Best Weather Apps in 2021

Imagine facing a storm right when you’ve done all the planning for the weekend… Damn! Can there be anything worse than that? But if you had a reliable weather app on your phone, you’d already know what’s going to come across.

What else do you need for devising plans?

In this guide, I’ll take you through the 6 best weather apps I personally used. I’ll also help you find the most reliable option for yourself by giving insights into their key features and annoying aspects. 

In a hurry? The #1 option for iOS (iPhone) devices is Dark Sky – it gives you the most accurate prediction with top-tier reliability on a user-friendly dashboard – all this for a one-time cost of $3.99. But if a FREE or Android option is your concern, AccuWeather will work best for you!

Nevertheless, we recommend you go through the entire guide to ensure you don’t end up installing an inferior weather app.

With that out of the way? Let’s dive in.

6 Top Picks for The Most Accurate Weather Apps

Following are the shortlisted options that’ll keep you alerted with the changing atmosphere – without any interruption. 

Following are the in-depth reviews on the best weather apps. These cover their key features, compatibility, and everything in between.

1. Dark Sky – One-time Cost of $3.99

Dark Sky Weather App for iPhone

After evaluating a variety of weather applications on my phones, I’ve concluded Dark Sky as the most convenient and accurate weather app. The most exciting part about it is the undisturbed forecast it offers – ensuring that your plans never get ruined. 

Aside from that, the app erforms pretty well when it comes to the user experience. The layout overall is intelligently designed. On top of that, thumbs up to the developers for taking care of an easy-to-understand layout that won’t make you take ages to understand before devising plans for the week. 

With this many features, it isn’t possible that the program doesn’t have any downside. In fact, there’s a catch to it – it’s the $3 cost you have to pay. But will Dark Sky run on your smartphone? Unfortunately, the app is only compatible with IOS (iPhone) devices at the moment. 

Other than that, Dark Sky is totally worth it and offers an amazing value for money. If you’re looking for a reliable weather app that keeps you monitored with weather changes by every passing minute, Dark Sky is the best option you can find on the market. 

Platforms: IOS (iPhone) only. 

Pricing: $3.99 for download.

Get for IOS

2. AccuWeather – Best Free Weather App

AccuWeather App for Android & iOS

Of course, not everyone wants to invest in a weather app. If it sounds familiar, AccuWeather is the best FREE option to consider. Aside from that, the application is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. No compatibility issue neither interrupting glitches!

But what sets it apart from the pack?

Well, it’s the reliability and the most accurate weather forecast you get – despite not having to pay a single penny. Speaking of accuracy, the forecast isn’t as accurate as the paid tools obviously, but you still get a solid weather prediction for the best planning of your days.

Another marvelous stand of the application is ease-of-use – unlike some mediocre apps where understanding graphs and prediction could take you ages, Accu Weather makes things pretty easy and quick – just as you want. 

The fact that it doesn’t require you a penny to install makes it our top pick for the best free weather app available right now. Again, whether you use iOS or Android, the app will work best for you.

Platforms: IOS (iPhone) and Android

Pricing: FREE

Get for IOS Get for Android

3. Weather on The Way – Best Weather App for Travellers

Weather On The Way Weather App

The best application to power your road trips is the Weather on The Way. Despite the free version, It offers some highly useful features for travelers you might love. Other than that, the layouts and widgets of the app are well-designed for a better user experience. 

The program comes with two versions i.e. paid and free. The free version still offers essential features such as navigation of your destinations, a complete roadmap, weather conditions on the way, and much more. The upgrade to the paid version also brings features like alternative route suggestions, expended data, and wind speed. 

Either way, if you’re into traveling, Weather on The Way is likely the best weather app for you. Also, beware that the app is only compatible with iOS (Phone devices ). 

Platforms: IOS (iPhone) 

Pricing: Freemium (FREE + Paid)

Get for IOS

4. WeatherBug


Another great option for FREE weather apps is the Weatherbug. My experience with WeatherBug was quite satisfactory but the Ui of the app didn’t suit me well. Unfortunately, the layouts and widgets aren’t as elegantly designed as Accu Weather’s or Dark Sky’s are, but still, a great deal of comfort considering the value for the price. 

As mentioned, the most exciting part about WeatherBug is the versatile database that collects data from multiple weather servers to give you the most accurate weather – ensuring that you never get the wrong information. 

Another significant addition is the minute-by-minute weather details helping you identify whether wear a raincoat before moving to the market. Other than that, the application is quite reliable as well. I never felt an interruption in my 2-week experience with it. For a budget-friendly price tag of “FREE”, WeatherBug becomes a considerable option. 

But to be honest, I recommend AccuWeather more than WeatherBug. 

Platforms: IOS (iPhone) and Android

Pricing: FREE

Get for IOS Get for Android

5. Weather Up


Here we’ve got another marvelous option for weather apps. Unlike the others on the list, it offers extensive customization options to tailor the icons and weather forecasts according to your criteria and taste. 

On top of that, the visuals of the application are amazing and don’t cause difficulty in taking a look at the weather shifts and even the complex graphs. Just like the previous option, WeatherUp packs with a handful of essential features even with the free version – the paid one costs $1.99/mo. 

But what makes Weather Up stand out is the ad-free service even with the free version – enjoy a hassle-free experience. However, the comparison with other apps clarifies the limitation of the advanced features in Weather Up. But either one of the versions you choose, Weather Up is worth both: your pennies and time. 

Platforms: IOS (iPhone) only

Pricing: FREE + Paid

Get for IOS

6. NOAA Weather Radar

Accu Weather

If the clearest and most accurate weather shift visuals, NOAA weather radar should be your concern. NOAA refers to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and works by giving you clean and LIVE satellite views of weather – something no other weather app could give you.

Although the views weren’t crystal clear in my experience, they still get the job done. In fact, for not having to pay a single penny – yeah, it’s free – NOAA weather radar becomes a great option to look into. Do you know the biggest problem with many of the best weather apps? 

It’s the incompatibility with any of two popular OS for mobile phones – Android and iOS. But NOAA weather radar flips the story – you get the support for both of these. What else could you ask for?

Aside from that, the push notifications feature makes the app highly convenient to use. Plus, the availability of immersive details – such as temperature, wind pressure, humidity, visibility, and much more – makes the program an awesome deal of comfort. 

Platforms: IOS (iPhone) and Android

Pricing: FREE

Get for IOS Get for Android

Since we’re done with the reviews, let’s jump into:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Weather Apps

Following are answers to some frequent queries on the subject of weather apps. 

What is the best weather app for traveling?

The top weather app for frequent travelers is doubtlessly the Weather on The Way. Aside from reliability and top-tier accuracy, It packs with the unique feature of forecasting the weather of different places once you put your travel roadmap there. Furthermore, the application offers a lot of details that make it a fit for frequent travelers. 

What is the best free weather app?

The best free weather app so far is Accu Weather. Despite coming at no cost – FREE – the app offers compatibility for both iPhone and Android devices with almost same value as the paid weather apps. On top of that, you get the most accurate weather forecasts based on multiple databases. What else could you ask for?

What is the best weather app for iPhone or IOS?

The top option for the best weather app for IOS or iPhone devices is definitely Dark Sky. For premium features, it costs a one-time price of $3.99. But if you’re hunting for a FREE option, look no further other than Weather on The Way – it offers all the essential features with the free version. 

What is the best weather app for Android devices?

The best pick for mobile devices is Accu Weather. The application offers a variety of premium features at no cost – FREE. These particularly include the most accurate weather forecasts to ensure your plans actually come into action – rather than getting ruined by the miserable weather.  

Assured That You’ll Be Notified in Time? 

Do you know the major problem among most mediocre weather apps? They aren’t developed enough to give you weather notifications in time. In other words, they’re not reliable enough – if you download such an app at the end of the day, what’s the use?

In this guide, I’ve tried to be completely honest and laid down my personal experience with the 8 best weather apps listed above. So far the top option – that I’m 100% sure – delivers the most accurate weather forecasts is the Dark Sky

While coming at a one-time price of $3.99, it offers the most premium features you could ask for. But if a free option is what you want, don’t look further other than AccuWeather. It excellently gets the job done without costing a single buck. 

I hope this post help you find the most suitable weather app that keeps you alert with the changing environment. If so, consider sharing it with your family & friends. Also, take a look at the following guides – I hope any of these will interest you:

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