Apps to stream live sports

Being a sports fanatic, I know how it feels when you’re team is playing live and somehow you are unable to catch up due to some reason.

Yes that feeling!

With the help of these almighty applications you don’t have to miss any live match and you can stay updated while on the go.

Many big sports network shifted their gear and launched their own sports app which can be hard to keep up.

Let’s switch it ON!


An app for all kinds and types of devices be it amazon fire stick, roku, xbox, android TV or a mobile phone.
They cover it all and all you need to do is login with your cable TV providers credentials and it doesn’t matter if it’s xfinity (Comcast), Direct TV, Spectrum or Media com.
That’s how you can make it work and this app is not available in many countries but I’m sure that the powerhouse like ESPN will cover it all.

Get the latest news , happening, results, highlights,live scores of your favourite team with this app be it basketball, baseball, hockey, cricket, football (soccer), golf or F1 races they will keep you on the track with all the updates. Vroomm !

Yahoo Sports App

This application is only available in US for now and you can watch live NFL games.

Yahoo will give you the latest updates and news about football, basketball and baseball for no charge.Yes, thats right but only on your mobile phones and tablets.

Cloud TV

With Cloud tv you can seamlessly watch sports in HD.They have all the top broadcast networks like Bein Sports, Sky Sports, Fox Sports, MLB , NBA TV and many more other channels in different languages.

Basically, there are more than 300 live channels available for no charge.
So, what’s stopping you?
Before installing this app you need to go to settings and allow your system to download file from an unknown source.

Sony LIV

Perfect app for the people who rely upon live sports streaming because this application will never let you down but your internet can , I trust this app wholeheartedly.
This application will let you watch all the top Football leagues (soccer leagues) from europe and outside.

They cover Italian league for Ronaldo’s fan, Champions league and Spanish league to name a few and you can catch up other sports as well like Cricket and not just that, they have an on demand service where you can enjoy movies and shows as well.

Key point is they don’t charge you a penny to watch live sports.Download the app from Google Play Store and enjoy your favourite game it’s that simple boom!


You’re half way there…

Last 4 more sports app are coming your way.


Pluto TV

Pluto TV! Its free TV!
That’s how they like to market it i guess, another app where you can stream live Baseball, Hockey, Basketball and Soccer.
A cool black and white theme with over 100 channels to keep you entertained and yes it’s a free TV.

Live net TV

Although it may not cover all type of sports but whenever you will peak inside there is always something for a sports fan. This one is a FREE application and you can dive in straight with no need to sign up.


Currently this application works best for all kinds of sports fan, its all assembled in this one application where you can enjoy HD sports streaming for no charge. All the top channels are there for you in sports catogory you will find ESPN, Sky Sports channels, BT sports, NBA tv, Eurosports, WWE TV and more.

Fubo Tv

Launched 3 years ago and still up and running although they are yet to expand their service areas which are US and Canada. They don’t like to compromise with their quality and yes you’ll get a quality live sports streaming with Bein Sports, Fox Soccer Plus,Fox Deportes ,NFL redzone ,NFL Network, CBS sports network, Olympic channel, Motor sports channels and not just sports but they have much more to offer with the DVR service as well.
You can enjoy a 7 day free trial and if you wish to continue, their monthly charges are 45$ for 70 channels and 50$ for 90 channels.

That’s Fubo TV for you and your family!


Some Last Words…

Now without acting like a smart person I’ll straight away tell you to pick the one that suits you or if you’re already using
any app which is on the list then try new one’s because you never know, life is full of surprises and the world is full of philosophers.

Visit us back for more blogs on more topics to know more because knowledge is power and do let us know your favourite apps to watch live sports!

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