BarScan Nightlife – Nightlife App That Brings Clubbing Into The 21st Century

Life is too short hence it’s best to try enjoy every moment of life before it ends. Obviously if you don’t, you’ll end up regretting it by the time your youth is over for not sparing time for fascinating, exciting and luxurious activities. As the quote goes for ” Every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness “. You must have seen many people who get bored with their lives complaining that they lack enthusiasm, zeal, and fun in life. This is because they believe work, study and productive stuff is the only purpose of life, even though they are wrong. Taking a break from your work would surely offer you dividends in the form of relaxation, happiness and rejuvenate. Every once in a while, it doesn’t hurt to just sit back and relax.

Spotting the venue for the enjoyment and fun with friends has been a complicated job for many people around the globe, especially when you’re in foreign land or tired from going to the same bar/club everytime. As the nightclub industry is the most popular form of entertainment, no matter where you are. People often get themselves out of the hectic schedule and find fun in clubs/bars. Here in this article, we’ll be discussing about BarScan Nightlife Android app, available for free on the Google Playstore which allows you to find nearby clubs & bar venues easily with just few touch of buttons.

Brief introduction of BarScan Nightlife

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As mentioned earlier, BarScan Nightlife App (click here to download) is an free android app that allows you to find nearby clubs and bars, as well as view their special drinks and other promotions. If you’re frequent visitor of clubs and love to explore new locations, then you will definitely love this app.. BarScan Nightlife is the app which allows users to RSVP to the club, they want to visit, before going there. Whereas RSVP means to respond to invitation no matter you visit or not. Users can search attendance lists to check who is coming, initiate the conversation with the other goers even before meeting them. Not only this, you get to know about all the special things surrounding your cities, like offers, deal, and club related activities.  

Details about BarScan Nightlife App     

  • Bar Scan help users to locate the best club or bar in the city. People often find it difficult to choose the best club owing to the presence of many clubs in the town. So Bar Scan provides you the list of clubs along with their ratings, word of mouth by visitors, and other necessary information of each respective club. This way, the possibility of choosing the not-so-good club can be eliminated and you can have the opportunity of visiting the best club of the city.
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  • Bar Scan provides the opportunity to users to check the list of attendees who are going to visit the same venue on the same day. You can see which club your friends have opted so that you can also go there in order to multiply your fun and excitement. Not only this, you can also search the profiles of other goers, and requesting them to connect you through chat. This way, you get to know about people before you visit that desired destination. So the known people are likely to offer you their precious time at the club by having the gossip with you. This will expand your social circle and help you avoid the club which is not being visited by your friends.
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  • Bran Scan enables users to find the most reasonable and cost effective club in the city or town. Users can go through the bunch of promotions, deals and drinks special offers which are presented by the venue owners. Club owners tend to upload and post new series of promotions and deals to the app which facilitates the visitors to choose the best one. These owners find BarScan, the free platform to advertise their deals and attract the target audience and exercise effective marketing. So, now you do not have to worry about spending too much money on the clubs because this app offers you the options of picking the best reasonable club. The number of the filter is available in the app that can help you to save money.
  • Bar Scan is not like the traditional app which covers only the single aspect of something. But it is an app which merges three aspects as the single platform i.e. social networking, instant messaging and reviews. That would save your time and resources.

How to use BarScan Nightlife App

Barscan Nightlife Android app
  • You have to create an profile
  • Search clubs and bar venues
  • Look at the deals and promotions
  • Respond to the venue which you have picked
  • Get to know about the expected attendees
  • Request to chat with other expected visitors to initiate the conversations with them
Conclusion: This app is great for those who love to explore new bar/club venues and take advantage of limited special deals, to make sure they can have the most fun at a minimum budget. Even if you’re not a clubber, definetly do give this app a go as it might help you find one that’s suitable for you and help you make new friends, while partying. Do remember to go like their facebook page.


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2 thoughts on “BarScan Nightlife – Nightlife App That Brings Clubbing Into The 21st Century

  • 23rd August 2017 at 2:07 pm

    never heard about an app like this before. sounds awesome and unique, will definitely download and use!

  • 23rd August 2017 at 2:10 pm

    too bad not suitable for eastern countries like pakistan – however good approach, i will use this when i go abroad 🙂


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