Best Virtual World Games Online

Do not keep yourself bound in the monotonous routine of your everyday life when you can be anything you want and be anywhere you want with a chat game to the strangers online.

Also, Are you ready for the challenges and adventure awaiting you with the best virtual world game online? With the recent advancements in virtual reality, you will find loads of options on the internet to teleport you into a parallel world but here are the best virtual world games which will truly blow your mind once you are in that world!

Second Life

Released back in 2003, Second Life is among the very first virtual world games and still maintains a good standing among gamers. It is a comprehensively designed game, or rather a world which opens up your imagination and lets you explore endless possibilities. Designed for ages 16 and above, it features the most realistic graphics, allows users to create 3D structures, create their properties, modify landscapes, connects with other users, joins groups and even start your very own virtual business to earn real profits.



A newer option in the virtual gaming world is IMVU which offers more realistic graphics as compared to the first one on our list. You can create your 3D avatar by taking care of even the slightest details. You are allotted a basic room when you join the community. You can upgrade this room as per your likes by adding more features as you earn game credits. Moreover, you can interact with other users and play games. The platform also allows you to create your own virtual content and make it available to others by selling it.



Minecraft exists on many platforms and can be played with a PC, console or even on your smartphone thanks to the rise of mobile games. You may play it with or without friends and it even offers the flexibility of playing the game offline. It’s a world of endless exploration and creation with seas, forests, and mountains which can be altered at your will and recreated using the creative mode inside the game. In the game’s survival mode, you will craft weapons with your friends and fight against zombies, giant spiders and god knows what to make it through the night.

Minecraft Online Virtual World Game

Robo Recall

You won’t find many virtual reality games for free but Robo Recall is a VR first-person shooter game which offers its complete version available for download for free! In the game you have access to different kinds of shooting weapons, you can teleport to different virtual locations and even use your hand to grab and throw the enemies over or use their weapons against them. You also score game points for a variety of actions in the game which will be included in the online ranking for each stage.



Habbo or Habbo Hotel, as it was previously known, is more of a social networking platform aimed at teenagers rather than a game. The project was launched back in 2000 and reported to have registered 273 million users by August 2012. It is not just any social networking service. The possibilities with Hobbo are endless: you design your own Hobbo character, meet and chat with other users, build hotel rooms, take care of virtual pets, play games, complete challenges and much more!


With the mention of so many amazing virtual games, there remains no excuse for you to sit around getting bored. Gear up and step into an adventurous world provided by these best virtual world games!

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