Best Free Language Learning Apps

With technology helping us in everything we do, it is no surprise that there are many applications created to help language learners. Apps that let you stream movies are one of the major mediums of language learning for beginners.

Language can be learned in various ways, where the learners can hire a tutor or attend a class. But apps play an important role in shaping the learning process even when we are not in the class. If you are learning another language, we would advise you to download an app that can help you with the language acquiring process. 

In this article, we will be discussing a list of the best free language learning apps that you should consider using to help you learn a foreign language.

Best Free Language Learning Apps


Duolingo is one of those apps that everyone knows about because it is good at what it does. If there is any mobile language learning app that you should take help from, it is Duolingo.

Duolingo App

The native speakers themselves create a lot of the courses offered by Duolingo. One great feature that makes Duolingo special is that it is not solely aimed at the English native speakers. For every language, there are different courses that aim at people with different first languages. The number of courses produced is around 81.

Download Duolingo: Android | iOS



Busuu offers its users full courses in twelve different languages. Although the app is free, there are a lot of features that you will have to pay to unlock. You start by learning individual words and simple dialogues. There are also questions about these dialogues so you can learn the native pronunciations with the help of audio.

Busuu App to Learn Language

Some languages, such as French, require the learners to learn the pronunciation through audio because the sound of French vowels and consonants are not something you can learn through a dictionary. There are travel courses for people who are traveling abroad and need a quick lesson to teach them the basics.

Download Busuu: Android | iOS



This app is very much like Duolingo and provides more free features than Busuu. The free version of this app has 40 classes in it if you don’t want to spend much money, and even that is a pretty decent shot at learning a great deal about a new language.

Babbel Free Language Learning App

You can learn a lot of phrases in any one of the thirteen languages that it offers to teach. Each class follows a step-by-step structure where it provides different words with the respective pictures.

Based on your level, the words will be then adjusted into phrases and sentences so you can learn how they are used. There will be some pop-ups to explain to you the grammatical points. Even if you have a grasp of a language, but only want to improve certain elements, such as grammar or vocabulary, this app will help you with that as well.

You can focus on your weakness and then improve it. You can download these classes so you can study even while you are offline and there will be reminders, so you don’t miss any of your daily session.

Download Babbel: Android | iOS



This app aims to facilitate the learner’s speaking practice. Those who are scared and shy of speaking in the target language with other people will like this app because it eliminates the stress of real-time conversation.

HelloTalk Language Learning App

You can find native speakers and talk with them using a chat, similar to WhatsApp, with voice and text messages. There is an in-built correction tool, with which users can correct each other’s messages. This app provides a chance where our chat sessions are converted into tiny tutoring sessions.

You will find an integrated translation system in the app that is there to help you avoid the moments when you want to convey something but lack the proper vocabulary that can give your sentence a meaning.

If there are any phrases that you would like to save, you can mark them and the conversations so you can always find them in the chat. The text-to-voice helps the user in pronouncing the messages at s/he receives. If you need any help with conversation motivation there is an option with which you can manage your chats like the time, the number of characters or messages exchanged.

Download HelloTalk: Android | iOS



Want to have some fun vocabulary practice? Memrise is your go-to app! There are courses available on a lot of languages because of the diverse users that belong to different communities.

Memrise App

Courses are often coupled with memes so users can easily remember the words. Spaced repetition and mnemonics is another special aspect of this app.  The spaced repetition algorithm will tell you how often you should review a certain phrase or word.

The use of memes is really helpful in remembering the vocabulary if you are a beginner. You will need some time to adjust, but after you have, you will start coming up with your own combinations.

Download Memrise: Android | iOS


Google Translate

Everyone has heard of Google Translate. While most of the language learning apps teach you a language through exercises, Google Translate tells you how to write and speak the phrases/words you run through it.

Google Translate

With Google Translate, you can translate any word, text and even your voice. Enter text manually, draw it, or speak it to convert in the target language. If you prefer targeting your learning to particular sentences and phrase only, then Google Translate is a much better option.

Download Google Translate: Android | iOS



HiNative lets you contact the native speakers without scheduling a chat. The aim of HiNative is to bring together the native speakers with learners so they can help each other resolve language struggles.

HiNative App

You don’t have to worry about any question being stupid or too simple. Whatever your confusions are, you can ask for translations, advice on cultural norms, input on pronunciation.

Not only the native speakers can answer the questions you ask, but learners can also respond. You can connect with other learners who went through the same struggles as you because they will know better about how to approach your problems.

Download HiNative: Android | iOS


Download any of these language learning apps in your mobile phone/tablet to start learning a foreign language now.

If you’ve any comments about the app or would like to suggest a new app which we didn’t add to this list, please do feel free to comment it.


About the Author:

Lara Smith has worked for Wall Street English for 20 years. After studying at Stanford University and subsequently doing a CELTA course, she began her career in teaching. She is obsessed with languages and currently writes blogs at

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