Word images is Pickit. Not only does this add-in give you access to a library of professional photos and clipart, but you can even add your own photos to it for quick use. 

Wikipedia for Excel and Word

Whether you need to check some facts or do some research on an unfamiliar topic, Wikipedia has become a handy tool for writing just about anything. Having to leave Microsoft Office to check Wikipedia in your web browser, though, can slow you down.

Instead, you can use the Wikipedia add-in for Microsoft Excel and Word to research topics right within your productivity application. It even searches for terms you write about as you type. You can even use the add-in to get access to images from Wikipedia and use them in your document or spreadsheet.

ToolsToo for PowerPoint

PowerPoint can seem confusing when you’re new to the application or need to create a complex presentation. While the software natively comes with helpful tools to make slides, choose transitions, and add media, you can easily waste time sorting through them.

By using the ToolsToo add-in, you gain access to over 85 tools that help you save time. They allow you to design slides more quickly, easily align content, work with transitions, make drawings, and reshape content to be the same size.

Vertex42 Template Gallery for Excel and Word

You have probably used some of the built-in templates for Excel and Word that allow you to create things like calendars, address labels, budgets, and brochures. However, you probably still find you need to take time to tweak these templates each time.

Using the Vertex42 Template Gallery add-in for Excel and Word gives you access to a broader selection of templates with more stylish designs and user reviews that can help you determine which will work best for you. Better yet, you can still tweak these templates if necessary, although you’ll likely find an existing option that works out of the box.

Text Lightning for Outlook

When writing emails in Outlook, you likely include some similar information in which one, such as a greeting or your contact information in a footer. Having to retype this text with each email does nothing to save you time.

Text Lightning for Microsoft Outlook

You can give the Text Lightning add-in for Outlook a try to insert customized salutations and text snippets that you save in a library. You can also use the tool to copy entire emails, search the text, move text around, and easily embed media in your messages.

Give These Microsoft Office Add-ins a Try!

You’ve now got a handful of the best office 365 add-ins that have the potential to speed up your workflow and even make your documents look more polished and professional. So, go give at least a few a try.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with them and even consult the add-in’s help tool if you’re not sure how to use the features.

Be sure to also check out our other blog posts for more technology tips that can make your life better!

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