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With Flipagram gone, apps like Flipagram are on the rise. If you are someone who is too much into social media and sharing pictures, you must know how videos with background music are new the BUZZ everywhere. Be it Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, or Facebook, everyone tries to be creative with their content.

Fortunately, app stores are full of apps that can can not only make video and picture editing easier BUT also fun. One such app is Flipagram that revolutionized photo and video editing by allowing its users to:

  • Make slideshows
  • Make videos in a variety of styles
  • Add background music to their videos

And do various other such things with their media items to get more Instagram followers and hundreds of likes right after you upload something.

However, despite all its fun features, it is unfortunate how this app vanished from the app stores all of a sudden and became a thing of our past. Flipagram was brought by another company and turned into Vigo Video.

Vigo Video is like a twin app of TikTok but does no such thing that can allow us to refer to it as a video and image editing app. But you don’t have to worry at all because there are a few amazing apps on play store that offer the same features like those you would avail from Flipagram.

Thetic Blog’s List of Apps like Flipagram

Finding similar apps like Flipagram can get hard with so many simple editors on the app stores. Let’s end your trouble with this list of some of the most amazing and easy to use apps like Flipagram:

#1. Viva Video – Best App like Flipagram

VivaVideo Best App Like Flipagram

We bet you have heard of this one many times before! Viva Video is a trusted application for video and photo editing with features that entice all your favorite social media influencers too.

Viva Video is a simpler version of complicated video editors, allowing you to edit your videos with music at the backdrop, add multiple transitions to your videos, and add text to your videos, etc.

You can also edit and combine smaller clips to make a longer video with seemingly no effect on the quality of your final product. This app also allows you to directly share your creations via Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and other social networking apps.

#2. KineMaster App

Kinemaster App

This is another colorful version of Viva Video app that works no different than the Flipagram but has many more features for you to enjoy as well.

It has various useful tools and features that provide a user-friendly interface, thus allowing you easily become an Insta star. Using the range of KineMaster features, you can introduce layers and transition to your videos, Add background music to everything you want, and can blend multiple videos into one.

Additionally, you can use this app to do voice overs, use chrome key, can control the speed of your videos, add effects, subtitles and text, and whatever else you want.

KineMaster is, without any doubt, one of the best app like Flipagram that you can use in a free version easily. The only drawback of the free version would be a watermark that would be seen on the edited media as you export to any other app.

#3. Dubsmash – App like Flipagram for iOS & Android

Dubsmash App like Flipagram for iOS

This is probably that one app which we all have used at one point in our lives or another. Dubsmash is a trendy, fun, and one of the easy to use apps like Flipagram with free music that is the first one to knock at our minds whenever someone asks as to what app is like Flipagram.

Dubsmash has a store of videos and song’s dubs that you can use to recreate with yourself in the video and someone else’s voice in the background. Dubsmash is an entire world in itself where you people make videos on famous dialogues and songs from all over the world and share among other users.

From Dubsmash, any video you edit or make can easily be transported to another forum or can be saved in your phone to be used in the long run.

#4. Filmora Go – Similar App like Flipagram

Filmora Go Similar App Like Flipagram

Many of us have heard of the PC Filmora video editor that lets users edit and compile professional level videos with seemingly no difficulty.

Filmora Go is the mobile application version of the same editor that lets you make the perfect videos and media with ease. Using Filmora Go, you can add templates and effects to your videos, can add music behind the running film, can compile different snaps to turn into a single video, add transitions, and what not.

You can also select some of your photos to convert them into a video film, adding the music clip of your choice at its back. There are a lot of plus points about using this app. It is free of cost with no limit on the time for which you make or edit a video.

There is no watermark on your videos but just a small clip advertising the application itself at the end that you can clip out using any other clipping application easily.

#5. Triller – App like Flipagram with Free Music

Triller App Like Flipagram With Free Music

Talking of similar apps like Flipagram it is hard not to recognize the amazing features of this lesser-known application.

Triller is a social video platform that lets you interact with those having the same fire for video editing and sharing like you by editing your videos and sharing them among each other. This app is perfect for anyone who does not want to take the burden of editing the videos and dealing with the nitty gritty details.

Because this application has AI features, it automatically selects and joins the best parts of your media to create a flawless film within seconds. Triller has tools to select the best shots to go with your selected music running at the backdrop which gives a professional touch to your creations.

This app comes with some of the most amazing beauty filters to make you look how you want. It also has tools to let you add transitions, effects, text, and other such detailing to your videos in no time.

#6. Snapchat


Most of us are always concerned about increasing our Snapchat views and score. This leads us to try out different things with our snapchat stories. If you look closely, you will notice how snapchat is one of the most amazing apps like Flipagram for iOS and android both that can be used in a number of creative ways.

You can edit your photos, add text and stickers on your videos, add filters, links, and can play background music too.

#7. Quik

Quik App

Quik is an amazing and easy to use app like Flipagram that has been developed to ease your editing process. You can click and capture, edit, add effects to, and combine your videos all together in the same app.

This is one of those apps that you can use on the go because it is fast, efficient, and above-all, a highly automated app. You can also trim, edit, and clip you already made videos.

There is also an option for you to revert to manual editing as per your desires if you like.

To conclude, there are a number of other applications like these that can keep you hooked. However, the apps mentioned above should be enough to help you make your decision!

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