Strategies for Benefitting From Instagram Features as a Nonprofit Based Organization

Instagram is one of the most engaged social media platforms where hundreds of new posts are added every other minute in the pool of posts. To stand out in the competitive Instagram market is not an easy task. You have to make competent strategies and keep on updating them with the changing demands and increasing competition.  As a nonprofit organization, your task becomes even more difficult. You have to focus a lot on building the theme of your profile and carefully plan strategies that can go well according to the requirement of your profile.

It is true that if your goal is to win new followers and get new likes, you can achieve it simply by using a company like VVS because they can help you get genuine likes without making you go through any hassle or trouble whatsoever. However, you will still have to work on your strategies to ensure that your Instagram account is ready to compete with others in the industry.

Here are some must follow strategies for benefiting from various Instagram features especially as a nonprofit based organization:

Maintain Your Instagram Account     

Signing up and starting an Instagram account is very easy but maintaining it on regular basis requires a great deal of commitment and dedication. Regular uploading of photos along with addition of relevant captions make your nonprofit based organization recognized by the Instagram users. You can increase the reach of your profile by communicating with other Instagram profiles in your community. Replying comments on your posts as soon as possible increases the engagement on your profile.

You can ruin the reputation of your organization with your poorly maintained or inactive Instagram profile as it will leave a bad impression and people who are looking to connect you will be disappointed.

Focus on the Quality of Your Content

The content of your posts is the visual representation of your ideas and vision. Focus on the quality of your content to attract people on your Instagram profile. Share quality photos and captivating captions that are in accordance with the theme of your organization. Don’t go astray from the purpose of your Instagram profile and objectives of your organization as it may ruin your image. You can upload the recent activities of your institution or share the efforts of your team in accomplishing your mission statement to grab the attention of your followers and other Instagram users.

Share Your Story

You can create a deep impact of your nonprofit based organization by sharing the idea and vision behind the organization. Share the story of your struggles and your team efforts to let your followers know more about you.

You have various options for sharing stories of being a nonprofit based organization. Share the story of your founder members along with their photos, narrate behind the scene story of an event photo, and share the stories and struggles of your dedicated team members. You can also compile the reviews of the people who are benefited by the services of your organization and share it with your viewers. To involve your audience more realistically in your teamwork, inform them in advance about your upcoming ventures, share minute details and live videos of an ongoing event, and take their feedback after the event.

Call Your Visitors to Action

The core purpose of promoting your nonprofit based organization is to increase your supporters and gain acknowledgment by propagating your mission statement. You can boost the outcome of your organization by asking for support from your followers. Share with them your future plans and ask them to contribute willingly. Also, motivate them for fund raising for the various social causes. Ask them to promote the objectives of your organization in their own areas too.

Include the link of your website or social media platform in your profile so that people can know more about you. It will increase the authenticity of your organization and your supporters will develop a trust in you and your organization. They will be willing to contribute only if they find you trustworthy.

Just by keeping these strategies in mind and implementing them correctly, you will be in a much better position to take your business forward.

Kinza Zaheer

Writer at Thetic Blog.

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