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We’ve all been through the phase of getting frustrated from having to hear our phone’s ringtone over and over again, at the wrong time. Apart from recieving calls at the wrong time, you may be subject to prank calls where the caller tries to tease or harass you by not answering when you pickup, then calling again. In such case, most people tend to ignore the calls until the caller gets tired from calling constantly or get the hint that you don’t want to interact. However, a more efficient solution to this problem would be to just block the number. Which shockingly, is a feature that isn’t available in most Android smartphones today. Although some Smartphones do offer built-in call blockers, they tend to not be not so much reliable.

Fortunately for you, there are many external free call blocker app for android available that allow you to block numbers without any hassle. The best thing about these 3rd party call blocker apps for Android are that they offer extra features as well such as the ability to send out automated messages to blocked callers, create blocked lists, schedules and much more!

Since there are so many call blocker apps available on the Internet. It can become tough having to decide which call blocker app is best suitable to install on your android smartphone and neither do you’ve time to install and test each call blocker app individually.

Luckily, we’ve a call blocker app in mind already which you can install now and get started on already.

Blocklist App – Best Free Call Blocker App For Android 

Blocklist App is a developing free call blocker app for Android created by Oskar Solutions, that allows you to manage your blocked contacts. Even if your android smartphone has an built in call blocker, it’s recommended you install this as it’s more reliable and makes it easier for you to block any unwanted calls. Blocklist has many features that most call blocker apps don’t, and surely you won’t be disappointed after installing this app. You can get started on the app instantly after installing it, as it offers a very easy interface so you won’t have to waste time on understanding how the app works.

Features of BlockList App

Blocklist App Features
  • Easy to block everyone:  If you’re busy doing something and don’t want to be disturbed by any calls no matter who the call is from, you can block everyone with a single touch by checking the “all” checkbox.
  • Manage your block list: You can manually manage your block list by blocking/unblocking your contacts based on your preference.
  • Ability to block all unknown numbers: This feature is automatically enabled when blocking is enabled. To block ONLY unknown numbers, make sure to unblock all contacts.
  • Send out automated messages to blocked contacts: You can set an automated message to send to blocked contacts after they call you. This feature is enabled by default when you install the app.
  • Manage a whitelist: Apart from the usual blocklist/blacklist, you can also create a whitelist where you can make exception for contacts that you always want to reach you. Great for important calls.
  • Scheduling option: You can set a time period for blocking, where the blocked contacts will be unblocked after the time period is over.
  • Whitelist: Apart from managing your blocklist, you can even prepare a whitelist to make sure that you never miss any important phone calls and those whitelisted contacts can always reach you.
  • Track blocked calls: Blocklist app allows you to view logs of when the calls were blocked and whose calls they were.  


Who wants this?

This is a very useful app, whether you think you need it or not. Here are a few ways BlockList can come in handy.

Blocklist Free Call Blocker App


  • Avoid becoming a victim to unknown number pranks. If you feel someone is harassing or annoying you, you can simply use this app’s feature to block all unknown numbers.
  • You can schedule contacts to be blocked during work and set an automated message according to your work. E.g: If you’re teaching in class, you can set “ Busy in class, talk to you later “.
  • You can create whitelist for various contacts, such as individual lists for friends, family, coworkers etc.
  • When you’re busy playing a game.
  • When you’re on a date, etc.

There are countless ways to use this app, depending on your need. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and install it now if you haven’t! Also make sure to support the developer by buying the premium app, which unlocks more features and removes the ads.

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