The Latest Apps which help in Amazon FBA

Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA is a service from Amazon for sellers and business owners. By using this service, sellers give their products to Amazon. Amazon then stores these items in one of their fulfillment centers, which are essentially warehouses where Amazon sorts your product and places them accordingly in the center. Whenever a customer buys the seller’s product from Amazon, Amazon employees take out your product, pack it and then ship it to the customer. If any damage is done to the product in the process, Amazon takes full responsibility for it and pays the seller back the full value of the product. Amazon also includes customer support in the service, and if there are any problems with the product, Amazon handles it for the seller. So all in all, Amazon handles the whole process of selling the product for you, while your only job is to keep the product in stock and choose which items will sell more on Amazon.

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Moreover, some apps let you easily compare your product with the rest of the competition and enable you to price them accordingly for maximum profits according to you. They come in handy especially when you are doing retail arbitrage; you can go to a store, scan the barcode of an item in the app using your phone’s camera, and get the details about the item with regards to competition on Amazon.

The following are the latest and top tier Amazon Seller Scanner apps:


Amazon Seller

Amazon is an official Scanner app from Amazon. This app lets you analyze your overall sales, manage the inventory, interact with the customer and let you scan an item or the item’s barcode. The downside to using this app is that it only shows you items from Amazon and not from other sites like eBay but its huge upside is that it is free.


Profit Bandit

Profit Bandit is a Scanner app from SellerEngine Software. This app lets you scan barcodes only and has a built-in profit calculator that calculates the total profit you will make on an item by including in the shipping and FBA charges as well. It also provides a Bluetooth scanner, shows items from sites other than Amazon, and lets you create a buying list. It costs $9.99 per month.


Scoutify 2

Scoutify 2 is a Scanner app from InventoryLab. This app lets you scan barcodes only but is known to have a really fast scanner, has a built-in Bluetooth scanner, has a built-in profit calculator which can include sales tax as well. It shows items from sites other than Amazon, provides the option to create a buying list and it also provides you access to Inventory Lab which provides bookkeeping and sourcing related tools. It costs $49 per month or $480 per year.


You can also find other Scanning apps which suit your needs, these are just the apps which we recommend. Combine the apps mentioned above with FBA and you are sure to grow your business and generate substantial revenue without any worries or much hassle.

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