Best Android Apps for homemakers

Being a house wife or house husband is a full time responsibility, oftentimes way harder than your full time job. Thank God for sending us to a world that has realized the struggles of being a home maker. Now, the technological advancements for home makers are being catered to more than ever before.

Software developers are releasing and upgrading online applications and other advanced tools to ease the lives of homemakers in whatever way possible. If you are a homemaker who struggles every day with time management or forgets important tasks, we suggest you download some of the best android apps for homemakers on your Android smartphone ASAP to help simplify your life.

Not sure which Android application would serve you the best? No worries. We have compiled a list of top 10 best apps for housewives and homemakers that can are sure to help you in unimaginable ways. 

Let’s get introduced to these life savers here below:

10 Best Apps for Homemakers

#1. Evernote

Evernote Android App

If you always end up losing your handwritten lists and have to make one grocery list multiple times each month, then this is the app you need right now. Evernote is your easy to use digital notebook that will save all your notes and lists in your personal devices. You can use this app to create and edit to-dos, shopping lists, write long posts, and jot down literally anything you want to. This app also lets you save your handwritten notes and other such pictures and can be used on the go on your phone, PCs, tabs, and other such devices easily.

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#2. Pocket

Pocket Android App

Don’t misunderstand this one as an online bank – or maybe you can. Being a homemaker with all the unwashed dishes in the kitchen waiting for you, you cannot spend your time reading useful articles and blog posts online whenever you want. The worst part is, you don’t really find anything useful to read when you have some free time at your hands.

If you can relate to this problem, then you will love owning this app. Pocket is a user friendly storage box that lets your save helpful articles, recipes, and stories in your gadgets. You can simply save texts you want to read using in this app and can catch up later upon finding some free time.

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#3. Todoist

Todoist Android App

This is one of the best apps for housewives and homemakers who like to kick start their daily tasks with a to-do list and check-off what they have finished doing. Todoist has a very friendly interface that lets you make simple to-do and other such lists, give each of them a different color, and check-off what’s not needed anymore.

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#4. Google Drive

Google drive android

Honestly, this app is a blessing for everyone who wants a safe place to store all their files, photos, and documents. Home makers are usually switching between devices and finding anything they saved for future use can get easier with this amazing application. All you need is a Google account and you can save up to 12 GB of your data and can access it from any device you want.

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#5. Alarmy – Highest Rated Alarm Clock App

Alarmy highest rated alarm clock app

Say good bye to oversleeping in the morning no matter how late you go to bed at night. Alarmy is one of the best free android apps for moms with school going children. With this one in your phone, we doubt your kids will ever get a day off from school just because their mama couldn’t wake up in time. With amazing alarm sounds to choose from, this application will make sure you wake up right when its time.

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#6. Daily Expenses

Daily expenses 2 android app

Being a homemaker often comes with budgeting responsibilities that are little too tough especially if you are bad with numbers. Use technology to the your benefit with Daily expenses budget tracking app. This is one of the best apps for housewives who have to manage all the house expenses. This easy to use app records your salary and your expenses and can arrange your expenditure in categories. This record helps you save more and spend less, thus making you a successful homemaker.

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#7. Our Grocery Shopping List

Our groceries shopping list android app

This is not just an app that lets you make your grocery shopping lists, it’s much more. If you and your S.O. ever brought the same thing on their way back from the mart, then no one can understand the pain of extra expenditure better than you. Our grocery shopping list is a great application that keeps you all in the loop about what is needed at home. You can simply download it in all your devices and collaborate on the lists, checking off what you have already brought. The updates will reach your other family members in real time, thus making sure you they don’t bring an extra packet of milk when you have already brought it.

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#8. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner – Best Mom Planner App

Allrecipes Dinner spinner best mom planner app

This is another best mom planner app that lets home makers prepare exotic and new food item every day. Simply defined, this application is a digital recipe book that has a number of detailed recipes for you to try out new dishes every day.

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#9. Google Calendar

Google calender android app

Being busy with kids and work, its natural to forget the last date of your bill deposits and birthdays of your loved ones. Don’t worry because Google calendar has got your back. Apart from keeping the track of date, this app lets you set reminders and goals that can be synced with all your devices so that you never forget an important day again.

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#10. Week Plan – Best Housewife App

Week plan best housewife app

This is another one from the list of our favorite best housewife apps that lets you set goals and make to-do lists, thus planning your entire week ahead in a productive way. You can prioritize some tasks and arrange similar tasks in categories for a better weekly planning.

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The verdict:

Its hard to say which one of these apps is the best. Each one of these serves a useful purpose and can help you depending upon your specific needs. We suggest you carefully determine your needs and download only those that you will actually benefit from, thus making the best use of your phone’s memory.

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