Best Product Management Softwares

The work of product managers (PMs) can become a lot easier when they have access to helpful tools. Are you searching for the best product management software to make your work easier?

Here are some of the useful project management software tools that many project managers and their teams report finding useful for transforming ideas into finished products.


This enterprise-grade tool is highly-rated by people who are into product creation. Wrike reportedly features in the toolkits of some reputable brands, including PayPal and Hootsuite. It enables your organization to be agile and adaptable, with teams able to work wherever they may be at a time.

Wrike Preview

The things you can do with Wrike include roadmapping, milestone tracking, feature prioritization, and workflow management. Affordability is probably one of the qualities that make this platform very popular.


Dubbed the world’s No. 1 product roadmap software, Aha! helps you to create roadmaps that clearly highlight your ideas, strategy, and features. It makes it easy to prioritize features and can contribute greatly to making product planning more effective.


The tool enhances collaboration by enabling teams to have a mutual understanding of product plans. It lets you gather customer feedback easily and integrates well with dev tools, including Jira and Azure DevOps.


This project management platform focuses on Agile methodology. It is a solution that enables you to visualize Agile projects and connects portfolio, products, and teams.

Target Process

With Targetprocess, you and your teams can visualize projects from multiple angles for a better grasp. It lets you work with Kanban, Scrum, or a customized method. You will find it useful for roadmapping, prioritization, milestone tracking, and release management, among others.


Customer analysis and tracking are critical aspects of product management. Pendo is an example of the best project management software for this purpose. It can provide you with useful insights into how users are engaging with your product.

Pendo Customer Analysis & Tracking Tool

The tool can help you know what features your customers love and which ones they don’t seem to like. It thus presents you with actionable insights that you can use to deliver product experiences that delight your customers.


When talking about project and task management, this is arguably one of the best tools to turn to. Jira is a piece of software by Atlassian for tracking issues. It is highly-rated by users as performing to their expectations.

Jira Product Management Software

The tool helps you to track and organize issues as well as bugs and project management tasks. It makes it easier to assign tasks and monitor the activities of teams while also offering impressive integrations for development and workflow.

Pivotal Tracker

This falls somewhat into the same category as Jira. Pivotal Tracker is aimed mainly at software development teams. It is helpful for product planning and maintenance of an agile workflow.

Pivotal Tracker Product Management Tool

The platform facilitates seamless collaboration by teams, guided by a common, well-prioritized backlog. Product owners and developers can easily keep a tab on workflow and project status, among other things, to ensure timely delivery.


Your product management toolkit should ideally feature messaging tools. Flock is one of the options that seem to excel in this regard. It enables seamless exchange of ideas and collaboration between teams.

Flock App

You can easily communicate with teams wherever they may be through both voice and video calls. The tool offers screen sharing capability and features such as to-do lists, reminders, and shared notes for productive collaboration.


Knowing that customer feedback is key to your success, UserVoice is a tool that promises to help in this regard. It affords you an automated means of collecting and managing user knowledge.

Uservoice user feedback tool

The platform basically provides a way of gathering, analyzing, and making valuable decisions based on customer feedback with minimal work.

Google Analytics

Here’s a very popular free tool among product people. You will find Google Analytics useful for collecting relevant information about your users.

With this free tool, you can easily get to know where your users are mostly from. It also provides insights into what they do when using your product.

Google Analytics

We at Thetic Blog use Google Analytics to collect data on which topics are performing good on our site which helps us publish more content our audience is interested in.

Google Forms

Google Forms is another free tool you may find useful having in your kit. Using it, you can gather information from your users about what they think of your products.

Google Forms

It is simple to use. You can also create forms and surveys from spreadsheets you have already created as well as from Google Drive.


Consider using the project management softwares mentioned above to speed up or make your workflow more efficient. Feel free to leave your comments about any software you’ve used or recommendation for a project management software that we’ve not added to this list.

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