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Cheating Hasn’t Evolved, but the Methods to Bust Cheaters Have

Cheating in 2020 is largely online affair. While at its core the outcome hasn’t changed, the means to produce the outcome have. The days of leaving the porch light on are behind us, the digital age allows us to communicate instantly and anonymously from nearly anywhere in the world.

Looking at infidelity statistics we can also see that our partners of choice haven’t changed, they’re co-workers. But meeting at the water cooler to talk is no longer necessary, a friend request is more subtle and opens doors that could never be otherwise explored after 10 minutes in the break room.

Infidelity is a process, it always has been, the difference now being that the process takes place online. Through a messy series of texts, messages, emojis and a virtual shoulder to cry on; the escapade evolves into real life situations with real people.

As with all online activity, there are tools to help facilitate it and others to prevent it from taking place. Applications such as Tinder, OK Cupid and Plenty of Fish are there to provide convenient funnels for social misbehavior that were it to take place in public, would be instantly recognized as inappropriate.

Online however, there is no one to judge, and this is where you’ll find the lowest common denominators of human behavior. In order to counterbalance this, many smartphone application developers have used the Android and iOS platforms to combat infidelity online.


One of these developers, have been working hard to test and review the latest applications designed to catch cheaters. And their newest generation of applications should have adulterers thinking twice.

While installation was once out of the question for the non tech-savvy, these applications can now be installed remotely via iCloud. With literally no access to the iPhone required, the application takes advantage of a per-existing setting in the iPhone that creates back-ups of all information sent and received.

For Android installation can be more difficult. The user must have access to the smartphone to install the application, but once in possession the installation takes place in less than a minute. In our tests for example, we were able to install it while talking on speakerphone; and no one was the wiser.

Once installed it’s game over for cheaters. Every secret exposed, there’s nothing left to hide. Because these applications not only capture present and future data, they can retrieve information from any particular date in the past.

Essentially allowing the user to go back in time on the mobile device and see where the phone was at any time on any date. The same is true of past conversations, chats, social network activity and a history of video viewed; not to mention future activity.

These apps can be detrimental to the outcome of divorce proceedings, especially in countries and states where infidelity is illegal. At present we can see how just such an app was used by Johnny Depp, not to pronounce guilt, but to establish innocence.

Over 50 videos have propagated on YouTube within the last 3 days defending him against the charges of domestic violence. Even Perez Hilton apologized, and there is a petition at to remove Amber Heard from Aquaman 2 with over 300,000 virtual signatures.

Would any of this been possible if Depp hadn’t used a recording app to prove she was in fact the one who instigated the violence and he was the one to walk away. He was even removed from Pirates of the Caribbean based on nothing more than hearsay.

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