Best Waterproof Power Banks for Everyday Use

Investing in a good power bank means spending quite a sum. However, it is easy to lose all your investment in just one go from mistakenly exposing your power bank to water.

If you are a backpacker or a hiker, then investing in a waterproof power bank is not just an option for you. It is an IMMEDIATE NEED.

Wondering where to find a good waterproof power bank from? Well, look no further, we have got you covered.

Have a look at our selection of 6 best water resistant power banks great for everyday use.

Top Recommendations – Best Waterproof Portable Chargers at a Glance

  1. MAXOAK 50,000mAh Power BankThe one with the highest battery capacity
  2. Mophie Powerstation Plus XL 20,000mAh Power BankThe most compact power bank
  3. Yelomin 20,000mAh Power BankThe multipurpose one

Top 6 Best Waterproof Power Banks

#1. Solar Charger, Yelomin 20000mAh Portable Outdoor Mobile Power Bank

Solar Charger, Yelomin 20000mAh Portable Outdoor Waterproof Power Bank

We decided to start with the most powerful waterproof solar power bank that can come in such an affordable price range at this time. Matching the modern day standards, this power bank has it all that a backpacker or camper in adventurous surroundings could ever ask for.

It is durable, it has high capacity, it comes well-equipped to help you deal with the emergencies at the night time and what not. The best part about this power bank is its amazing in-built security protection that not only makes it resistant against external factors but also prevents over-charging and short circuiting.

Moreover, the ABS and high-quality silicone that this one comes with make it an even more reliable option.

Key Features / Specifications of the product

  • High 20000mAh capacity
  • Measures 7.48 x 4.13 x 1.18 inches
  • Weighs  9 ounces
  • Solar recharge
  • 2 ports
  • Built-in flashlight
  • LED panel for battery status update
  • Fast charging
  • Extremely resistant to water, dust, slid, and shocks
Highly durable and long lastingA bit big
Perfect for emergency times with its SOS modesSolar charging is not that much efficient
High charging speed
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#2. Unifun 10400mAh Waterproof Power Bank Charger

Unifun 10400mAh Waterproof Power Bank Charger

This one is the for the most daring adventurers out there who fear nothing except a battery shortage. Perfect for trekking in thick forests and passing across water bodies, this waterproof power bank will bear heavy rains and dips in water too. With is elegant military-equipment like look, this power bank comes with enough juice and is perfect for usage of overnight(s) trips.

Key Features / Specifications of the product

  • 10400mAh battery capacity
  • Measures 6.1 x 1.14 x 2.97 inches
  • Weighs 10.6 ounces
  • IP66 rating
  • 2 USB charging ports
  • Water, heat, dust, and shock resistant
  • Built-in flashlight
  • Auto power-off when not is use
  • LED lights for battery status notification
Extremely resistantMay run out of capacity when it comes to charging a hi-end device
Perfect for use under emergency and darknessNo solar recharge
Reasonably pricedA bit heavy
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#3. Mophie Powerstation Plus XL

Mophie Powerstation Plus XL

Allow us to introduce you to this beauty that is made to suit everyone no matter what. This rugged power bank is made to bear water and shocks without even needing you to compromise at your power backup. This one is perfect for an outdoor traveler who goes out for small trips and take only a cell phone or two along.

This one will also help you on rainy days out at colleges and offices when power cut-off didn’t let you charge your phone at home. All in all, this budget friendly power bank is perfect for anyone who needs a water resistant bank without putting in a lot of money.

Key Features / Specifications of the product

  • 12,000mAh battery capacity
  • Weighs around 9.7 ounces
  • Enough juice to charge your smart phone at least 4-5 times
  • LED panel indicates battery status quite easily
  • A lightning dongle comes as a complementary accessory
  • Wearables compatible
Durable, pocket sized body and light weightLoses resistance when dipped in water
Extremely compatibleNo solar charging
Perfect for every-day useChances of short circuit
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#4. EasyAcc 24000mAh Rugged Outdoor Power Bank

EasyAcc 24000mAh Rugged Outdoor Power Bank

If you are able to invest in considerable amounts, this one is good option. This waterproof powerbank is highly resistant and rugged enough to suit the needs of an avid adventurer. You can get more than enough battery backup for your long water trips in extremely resistance-requiring surroundings.

You can dip this one in water for around 30 minutes without the fear of it getting ruined. The 3 modal flashlight that this power bank features is just perfect for night time use and comes in handy during emergency too.

Key Features / Specifications of the product

  • 24,000mAh battery capacity
  • Body dimensions of 7.09 x 3.5 x 1.18 inches
  • Weighs around 1.25 pounds
  • IP66 rating makes it extremely resistant
  • 2 USB output ports
  • Highly rugged body exterior made up of plastic and silicone
  • 3 different modes for an in built LED flashlight
Extremely resistant to water, shocks, heat, and dustQuite straining on budget
Durable and long lastingA bit drop in performance and capacity after a few months
Quick rechargeMay heat up a little too much
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#5. ORYTO Qi Wireless Portable Solar Power Bank

ORYTO Qi Wireless Portable Solar Water Resistant Power Bank

If you have a modern Qi enabled phone, then go with this ORYTO Qi rugged power bank that is meant to make your outdoor activities easier. Say good bye to your battery problems on long trips with this waterproof portable charger with its solar backup recharge option.

Another reason to love this Qi waterproof solar power bank is its wireless recharge capability that means you can charge a few of your devices on the go and very easily. Overall, this power bank has a great capacity and charges your devices at an even greater speed.

Apart from its wireless recharging feature, the power bank is generally a very versatile one and can go well along a long off-road adventure.

 Key Features / Specifications of the product

  • 26,800mAh Battery capacity
  • Body dimensions of around 6.9 x 3.7 x 1.1 inches
  • Approximately weighs no more than 1.2 pounds
  • Solar rechargeability under direct sunlight
  • Wireless recharge for Qi enabled phones
  • A rating of IP66
  • 2 USB recharge ports
  • Versatility in wired charging mode
  • Tangle-resistant cable
  • Sturdy body to bear shock, dust and water
  • 18 LEDs lights that serve different purposes  
Highly rugged and long lasting bodyWireless charging mode is not highly compatible
Built in flashlight and SOS mode for emergencyA drop in capacity and charging spend over time
Wireless and solar recharge featuresOvercharging damages are common
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#6. MAXOAK 50,000mAh Power Bank

MAXOAK 50000mAh Most Durable Rugged Power Bank

Perfect for professional outdoor adventurers whose job involves ‘being around water’ a lot, this power bank has an extremely high capacity. You can recharge your DSLRs, laptops, iPhones, Lights, and what not with this power bank.

Other than its high capacity, the reason to put this one in this list is that we found it to be the most durable power bank we have ever came across. If you believe that your adventures are quite reckless, then going with this option should be your first choice.

Key Features / Specifications of the product

  • Extremely high 50,000mAh battery capacity
  • Body measures 8.1 x 5.3 x 1.3 inches
  • Weighs around 2.77 pounds
  • Highly compatible
  • 6 output ports
  • Around 14 different types of connectors available
  • Quick 6 hours recharges
Extremely powerfulIt cannot charge devices with USB-C input ports e.g., Apple laptops
Rugged and durable bodyA bit heavy
Highly versatileNo flashlight
Quite expensive
Check Price on Amazon

How to Choose the Best Waterproof Power Bank? (Waterproof Power Bank Buying Guide)


Probably the most important thing to look for when buying any power bank is its capacity, especially when you’re planning to buy a power bank for backpacking or camping. The capacity of a power bank refers to the amount of battery backup it provides for your trip and is something you should pay special attention to when buying a waterproof powerbank.

A powerful power bank with enough more than enough juice should have a capacity somewhere between 10,000mAh to 25,000mAh. However, you can calculate your power usage and, based on the power you need for your trips, invest in what seems like the best possible option to you.

Number of ports

Quite simple. The number of ports in your waterproof portable charger will determine the number of devices that you can charge with it at a time. The more are the charging ports in your power bank, the more is the speed with which you will get done with charging all your devices.

Charging speed

Charging speed one such things that many overlook when investing in a sturdy waterproof power bank. It is important to invest in a battery bank that will not take up whole day to get charged itself. However, it is more important to invest in one that will not make you wait way too much to get your devices charged when you are out adventuring.

Physical size & weight

It is not always necessary for a water-resistant power bank to be too heavy or not be able to fit in pocket. When choosing a power bank, make sure you pay special consideration to the power bank’s size and weight. Go for the one that promises both quality and compact body design.

Solar considerations

Being out on adventure means you will not be having too much time or resources to charge your power bank via electrical energy. It is, therefore, important to invest in a power bank that can be recharged through sunlight so that you never run out of a power backup no matter how long your trip goes. 


If you need a waterproof power bank, chances are that you are and outdoor junkie and must be taking your power bank along on adventures. In order to ensure that your investment does not go waste after just one trip, consider investing in a rugged power bank that is strong and durable.

For this purpose, you can check the IP rating of the power bank if possible. Any IP rating ranging between 64-70 would be good enough for a harsh trip.

Waterproof Power bank FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the best brand of waterproof power bank?

Apart from Anker, we personally like MAXOAK’s waterproof power banks the most. However, it is never really about the brand or the price tag because these things cannot determine whether a waterproof portable charger will suit you or not. Look at the features first before looking at the price tag or brand logo.

Long lasting waterproof power bank?

We have carefully curated this list to only add those the most durable power banks. However, among these, we found the Anker power bank to be extremely resistant and long lasting.

Which waterproof powerbank is the easiest to use?

Almost all of these powerbanks can be used easily by anyone. The real problem arises when one has to use a power bank to wirelessly recharge a Qi enabled phone which can be quite tricky. However, this isn’t that tough too and can easily come with practice.

What waterproof powerbank is the lightest?

We have tried to add the lightest possible power banks in this list without making any compromise on their quality and battery capacity. All of these have the ideal weight for a good power bank. You may find anyone even lighter but we cannot say for sure if it would work that good too.  

How to charge a waterproof powerbank?

Charging a waterproof bank is the same as charging a normal powerbank. Either you use its USB wire to plug it in a socket for electric recharge or charge it under direct sunlight if it allows for solar recharging.


Having a waterproof power bank that is also long lasting and has a considerable capacity is no less than a blessing in the time of need. This article has complied all the best waterproof and efficient power banks that you can trust to keep your devices alive. Just pick one that suits your needs the most and get set for an ultimate adventure with no fear and battery issues to hinder your fun.

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