Can Shortened Facebook URL Links Work to Your Advantage?

When posting to Facebook, all you want is a flurry of likes, comments and shares. All you want is your followers to find your content and use the social share buttons to spread the word about your brand. But little do you know that shortening your URL has a positive impact.

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Why Use URL Shorteners?

Shortened URL is useful when sharing content. With the short version, it’s easy to add a bit info about the content you have shared. When you have to tweet with an unusually long URL, it’s impossible to get out clear and precise info that followers will be willing to follow. Shortening the URL makes it easy to brand and build trust so users are more likely to click it.


Shortened URLs Look More Appealing On Social Media

The aesthetic appeal that come with URL shorteners makes the URL look appealing on social media. They are ideal if you are using varied content, where you want to insert links in a convincing way. Today, about 80% users are using their smartphone for web surfing. With shortened URLs they encounter social share urls and this makes the UX a better experience.

Even if a short form URL will still lead to your designated content, there are principles that need to be incorporated in the mix. First, you need to have a URL that is legible or readable; the URL that is easy on a user is equally friendly to search engines. In the SEO arena, visibility is a key consideration. Second, having keywords placed in short urls is an added advantage. The keywords you are targeting for rankings are quite an upshot, if they appear on the shortened URL.


To Shorten or Not?

To make communicating more organized, URL shorteners have become an integral part in ensuring sharing bears the desired fruit. When the long and convoluted URL is shortened, it helps you manage your social pace diligently and efficiently. Many people tend to think that short URLS will lead away or discourage visitors from following the cue to your page.


Are They Authentic?

According to marker research, there is quite a good response from users who prefer shortform URLS. Over 30 % of these URL record a huge number of shares, likes and comments. Even though the conventional long form URL have a commendable performance, their short counterparts and the standard form URL report a significant engagement rate of 15 percent. Overall, shortened URL, when shred on the right platforms, will generate the desired reaction.


Short But Branded URLs are more likely to gain you the user’s trust

Short form URLs that come branded are more likely to gain you the user’s trust since they tell a user where they are headed. In the process, they end up pulling more users to play along. The good thing to note tis that they cannot be used in a generalized way, not everything works for everyone. As long as your followers have confidence in your brand, it shouldn’t be difficult for them to act promptly to every short URL you post.




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