Bounce Orbit – Addicting iOS Game to pass time quickly

Once upon a time, people used to spend their free time by exercising, reading and other habits. Books, undoubtedly, have proved to be the great asset for the humans, as it enables them to widen the mental scope and improve an understanding of the world. It may not be wrong to say that books help you see the world differently than what you see before. But now, the reading habit on the part of the people cannot be seen the way it has been witnessed many years ago. And now, for the majority that free time is spent on something entirely different which is known as games. For that, you do not need computer or laptop to play games anymore, as mobile phones have revolutionized the world, so you can have everything on the smart phone and play no matter where you are. Phones serve you many things nowadays, from the call and chatting to notes and documents saving and top of all, playing games. No doubt, playing games has proven to be beneficial for everyone by research as it helps develop your mind.

Whether you are doing work at office that is strictly monitored by your irritating boss, or studying in the library for you exams, or waiting in the queue for catching a bus, a quick iOS game can always help you kill your time easily and re-energize you to be able to get back to work with more efficiency and power. In this article, I don’t think that I need to tell you the merits and advantages of the games because I have listed those more than dozens of time in my previous article which you should know if you follow our blog. If you don’t, no worries – you can just google and check them out for yourself! Here in this article, I will be talking about a game that has just entered the iOS market known as ” Bounce Orbit “.

Bounce Orbit – Addicting iOS game to pass time quickly

Bounce Orbit addicting iOS game menu

So let me introduce you to a great game that is ruling the gaming industry nowadays called Bounce Orbit (click here to download). This is an iPhone game architected and developed by affinity designer, later bought by Alex Schelowski. This is a tested game which works for all iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) running iOS 9 and 10. This game has the center with the leaderboard. You can do In-app buying in order to eliminate the ads distracting the attention of the player while playing the game.

How to play bounce orbit?

Bounce Orbit addicting iOS game gameplay

Bounce orbit is a nice game which is not only simple as the screenshots indicate but also an interesting game with full of excitement, enjoyment and fun. This game has the single tap control in which you, as the player have to keep on tapping the screen in order to make a circle bounce without letting it touch the spikes. The circle must bounce above the spikes so that it cannot get any closer to the latter that causes the real problem for the player. The attached spikes in the circle rotate around the ring in the clockwise direction and tend to get appear in random spots after every 4 bounces off the circle. You, a player is likely to have more score with each time a circle make a bounce. The speed of the rotation keeps on increasing, along with the number of the spikes which ultimately make this game trickier, challenging and difficult as the game continues.This game is even more fun when playing with friends, as you can take turns playing to see who gets the highest score!

Bounce Orbit Summary

  • Great for people that love simple games, as simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
  • Not too hard, not too easy – controls are very simply, all you need to do is tap to play.
  • Game’s size is small and should operate very smoothly on your iOS phone/tablet.
  • Great way to pass time easily as mentioned earlier.


Bounce orbit is the best game when it comes to iPhone/iPad games which are widely played among the game lovers across the world. Even if you don’t play games regularly and have a busy life, you’d still be able to find time to play this game and after you do, you’ll be addicted in no time and find yourself playing everyday as the game is extremely simple, yet challenging at the same time. 


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