Best Android Security Apps

Counting the ways that tech did you wrong is quite easy, especially in regards to security breaches.

Here in this article, we will be discussing the best Android Security Apps that you can install on your smartphone.

Note: Most of these apps are also available for desktop, check out Top 5 Free Antivirus Desktop Software.

Now being one of the most widely used operating systems across the globe, Android has the potential to offer the best security apps and antivirus tools like none other. Clearly, it has to because Google’s OS is often targeted by malware due to its popularity. 

Introducing Android Antivirus

Unlike Apple devices that allows certain downloads from the iOS app store to protect users from bogus apps. Android also lets you install APK files that could be infected with viruses and malware created by cybercriminals.

Speaking about the Google app store, there is quite less approval process for the Google Play Store, which means dangerous apps have the potential to make their way onto the store from time-to-time easily. And even when they’ve been pulled from Google Play, they can reappear.

For instance, phishing emails and dodgy ads are crucial to watch out for. So irrespective of the platform you are using, it is always advisable to have an antivirus program installed. 

Apart from traditional protection offered by an antivirus app, chances are there that the Android security app you are about to choose has several features such as anti-theft to allow you to lock and wipe data from a stolen handset, or if the thief isn’t lucky enough; it takes photos or audio recordings of the thieves.

Another useful feature commonly used in security apps for Android is call blocking. Imagine a situation where your phone is seen constantly plagued by nuisance calls or spam texts and you have no idea what to do. Chances are there you might be able to block the callers so that they don’t interrupt your day. Some of these apps include schedulers in their call-blocking facilities; by this, you can easily divert calls (all) from the office to voicemail at evenings and weekends. 

However, certain suits allow app managers to protect via password accesses to the web browser. Many parents on a routine basis hand their phone over to children to play games or watch nursery rhymes and end up worrying that they might stumble onto something they shouldn’t, or things might get even worse by them running up horrendous bills by purchasing apps. Another tiny reason to trust these suites is its backup facilities. So, it’s a good idea to get antivirus for your phone for all of the reasons listed above.

However, there are plenty of options, and we’ve gathered the best here to help you choose one. 


Bitdefender Mobile Security

The security app manages a perfect score in both real-time malware and the discovery of malware on Android platforms. With a 14 day free trial, you can receive a full package for your PC and receive it free on mobile device. Comprising of ample of anti-theft features which works well with wearable devices, gives you web security. You will get a malware scanner and privacy advisor — you will also get a new VPN feature. Unfortunately, here you won’t be able to block calls, backup data, or have any parental controls.


Sophos Mobile Security

Introducing one of the top scorers according to the AV-Test’s latest report, Sophos Mobile security is available for free for Android apps. Right from several antivirus features such as app scanning, spam protection, and privacy protection, the tool can easily detect apps that are accessing personal data such as your address book. The list doesn’t end here; it also offers loss and theft protection features.. These features include remote locking, trigger remote alarms, wiping your device and the ability to locate your device if you’ve lost it. Many of you have already started loving it! 


Avast Mobile Security

Free security app which can manage perfect scores in the latest AV-Test. App locking, call blocking, app permissions, and a firewall are some of the crucial features offered by the app so that you can stay safe from malware, viruses, and spying eyes. 


Norton Mobile Security

Even after being so popular among PC users, Norton mobile security is loved among the mobile realm. Mostly available with usual antivirus features as well as controls to safeguard your online privacy, lost or stolen device recovery and some backup capabilities. Here you can either share a single account with multiple devices to, too, even if they’re not android. To be very honest, Norton Security Deluxe will be my first pick among all of the antivirus options available for Windows as well as mobile.


Kaspersky Internet Security for Android

I am pretty sure this mobile security app isn’t new for you; it offers great mobile antivirus too. A huge range of features is available in addition to the antivirus itself, such as finding my phone or anti-theft, anti-phishing, call blocker and a web filter too. 


McAfee Mobile Security & Lock

Since its inception, MacAfee has won several notable awards of course due to its several notable features such as anti-theft features, security lock, Wi-Fi security, battery optimizer, memory cleaner, etc. The free version has an intuitive interface, and you know what it provides tutorials for every feature. The pro version, however, comes down to only a few extra features, and it is expensive compared to most Antivirus apps.


Avira Antivirus Security

Do you wish for an app that offers not only scan files you download and content on your phone’s memory? Avira’s mobile antivirus app is rated on a privacy scale to help you easily decide your extent of trust. A web-based portal manages this app, which is useful if you want to create a mutual policy over multiple Android devices. 

The premium version includes a better support, automatic blocking of malicious websites, and more frequent updates. 

So that’s all for now!


Author Bio:

HP Morgan is a Tech Analyst at, a Custom Software and Android App Development company in Sydney. He is having seven years of experience in a Technological domain. He loves to travel to Spontaneous places.

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