It is a big confusion to see a lot of items of the same category, and it gets hard for you to choose one. It is obvious that there are multiple other types of a product available in the market now which may lead to confusion.

The trend of Android TV box has been there for a while and for sure if you are looking for one, you would be skeptical about which one to purchase. There are various factors which you have to keep in mind, and that depends upon you. You have to make a choice regarding the functions and features you want in the device and consider the suitable item for your home.

According to the feedback, here are some of the popular android TV boxes which you can prefer above all the thousand others in the market.

Xiaomi Mi Android Box

If you are someone who thinks about budget first and then the product, then this is for you. It is a powerful android box which will fit your budget perfectly. It comes with the remote control, microphones and voice command features.

It also has the 4k player with the connection to all the access for streaming. It is genuine to use if you are looking for something comfortable. This device comes with 2GB RAM and has the internal memory of 8GB. It has the 60rps along with HDR support. Android 6.0 is present in the device with the ability of Bluetooth connection. You can connect it easily with Wi-Fi 5G along with having the processor of 64 bit.

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Fire TV Stick Amazon

People consider that this is a not an android box, but it has all the features which support the box. It is a great device, having the contents of streaming online. You can download and view different videos without any hassle.

It is easy to install and use on your TV but may support a few applications. It has the internal storage of 8 GB with 1 GB RAM. There is an output for HDMI with Bluetooth support. The resolution of display would be 1080 pixels with 60 fps.

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This originated from the Asian market and one of the best android tv box. It has a 4GB RAM along with internal storage of 32 GB. It stands out among all the other boxes due to the high storage of videos in it.

You can also store the lectures, naat, photos and much more in this device to view later. It has two ports for USB and connects well through Wi-Fi as well. It supports the updated version of Android 8.1 with the processor of 64 bit. There are video outputs of 4K support with this device.

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Tanix TV Box TX28

This box comes with an elegant design and shape. It has LED screen which is small yet provides a good view. The signals are great with this device by having the antenna for Wi-Fi connection. It can route anywhere in the distance for the connection of Wi-Fi.

The internal storage of this device is 32 GB with Android 7.1 support. There are two ports for USB, HDMI, and Ethernet. There is also a slot for the SD card for an external storage option. It supports the RAM of 4GB.

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Android TV box by Nvidia Shield

It is one of the popular and most used Android TV boxes but yet expensive for some. If you want the full of features TV box and do not have any budget constraints, they prefer to get this one. It has the processor of Nvidia X1 which is fast and reliable. The internal storage is for 16 GB with 3GB RAM. It has multiple features attached to it which supports the Android 7.1 version and above.

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Khadas TV BOX VIM2 Max

It is a comfortable TV box which works smoothly with the users. Anyone can use it to listen to Islamic lectures and naat online anytime. If you wish to open a file through it, you can also do that with managing your documents.

It has the MCU programming along with the internal storage for 64 GB. It can connect to two Wi-Fi connections at the same time with ultimate speed to the users.

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VIDEN TV Box W2 Smart Device

It is one of the best android tv box which people prefer to have. There are contents related to multimedia with having access to external memory. You can store the Islamic YouTube videos in it to view later whenever you wish to.

It has the 2GB RAM support with the 4K UHD. It comes with two ports for USB and HDMI to connect to the screen easily.

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Ultimate Beelink GT1

This is manufactured by the Beelink Company which gives ultra-results to the users. It has the rooting of serial and contains 3 GB RAM.

The internal storage is for 32 GB along with the best streaming you would want. The processor is octa-core which performs well on the screen.

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