Catch My Berry – The most visually delicious Physics Puzzle Game [Review]

Are you ready for the most visually delicious physics puzzle? 

” Catch My Berry is the game you’ll fall in love with, a physics puzzle game with hundreds of levels and amazing scenery. Embark on a beautiful journey as you help a cute character recover its precious berries. Put your mind and dexterity to the test and solve each puzzle to advance, discovering new physics mechanisms along the way. If you enjoyed Cut The Rope you’ll be thrilled by Catch My Berry. “

Catch my berry free android puzzle game gameplay preview

Catch my Berry is an addicting puzzle game available for free on the Google Playstore (click here to download) which tests your skills on solving puzzle, with the help of physics as the game’s description state. The game is vast as it contains many levels and is very similar to the popular game ” Cut The Rope ” which you must have heard about or played at least once. The game’s not too frustrating nor too easy but in between, but not to worry if any level does get frustrating/hard, you can use a ” Hint ” which instructs you how to clear that specific level. Apart from the wonderful gameplay, the game also exhibits amazing graphics and cut scenes featuring the protoganist of the game ” Ogi Tak “.

Character Customization

Catch my berry free android puzzle game customization store

As you progress through levels, you earn coins which are the game’s currency used to purchase decoration items for your character, from the game’s shop or if you’re lazy to earn coins, you can just buy coins from the shop with real life currency. The game’s shop offers a variety of customization for your character, which can be brought with coins earned ingame such as: hats, necklaces, shirts, hairstyles and moustaches! After you’re done dressing up your character and are satisfied, you can brag about your character’s handsomeness by sharing it! The game also contains collectibles which can be obtained by playing the game, such as: firework rockets, easter eggs or even customization items for your character!

Leaderboard & Achievements

​The game also has a leaderboard/highscore, where you can check the score of all players throughout the world or just check and compare your score with your friends. Their photo also appears ingame when they reach a certain milestone, similar to Candy Crush. That’s not all, the game also features achievements which you can try completing if you get bored.

​Cloud Sychronization & Multiple languages support

Catch my berry free android puzzle game settings

Cloud synchronization eliminates the fear of losing progress if you switch phones/lose your phone, as your progress will automatically be backed up. You can enable Cloud Synchronization in settings which saves your game’s progress automatically online so that even if you reset your phone or switch devices, you’ll start of from where you left. Apart from that, there are 19 languages supported in the game which you can check out in the game’s settings.


Catch my berry free android puzzle gameplay features

​The game’s easy as compared to Cut the Rope and best of all, it’s fully free! If you get stuck on any level, you can just use a ” Hint ” which will guide you on how to complete the level. Although the game does get repetitive after a while but don’t worry, you’ve more to do such as complete achievements or compete with your friends. To start a level, you require a Berry (maximum you can carry is 20) which are grown automatically as time passes or you can just buy them with coins or by watching an advert. Also if you’re tired of adverts and having to wait for berries to grow, you can just buy the ” Superior package, which disables ad and gives you infinite berries, meaning more gameplay and less waiting.

Don’t forget to download this game and leave a opinion about this game in the comment section!

4 thoughts on “Catch My Berry – The most visually delicious Physics Puzzle Game [Review]

  • 25th October 2016 at 11:55 am

    seems like a nice game .. installing !

  • 25th October 2016 at 11:56 am

    Do let me know what you think 🙂

  • 25th October 2016 at 4:03 pm

    very easy game. already on level 32 :p


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