Best Budgeting Apps for Couples

Organizing your budget and keeping track of the transactions is the best way of spending wisely and saving more bucks. But what is the best budget app for couples that allows creating & categorizing your expenses and tracking them in the most convenient way? That we’ll find out today. 

In a rush? The top option for most couples is definitely Stash app. It offers fantastic money management features, an intuitive interface, and excels in nearly all the important aspects. My experience with it was satisfactory and I believe yours will be, too. 

Nevertheless, read the complete guide for further information. Let’s dive deep:

Top Picks

Following are the top picks for the best personal finance or budgeting apps you can find:

1. Best Overall for Couples: Stash

2. Best Premium for Couples: Digit

3. Best FREE Budget App: Mint

With top picks out of the way, it’s time for the reviews. 

Best Budgeting Apps for Couples in 2021

Following are my reviews on the most successful budget apps for couples to download right away. 

1. Best Overall for Couples: Stash


If you’re hunting for the best budgeting app on the market, your search is over – Stash is all you were looking for. It is an intelligent yet highly trustable application that makes it easier for you to reach your financial goals and of course: financial freedom. 

The most exciting part about Stash is the option for automatic investing – there’s the fractional shares option which makes it doable to schedule the money for automatic investments. Aside from that, the app also gives you the option for the stock-back card that helps you earn stock every day while you shop. 

Furthermore, with the latest server technologies available, Stash also gives you the option for banking with no extra fee. 

One thing we always wanted in the banking apps is the option for creating multiple sub-accounts and dedicating money for different expenditures. Fortunately, Stash has listened to us and offers children’s investment accounts for long-term goals. 

While Stash offers this kind of amazing budgeting feature for couples, there’s a weak point to it – there’s no such thing as the free version. Getting started with Stash costs $1 every month. This starter plan offers all the essential features like investing, banking, a stock-back card, and $1k life insurance by Avibra. 

If a personal finance app is your utmost concern regarding business and stock investments, Stash is the best option you can find on the market. The amazing features you get for $1/mo totally make it worth the price. 

Option for bankingNo free version in place
Free $1k life insurance by AvibraNot ideal for simple budget planning
Inclusion of the stock-back card
Separate children’s investment accounts

2. Best Premium for Couples: Digit 


A great competitor to Stash, the Digit app comes with a range of effective features to help couples manage money together & save it up for the future. 

You see, saving money and thinking about investing is really a hassle. The proper management can get really hard with the transaction issues and taxes. But all you need to get rid of this hassle is the Digital app. 

It offers effortless saving to get you ready for the unexpected expenses that come on your way. But what makes it a great option to look into is the inclusion of the investment feature as well – allowing budget management and saving from a single place. 

Since calculating all the small expenses we encounter can get hard, thanks to Digit for using the best financial practices and smart machine learning calculations to show you an easy-to-observe breakdown of your expenditures and budget. What else could you ask for?

But like other banking and financing apps in the world, Digit also comes with some money limitations like the protection of up to $250,000 which is still fantastic for couples. Aside from that, all your data is secured using the latest technologies – 256-bit encryption. So, you get complete peace of mind knowing you and your partners are the only ones having access to the app. 

Fortunately, the app is available for both iOS and Android devices. So, whatever device you use, likely it’ll work perfectly. If you’re looking for a convenient budgeting app to manage your budget and keep a record of all your expenditures, Digital is an amazing option to consider. 

Compatible with both iOS and AndroidCosts $5/month
Intelligent calculationsLacks some effective features
Highly convenient
Perfect for keeping track of payments

3. Best FREE Budget App: Mint


Mint is a widely popular financing app that offers tons of features to all kinds of people including businessmen and couples. The app offers personalized breakdowns of what you spend and where – helping you keep track of your money and save up more. 

The marvelous stand of Mint is the option for adding all your cash, credit cards, investments, bills, debts, and small expenses to give you the MOST COMFORTABLE way of keeping track of your money without going through the exhausting calculations every time. 

Aside from that, Mint also offers the option for creating goals like saving up money for some certain product or event. My experience with this feature was pretty amazing and I really loved creating goals like saving up for dinners, and for my workstation. 

But I’m not the only one who loves it – take The New York Times and Business Insider – they’ve also appreciated the app and recommended it for budgeting. Plus, with the ability to track bills and schedule payments, you never have to pay extra tax for making the payment late. 

This way, Mint becomes one of the best budget apps for couples in 2021. If you’re willing to install one, it should be your concern. Another amazing reason for using Mint is that it is FREE. Yeah, it’s completely free – so, you get satisfied knowing your own budgeting app doesn’t break your bank itself.

FREE-OF-COSTLacks some advanced features
Highly convenient
Helpful breakdowns of spendings
Option for devising goals

4. Best Advanced: You Need a Budget

You Need a Budget

You Need a Budget (YNAB) offers a FREE trial for fantastic money management features. Quite like the others on the list, the app offers all the essential features to make budgeting easier for couples. But what makes it stand out?

Well, it’s the innovation of the app for helping you prioritize your expenses and place so you always have money for the important things – rather than having that money spend already. Another amazing aspect of YNAB is that it focuses more on what’s in front of you rather than the old expenditures breakdowns – helping you actually save the money up. 

But what makes it one of the best budgeting apps for couples is the synchronization across different devices – so you’re pretty sure the spendings spreadsheet you’re seeing is up-to-date. Aside from that, making changes like updating, adjusting, or changing the budget has been made as easy as a click of the button. 

While an app is featuring these kinds of advanced features, we can’t expect it not to cost a single penny at all. Right? So, coming to the point, only premium plans are in place, starting from $11/mo and $84/year. However, a 34-day trial is in place – enough to satisfy you after one month of financial planning. 

However, the amazing part about YNAB is the availability of a premium version for FREE to college students (for 12 months). All you need is the student ID, transcript, or tuition statement, and that’s it. Furthermore, the app also gives you the option to choose a certain currency for convenience. 

So, if you’re in the condition of spending around eight bucks every month, YNAB is offering the best value for money – and should be your priority. But if you’re a fan of FREE apps & tools, Mint will work best for you. 

Amazing prioritizing & planningCosts $11 every month
34-day Free trial
FREE for college students
Option for changing currencies

5. Best Budgeting Toolkit: Personal Capital

Personal Capital

With over 3 million users around the globe and its recommendation by The New York Times itself, Personal Capital becomes another amazing tool to give a try. It’s a versatile application with various budget tools to help you get better at budgeting. 

The significant features of the Personal Capital app include wealth management, private client, savings planner, retirement planner, investment checkups, and much more. The great part about Personal Capital is the convenient dashboard that offers links to your accounts and the breakdowns of your net worth and spendings. 

Furthermore, the application also offers a free analysis – you can devise a personalized plan for yourself by getting real-time assistance from an advisor. So, you get wealth-management plans tailored to your unique criteria. What else could you ask for?

One thing I didn’t like about Personal Capital much is that the graphics aren’t that interactive. I personally prefer attractive dashboards as they help in making your mood better. However, it still offers a clear breakdown of all your assets, spendings, net worth, and so on. 

With a 4.7 rating on the Apple store, $20 billion worth of assets under management, and its recommendation by Investopedia, Personal Capital becomes an amazing finance toolkit for couples. If you think the features suit you, surely consider Personal Capital for budgeting. 

Option for talking to an advisorThe interface could be better
Highly trustable
Convenient for tracking net worth and spendings
Personalized budget plans 

6. Best for Comfort: Acorns


Last but not the least, Acorns is another widely popular service for budgeting and making your money better. What makes Acorns one of the best finance apps for couples is the convenience – everything from creating plans to managing your budget and customizing is as easy as a click of a button. 

On top of that, the intelligently calculated and designed breakdowns make ways for further comfort. Aside from that, you get automatic adjustments for smart portfolios as your budget grows. Plus, with over 9 million sign-ups, you really cannot go wrong with it. 

Regarding the security, Acorns performs pretty well – you get the top-notch bank-level security – the 256-bit encryption – and the option for 2-factor authentication for making sure no one except you can break into your budget management portal. 

With real-time round-ups, no hidden fees or taxes, and over 55,000 free-to-use ATMs, the application makes sure it doesn’t make a big hole in your pocket. Aside from that, the Acorns also features millions of jobs you can find right from the application. 

Furthermore, Acorns comes with amazing reviews from Apple, Business Insider, CNBC, and many more authorized companies around the globe. So, you certainly cannot go wrong with it. 

Top-notch securityThe family plan cost $5 monthly
Trusted by 9 million people
No hidden fee

Is Purchasing a Budgeting App Worth It?

You see, there are multiple budgeting apps coming with premium versions only. So, the question arises, “are they even worth the money?”. Firstly, it depends on the app – the kind of features it offers, how well they suit you, and so on. 

But if we’re talking about a premium finance app like YNAB, it’s doubtlessly worth purchasing it since you get tons of convenient features that help you save money. But if you think your money management won’t be exhausting – there’ll be simple calculations with limited functions – going with a free finance app might still be a great approach. The top FREE budget app I recommend is Mint. It offers the best features you can get for literally free. 

Bottom Line: Purchasing a premium budget app is worthwhile if money management is heavily important to your and your business. For simple calculations and money management, a FREE option like Mint will also work perfectly. 

What to Look for in a Budget App?

Before you either install or purchase a budgeting app, here are several factors to look into – it’ll help make sure whatever you download or purchase is what you’ll actually use. 

Sync Available?

Firstly, whether it’s a premium option you’re considering or free, it’s crucial to know whether it offers synchronization among multiple devices or not. You see, as a couple, you’ll be sharing the money breakdowns with the partner and might require this feature. Right?

Tested the free version?

If you’re willing to purchase a premium app, make sure you have evaluated it with the FREE version. A budget app can be the best one around and may be recommended by the top companies like Apple, but if it doesn’t suit your situation, what’s the use? So, testing the free version will give you an idea of what to expect. 

Compatible with your and your partner’s phone?

Before you install a budget app on either one of your partner’s or your smartphone, make sure it’s compatible with both. For instance, it’s possible that you’re using Apple (iOS) while your partner uses Android and since some apps aren’t compatible with both, it’s better to make sure of that first. 

My Verdict on Budget Apps

With thousands of options available on the market at the moment, finding the most suitable budget app can get you in trouble. What to look out for, which app is worth spending on, and many exhausting questions take place in your mind. Isn’t it?

That’s exactly where this guide comes in – it lists down the 6 best budget apps for couples in 2021 and also offers their reviews for detailed information on each pick. That said, here are some other guides you might love:

With that out of the way, good luck with picking the right financing app for you. 

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