Best power banks for backpacking

Before heading out on your adventure, it’s wise to invest in the best power bank for backpacking, camping & hiking to keep your gadgets charged.

Chances are you won’t be having access to electrical outlets most of the time during your journey and sometimes running out of charge on an adventure far away from home can turn into a worst nightmare.

This explains the need of an exceptional power bank that everyone must have in their backpacking checklist no matter what. Trust us, we’ve had some of the best trips of our lives ruined because our electronic devices decided to ditch us way before time.

Better to be safe than sorry, right?

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best power banks for backpacking to help you keep your devices charged while on the go.  

Choosing the best power bank for backpacking (Buyer’s Guide)

Here is what to look for in a power bank before you finally add one to the cart.


The capacity of a power bank is undoubtedly the most important thing to look out for when shopping for a power bank. What capacity should a power bank offer for it to be considered a good one depends entirely on your usage & the number of devices you are taking along.  

Power banks usually come with capacity between 3000mAh and 25000mAh. The best idea is to calculate your power needs per day (explained at the end) and decide which power bank capacity would suit you the best.

Number of ports

As obvious as it is, people tend not to care much about the number of ports their power banks are coming with. This can quickly backfire when multiple devices need to be charged at the same time.

Suppose you’re in the woods with a single-port power bank and realize your camera and phone’s battery is low. The wise choice would be to first charge your phone obviously, then the camera.

However that would result in more total wait time which could’ve easily been reduced by investing in a double-port or more power bank.

Charging speed

This feature is pretty straight forward. The faster you want your gadgets to get fully charged, the faster should be your powerbank’s output rate and charging speed.

Manufacturers usually mention the real-time charging speed with their powerbanks and this makes it easier for you choose the fastest one.

Physical size & weight

Even when most of the power banks are compact and lightweight, you must pay special attention to these features when investing in a bank specifically for hiking purposes. You already have a lot of weight on your back and your power bank shouldn’t add more to it. Try buying a small sized and light-weight power bank no more than 1 pound.

Solar considerations

Power banks for backpacking usually come with solar recharge option but whether or not this recharge works really well is a questionable matter. Solar-rechargeable banks usually comes with a high price tag and may take a day or even more to recharge under the sunlight.

Before you are about to make such an investment, consider the number of days of your trip and whether or not you’ll need to get solar recharge.


If you’re someone who goes backpacking a lot, you should consider investing in a buy it for life durable power bank. Try to work out the build and material of the power bank you are interested in buying.

A long lasting power bank that has a sturdy body is perfect for habitual backpackers and making a considerable investment in it will save you from future extra expenses.

Top Picks at a glance:

  1. Anker PowerCore II 10000 – Suitable for everyone
  2. Puridea S2 10000 – The most budget friendly
  3. Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Solar Recharging Kit – Perfect for professionals Backpackers

Top 10 Best power banks for backpacking

After getting our hands on a number of power banks, we have finally decided on the list of the best ones.

Read below to know about our top favorites:

1. Anker Astro E1 6700mAh

Anker astro E1 6700 mAh best lightweight power bank

Looking for an economical option and are not a regular backpacker? This Astro product is a high quality portable charger suitable for people like you. The Anker E1 6700 is a minimalistic designed, compact battery bank that has done really well for us on our short mountain getaways.

Key Features / Specifications

  • 6700 mAh Capacity
  • Single charging port
  • Can charge your phone 2 times on an average
  • Weighs no more than 4.4 oz
Long lastingNo simultaneous charging
Compact design and lightweight making it perfect for ultra-light backpackers

Bottom line

Even when not a perfect option for regular hikers, this budget-friendly power bank can top the list of lightweight power banks for occasional backpackers. It wouldn’t be wrong to call it the best cell phone power bank for backpacking if you are going out for just a day or two and don’t have a plethora of gadgets along.

Check Price on Amazon

2. Anker PowerCore II 10000

Anker PowerCore II 10000 Power Bank for backpacking

After trying out many of the Anker’s power banks, we have decided that the PowerCore II is one of the best anker power bank for backpacking. This one is perfect for those who are very techy and have an increased power demand on their trips.

Moreover, if you backpack for weeks and need a solid battery backup, investing in this one might be your best decision. Four of us have personally used this one on our camping trip and it was solely enough to keep our phones charged. 

Key Features / Specifications

  • 10,000 mAh Capacity
  • Weighs 6.9 oz
  • Single port
  • Quick charge
Long lastingNo simultaneous charging
Compact design and lightweight making it perfect for ultra-light backpackers

Bottom line

A highly powerful battery pack for camping and long week backpacking. Even when this has only one port, its ability to charge your devices real quick compensates for this draw back well.

Check Price on Amazon

3. Jackery Bolt 6000

Jackery Bolt 6000 Lightest Portable Power Bank

This is being featured as one of best portable power bank for backpacking in this list for a number of reasons. Out of these, the fact that this Jackery product comes with almost all the hardware needed by a  backpacker makes it unique from others in the list.

You don’t have to worry about arranging charging cables, micro USB, or the custom lightning wire attachment. The box also features an extra micro USB cable with the device having that regular USB port on it.

Key Features / Specifications

  • 6000 mAh Capacity
  • Weighs around more than 5.5 oz.
  • 3 charging ports
  • Very compact body design (only 4.3” x 1.9” x 0.9”)
  • Built-in cables
Compact & light weightNo simultaneous charging
Built-in cables eliminate the need of arranging hardware on your ownBuilt-in cables are a little shorter than those usually needed
Quick recharge Smaller reserve

Bottom Line

A hassle-free, quick rechargeable bank that won’t take up much room in your bag. Even when not a very reliable option for longer trips, can do great for weekend adventures.

Check Price on Amazon

4. Solar Power Bank 10,000 mAh Qi Portable Charger

Solar Power Bank 10000 mAh Qi Most Powerful Portable Power Bank

We aren’t even exaggerating when we say that this is undoubtedly the best solar power bank for backpacking in its price range. When we came across this one in our initial power bank trails, we loved it for its wireless feature and the side solar-panel.

It was only after a few days of usage that we got to know of some shortcomings which we could somehow ignore because of its sturdily awesome build and high power storage. Over all, we’re totally loving reminiscing on the experience and will soon be using it again for sure.

Key Features / Specifications

  • Capacity = 10,000 mAh
  • 2 ports
  • Solar rechargeable
  • Wireless charging
  • Comes with a clip to hang it on the backpack
Fast chargingSolar recharge isn’t very powerful and takes hours
Powerful and long-lasting reserve
Dust, shock, and water proof

Bottom line

Good for when you need to leave home for weeks and have a number of gadgets along. Even when relying on solar charging is somewhat senseless, the small panel on its side can save you in desperate time.

Check Price on Amazon

5. Puridea S2 10000

Puridea S2 10000 Best Battery Bank for Backpacking

We had no option but to feature this best battery bank for camping in our list keeping its budget friendliness in view. Among all others of its league, this one stood first because of its excellent features despite a low price.

Because of its manufacturer’s inability to be well-known, we can’t say that you can find this product anywhere other than Amazon where its price fluctuates a lot. In any case, it’d be affordable if compared to the high power and easy portability this power bank offers.

Key Features / Specifications

  • 10,000 mAh Capacity
  • Weighs only 7.1 oz.
  • Slim, tall and compact body
  • 2 ports
  • Available in a number of vibrant and funky color
Fast chargeWon’t last you very long
Takes up a little spaceLack of finesse in body build
An economical option

Bottom line

A good option if you need a power-packed battery bank for long trips. However, we’d say invest in an expensive one with the same capacity if you can afford.

Check Price on Amazon

6. RAVPower 10,000mAh Power Bank

RAVPower 10000mAh Power Bank Best outdoor power bank

When it comes to finding the best portable charger for backpacking that is very economical but also charges more than one device simultaneously, then there is no way the RAVPower power bank can be ignored.

Even when not the most compact option, this one has a range of features that are an impossible find in any other of its league.

Key Features / Specifications

  • 10,000 mAh Capacity
  • 2 ports
  • Weighs almost 9.2 oz. 
Fast chargeBulky
Light on pocketNot a great slim build

Bottom line

With features more or less similar to the S2 power bank mentioned above, the only reason one should pick this is its price. If you don’t have much to invest in a power bank, its better to take long this powerful option rather than going barehanded.

Check Price on Amazon

7. Hiluckey Outdoor Portable Powerbank with 4 solar Panels

Hiluckey outdoor portable powerbank with 4 solar panels

As someone who is always out backpacking, investing a little extra in a power bank like this is something we strongly suggest. This one takes an obvious lead on all other banks with just its price being a little too hefty for many.

This one would last you longer but even if your usage is way too much, that’s not a big issue because you can recharge it anywhere via its 4 solar panels that are considerably powerful.

Key Features / Specifications

  • Capacity of 25000 mAh
  • 4 solar panels for an on the fly recharge
  • Weighs 1.1 lbs
  • Can power a smart phone up to 10 times
  • LED light
Fast wired recharge – 2-3 hoursA little too heavy
Long lasting chargingHuge body
Efficient solar chargingExpensive

Bottom line

If you aren’t too worried about heavy weight and big products filling up your space, we are sure that this one is the best battery bank for backpacking without a doubt.

Check Price on Amazon

8. Anker PowerCore Essential 20000 PD

Anker PowerCore Essential 20000 PD Long Lasting Power Bank

A little too much brand conscious when it comes to buying a power bank, we say go with this Anker trademark that delivers excellent power with its large reserve and that, too, real quick.

Key Features / Specifications

  • 20000 mAh capacity
  • Fast charging
  • Weighs 12.2 oz.
Strong and durableBulky and heavy weight
PowerfulTakes a little more time to get recharged

Bottom line

An excellent option for backpackers who don’t really care about looks of their gadgets and just need a highly powerful backup.

Check Price on Amazon

10. OUTXE 20000mAh Power Bank

OUTXE 20000mAh Power Bank

Going out camping at the rainy and dark places, take along this powerful bank that not only has a flashlight feature but is also water proof and strong enough to bear the beatings.

Key Features / Specifications

  • 20000 mAh capacity
  • Dual ports
  • Bright flashlight
Extra efficient & water proofHeavy weight
Very powerful power bankHuge body

Bottom line

Ignoring that we pay a little extra and still don’t get solar recharge option, this one is an option worth considering if you want a bright flashlight with a power bank that services almost any condition.

Check Price on Amazon

10. Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Solar Recharging Kit

Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Solar Recharging Kit Best Solar Power Bank for Backpacking

Have to backpack for professional photography purposes or have a little too much in terms of devices with you? This extra powerful DSRL-suitable power backup must be your choice.

Key Features / Specifications

  • 50W foldable solar panel
  • Outlet of 20V for laptops and cameras
  • Outlet of 12V for mobile charging
Foldable PanelsVery expensive
Highly powerful storageToo heavy
Fast rechargeNot an easy to use device

Bottom line

A highly powerful but a little bulky setup perfect for professional backpackers who have much more to do than to just enjoy on their trip

Check Price on Amazon

Why take power bank when backpacking, camping or hiking?

We all have to admit that the modern fear of running out of charge exists for all the right reasons. Like come on, who would even know about our hike or fun-filled backpacking without having to look at those scenic Instagram stories and snap streaks? 

Backpacker hiking

Even then, taking pictures and using social media are just some luxuries that we can afford to miss out on. However, when it comes to staying connected back home and getting help in the time of emergency, there is no way anyone of us can now afford to have a dead phone.

Here are few genuine reasons why you should invest in a power bank to take with you on your adventure:

  • You are unlikely to find a place to charge camera which can make you miss out on taking memorable pictures while backpacking, camping or hiking.
  • You cannot use GPS or Maps to track location and find nearby spots.
  • A dead phone means no access to GPS, maps or other vital information and helpful screenshots in your smartphone.
  • No contact back home can create a panic.
  • Emergency situations get worst if there’s no way to summon help.

The purpose of sharing these with you was that you understand the true value behind investing in a power bank. Hopefully, these experiences will convince you to buy a power bank now before leaving for your adventure.

How to calculate Power Needs for a backpacking, hiking or camping trip?

We know it’s not easy to calculate the total power you’d be needing for a backpacking trip. We have ourselves struggled with this one but you don’t need to worry as we’re breaking it all down for your ease based on personal experience which should easily allow you calculate your total power needs.

Mobile Battery

The first most important item that you’d be charging time and again on your trip is your mobile phone.

If you have a modern smartphone, chances are it would have a 3000mAh standard battery. However, make sure to check it on the box or via online model details. Now, if your phone is not brand new, the battery capacity must be lower than what the its box claims.

Let’s say your phone battery has reduced to 2400mAh over time.

The next step here is to calculate how long would it now last, with a minimal and careful usage when the phone is on Airplane mode or power saving mode, the battery will probably last for a day and a half if it has no significant drainage issue.

This means you will have to recharge 2400mAh of battery every two days. Multiplying this by the total time duration of your trip, you’ll get the total power needed by your phone on your trip.   

GPS Trackers

When out on a for a hike, using GPS tracker is more of a necessity. This means your power bank also has to tend to the GPS tracker. To calculate the power needed by your tracker you have to consider the following:

  • Its battery capacity
  • Its battery life
  • The frequency of its use

A high-capacity tracker will hardly require any recharge on a short trip. However, if you’re out backpacking for long time, calculate the battery usage per day and multiply it with the number of days you’ll be needing it. The product obtained is the power value your power bank is supposed to provide solely to your trackers.

Camera Batteries

Having a DSLR camera with you on a camping trip means you’ve taken along a giant that needs to feed on electricity every now and then. To calculate the power your power bank needs to provide to your cameras, first consider the number of hours you’d be using it, whether or not you use it a lot in flashlight mode, and how many hours its battery ideally lasts you. Perform the same mathematics to calculate the over-all battery needed by your camera on the trip.

At the end, add the power needed by all your devices and make sure to take along a bank that provides at least 2000mAh more power than the total. The added power is to ensure no risk because the real-world battery power is a little lesser than what is alluded to a device upon its manufacture.

Power bank FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the best brand of power bank?

It’s hard to take just one name here, however if we were to decide – it would no doubt be Anker. However, almost all the famous power bank manufacturers are consistently working to make their user’s experiences better. The options featured above are all some of the best power bank brands. We suggest you to go with the one that suits your needs the most despite the brand.

Long lasting power bank?

Almost all the power banks, except S2, featured here are long lasting. All you’ve do is to take care of the your device and give it the needed rest by not overcharging or draining it which can affect it’s battery life.

Which power bank is the easiest to use?

We personally feel that Anker is a name that makes not only the best power banks but also some of the easiest to use ones.

How to charge a power bank?

Most of the power banks come with a cable with one end which has to be plugged in a socket and the other end is to be plugged to the power bank itself. In some cases, especially when out of home, you can also charge your power banks with sunlight but you will need to buy a solar power bank for that.


Gone are those days when our only concern when heading out backpacking or hiking was to take along all the protective gear and a first aid box. Now, it’s also making sure all our gadgets are charged before leaving & during the trip.

This is why investing a good quality power bank that lasts you long is now more important than ever before. We’ve curated this list carefully and this makes us sure about the quality of our suggestions. Pick anyone you like and have a fearless backpacking to wherever you want.

If you have any suggestions or bought a power bank we mentioned, do let us know your feedback in the comment section below!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, meaning Thetic Blog gets a commission if you decide to make a purchase through the affiliate links, at no additional cost to you.

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