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Since android phones have become popular, gaming has reached the next level. Mobile gaming is truly a relief for gamers, as they can play their favorite games regardless of time and place. However, most of them do require Internet connectivity, which kills the entire mood. And do you know what’s worse than that? When even casual games demand for internet connection. So, if playing fantasy-based mobile games in an offline mode is what you are looking for, then you will love BallDog!

BallDog! – Your Answer to Offline Gaming

In the world of mobile gaming, BallDog! is a new kid on the block. And since its release in December 2019, the game has already ingratiated all the players.

Balldog! offline android causal game preview
Game Preview

Thanks to Gammes for developing a simple yet fascinating pastime that comes with magnificent gaming experience. Moreover, the game supports Spanish and English languages.

Well! Before you know what happens in the game, here are some great BallDog features:


1.    Graphics

If you are a fan of Mario and Angry Birds, then there is no way you can avoid playing this game, as it has a similar visual feel, but of course, with better and improved results. BallDog includes vector graphics along with colorful characters, which will keep you engaged the entire time.

2.    Audio

A game that lacks a suitable background sound appears to be worthless of spending time. But when it comes to BallDog, you will enjoy the entire adventure with amusing, sweet and soft game-play audio that will help you covering long distances and breaking all the previous records.

3.    Controls

Unlike other games, BallDog is quite easy to control. There is no need to focus on all the sides of your mobile screen to play the game. And all you need is to tap on the screen to create waves to ensure the main character (BallDog) is safe from every barrier that comes in its way.

4.    Sharing

Despite BallDog is an offline game, you can still share your score on various social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, to compare and compete with your friends on BallDog.


Experiencing BallDog! – How to Play the Game

BallDog is a cute brown dog that has a round body shape just like a ball. Its mission is to cover the maximum distance without falling on the ground or being affected by the explosives and flying birds. The game is truly an addiction.

Get it on Google Play

So, after installing the game and tapping on the ‘BallDog’ icon:

You are directed to the game’s main screen where you will be informed about playing in an offline mode.

Waiting for a few seconds will take you to the game’s main menu, where you will see several options including a ‘play’ button icon, ‘profile settings’ button icon, and a ‘cross’ button icon to exit the game. You can add a username, adjust sound effects volume, or find sharing options by tapping on the profile settings icon. Once you are done with the settings, tap on the ‘arrow’ icon to see the main menu again, and tap the play button to begin the fun.

Before the game would begin, Massi, who calls himself a protagonist of Gamme, will give you instructions about controlling the BallDog character. Don’t worry! His guidance won’t be that long. And right after Massi’s message, the game will be totally under your control.

You need to tap and hold the BallDog character, then pull the launcher to get an immediate impulse. On releasing the launcher, the character will be released in the air with an aim to remain above the ground and cover as many miles as possible.

Balldog! Offline Android Casual Game

When BallDog is in the air, make sure to tap below the character’s belly to create waves to avoid getting down on the ground. Remember, you only have three lives (3 red hearts) per round, so try your best to escape your enemies. However, on losing one or two lives, you can always look for power-ups like ‘cookies’ and ‘a piece of meat’. These power-ups will help you in going as further as possible. For instance, each time you will collect cookies, the nearby enemies and obstacles will be automatically destroyed. Nevertheless, you can always buy cookies from the store to achieve your desired distance faster than your friends.

Oh! And don’t forget to collect the ‘green tennis ball’ because it works as a shield to protect your basic lifeline. So every time you will collect a green tennis ball, the ‘hearts’ will turn from red to green. This will signify that you are protected. But with every hit on your enemy, the protection will be lost and you will be back on your remaining basic lives.


BallDog is a new android game that is specially developed for offline playing. It is one of the finest Android mobile games you can ever play without being worried about any internet connection. With great graphics and sound effects, the game has many challenging levels, which keeps you determined to break your own distance covering record. Also, you can share your achievements with your family and friends through social media sharing options to make the game more interesting.

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