Alexa vs Siri vs Duplex. So that’s what we will be discussing today. But before that, let me remind you of something. We are living in the 21st century, where anything new, become old in a matter of days. Technology, nowadays, governs us all in every manner of our lives. In today’s time, we all rely on technology. Tech companies, such as Google, Apple, and Amazon are letting no stone unturned for our lives to be better. They have already made it better, and we are trying day and night to make it further. As they say, “Necessity is the mother of inventions!”. And so do everyone in the world believes to be.

We needed something round to travel things smoothly, and we came up with the invention of TYRE. In today’s era, we needed someone to talk to, tech industries made AI Chatbots. Recently, Google introduced its ground-breaking technology in the name of Duplex. Duplex was introduced as another virtual assistant by Google at Google I/O 2018. Well, Google already was way ahead than any other name in the tech industry when it came to the name of Artifical Intelligence (AI) powered Virtual Assistants. But everything is not perfect. Here we present a brief rundown on the present state of the art in the top three virtual assistants: Alexa, Siri and Duplex. Well, we are here, going to discuss the greatest and biggest on-going battle of the time: Alexa vs Siri vs Duplex. Like every other competitor in any other market, these three virtual assistants, share many same features. But along with that, they have many advantages and disadvantages. And yes, since all of them are software-based, none of them is perfect and could not be labeled as the best of all the time. Time is yet to come to see further technological risings.


Amazon developed Alexa as their own Virtual Assistant. It was used in Amazon Echo and Echo dot Smart speakers for the first time by Amazon’s Lab126. It can interact verbally, playback music, make to-do lists, set alarms, stream music and podcasts, read e-books, play audiobooks, provide weather statics etc. Alexa can also be categorized as a smart home automation system.

Amazon's Alexa - Alexa vs Siri vs Duplex


It is the virtual assistant developed by Apple. Siri is supported by iOS, tvOS and watchOS operating systems. Siri uses natural language user interface and voice queries to respond to questions. It is also able to make the recommendation and perform actions using the internet as well. It adapts itself to user’s individual language usages, preferences, and searches as the user uses it to make better decisions and keep the user up to date.

Apple Siri - Alexa vs Siri vs Duplex


The duplex was revealed by Google in May 2018 during their Google I/O 2018. It is an extension of Google’s virtual assistant. The main features of Google Duplex include its mimicking human voice. It can automatically complete tasks such as making calls, booking appointments and other things like this. It can recognize situations and respond according to the best choice possible.

Google Duplex - Alexa vs Siri vs Duplex

General Knowledge

In the early days, when we had some doubts in some topics while studying, we had to wait for the other morning to ask the same from the teacher. Or when our Mother could not remember the exact ingredient that her mother, your grandmother told her to, we had to skip that meal or order something from outside, or better, dine out of the home. But today, technology has changed it all. If we have some doubts, we just long-press that middle button on our phones, and all our teachers, world’s best chefs, mechanics, carpenters, you just name, are all on your palm, waiting for your question. So, to check the credibility of these virtual assistants, we asked them 20 questions each. In this category, Alexa out-classed Siri and Google Assistant. Well, this test meant that which one answered our question more correctly, rapidly and in a concise but complete manner. To which the correct order was:

Google’s Duplex > Amazon’s Alexa > Apple’s Siri

Music & Podcasts

Music provides a strong sense to our beings and it is very essential for an assistant to know what its owner would like to listen to. Each of the three present on our battle of Alexa vs Siri vs Duplex, obviously integrate its own music service. And Sometimes they also offer a third party to involve too. In this regard, we tested all three for different songs. And below is the result

Alexa > Duplex > Siri 

When we asked for a song to Alexa, and it autonomously played that song, whereas, Duplex provided up with some links to youtube videos and other sites. When it came to Siri, it showed come cryptic response but neither play the song or show us some links. So in this game segment of our race of Alexa vs Siri vs Duplex, Alexa outran them all.


When it comes to entertainment, Alexa beats them all. Alexa can interact with your television, smart speakers and other smart devices to provide you an amazing experience. Siri, in that place, completely lacks the ability to interact with other devices other than those of Apple Inc. Google’s assistant is being used on many smart TVs around the world, but it still lacks the basic integral part, being remote. Alexa can be remotely accessed by any place from home or the place it is installed, whereas Google’s assistant only works at a specific range. But Google’s assistant also allows you to customize your home screen on your mobile. You can read further about this at here. So the results for this category are:

Alexa > Duplex > Siri

Alexa vs Duplex vs Siri

Hence, to conclude the debate, we ran some others tests on these virtual assistants as well, and the results of them are summarized here:

Alexa Duplex Siri
General Knowledge
1st (3 pts) 2nd (2pts) 3rd (1 pt)
1st (3 pts) 1st (3 pts) 1st (3 pts)
1st (3 pts) 1st (3 pts) 2nd (2pts)
Ordering Food
1st (3 pts) 1st (3 pts) 1st (3 pts)
Online Shopping
1st (3 pts) 1st (3 pts) 3rd (1 pt)
2nd (2pts) 3rd (1 pt) 1st (3 pts)
3rd (1 pt) 1st (3 pts) 1st (3 pts)
Smart Home
1st (3 pts) 1st (3 pts) 2nd (2pts)
3rd (1 pt) 2nd (2pts) 1st (3 pts)
Voice Recognition
2nd (2pts) 1st (3 pts) 3rd (1 pt)
1st (3 pts) 1st (3 pts) 3rd (1 pt)
# of First Place Wins
7 8 5
Total Points
27 29 23

So, to have a result, we would say that we have a winner. And that is GOOGLE’s DUPLEX

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