5 Best Watermark App for iPhone to protect your photos

The worst nightmare of any creative person is to not get credit of the work they produce. And these days stealing someone’s photos from their social media account and posting them as one’s own is the easiest thing anyone can do. And Watermarking is a great way to protect your cherished work from such moves. Although it cannot guarantee an absolute copy-protection, but it would still be something to show your claim and ownership of those photos. So want to get your hands on the best watermark app for iphone? read on!

We know it’s an era of phone photography, click here  to get the ultimate guide to master your iPhone Photography skills so how can we simply add watermarks to pictures on our iPhone? The simplest answer is by the help of apps found on your app store. We at theticblog have collected a list some of the most sophisticated apps to get your pictures watermarked in no time. Have a look!

Best Watermark App for iPhone:

Following is the list that shows best watermark app for iphone.

5. Watermark Photo:

Watermark Photo Best Watermark App for iPhone

This amazing app allows you to add signature, logos and unique icons to your photos in just few steps. Watermark Photo has a huge collection of various font styles where you can easily select your favorite font. And there are free logo samples too with transparent background that works perfectly well on photos by giving them a professional look.

Download here.

4. iWatermark Lite:

iWatermark Lite Best Watermark App for iPhone

iWatermark is a professional watermarking app. Many businesses and professionals have found this app great in protecting their photos. As this app not only offers graphic signature and text watermarks but also gives a choice to add QR watermark to the photos. So, when the QR watermark is scanned, it shows URL’s, email and other information of the company.

Download here.

3. Watermark X:

Watermark X Best Watermark App for iPhone

Want a fast and simple way to watermark your photos? Look no more. Watermark X allows you to choose from various free templates which include old form of copyright marks as well as modern forms including #hashtags and location. You can change the colour, font, size and opacity of your watermark as well. So get your hands on this one too.

Download here.

2. A+ Signature:

A+ Signature Best Watermark App for iPhone

A+ Signature is a multi-purpose photo annotation app. It not only allows you to watermark your photos, but you can also add drawings and beautiful handwritings. This app is made with the finest handwritten signature technologies. Let your creativity roam by making beautiful Photocards with A+ Signature and share them with your loved ones. You can also add your autograph to the photo easily with this app. Go on and purchase this amazing app. It’s worth the money.

Download here.

1. Ezy WaterMark Lite:

Ezy WaterMark Lite Best Watermark App for iPhone

This super simple app has proved to be one of the best apps for watermarking photos with more than 3 million downloads. It allows you to use your name, signature, copyright, logo, trademark etc. as a watermark. While adding your unique signature to the photo, you can adjust its pen thickness, alignment, opacity and rotation. And once you have created a watermark, save it as a template and use it whenever you want. It also offers you to add watermark to batch of 5 photos in one time. Amazing isn’t it?

Download here.


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