Top 3 Best Business Form Builder Apps for 2019

Designing the right form for your website can be very important. Even if the website itself is well designed and the form is difficult to use or feels time-consuming, it might mean the user leaves your website before giving you those vital details you need. Perhaps they might decide not to contact you about a query that could lead to a sale. 

Technology helps here. Indeed quizzes and surveys are the future and might one day even replace credit scores. There are loads of automated form builder apps that can build your quizzes and surveys for you but which one is right for you? Here are the top 3 best business form builder apps.



This app is great for surveys and quizzes as it only allows you to ask one question at a time. This form builder is also great for attracting users to fill in forms on a mobile but it also works well on a tablet like an iPad and on laptop computers as well.

The standard plan is free but limits you to only 100 responses a month and 10 questions per survey. There are two tiers of premium plan. The pro plan gives you unlimited responses and questions and a customizable thank-you screen. 

The pro+ plan gives you everything you get in pro as well as the ability to remove the Typeform logo and branding. It also includes priority support and conversion tracking. 



This is a form for basic users and generally for a smaller group of people. Joining is free and, like Typeform, you can get 100 responses for free. This form generator also comes with Jotform PDF editor

Jotform has premium versions such as the silver version which costs $39 per month and the gold version which is $99 per month. There are two other options available. The first is enterprise level membership for businesses planning heavy use of the form and the other is a discount for non-for-profits.



Leadformly is all about integration. There are lots of intelligent form builders and generators out there such as ThePayStubs which can generate 1099 form.

But if you want an intelligent form builder that can do everything-in-one this the product for you. It includes CRM, E-mail and even marketing automation tools. In total, this product boasts over 1000 integrations. 

There are also a host of pre-written templates that you can use straight away. This can vary from digital agency enquires firms to PPC inquiry forms. 

The prices for Leadformly vary. Unlike some of the other software, there is not a free or basic version but the essential plan starts at $37 a month. The growth plan is $74 a month and the team plan is $149, but this can only be billed as one sum at the end of the year.

What Is the Best Form Builder App For You?

The form builder you end up purchasing will depend on your individual needs. If you are conducting a small level survey with just a few questions amongst less than 100 people then you would be fine with a free online form builder like Typeform.

However, if you are conducting extensive market research you may feel investing in form builder apps that offer additional services such as CRM and other integrations. However, these will set you back a monthly or annual subscription. 

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