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A holiday in Dubai is a dream come true for many. The luxury destination has everything that makes for an amazing holiday. Moreover, as Dubai thrives on tourism, getting a Dubai visa and making all the necessary arrangements (hotel reservation, booking tour packages, etc.) are quite easy.

Moreover, with the internet available on the phone, you have everything you need to know on your fingertips. However, there would be times when you would not be able to access the internet while holidaying in Dubai. This is when a good travel app would come to use.

Here are some of the Best Dubai Travel Apps that would help you to have a glitch-free holiday in this Emirate city of UAE.

Visit Dubai

One of the most important things you need to know when visiting a city is the things that you can do here and the places you can visit. In case of Dubai, Visit Dubai is the perfect dubai travel app.

Dubai Burj Khalifa

Visit Dubai is Dubai Tourism Department’s official app and has all the details about the important places to visit in the city. You can choose the places that interest you and create your own personalized itinerary. Apart from this, the app comes with a converter, which would help you to convert dirhams into your own currency while dining or shopping in the city. This app is available both on iOS and Android and is also available in 5 other languages apart from English.



Dubai has a good and reliable public transportation system (read: metro). However, you would have to take a cab ride for travelling to certain locations. In this case, downloading the Careem app would be beneficial. Careem is one of the Dubai travel app alternative to carpooling apps like Uber.

Careem travel app

Careem is not just available in Dubai but also in various Middle Eastern countries. Just like other ride sharing apps, you have to book your ride, and it would arrive at your doorstep and drop you anywhere in the city.

This app is quite useful especially when you have to travel at night. Moreover, it is economical and you can check the estimated price before booking the cab.


Dubai Metro 

The metro system in Dubai is quite popular not only among residents but also tourists. The metro has good connectivity, and you would find a metro station near almost all the major tourist locations. Above everything else, the Dubai Metro offers a cheap way to travel.

Dubai Metro

If you are planning to use the metro while holidaying in Dubai, the Dubai Metro app would be extremely useful. The app would give you all the information you need about the metro stations, timings of the trains, etc. You would also get to know more about the history of Dubai Metro on this app. Apart from all this, you would also get to know about the metro rules and the list of fines that would be levied if you break a rule.


RTA Dubai Drive

If you are someone who hates waiting for your transport, you may prefer to drive yourself around the city on your own. If this is the case, the RTA Dubai Drive is an dubai travel app that you should definitely download.

RTA Dubai Drive Travel App

This app gives you the freedom to rent a vehicle easily. Moreover, you would get all the information you need about driving, including finding a place you can park a car in any area, paying for the parking area, etc. Apart from this, it also provides you instructions to drive around the city. In short, RTA Dubai Drive gives you the chance to explore the city on your own, without being bothered about timings of trains or availability of a cab.

If you’re still not satisfied with the built in features of the app, there are many free useful apps every driver must have – to make driving rental car in a new area easy & more convenient for you.


The Dubai Mall (Android | iOS)

The Dubai Mall is one of the largest malls in the world, with home to more than 1200 retail stores and an array of interesting entertaining activities. As the place is so huge, it is easy to get lost in the mall or get confused about the things to do. Hence, it would be best to download the Dubai Mall app, which gives you everything you need to know about the mall. You can put in your gender and the app would provide you with customized options for the things to do in the mall.

Dubai Mall Travel App

You can also opt for notifications on restaurant promotions, deals and discounts, upcoming events, etc. The app also offers a comprehensive map that helps you navigate the enormous mall and reach the place you want to go. Another highlight of the app is that it has a GPS feature that helps you to find your car in the parking lot.


Culture Trip

When you are in Dubai, you would like to gather some local information about the place you staying it. For this, there is no better app than the Culture Trip. This app gives you updates on the best restaurants, hotels and other important attractions in and around the area you are in.

Culture Trip Travel App

You can also read some useful articles about visiting Dubai on this app. It has articles on numerous subjects, right from the places to visit in Dubai to the things that you should know about the history and culture of the city. The articles on the Culture Trip app would make for a great read during your flight to Dubai.



Dubai and its attractions do not need any introduction. In fact, you would find scores of information on the places you can visit and things you can do here. However, can anything be better than a local taking you around Dubai? If you want to see Dubai from the perspective of a local, WithLocals is an app that you should download on your mobile phone.

WithLocals Travel App

Apart from checking out the popular attractions of the city, you would also be able to know about the hidden gems of the city. With this app, you would be able to connect with the locals, read reviews written by travellers, book a private local guide and even chart your own tour or itinerary based on the information available.


Dubai Calendar (Android | iOS)

Dubai is filled with an amazing array of attractions, places to see and things to do. Apart from the permanent attractions, there are several events, shows and festivals that keep on happening throughout the year.

Dubai Calender Travel App

Dubai Calendar is an app that gives you information and updates about all the happenings of the city. Be it concerts, live shows, temporary exhibits, festivals or conferences, you would get to know the details on this app. One downside of this app is that it does not give you the option of buying the tickets for the event or show directly. However, it does lead you to the website or portal where you can purchase the tickets.


Dubai Maps and Walks (Android | iOS)

For many travellers, the best way of exploring the city is by going on a walking tour. If you do not want to spend money on guided tours, then this travel app Dubai Maps and Walks app becomes your tour guide.

The app offers different types of walking tours, and each comes with list of attractions that you can visit along with the map that you can follow to reach each one of them.

The walking directions on the app are precise, and you would be given details like your exact location, the next turn to take, etc. Ensure that your phone has a built-in GPS function before you use the app.

Dubai Maps and walks travel app

Travelling in Dubai becomes a breeze with these wonderful apps. Check these out and download the ones that you feel are the most useful. With the right information and help always on your fingertips, there is nothing that would stop you from having a great holiday in Dubai.


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