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Living in the modern world means we all share one thing with each other. And that is a busy routine. Most of us are spending our days and nights by the clock’s hands, with no time to spend on ourselves.

This makes it almost impossible to keep up with a gym routine and go for work outs with a personal trainer everyday on a fixed time. However, this should never let you ignore your health no matter what.

Technology has advanced for better and we now have mobile apps to sort out our biggest problems that accompanies us with the average 5 day per week sedentary lifestyle.

A study in 2010 with 184,190 participants concluded that people who spent 6+ hours per day sitting with low levels of exercise have a 71% increase in mortality rate.

As per today’s lifestyle, it’s literally impossible to not spend a lot of time sitting around unless you’re a professional athlete. Hence it’s important to keep yourself fit and exercise daily to avoid problems head.

As they say, ‘prevention is better than cure‘. Given below are some apps that can act like your personal trainer anywhere and anytime you want. After installing the app, it’s entirely up to you to maintain discipline:

#1. Fitbit Coach – Best Personal Fitness Coach App

Fitbit best personal fitness coach app

Fitbit coach is amongst the best personal coaching apps. The main purpose of this app is to share activities and workouts with users. On the basis of the fitness tracker featured in the app, the workouts and activities are recommended to different users.

Using this app, you will not only get to know the workouts to be done but it will also allow you to keep a check on your goals making it one of the best weight loss or weight gain app. Fitbit Coach also provides you with the needed feedback, based on the activities you are performing to reach your fitness goals.

One thing that is crucial for you to learn here is the subscription procedure. What might surprise you is the fact that Fitbit Coach is not a free app. It requires a monthly subscription of $7.99 and annual subscription of $39.99 annually.

There are hundreds of routine workouts available in the app, but you can only upgrade if you have paid a subscription amount. If you think the activity you are doing is an easy one, ask the app to raise the level.

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#2. Blogilates

Blogilates App

We believe that this is the best personal fitness coaching app as it not only suggests you workouts but also provides you with a healthy food plan. No doubt, it is a perfect app for healthy living.

This app is owned by Cassey Ho, who owns a blog and a YouTube channel too. Since it is owned by a professional female fitness trainer, it is directed more towards females’ fitness. Unlike other coaching apps, it not only focuses on the physical exertion rather it emphasizes on positivity of the body.

Blogilates is much more than just a coaching app. This app offers you work out videos, workout recipes, and shop with athleisure wear. The most amazing feature of this app is “workout calendar” but you can only get it after subscription. For subscription, you need to pay $0.99 per month.

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#3. Nike Training Club App

Nike training club app

Nike training club is a fitness training app filled with multiple workouts guided by professionals. This app is directed equally to your fitness objectives as it is to your fitness workouts.

Depending on what type of workouts you desire, the personalize recommendation option search and recommend those activities to you. The guided video in the app will lead you to the right fitness workout that your body parts actually need.

Based on your fitness objectives, you can select one of the three courses that the app offers. These courses include light equipment, full equipment and bodyweight-only.

The best part of this app is the premium tier offer that basically involves a 4 to 15 weeks course. During the course, users will be given complete wellness guidance, nutrition guidance and different workout formats. The workout stretching in Nike training club ranges from 15 to 45 minutes.

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#4. Yoga Studio App

Yoga studio app

As the name suggests, this fitness app is all about yoga classes. On this app, the users are offered courses that focus on their strength, relaxation, balance, and flexibility. For the meditation and yoga courses, you need to download the videos from the app in offline mode.

Downloading videos in offline mode allows you to stream videos without an internet connection. Using this fitness coaching app, you can select your own yoga poses. Basically, you have the option of creating your own yoga course.

There are 70 yoga classes in total. The time of yoga classes varies from 10 to 60 minutes. To use this app for the very first time, you do not require subscription because Yoga Studio offers a trial version of 7 days. After that, you can subscribe to the app for $9.99 per month.

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#5. RockMyRun

Rock my run app

Running is the exercise of choice for most of the people and this app perfectly suits your choice. Rockmyrun is a steps tracer app that watches your steps to suggest a music matching your running pace. 

The songs are carefully selected by app itself, but you are not bound to them. Select the music of your choice, if you want. We guarantee that you will be relieved to know this app free for all users.

Now avail the opportunity of finding workout and entertainment together on RockMyRun. The most interesting fact about this app is the automatic synchronization of music with your heart rate and steps. The rap, hip-hop, reggae, etc. music keeps you motivated to spend more time on your treadmill or any elliptical machine.

While using this one of the best personal fitness coaching apps, you will see that it also provides integration with other coaching apps including Nike Training club app, Mapmyfitness, Runkeeper and many more.

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#6. Forte Fitness

Forte fitness online app

What would not be appropriate to claim is the fact that Forte fitness is a portable gym you can take anywhere. On Forte, the users attend live workout videos from gym, home or anywhere. To get prepared for the workout, the trainer will show you the equipment required to do the activity.

Beside equipment, the day and timing will also be shown so you can check you can reach that place or not. If it’s your office hours, you will probably just watch the video to avoid missing any activity.

If you are a beginner, the free version of this app is absolutely perfect for you. Because in the free version, you only attend one class a month. While watching the live video, make sure you find the equipment. it is true that you cannot arrange equipment for all videos but the best way to contact your nearest gym.

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#7. Seven – 7 minutes workout

Seven minutes workout app

Seven by Perigee AB is for beginners who have not developed the capacity of doing workouts for hours. On this app all workout videos are of seven minute which you have to follow for seven months. The purpose of this app is to make your routine of working out for seven minutes in a day. Do not dare to think that you can skip any session because there is a tracker keeping record of your progress.

In order to keep you motivated for the workout the app keeps unlocking new activities every time you reach the goal. Like other famous personal fitness coaching apps, this app also requires a subscription that costs $9.99 monthly.

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The fact that some of these apps are either paid or offer in app purchases might cause you some hesitation, but don’t let it overpower you at any cost as coaching usually tends to cost hundreds of dollars making these apps a great bang for the buck! Your health and fitness is worth all the money in this world and paying for these best coaching apps should not be something that bothers you much.

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