Best News Apps for Millenials

We millennials are probably the most balanced of all other generations we are sandwiched between. Despite the fact, there are many best news apps for millennials we tend to miss out on most of the recent happenings around the world. We know so much and have a plethora of random knowledge, but still have no time to keep ourselves updated about a lot of stuff at the same time.

This FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is something that drives many millennials across the world crazy. You will surely agree how not knowing about what is happening around you gives you a weird feeling of being too lost. Even if we label our FOMO of the political and social scenario around us as a crazy millennial trait, the fact that most of us miss out on the most important and relevant day to day updates is definitely disturbing.

We millennials must know about the world around us because of the importance such knowledge holds in a practical and professional world. Even then, taking out time to read newspapers or sacrificing your favorite TV show’s binge watching session to tune in to a news channel could be hard.

Thanks to the modern technology, mobile apps are now our saviors in many ways. Be it about calling a cab, ordering food, watching movies on Android smartphone or staying fully updated, app stores have a lot of variety on the platter. Among so many options, finding the best one could get hard and so is the case with finding that perfect news app.

Our List of 7 Best News App for Millennials

Read below to find out about some of the best news apps for millennials that you must have in your phone to stay updated everywhere, anytime.

#1. NYT NOW News App

NYT Now News App

The New York Time’s site is one of the most popular news sites for millennials to confide in for all the latest updates. Thankfully, the same brains behind NYT’s website have come up with this amazing application that has made staying updates even easier than before.

This application has been designed to act like your on the go news partner that lets you go through the shortest, yet possibly the most informative, summaries of every news piece. NYT NOW is great for when you are heading to a meeting or a talk-session and may need to get some points ready on the hottest market trends or foreign relations. The summaries are crisp and informative enough to give you with ample details on the topic as you read through your phone in the car or while standing in the subway.

The layout and interface is easy to use and you have the option to mark the news to be read later as well. The coolest feature of this app are the talking points that it provides you on the topics of interest so that you can easily talk about them without fumbling at all.

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#2. AP News Millennial News Site App

AP News Millennial News Site App

Associates Press is another trust worthy millennial news site that has an easy to use mobile app to keep you updated on the go. This application has been designed for the purpose of making breaking news and current headlines easily and quickly accessible for its users so they don’t have to wait for their off-time to get to know about an important happening in their country. You can also mark news and niches that interest you more to get real time and instant updates on what you like to read more.

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#3. Financial Times – App belonging to one of the best News Sites for Millennials

Financial Times App

Financial Times has been one of the top favorite of many and is still one of the best news sites for millennials who don’t care about anything except the markets, stocks, and business related news. If you are looking for an app that gives you real time and accurate updates on all things related to finance, the global economy, and markets rates, etc. then don’t even give a second thought to the idea of installing this news application in your phone right away.

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#4. Google News – Best News App for Millennials

Google News Best News App For Millennial

The Google News is one of the best news apps for millennials who prefer an easy to use interface. It is like a Google in itself that lets you access and read news from whichever platform or news site you like and on whatever topic you prefer to read on.

You can set up a daily briefing option that gives you a summarized round up of each and every news piece that might be related to your interests. You can also read a detailed description of topics you like more with just a single tap and can also save a story to read in your free time or to share with someone else.

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#5. Snapchat – One of the Best News Apps for Young Adults

Snapchat Best News App for Young Adults

Yes, you read it right!

Not everyone likes to get the latest news and updates from a dedicated news platform. If you are one such millennial and have never used snapchat before, you might need to learn how to use snapchat because it is a lighter and funkier way of keeping yourself updated too.

You can subscribe to the news channels and reporters that you like the most and can keep on watching their stories as many times a day as you want.

Trust us when we say that Snapchat is, without any doubt, the best news apps for young adults that will surely keep you updated on what you need to know and will give you much needed fun too.

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#6. BBC News App

BBC News App

No one can ever doubt on the credibility of a news piece that’s coming from BBC. This reputed news channel has now, thankfully, its mobile application too that is a great source to keep yourself updated. It has an attractive, easy to use, and blog-like users’ interface that lets you stay updated on the go on topics that you like the most. This app can also give you instant alert notifications on the news that you need to know the most, thus keeping you the most updated guy in the office.

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#7. Papr – App of One of the Best News Sites for Young Adult

Papr News App

Want a platform from where you can get latest updates about everything from fashion to politics and from Hollywood to business? Well, then Papr is one of the best news sites for young adults like you. It has real time updates from all over the world and from all the news sites that you may know. All you need is a click and your favorite news piece will be there for you to read.

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Staying up to date in the modern world is pertinent to your success and confidence no matter where you are. Even when reading news pieces directly can sometimes get tough and boring, reverting to these apps is something not too hard.

Try downloading at least one of these and keep on visiting it regularly to stay up to date and knowledgeable about the world around you.

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