The Best Video Animation Software to Use in 2018

Until few years ago, a large number of people would debate that video animation software are limited to particular age group of people. Nevertheless, with the emergence of digital media, animation technology has developed greatly, becoming suitable and usable to people of all age groups.

In addition, the outcomes are amazing with regard to audience engagement and knowledge discovery along with an ability to come up with better animation ideas. Without giving any further ado, we will take you straight to the best video animation software until date. These video animation software will help a lot to execute your creative and imaginative skills.



If you are looking for none other than high-quality animation software then iClone serves the purpose in best manner. Many leading companies and even the state sponsored departments utilize this software including the Ford, Microsoft, and the FBI. iClone offers lip-sync and customizable characters.

These characters pose facial animation along with sleek physics simulation and editing of motion key. It does not matter if we are talking about the massive landscapes or the interior designs; iClone offers a broad range of ready-made templates for rapid designing purposes. In addition, the HDR and AO features along with more tools assist a user in creating real-life atmosphere for the diverse animation requirements.

Interestingly, the iClone 7 APIs, Scripting in Python and Motion Curve Graph Editor make up the best features in iClone.


Toon Boom Harmony

The Toon Boom Harmony aims to offer the required tools for creating engaging storytelling experiences. The popular companies including the Fox Studios, Universal, and DreamWorks can validate quality of the Toon Boom Harmony as they are the exclusive clients. This software is often used to create Corporate Animated Video.

Toon Boom Harmony offers an amazing opportunity for constructing distinct and hybrid animations that can be in either 2D or 3D designs. In addition, this tool comes with various templates for animation, providing users with a chance to revive the animations byusing traditional tools for painting. Being a company that has popular clients worldwide, Toon Boom offers brilliant advices throughout the level of product training, transition from software to software, and preparation for Harmony certification program.


The Go Animate

The Go Animate stands as the popular video animation software that offers video creation in less than five minutes. Undoubtedly, this software provides users with hassle-free function that is the best advantage of using this software. As mentioned in their site, this software can come into handy to people working in the eLearning industry due to well-explained guides and tutorial.

A user has to provide this software with words only, and the Go Animate will synchronize the provided words as per the voice of the character. In case, you include a voice track in the background, then this software will choose it as a narration voice-over.

In addition, the Go Animate offers industry and profession specific animation templates. Having said that, users can find a series of animation templates for various industries. We consider this as a fantastic feature for the creation of animated videos that learners belonging to different industries can relate. Users can make use of the character customization offered in the Go Animate as this features is quite useful, enabling the users to select from a wide range of physical appearances.


Crazy Talk

Crazy Talk is one of the widely used video animation software. It focuses on building facial animation for both the platforms i.e. Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. There are tons of features offered by the Crazy Talk including the fantastic 3D Head Creation Tool.

The 3D Character Pipeline offers hassle-free creation of 3D-centric avatars along with complete body animations. Besides, there are Talking Avatars that allows importing of photo where CrazyTalk provides voice to it. The 3D face fitting technology offers creation of 2D and 3D avatars using personal images that is quite fun. Also, this software allows the users to customize the physical aspects of a person such as hair style, facial hairs, and clothing.

Interestingly, the Crazy Talk can adjust the movement of avatar’s head along with the facial expressions, matching the voice of the user through analyzing the provided audio file. The mouth and lip movements are synced with the provided voice tone.


Final Words

The video animation software offers a wide range of tools that professionals can utilize to create engaging videos. However, with an abundance of animation software available on internet, users often get confused and unable to choose a reliable animation software. The animation software mentioned in this guide offers the superior animation features and functionalities, enabling users to build the most interactive videos effectively in a short span of time.


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